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At the Record Office the deeds are mostly in the original solicitor’s bundles which have been indexed with the Prefix DB for Deeds Bull followed by a number. Most bundles relate to the property of an individual or to a particular property. In transcribing them I have, as far as possible, sorted the deeds in each bundle into date order and numbered them consecutively.
The contents of each bundle are briefly described before the transcription but where a bundle contains the deeds to several properties I have placed the description before the transcription of each deed. Occasionally deeds from one property have been found within a bundle for another, and where this is the case I have put their details into the primary bundle.

Any mistakes or inaccuracies in these transcriptions are my responsibility and the Copyright of the transcriptions is reserved, any use made of it must be acknowledged, and no part may be published without acknowledgement.

These transcriptions and interpretation by Dennis C Mynard, were carried out with full permission from Miss Catherine Bull and Guy Harding, former partners in Bull, Astley and Harding. These transcriptions may be reproduced with full acknowledgement.

© Dennis C Mynard 2011


L and RL      = Lease and Release

NM            = Northampton Mercury

NP            = Newport Pagnell

NPHS          = Newport Pagnell Historical Society

All persons are from Newport Pagnell unless otherwise stated.

Endorsements are mostly shown in "inverted commas".

Throughout the transcription I have added parenthesis in bold font.


DB313/1   8th August 28 Geo III 1788
RL of lands in Sherington
1        Robert Joe, draper, George Osborn, woolstapler, John Palmer of Olney, draper, William Hilliker of St John St, Middx, oilman, the Assignees elected and chosen by Virtue under a Commission of Bankruptcy and issue against Thomas Rogers of NP dealer and chapman a bankrupt
2        Thomas Rogers
3        Elizabeth Rogers of Sherington

Recites indentures of 26th August 1780 between the Commissioners of Bankruptcy awarded against John Rogers and Thomas Rogers carriers, dealers, chapmen and co-partners.

The Rogers had carried on business for two years and above dealing in buying and selling salt, coopers flags, corn of various kinds, butter and other merchandises and the had become indebted to George Osborne in the sum of £100 plus.
The Rogers owned lands in Sherington (list of lands in deed) some of which were purchased by Thomas Rogers senior the father of Thomas Rogers party thereto so these were sold for £90 by John and Thomas Rogers to Elizabeth Rogers so that they can settle some of the debt. (See DB32)  

Have only transcribed above deed for the details of Roger’s Bankruptcy

DB377 and DB378 WILLS

DB377/1 George Laughton of Clifton Reynes 30.7.1649

DB377/2 George Vylett, taylor of Godmersham, Kent 18.12.1667

DB377/3 Potter, Richard baker 1683
To my brother Thomas and his heirs the messuage now in my occupation, also the two tenements in NP in the several occs of John Con and Thomas Lavender, also my Close ground in the Lakes now in my occupation, to the intent that my brother Thomas is to make sale of my said messuage and premises and to pay my just debts and the surplus thereof to my wife Ann and Elizabeth my daughter Elizabeth. Signed 11.12.1683
Witnesses:  William Hartley, John Matthew and Thomas Cooper

See Da/Wf/51/233, also BAS 1124/43 which recites 1683 Thomas Potter on behalf of Ann Potter wife of Rd Potter baker deceased did sell the Common bakehouse to Richard Barton surgeon.

DB377/4 Richard Hide yeoman of Kempston, Beds 20.11.1684

DB377/5 John Barnes of Simpson, 14.11.1685

DB377/6 Elizabeth Smith of Buckingham, widow, 6.4.1698

DB377/7 Thomas Sandell of Bugden, Hunts, 1706

DB377/8 Elizabeth Taylor of Wellingborough, 1714

DB377/9 William Pancoust of Wavendon, 31/12/1718

DB377/10 John Barratt, yeoman of Hanslope, 14.5.1719

DB377/11 Waller, Dr John, 21.8.1716
I am to be laid in the vault which I caused to be built on the south side of the church in NP at the bottom of the hill near the river wall and fenced it about it with iron rails and a gate, and built for my dear son James and remains for a burial place for myself and those of my family of the Wallers forever when it shall please God to call them.
To my son Benjamin for ever my farmhouse in Sherington which I lately purchased with other lands from Samuel Cunningham. Benjamin to pay to my sons William, Thomas, John and Edmund and daughter Jemima £50 apiece within 12 months of my decease.
To my son Benjamin the messuage in NP where I do dwell, also the Close of pasture in Marsh End called the Red House that I sometime since purchased of Ralph Hooton. Also £50 more to Benjamin.
To my 3 grandchildren John, William, and Grattianna the sons and daughter of my son William £5 apiece to buy them mourning, and £5 apiece within 12 months of my decease.
To my son John who lives in Virginia a further £20 and to his eldest daughter Mary, £100 and to the rest of his children £5 apiece within 12 months of my decease.
To my son Thomas and his wife 20 guineas to buy them mourning in remembrance of me.
To my son Edmund Dr of Physick at St John’s Cambridge £50 to buy a ring and mourning.

To my daughter Jemima £500
To my brother Thomas in Virginia £20
To my cozen Mary Pomfrett who lives with my wife £20 which is in the hands of Mr Kilpin of Astwood.

To my said daughter Jemima the Mohair bed and bedding and all things belonging and silk curtains and other things suitable which I bought of Mr John Chivall of Gt Woolstone, and also all the present furniture and all household goods in the Chamber over the Hall and the Best room and the Little room next at the stairs head in my dwelling house also all my plate and linen with my clock and clock case and all the pictures most of which her own making and the goods and furniture that were in her Aunt Alice Wallers which she gave to her at he decease, and also all my English books such as she shall chose and desire to have. All the rest of the goods to my son Benjamin and my daughter Jemima who are to be my joint execs.
Edmund Waller and John Mathew to be Overseers of my Will 
Witnesses:  John Matthew snr, and Henry and Frances Wagstaff
Proved 1723

DB377/12 John Crosby of Shaftesbury, Dorset, 25.12.1723

DB377/13 Richard Buck, blacksmith, Wavendon, 28.11.1728

DB377/14 Sarah Dudley, widow of Gt Woolstone, 24.11.1731

DB377/15 Robert Wills 30.7.1741
To wife Sarah £200
To son William and his heirs forever my House, Tanyard, and outhouses, in NP, also to son William £200 when he is 21.
To daughter Sarah £200 when she is 21.
My wife Sarah and my brother John Wills to be my execs.
Witnesses:  Benjamin Pomfrett, Francis Johnson, Henry Brightman and Joseph Battison, Will Proved 21.4.1742 

DB377/16 Thomas Fforster, apothecary of NP, 2.2.1744
I give unto my son Thomas Fforster all my apothecary shop with drugs and medicines thereto belonging and all manner of Utensils either at NP or Hanslopp in the said County of Bucks. Also I give to my son my chestnut horse called Harlequin.
All the rest, residual and remainder of my goods, chattels and personal estate I give to my dear and loving wife Catherine, whom I make my sole executrix of this my Will.
Witnesses:  Elizabeth Watson, Robert Perrott, and John Hurst.
Proved 14.3.1744

DB377/17 Denis Wright, laceman of North Crawley. Proved 5.2.1759

DB377/18 John Waller of London, hosier, 12.7.1757
To my wife Mary all my Estate and Effects
Proved 19.9.1766

DB377/19 John Hurst, Gent 11.12.1766  (PROB11/1009)
The last Will and Testament of me John Hurst of Newport Pagnell in the County of Bucks Gentleman which I make and ordain in manner and form following first I Give and bequeath unto my Youngest Son Gravely Hurst the Sum of Fifteen Hundred Pounds to be paid him at two payments Viz one Moiety within six Months and the other Moiety within twelve months after my decease with Interest at the Rate of three per Cent from my death. Also I Give to my said son Gravely my best diamond Ring to wear in memory of me, Also I desire my Executor herein after named to give unto my Brothers Gravely and William Hurst my friends Richard Tristram and John Colman Rings of Two Guineas Value.
All my Lands, tenements, hereditaments and goods and chattels and Personal Estate not herein otherwise disposed of I Give devise and bequeath unto my Eldest Son George Pitt Hurst his Heirs and Executors subject to the payment of my said Legacies and funeral Expenses (And I do nominate and appoint my said Son George Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament) and so revoking all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made I declare this to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament set my Hand and Seal the Eleventh day of December 1766 (John then signs) Signed Sealed published and declared by the within named John Hurst the Testator for and as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us and attested by us in his presence and in the presence of each other H Barnes, James Lowe, Charles Clowes

Probate: This Will was proved at London the Eleventh day of July in the year of our Lord 1775

DB377/20 Richard Hewson, of NP, victualler, 5.7.1763
To my loving son John 5 shillings only
To my loving daughter Mary 5 shillings only
To my loving daughter Jane 5 shillings only
The rest of my estate to my Loving Wife Mary Hewson for life and after her decease to my son Thomas Hewson of the parish of St Andrews, Holborn to have and to hold forever.
Witnesses:  Charles Bulley and George Gilpin.
Proved 19.6.1769  

DB377/21 James Leverrett of NP, whitesmith 15.3.1769
To my nephew James Leverrett of Witney, Oxfordshire, 20 guineas To my nephew Joseph of Baraske, Tipperary, Ireland, and his sister Elizabeth of the same place 5 guineas apiece.
To the Poor of NP £10 to be distributed by my execs as they at their discretion think fit.
To my brother Acquilla a Straight bodied coat, and a double buttoned coat, and a large hanging coat and a pair of doe skin breeches, and all my everyday woollen cloaths.
Next I give with immediate effect after my decease to his son John a Straight bodied coat with silver buttons, and a waistcoat with silver buttons, and a pair of doe skin breeches.
All the rest of my estate to my dear and loving wife Elizabeth for life and after her decease to my nephew James of Witney.
My wife Elizabeth and my nephew James to be my execs.
Witnesses:  Charles Bulley and Mary Harris. Proved 29.4.1769   

DB377/22 Mrs Mary Brown of NP widow, 27.4.1774

To my granddaughter Mary Brown (daughter of my late brother Henry Brown decd) my cottage with barn and garden plot in Tickford in Priory St, formerly of John Sutley now of William Field, and which I lately purchased of Joseph Osborn, to my granddaughter for life and then to her heirs and if none then to my daughter Martha Fossey wife of William Fossey for life and after her decease to her heirs. The rest of my estate to Martha who is my sole exec
Witnesses:  Elizabeth Priedy, Thomas Holt, and William Etheridge.

DB377/23 Elizabeth Gaddesden of Emberton widow, Witnesses:  George Pitt Hurst and James Harper, Will proved  26.12.1776

DB377/24 Thomas Traster of Harlestone, Northants, baker, 8.8.1766

DB377/25 Elizabeth Finlyson of Tottenham, Middx, Will proved PCC 1793

DB377/26 Thomas White the elder of Caldecote, signed 8.8.1670
Firstly I give a messuage in the occupation of my son Thomas's late in occupation of Alice Heyward, and two closes lying at the backside of the said cott and adjoining Willen Field on the South, one of them in the tenure of George Chapman and the other in my sons occ, and all those several Closes known by the names of Barley Piece, Hopyard Ground, and the Hill Ground no in my own possession, And also the Great Green in the occupation of the cottagers of Caldecote. All which messuage and premises other than the Great Green were heretofore the lands of William White gent decd, unto my wife Elizabeth for the term of her life and after her decease to Elizabeth Mary, William, Amy, John and Samuel White my grandchildren and their heirs provided that my son Thomas should secure by Statute Staple to my trusty friends Richard Mead of Mursley, Matthew Mead of Bragnam End, Edward Harrison of Passenham, Henry Whitbread of Loughton gent and Roger Chapman of NP gent of the full sum of £3000 to be defeazened upon my sons payment of £300 apiece to my 6 grandchildren when they reach the age of 21 years and £40 a year to my said Thomas's eldest son until my said son Thomas should settle upon his said son lands of as good Revenue as I have formerly settled upon said Thomas, then said devise to them to be void .
Further to my wife  the best of my saddle horses which she shall choose and all household stuff as she brought to me, and half of my plate to be divided by weight and £10 to buy mourning. (Clause her if wife lets land etc son to get some of the rent)
Further bequests
To my brother William and his wife £5 each to buy mourning and to their 4 children William, Elizabeth, Thomas and John £5 each
To my brother Jasper and his wife £5 each to buy mourning and £5 each to their 4 daughters Sarah, Elizabeth, Rose and Rebecca
To my cozen John Barnes and my cozen Elizabeth cooper and Katherine Maydwell £5 each
To John White my brother John White’s son £25 when he is 21
To my kinsmen John Smyth and Thomas Smith £10 each
To Doctor Lewis Atterbury £5 to buy mourning and the same to my son Francis Giffard
To my cozen George Chapman and his wife 50 shillings each to buy rings, and the same to my cozen Roger Chapman and his wife
To my servants that shall live with me at my decease 20 shillings each
To my brother Caton and his children and my cozen Beamont 10 shillings each to buy rings
20 shillings each to such as shall be my tenants and then live in my cottages at my decease
To the Poor of NP £10 to be distributed by my exec
The rest of my estate etc to my son Thomas who is to be my sole exec
Matthew Mead and Henry Whitbread to be Overseers of this my Will and to get 40 shillings each
Signed and Witnesses:  by Thomas Aspin and John Mason
Codicil 13.9.1670
Brother Jasper also to be an Overseer and get 40 shillings
To my servant Margaret 20 shillings more than my other servants, Also 10 shillings each to be taken from my servants Elizabeth and Henry’s bequests and given to my new housekeeper which I have hired for the next year.
Witnesses:  Ersullah Clarke and Susanna Conundell
See also DB184/32

DB377/27 William Smith, Hanslope, 25.7.1703

DB377/28 Jane Winch of St James, Westminster signed 12.6.1723 proved 27.7.1723

DB377/29 Thomas Goodman of NP, collar maker, 25.10.1725
To wife Ann all estate, goods chattels etc and she is sole exec.
To John Goodman of Bletchley 1 shilling and no more
To Robert Marriott of --- Herts 5 shillings and no more
To Elizabeth Marriott of NP 1 shilling and no more
To Prudence the wife of----- formerly Prudence Goodman 1 shilling and no more
Will signed 25.10.1725 Proved 23.5.1726
Notes on Dorse
Ann Goodman exec took rents of 3 freehold cotts in NP in occupation of Jeffery Potter, William Knighton, and --- in all 4s 8d pa
Ann Goodman widow married Thomas Butcher, victualler 1727 at Broughton, she died about 8 years since, and Butcher took rents about 4 years after his wife’s decease. Query if he made a Will.
On Butcher’s death John Brightman who married a daughter of Butcher’s was exec of Butcher and on his death Thomas Goodman son of --- Goodman the testator’s youngest brother has entered as believes himself to be heir to the testator.
(In margin by above Para “House at Broughton nr NP”)
Testator had an elder brother William Goodman who had issue Susannah who died 17.5.1721, she had married Joseph Staite they had son William Staite and daughter Anne who married John Vicars and she is living.
So William Staite and Anne Vicars are heirs to the freehold estate of Thomas Goodman the Testator and are justified to an account of the rents etc from the time of the Testators decease.
Brighton to keep the writings
(NOTE Cotts are in the Paggs see NPHS Deed 13/4)

DB377/30 Sir William Smyth of Old Warden, Beds 12.6.1738 proved 2.11.1741 Lands at Akeley Bucks (See VCH 1V, 145).

DB377/31 John Smith of Featherstone buildings in the parish of Holborn, Middx 4.8.1732

DB377/32 William Times of Haversham, yeoman 9.6.1756

DB377/33 John Cowley of Stoke Goldington, 12.12.1759

DB377/34 Mary Crouch of Crown Street in the parish of St James in the Liberty of Westminster 18.1.1764

John Chibnall of NP lace dealer to my wife Elizabeth
My messuage in my own occupation and also those 6 cotts occupied by Joseph Etheridge, Elizabeth Wills widow, Ann Ping, Samuel Davis, William Day, and Mary Petts for the term of her life and after her decease to my son John Chibnall of Stoney Stratford, currier except for the cotts in the occs of Joseph Etheridge draper and Elizabeth Wills widow.
To my son Robert Chibnall after the decease of my wife the two cotts in the occs of Joseph Etheridge draper and Elizabeth Wills widow.
To Elizabeth my wife the interest on £600 to be paid yearly by my execs and all the household goods for the term of her life, after her death the household goods to my son Robert and £400 to my son John
To my daughter Elizabeth Prentice the wife of William Prentice of Buckingham, lace dealer and to my 4 grandchildren Elizabeth, Sarah, John and Martha Prentice £5 each to be paid within 1 month of my decease
To my daughter Mary Smith wife of Thomas Smith of NP lace dealer £100 to be paid within 1 month of my decease
To my grandchildren Elizabeth, Lucy and Martha Chibnall of NP £20 each when they reach 18 years of age
The rest and Residue of my estate to my son Robert
My sons Robert and John to be joint execs of my Will
Signed 19.3.1770, Witnesses:  Charles Bulley, Thomas Page and Robert Sanders. PROB11/977

Folded inside above Will
The Will of John Chibnall of Stony Stratford, currier
Whereas I have a Reversion in Fee of 5 messuages in NP after the death of my mother, I give it to my nephew John Chibnall Prentice son of William Prentice of Buckingham forever.
To my nieces Elizabeth Sarah and Martha Prentice £50 each,
To my nieces Elizabeth Lucy and Martha Chibnall of NP £50 each,
To my sister Mary Smith £100 and to my mother Elizabeth Chibnall £250,
All the rest and residue of my estate to my housekeeper Mary Mills who is my sole executrix, signed 8.8.1772, Witnesses:  Hugh Willeatt, and Catherine Williatt. Proved London 16.6.1773

DB377/36 Mark Cripps
To my brother James all rents etc to be paid to him by my executors yearly after taxes paid, and after his death all my estate to Sarah Cowley daughter of my cousin John Cripps for ever. Sarah also to have all household stuff etc except that which executors are to keep to furnish one Lodging Room for the use of my brother James.
To my sister Elizabeth Gadsden and her sister .... Henderson £10 each,
To Ralph Cripps’ daughter £10,
To John son of William Cripps £10,
To my cousin John Cripps £10,
To the said John Cripps and his son in law Hugh Willeatt Cowley who are my executors £10 each,
To Edward Cripps two daughters £10 each,
The rest and residue of my estate to be sold and the proceeds to be put out to interest,
The interest to be paid to my brother James during his life and after his decease to Sarah Cowley daughter of my cousin John Cripps to her own use, Signed 24.7.1776,  Witnesses:  William Cowley John Cowley and John Harris. PROB11/1021

DB377/37 Mr Christopher Staff of Emberton, 19.3.1778

DB377/38 William cook of Brafield on the Green, Northants 26.12.1778

DB377/39 22.9.1757 Mary Rawlins of the parish f St Giles, Camberwell, London. A devisee is Joseph Jefferson, carpenter of Bermondsey.

DB377/40 John Rose of Astwood, carpenter 22.5.1790, Estate to wife Elizabeth

DB377/41 George Rogers of Little Woolstone, butcher, all to wife Elizabeth

DB377/42 John Barratt of Steventon, Beds, farmer, 14.6.1847

DB377/43 Henrietta Webster of Queen Anne's Hospital, NP 1847
To Thomas Mitchell the elder of NP£10 and my large Bible
To Catherine Webster of Bond St, Liverpool, Lancs spinster, and great niece of my husband Samuel Webster £20 and all my wearing apparel
To John Webster of Liverpool her brother £10  
To Alice Turvey servant now with Dr Lathan of 19, Devonshire St, Portland Place, London £10
To Mary wife of --- Rogers lately residing at Wolverton Station, engine driver formerly Mary Mall a great niece of my late husband £10
To Charles Webster of Roade, Northants labourer a nephew of my late husband £10
To Thomas Webster his son £10
And to the 3 poor brethren and 2 poor sisters who shall be residing in Queen Anne's Hospital at my decease £1 each.
The Rest of my estate to Catherine Webster.
My  Friend Robert Collison to be my Sole exec, signed 28.6.1847, Witnesses:  George Cooch solicitor and Edwin Carr his clerk.

DB377/44 James Hawley of Gt Linford, farmer 12.9.1845 proved 29.9.1847

DB377/45 Admon of Catherine Johnson of Stoke Goldington 15.12.1849 Granted to Enoch Johnson son of Catherine and Edward Johnson

DB377/46 Admon of Thomas Knibb of Stoke Goldington.19.12.1849 Granted to Enoch Johnson son of Catherine and Edward Johnson

DB377/47 Admon of George Adkins labourer of NP d. 24.6.1850, granted 8.7.1850 to John Adkins his brother

DB377/48 James Russell of NP, Carrier and Innkeeper 24.5.1852 proved 13.10.1852. to his wife Sarah and his friend William Butcher of Cotton, Northampton, Carrier as his execs. Business can be sold by execs or continued wife to have profits etc for upbringing of children until they are 21. Witnesses:  George Kirkham and Thomas Paine   

DB377/49 Joseph Brooks of NP, 16.6.1853 to sister Sophia wife of John Blundell of Wolverton Station £100. Several other bequests.
Witnesses:  William Peck Coales, watchmaker and Dennis Coales, watchmaker

DB377/50 Frederick Lucas of NP Esq (Will proved York) 31.10.1855
Execs are William Wiltshire Smith of Montpellier Cottage, Kentish town, middx, gent and my Nephew Revd William Henry Lucas of Milford, Surrey. Execs are to sell all estate etc and convert to money. Bequests are
To my brother George Lucas £500
To his wife Georgina 50 guineas
To their daughter Gertrude now the wife of Simon Harcourt £1000
To my nephew William Harcourt Lucas £500
To my nephew Charles Frederick Lucas, Barrister at Law £1000
To my niece Rosa Lucas £500
To my nephew Revd John Fisher DD £500
To my nephew William fisher now in Ceylon, East Indies, £500
To my niece Emily wife of Thomas Anderson, esq 20gns
To my niece Caroline wife of Colonel Whimpey 20gns
To my niece Fanny wife of Charles Sargeant £500
To my niece Matilda Fisher £500
To my Friend William Wiltshire Smith £500
To my Friend William Henry Hanscombe of Padbury, Bucks £100
To my Friend William Powell £100
To my Friend George Cooch 10gns to buy a ring
To my Friend Samuel Newman 10gns to buy a ring
To my Servant Mary Poole £300 Duty Free
To my servant Joseph Mapley £10
The rest of my Estate to William Henry Lucas and Charles Frederick Lucas in equal proportions
Signed 18.7.1855, Witnesses:  Charles Philips, solicitor Lincolns Inn and James Ames his clerk.
Frederick died 10.9.1855, Will proved 31.10.1855

DB377/51 Admon of Thomas Tarry of Lathbury, farmer 14.4.1855 granted to Mary Hillyer his sister

DB377/52 Two copies the Will of Frederick Lucas DB377/50  

DB377/53 Joseph Tame Litchfield, yeoman signed 14.2.1856, he died 8.3.1856, Will proved 4.11.1856
To my brother Thomas Litchfield, victualler and my son in Law Benjamin Truelove as my execs all my messuage in Abbey End in the occupation of George Harris and also all my piece of garden ground thereto adj cont 1a 1r 26p to sell all estate by auction. 

DB377/54 Ann Hooton, widow of Kempston, Beds 30.4.1856

DB377/55 By his Will of the 5.6.1777 (PCC 9.8.1781) Robert Perrott, draper bequeathed: To John Purratt of Tickford, yeoman and George Pitt Hurst of NP, gent as Trustees
All my lands, tenements, and messuages etc Freehold and Copyhold situated in the parish of Whaddon
Also my messuage where I dwell wit the yard and garden situated in the High Street of NP
Also my other tenement the house next adjoining to it also situated in the High Street now in the occupation of James Lindsay
Also two Cottages and a Chandlehouse at the bottom of the yard in the occupations of Samuel Bithray and Mary Brierly,
Also two Cottages in Pools Lane in the occupations of Thomas Quaint and James Pakes
Also my Butcher's Shambles in the High Street.
Trustees are to hold above to the use of Robert Jee for the term of his life and then to his son and if no son to his daughter and if no daughter then to his two nieces Isabella Renny and Elizabeth Renny in equal parts as Tenants in Common, and to their heirs, but if they have no issue, the property is to go to Patrick Renny. Patrick has the rents etc from the property during the minority of Isabella and Elizabeth.

I give to John Purratt and George Pitt Hurst my Close of Pasture lying near to the Green in NP called Dawbornes Close which I purchased of John Batty and all my Great and Small Tythes of whatever nature or kind the same issuing out of the Lands and Estate belonging to the Town Land Feoffees of NP which I purchased of the Trustees of John Haddon decd to hold to JP and GPH on Trust to hold to the use of Patrick Renny to hold to the use of Isabella and Elizabeth.

I permit my sister Mary Perrott, Sarah Jee, and Patrick Renny, Ann Renny and Isabella Renny and Elizabeth Renny to have and take out f my stock whatsoever mourning they shall make choice of and to my maid servant that shall live with me at the time of my decease such mourning as Robert Jee shall think fit.

Also to Ann Renny £300 and to Mary Perrott £574 which money is now placed on mortgage of certain lands and tenements in North Crawley dated 12.6.1773 to Richard Lowndes late of Hillesden decd, and £100 on a Bond from the Commissioners of the Wellingborough Turnpike Road date 7.6.1754.

Mary Perrott my sister can for the term of her life use my plate, linen and so much of my furniture as she shall choose that shall be sufficient to furnish two rooms and after her death my plate, linen and furniture to go to Isabella and Elizabeth Renny in equal shares.

To my sister Sarah Jee £400 which is now placed on mortgage of an estate at Woughton on the Green dated 24.6.1769 with Bernard Chevall late of Woughton decd. Also my sister Sarah to have the residue of my household goods, and furniture which shall be left over after Mary Perrott has taken out what she shall choose.

Also I give to Jane Hitchcock of NP spinster £50, and to Robert Jee 30 of my books which he shall choose. The residue of my books and all my musical instruments whatsoever to Patrick Renny, and Isabella and Elizabeth Renny equally divided between them.

To my old servant William Malings £10
To my Maid servant Mary Ward if she shall live with me at the time of my decease £20 and to any other servants £10 each,

To Ann Perrott and Martha Perrott of Hemel Hempstead spinsters daughters of Richard Perrott late of NP £50 each,
To William Sheppard and Ann Sheppard son and daughter of William Sheppard of Hemel Hempstead and Elizabeth his late wife decd, formerly Elizabeth Perrott £25 each,

To the Poor of NP £10 to be distributed by my execs,

The rest and residue of my estate after all debts and funeral expenses are paid I give as follows, One moiety or half to Robert Jee and the other moiety or half to Isabella and Elizabeth Renny in equal shares, when they reach the age of 21 years.

I nominate and appoint Robert Jee and Patrick Renny as my Joint Execs, signed 55.6.1777 Witnesses:  John Hollingworth, Richard Patch and Hugh Griffith clerk to Mr Hurst.

A codicil clarifies rights of Robert Jee over the premises at Whaddon  subject to the terms of the Will, Codicil signed and dated 24.1.1781 Witnesses:  Richard Patch, George Pitt Hurst and George Cooch clerk to Mr Hurst. Will proved 9/8/1781  

DB377/56 Thomas Marshall of Woughton on the Green proved 14.2.1742

DB377/57 John Hamilton Lacemerchant of NP, proved 22.1.1703 See DB234/2
Contains no detailed description of properties

DB377/58 Joseph Sculthorpe of Olney, maltster,
To wife Sarah his cotts, maltings etc in Olney for the term of her life and then to his son in law Benjamin Brooks,
To daughter Hannah King wife of Robert king of Sherington £300
To Benjamin Brooks £300 on trust to invest and to pay the interest weekly to daughter Elizabeth Barringer for life, for her own use only and to be separate and altogether apart from her husband, and he is not to intermeddle or have the least control in his wife business.
Nominates and appoints wife Sarah and his son in law Benjamin Brooks as execs. Signed 19.8.1783, Witnesses:  Thomas Biggs, Sarah Butcher, and R Brittain, proved 19.9.1783

DB377/59 Robert Chibnall of NP, lacebuyer,
To wife Sarah £500, and all my messuage or tenements wherein I now dwell situate in Marsh end of NP, to hold for the term of her life, and after her decease to my son John Chibnall when he reaches the age of 21 yrs, but if he dies before that then to my daughter Sarah when she is 21, but if she dies then to my nephew John Prentice.

My wife to have the use of all household goods, furniture, linen, china and plate, that shall be in or upon my messuage wherein I dwell and after her decease then to my son John, when he reaches the age of 21 yrs, but if he dies before that then to my daughter Sarah when she is 21, but if she dies then to my nephew John Prentice.

Also to my nephew John Prentice and my friends Robert Jee of NP, draper, William Gurdon of Towcester, lace buyer and George Pitt Hurst of NP, gent £500 to hold as trustees to invest and from time to time give the interest to my wife Sarah.

To my son John £500 when he reaches the age of 21 yrs, but if he dies before that then to my daughter Sarah when she is 21, or at the day of her marriage whichever is sooner, provided it is with the consent of the Guardians I appoint for her, but if she dies then to her mother Sarah.

Also to Sarah the sum of £2000 when she is 21 or when she marries, until then the money to be invested by my execs and the interest employed for her upbringing, but if she dies then to my son John when he reaches the age of 21 yrs, but if he dies before that then the money to sink into and be then as part of the residue of my personal estate and go therewith.

I give to my sister Elizabeth Prentice of Buckingham for life an annuity of £20 payable in April and October out of my messuage or tenement, farms, lands, gardens and hereditaments etc and premises in Loughton which I lately purchased of Edmund Holt gent Fellow of Kings College, in the University of Cambridge, I my will is that this is for Elizabeth only and not for her husband and to be paid to her separately. And I give the farms etc to my son John Chibnall when he reaches the age of 21 yrs, but if he dies before that then to my daughter Sarah when she is 21, but if she dies then to my nephew John Prentice.

To my son John when he reaches the age of 21 all the rest and residue of my estate when he reaches the age of 21 yrs, but if he dies before that then to my daughter Sarah when she is 21, but if she dies then unto and amongst my nephews and nieces, the said John Prentice, Elizabeth Prentice, Sarah Prentice, Martha Prentice, Elizabeth Gadsden, Lucy Woodward and Martha Chibnall and their heirs and execs to be equally shared between them share and share alike as Tenants in Common.   

I nominate and appoint my wife Sarah Chibnall, nephew John Prentice and Robert Jee of NP, draper, William Gurdon of Towcester, lace buyer and George Pitt Hurst of NP, gent as Execs of my Will and Guardians of my son John and daughter Sarah until they reach the age of 21 yrs, and they are to get £10 apiece for their labour as execs and guardians.

If my wife Sarah dies then my execs may sell any property and invest the proceeds until my heirs reach the age of 21 years, and if they think it in the best interest of my heirs.
Signed 25.5.1783, Witnesses:  Edward Cox, John Coles and George Cooch clerk to Mr Hurst. Proved 16.7.1783   

DB377/60 John Harris of NP, yeoman
To my dear wife Susanna all my messuages, cotts, closes, and and tenements and hereditaments and tail estate.
And whereas I am legally entitles subject to certain limitations an absolute power or right of disposal of £1000 being part of £3000 now secured upon a certain Farm and Estate in Tickford end lately belonging to and since sold and conveyed to by me in Fee unto Philip Hoddle Ward, as by reference to such conveyance or the counterpart in my possession same will appear.
And Whereas I have in and by the said conveyance made ample provision to my sisters Lucy Mathews and Elizabeth Revis respectively and also for the children of Elizabeth Revis then and now living it is my will that they shall not take or receive any further provision or benefit under my Will.
Now I give the £1000 part of the £3000 to the sole use and benefit of my wife Susanna her execs, and assigns for ever, but subject to the payment of several legacies hereinafter mentioned.
And as to the residue and remainder goods, chattels, cattle, household furniture, stock, ready monies, debts, personal estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever I give the same to my friends Joseph Arrowsmith the ygr gent and John Gregory, victualler as trustees and execs upon trust to sell and convert to money as soon after my death as possible except for what my wife requires, they to get £50 each for their troubles.
Signed 11.10.1810, Witnesses:  Sarah Hains and Robert Todd, proved 13.2.1812.    

DB377/61 James Barratt of Hartwell, Northants, to nephew Abraham Barratt of Little Linford all messuages and land etc, signed 21.10.1808, Witnesses:  George Cooch, Edmund Goodwin, and Charles Goodwin, proved 20.4.1812

DB377/62 Augustine Shaw Tansley of Bow Brickhill, yeoman, 22.6.1813

DB377/63 Thomas Sanders Hollingworth
Most of below from copy of the Will in possession of Jenny Kempton (JK56     29th February 1836)Administration of the Will of Thomas Sanders Hollingworth granted to Ann Cowley widow formerly Ann Hollingworth Relict of TSH. (Extracted from original Will by Townsend and Roberts (Proctors Doctors Commons)
Notes in Bold are from the original Will DB377/63
Thomas Sanders Hollingworth, gent Will signed 3rd Feb. 1812, he died the 9th April 1813 aged 47,

He left to his God-daughter Mary Ann Higgins the daughter of Ann Higgins widow £200 in 4% consolidated Bank Annuities when she became 21 years of age, until then the interest is to be used for her maintenance, upkeep and bringing up. If she died before 21 then the bequest goes back into his estate.

He left to his cousin Mary Hollingworth of Ampthill, spinster one annuity of £20 clear of all taxes for life. This annuity to be payable out of his estate at Tongwell in the parish of Caldecote and which is now in the occupation of the said Ann Higgins

He gave and devised all the rest of his property to his wife Ann for life and after her death it was to be divided equally between their two daughters Mary Ann and Sarah. If one of the daughters died then her share was to go to her heirs and if she had none then to his cousins, Martha the wife of James Hawkes of Great Castle Street, Cavendish Square in the parish of St Marylebone, Middx, ironmonger, the said Mary Hollingworth, Mary the wife of John Warner esq of NP, draper, and Elizabeth Paine of ---- Beds, widow, to hold to Martha, Mary and Elizabeth for life as tenants in common, and not as joint tenants, but if either of them die with no children then their share to be divided equally between the survivors of them. 

His executors and trustees were Edmund Goodwin, surgeon and Charles Dorey of Union Court, Broad Street, London, apothecary; the executors had the right to manage the property on behalf of Ann and after her death on behalf of her daughters. Property could be sold and money paid to Ann.
Will signed 3.2.1812, Witnesses:  George Pitt Hurst, Henry Lucas and William Billington, clerk to Mr Hurst
Will proved PCC 10th June 1813 by Edmund Goodwin. Note on certificate of Probate “Power reserved of making the like to Charles Dorey the other executor when he shall apply for the same given at the time and place above written”

NOTE Jenny’s deed is an Assignment of Probate 29.2.1836 to Ann Cowley formerly Ann Hollingworth widow, this states that TSH left Edmund Goodwin and Charles Dorey as his executors but that “Edmund alone took upon himself the Probate and Administration of the Will and for some time intermeddled in the Goods of the said deceased but had since died leaving some part thereof unadministered and not fully disposed of”

So further Probate was obtained 29.2.1836 by Ann as follows,

“And we do by these presents ordain, depute and constitute you Administratrix of all and singular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the said decd (with the said Will Annexed) left unadministered as aforesaid. The said Charles Dorey the other and Surviving Executor and Residual Legatee in Trust having first Renounced the Probate and Execution of the said Will and also the Letters of Administration (with the said Will annexed) of the goods of the said decd”.

DB377/64 Saxby, Christopher, schoolmaster, PROB11/571
To nephew William Charles Tripp my silver watch
To my Usher William Truelove £20 with the books belonging to my school.
To Richard Patch maltster 1 guinea to buy a mourning ring
To Mrs Keats the wife of John Keats, brandy merchant (one of my trustees and execs) 1 guinea to buy a mourning ring
To my sister Elizabeth Tripp wife of James Tripp whitesmith (the other of my trustees and execs) 1 guinea to buy a mourning ring.
All above to be paid in 12 months by my execs.
The rest of my goods and chattels to my mother Hannah Jordan and my sister Elizabeth Tripp to be divided equally.
To my executors John Keats and James Tripp all my messuages, cottages, closes, lands etc they are to sell, invest the proceeds and pay the profits to the use of my father in law William Jordan and my mother Hannah during their lives, and after their death to the maintenance and education of my nephews William Charles Tripp and Thomas Christopher Tripp, but if they die before they are 21 yrs then all to my right heirs.
Signed 23.2.1784 Witnesses:  John Gable, John Coles and Robert Reddall. Proved 1.10.1784

DB377/65 Francis Warr, wheelwright
To my daughter Sarah wife of Henry Dixon £10, to my sons James and William £10 each to my daughters Elizabeth and Mary £8 when they reach the age of 21 years.
All the rest of my goods, Chattels, cattle, stock, personal estate and effects to my dear wife Martha.
I nominate Mary Pomfrett, spinster and my brother William Warr as execs and guardians of my children,
Signed 28.9.1785, Witnesses:  Francis Warr Jnr of Sherington and George Pitt Hurst, proved 3.7.1786

DB377/66 Anstee, Hannah, widow victualler, 1785 PROB11/1130 See also MKBC DEEDS 0094/7,
To my two friends Robert Pearson, lacemerchant and Ann Smith, schoolmistress whom I nominate as my execs, my house and all my estate to sell and put out to interest to provide for the use and support of my two daughters Sarah and Ann.
Signed 17.6.1784, Witnesses:  William Capon, Martha Capon and George Cooch, proved 16.6.1785 by Robert Pearson
Note Hannah was at the Chequers and William Capon was at the Shoulder of Mutton a few door away in Bridge St

DB377/67 Robert Chapman of Ravenstone, clerk, signed 17.9.1783, proved 3.1.1786

DB377/68a George Burnham of NP, victualler
To my nephew John Burnham, yeoman and George Osborn, woolstapler, who I nominate as my trustees and execs, all of my estate,
If my son John Burnham, yeoman is desirous of purchasing my estate for the same price as any other person then he has the first offer, if he does not purchase within 6 months then my estate to be sold by my execs.
To my daughter Nanny Burnham a Silver Coral, a 2 guinea piece, and the Mourning ring which was made for and worn by my late wife on the death of her late sister Elizabeth Toomes decd.
Also to my son William Burnham my own silver watch,
Also to Thomas Burnham the silver watch which sometime belonged to Edward Toomes decd, my late wife’s father, my silver shoe buckles, sleeve buttons and studs and also my Frock with the silver buttons upon it and all other my silver coat buttons making together with those of the frock eighteen in number.
To my son William Burnham all the rest of my Cloaths and wearing apparel.
Also the residue and remainder of my goods and chattels, ready money, etc to my children William Burnham, Thomas Burnham, Elizabeth Spencer, Mary, Sarah and Nanny Burnham to be equally divided between them.
My execs to put the share of my son Thomas Burnham who is to go abroad, to gain interest for his return,
Signed  19.2.1788, Witnesses:  George Pitt Hurst, George Cooch and William Dawson, proved 26.4.1786 

DB377/68b Sarah Chibnall, widow
Execs are GPH and Robert Jee she gives them £500 they are to invest and to pay interest  to her sister Ann Knight for life and after her deceased to pay £100 to Matilda Cox of Christchurch, Surrey widow and the £400 to her son and daughter John and Sarah Chibnall in equal shares, when they attain the age of 21 yrs, if they die then all to her sister Ann Knight.
Signed 6.1.1788, Witnesses:  George Cooch and Robert Harris, proved 23.5.1789 

DB377/69 there is No Deed of this number

DB377/70 William Barnes of Stoke Goldington, baker, signed 5.3.1789 Witnesses:  E West, George Knibb and William Lucas, proved 23.5.1789

DB377/71 John Ward of Great Linford, gent, leaves all to wife  and she is sole exec, signed 15.10.1791 Witnesses:  Elizabeth Hoddle, William Battams, and Stamp Garrard, proved 24/10/1792

DB377/72 Admon of Richard Purratt, 29.11.1792 granted to Elizabeth Purratt is sister and next of kin 

DB377/73 Mar Eaton, of Olney, widow, proved 9.5.1796

DB377/74 Jonathan Abbott of Willen, grazier, signed 24.1.1793, Witnesses:  John Knight and S. Williams, proved 8.4.1793

DB377/75 John Delafield of NP, yeoman
I Leave all my messuage, cottage or tenement in NP and all the residue of my estate to my Exec Holland Eaglestone to apply the rents, interest and profits and dividends thereof to the use of my sister Sarah Brentnall, the wife of Luke Brentnall for the term of her life and for her use only, her husband is not to intermeddle with or have the least control over any of the money. After the death of Sarah then to her children but if none then to my aunt Jane Thompson, of Islington, near London, Signed 26.4.1793 Witnesses:  Thomas Eaglestone, Susanna Walker and R Brittain, proved PCC 10.7.1799 

DB377/76 Admon of Richard Whyte of NP granted 6.5.1795 to Cornelius White, folded inside a receipt for £7 1s 2d paid to Edward Potter  

DB377/77 Mary Fowler of Woughton on the Green, victualler, Witnesses:  Thomas Bird. John Cook, and Arthur Cary, proved 14.12.1798

DB377/78 William Poulter of Milton Keynes execs are son Thomas Poulter and John Williams of Willen, grazier, proved 14.12.1798

DB377/79 James Wilkinson of Broughton, gent, Execs are Revd Bruce Storr of Madeley, Staffs, Charles Marius Hardy of NP, surgeon and apothecary, and Sarah Gregory of Broughton, spinster, signed 23.5.1793, Witnesses:  Jane, John and James Perry, proved PCC 31.3 1797. When he died James was late on NP and now of Madeley, Staffs

DB377/80 William Smith of Hanslope, mason signed 7.7.1793, proved Bucks 16.5.1794

DB377/81 Joseph Sead of North Crawley signed 1.9.1820 proved Bucks 2.7.1821

DB377/82 John Cox, victualler, to my wife Elizabeth my two cottages in Marsh End in the occs of ---– Wooding and ---- Selby for the term of her life and after her decease to my son John Cox and his heirs for ever, subject to the payment after the death of my wife of £20 each to my daughter Charlotte wife of William Gardner, and Amelia Cox the child of my daughter Elizabeth wife of Richard Feasey.
To my friends Jethro Inwood, gent and Henry Meadow, grocer as my executors all my messuage or public house commonly called The Crown and Castle situated in NP in my own occ, to sell by auction or privately as soon as convenient after my decease. The proceeds to be given one third to my wife and the other two thirds to be shared equally between my three children John, Charlotte and Elizabeth.
Signed 28.5.1824, Witnesses:  George Cooch, Josh Goodwin his clerk, and Charles Hudson clerk to Messrs Bassett and Co. proved 12.6.1828. 

DB377/83 George Knibb, see Prob11/1690 and copy of Will in DB197/1

DB377/84 William Clarke of NP, gent All household goods and furniture to wife for life, she to give son George Clarke a full and true inventory within 6 months, To wife also all my house for life and then to son George.
To daughter Catherine wife of William Pike £200, and to son John £200 both to be paid within 12 months of my death, but if son John dies during life of my wife then his share to be given to her. To wife an annuity of £36.
Signed 21.11.1826, Witnesses:  George Lucas, Henry Lucas, and David Norris, proved 27.11.1827.  

DB377/85 Anna Maria Whyte of NP spinster, to my 3 nephews James, John, and Richard Jarvis my Close of pasture in Woughton on the Green and all other real estate.
To Martha Cooke widow of NP and Jane Burgess of NP £1 1s 0d each, signed 7.12.1824, Witnesses:  George Cooch, John Goodwin and Thomas Teagle, proved 18.6.1828 

DB377/86 John Cooch the elder of Harlestone, Northampton, yeoman, execs are nephews Hugh Higgins of Cogenhoe, yeoman, son in law George Osborne of Northampton, surgeon, and nephew George Cooch of NP, gent, signed 19.7..1826, Witnesses:  Joseph Vialls, Henry Saunders and Thomas Tresler, proved PCC, 7.11.1828.

DB377/87 George Simcox, carpenter, to wife Susanna my two leasehold messuages with outbuildings situated on the Green at NP, which tenements I have erected and built on part of a piece of waste land demised and leased to me by Charles Marius Hardy in and by a certain Indenture of Demise or Lease dated about the 1st of November 1820 for the term of 60 years from the 25th September then last past.
To hold the said messuages to Susanna for the remainder of the said term of 60 years therein as at the time of my decease shall be then to come and unexpired, if she shall so long live, she paying the rent and performing the Covenants in the said Indenture of Lease reserved and contained, and after the death of my wife  before the end of the term of 60 years then I give the said messuages to my brother Joseph Simcox and my sister Elizabeth wife of John Jee, saddler to hold etc as above.
I give all my money, securities and household goods etc to my wife as my sole exec. Signed 22.12.1830, Witnesses:  Robert Cooch and Sarah Howes, proved Bucks 18.12.1837.  

DB377/88a Richard Slade of Hanslope, yeoman, 8.6.1838

DB377/88b Richard Sheppard, bricklayer, everything to wife Anne and she and Joseph Goodwin, victualler to be my execs, signed 15.2.1855, Witnesses:  George Morley, vicar, and Edwin Carr clerk to MR Cooch, proved 15.5.1856

DB377/144 William Goodman of North Crawley, yeoman, proved Bucks 27.4.1840

DB377/145 Admon of General Theophilus Pritzer granted to Dame Selena Pritzer, his widow of Boulogne Sur Mer, Cologne, July 1839. contains full Accounts of Estate

DB377/146 George Chapman of Hanslope, gardener, all to wife Sarah who is exec, roved PCC 12/6/1839

DB377/147 Henry Crann, of NP, grocer, to daughters Sarah and Elizabeth my 8 freehold cotts in Abbey End in the occs of --- Redden, John Todd, John Partridge the elder, Sarah Howe, John Partridge the younger, ---- Thickpenny, George Dowdey and John Paine,Also 2 cotts in Marsh End in occs of Rebecca Goodman and Henry Moseley,
Also my messuage in Marsh End wherein I now dwell,
To have and to hold for ever but subject to the payment of £20 to my grand daughter Ann the wife of Samuel Tandy, brewer,
Execs are George Osborne, woolstapler and John Rogers, surgeon, signed 20.10.1838 Witnesses:  W. B. Bull and Josh Roberts clerk, proved Bucks 1.10.1839
Folded inside Estate and Funeral accounts, comprehensive accounts of medications (£12 4s 9d) etc from John Rogers, surgeon, also funeral attire from William Chapman, Linen draper.

DB377/148 Thomas Whitworth of Willen, farmer and grazier, 8.1.1837, Witnesses:  Henry Lucas, William Powell and R B Roberts, proved PCC 20.1.1840

DB377/149 James Betts of Water Eaton, Bletchley, yeoman, Proved Bucks 19.3.1840

DB377/150 Joseph Pike of NP, yeoman, leaves all to and between his nephew Thomas Osborne, and nieces Mary Osborn and Sarah Swannell, exec is Luke Price, signed 10.2.1842, Witnesses:  Henry Lucas and William Price, proved PCC 27.8.1842

DB377/151 Thomas Eames the elder, carpenter, all my 2 messuages in Tickford End and all my real estate to my wife Elizabeth for the term of her life and after her decease then to my 3 sons, Samuel, James and Thomas signed 20.1.1843, Witnesses:  George Cooch, and Edwin Carr his clerk, proved Bucks 23.7.1849

DB377/152 Esther Kilpin of NP widow, to my daughter Ann furniture etc in parlour and best front bedroom. To my son John Palmer Kilpin and my 3 daughters Elizabeth Mills wife of Revd John Mills of Lavenham, Suffolk, the said Ann Palmer and Sarah Palmer Metcalf wife of John Metcalf of Basingham Street London  all my plate and books. Exec is William Bateman Bull. Signed 10.2.1841 Witnesses:  Josh Roberts, Edwin Neal, proved Bucks 28.8.1843

DB377/153 Samuel Webster of NP, cooper, Leaves messuage in Tickford End where he dwells to execs Robert Collison, surgeon and Thomas Allbright, yeoman, signed 20.1.1838, Witnesses:  George Cooch and Robert Cooch his clerk, proved Bucks 11.10.1844.

DB377/154 Martha Coney, spinster, leaves all to sisters Elizabeth and Hannah Coney, Charles Henry Hardy of Bath, doctor of medicine is sole exec, signed 27.6.1827, Witnesses:  Mary Hardy, and Catherine Gee, servant. CHH died before Martha and admon granted to her daughters 9.4.1844

DB377/155 William How of Milton Keynes, proved PCC 26.11.1844

DB377/156 Admon of William Boice (Boys) late of NP, gent, 22.1.1845 granted to his two daughters Diana Barratt wife of George Barratt and Rebecca Wootton, widow.

DB377/157 Samuel Buckby of Caldecote, yeoman, appoints John Field of Sherington, farmer and George Lucas of NP, Gent as execs. Leaves his messuage in NP which he purchased of George Burnham, in the occupation of his sister Hannah to her for the term of her life and after her decease to his execs to sell it. Execs are to sell all of his estate and to divide the proceeds equally between all his children. Signed 23.8.1833, Witnesses:  William Powell, Rathbone B Roberts, and Thomas Paine, proved London 7.3.45.
Folded inside Will are all of the Executors Accounts for the Funeral, and accounts from local traders, and shopkeepers that were outstanding at the time of his death. The latter contain lists of groceries, wine, brandy etc. There are accounts for work at the farm and a Probate Inventory of the Farm Stock, and contents of his house. There is also a complete list of items auctioned at the Farm on 16.1.1845 with names of purchasers.   

DB377/158 John Howe of Broughton, proved Bucks 4.10.1845

DB377/159 Christopher Ladds, grocer, all to wife Ann as sole exec signed 1.5.1845, Witnesses:  William Powell and A.R Carr, proved PCC 26.8.1845.

DB377/160 Francis Sharp of Finedon, woolstapler, 1857

DB377/161 Catherine Fountain of NP, widow
To daughter Mary Ann £250, to daughter Catherine, £100, to Henry James Fountain the son of my daughter Susanna, £80 and my share in the NP Canal, I forgive my daughter Susanna all the debts that she owes to me and leaves her all my Personal estate and effects, The rest of my estate to my daughter Mary Ann.
I give the messuage in NP in the occ of Thomas King to my daughter Catherine and her heirs for ever. I give all the rest of my estate to my son William and his heirs. William Powell to be my sole executor, signed 3.10.1854,, Witnesses:  Hammet Hailey and Emma Inwood, proved at Oxford.  

DB377/162 Kezia Brooks of Olney, spinster, signed 11.9.1851, proved 19.5.1858. Folded inside are execs accounts.

DB377/163 Hannah Brooks of Olney, spinster, Will and two codicils, proved 13.8.1859

DB377/164 William Pike of Moulsoe, farmer, to my granddaughter Catherine Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Pike of Moulsoe, farmer and of my daughter Elizabeth his wife to her and her heirs for ever all my freehold Close in NP containing 6a in the occ of George Mills.
To my son Thomas Pike all my moiety of a freehold Close in Blisworth containing 10a in the occ of ---- Pettifer.
I give all my Real and Personal Estate, except that vested in me as a Trustee or Mortgage to the Use of Thomas Pike and Samuel Rogers of Lathbury to hold as my execs.
List of Bequests includes £1500 to granddaughter Catherine Ann when she is 21 and same to Grand son William Henry Pike.
Signed 23.12.1856, Witnesses:  William Bateman Bull and William Rogers Bull, proved 6.8.1859 

DB377/165 Admon of Revd Francis Richard Powell, clerk, of Upper Berkeley Street, Clerkenwell, he died at Kingston near Dublin 24.4.1859, Admon granted to his brother John Folliott Powell, 28/5/1859, his mother Frances was still alive.

DB377/166 Admon of Susanna Richardson of NP wife of Robert Richardson, died 13.10.1858, Admon granted to Robert on 25.2.1860 at Oxford.

DB377/167 (See also DB377/119) William Levi of Moulsoe, gent leaves all his messuages and tenements etc to his Brothers in Law Joshua Oldfield of York, Gent and William Tyler Smith of Northampton, gent as his execs. They are to sell and to pay proceeds to his wife Dorothea and then after her death to his children William and Frances.
Will signed 4.12.1820, Witnesses:  James Bead, and William Smyth jnr, Proved Oxford June 1823.
William Levi died 14.4.1823 apparently his wife intermeddled in the affairs of the execs and she died 18.12.1856 after which Admon was granted to the son William on 8.2.1861.

DB377/168 John Pickering of Broughton, proved at Oxford 4.7.1862

DB377/169 Elizabeth Brooks of Sherington, widow, proved at Oxford 7.3.1863

DB377/170 Benjamin Whiting late of Piddington Lodge, Northants, farmer. Exec is son Joseph Evans Whiting of Stoke Goldington, farmer.

DB377/171 Miss Kitty Stevens of NP, leaves all lands tenements to William Taylor, chemist and Thomas Taylor chemist as execs to Sell and to pay £150 each to her nieces Mary Smith, Sophia Whitworth, and Matilda Cheetham, to her nephew John Freeman £100. Execs are to invest £500 and to pay the interest to her sister Sophia Barringer for life and after her decease, to invest £300 and to pay the interest to her niece Sarah Street and after her decease to money to be equally divided between Alice Barringer and Thomas Wright Barringer the children of her nephew Thomas Stevens Barringer. Signed 6.6.1860, Witnesses:  William Powell and Charles William Powell, proved Oxford 21.9.1863.

DB377/172 Elizabeth Tomkins of NP widow, execs are daughter Elizabeth Palmer of Hemel Hempstead, John Odell, ironmonger and Richard Sheppard builder. They are to sell property and divide proceeds equally between her children. Signed 14.7.1858, Witnesses:  Samuel Newman, solicitor and Thomas Paine his clerk, proved Oxford 3.3.1864.

DB377/173 Sarah Eames, widow, execs are Thomas Cooper of Olney, ironmonger and John Odell, ironmonger, they are to sell all her messuages etc and to pay to Charles and William Cooper the sons of her late nephew John Henry Cooper £100 each. Sarah leaves to John Odell £10, and the rest of her estate to her brother Thomas Cooper. Signed 27.3.1874, Witnesses:  William and Charles H Powell, proved Oxford 13.2.1876.

Folded inside the Will is a copy of the Will of her late husband Samuel Eames, carpenter, by which he left her all his estate, signed 26.12.1856, Witnesses:  William Powell and H J Fountain, proved Oxford 15.3.1866.

DB377/174 Admon Joseph Egan, tailor, died 22.1.1881 Admon to Sarah wife 21.2.1881

DB377/175 Joseph Stockburn of Kettering, Gent, proved Peterborough 27.5.1881

DB377/176 James Henry Wilmer of Gayhurst, farmer, leaves all to wife Sophia, execs are wife Sophia, Abraham Fountain of Filgrave, farmer and John Robert Wilmer of NP, brewer, signed 1.8.1877, Witnesses:  H C Mapley, and John E Townsend, proved 3.12.1881.

DB377/177 Catherine Green, spinster, cash bequests to friends, signed 7.10.1882, Witnesses:  W B Bull, solicitor and Richard Littleboy, banker, proved Oxford 17.12.1883

DB377/178 Admon of John Baker died 16.1.1901, granted to widow Mary who is sole exec.

DB377/179 John Bates of High Street, Stantonbury, probate granted 19.2.1902 to sons Evan James Tyson and William Frederick Bates.



Mary Ann Eames, widow died 13.12.1902 Will proved at Oxford 8.4.1903. probate granted to her execs Samuel Lilley Coales, watchmaker, and Joseph Piggott Goodwin, auctioneer.
Bequests are
To my Niece Mary Coales £50
To my Niece Helen Salmons £50
To my Nephew George Salmons £50
To my Niece Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) Salmons £50
To my Nephew Arthur James Lucas Salmons £50
To my Nephew Walter William Grant £50
To my Nephew Arthur Exton Bunning £50
To each of my sisters Sarah Hipwell and Jane Hannah Hurst £10
To my brother in law William Armstrong, my sisters in law Sarah Ann Salmons the wife of Joseph Salmons, Mary Bryan Salmons wife of William Salmons and Mary Salmons wife of Joseph Salmons £10 each.
I give my messuage 56, Tickford Street wherein I now live with the yard, gardens, outbuildings and premises to my sister Louisa Ekins for the term of her life and after her decease to Walter William Grant and Arthur Exton Bunning as Tenants in Common.

I give the four messuages in Tickford Street in the occupations of Charles Proctor, Elizabeth Eames, Henry Bennett and William Reynolds and also the messuage or tenement or Carpenters Shop, yard, and premises adjoining in the occupation of Heneage Arthur Rose to my nephews and nieces George Herbert Salmons, Emily Jane Parrott, and Augusta Louisa Salmons the children of my brother William Salmons as Tenants in Common.

I give and devise my two messuages numbers 16 and 18, Tickford Street with gardens, outbuildings and appurtenances in the occupations of Jane Hayllar and George Taylor to my sister Elizabeth Armstrong for the term of her life and after her decease my execs to sell and from the proceeds to pay £100 to my niece Jane Coales, £100 to my niece Helen Salmons and to divide the rest equally between my nephews and niece Arthur James Lucas Salmons, Walter William Grant and Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) Salmons.

I give and devise all those three messuages 79, 81, and 83 Tickford Street in the occupations of Felix Whitmee, Henry Jarvis, and John Petts to my brother William Salmons for the term of his life and after his decease my execs to sell and to divide the proceeds equally between my nephew and nieces George Herbert Salmons, Emily Jane Parrott, and Augusta Louisa Salmons.

And as to my Personal Estate my execs to stand possessed of £400 (part thereof) secured on a mortgage to premises in Tickford Street belonging to my brother the said Joseph Salmons and in the occupation of my nephew George Salmons on trust to collect the same without asking for any interest until the death of Joseph Salmons and then to demand immediate payment and to hold it and stand possessed and then to divide it equally between the children of Joseph Salmons namely George, Martha Elizabeth, Joseph Walter and Arthur James Lucas Salmons.

The residue of my estate to be equally divided between my brothers and sisters Thomas Salmons, Joseph Salmons, William Salmons, Elizabeth Armstrong and Louisa Ekins.
Signed 3.3.1898, Witnesses:  William Rogers Bull, solicitor, Francis Thomas William Lichfield clerk to Mr Bull.


It is my last wish that my execs give full power to my sisters Elizabeth Armstrong and Louisa Ekins to dispose of my Wardrobe, Ornaments, Furniture and Plate.
To my sister Elizabeth my diamond ring. Others to have a trifle are Heneage Arthur Rose and his wife, James Evans and Ada Greaves, and any others who Mrs Armstrong thinks I should like to remember.
My Servants that have been with me for some time to have two suits of mourning each and those that have only been with me for a short time only one suit.
My funeral to be carried out in the same plain way as my late husbands. I have explained to Mr William Rogers Bull and my sister Mrs Armstrong all that I wish to be carried out and I feel thoroughly satisfied that they will do as I wish
Signed February 24th 1898

Will proved Oxford 8.4.1903.
Note Mary Eames had money invested in East India Railway Co.

Folded inside above Will is Form No 8 Inland Revenue re Account for payment of Legacy or Succession Duty on proceeds of Sale or Principal Value of Real Estate directed to be sold duty.
An account of proceeds of Sale of Capital Value of Real Estate charged with Succession Duty on Estate of William Salmons who died 5th July 1909, as passing to George Herbert Salmons, Emily Jane Parrott, and Augusta Louisa Salmons, under the Will of Mary Ann Eames delivered by Samuel Lilley Coales the surviving Trustee of the Will. The property was 97, 99, and 101 Tickford St formerly 79, 81, and 83 Tickford St. Amount to be taxed was £363 4s 6d being 18 years rent, less insurance, rates and repairs  

DB377/181 Mary Baker, widow, Execs are James Ives, victualler, and John Thomas Clarke, labourer in Railway Carriage Works.
Leaves £5 to Eliza wife of Felix Whiting, the rest of estate to be sold by execs then proceeds equally divided between my brother Edward Whitemore of Great Brickhill, niece Ellen Sarah the wife of Walter Wright my nephew, Thomas William Groom of South Normanton, Derbys and my nephew John Joseph Groom of Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts.
Signed 2.6.1903, Witnesses:  Alfred Nicholson, clerk to Charles William Powell, and Mary Ives of 51, Tickford Street, proved Oxford 21.9.1903.

DB377/182 William Joseph Linger of North Crawley, farmer, died 26.1.1905, probate granted to wife Betsy his sole exec, 14.10.1905

DB377/183 Thomas Missenden of Bletchley, farmer 11.3.1864, Oxford

DB377/184 Edward Henry Croydon, Bookseller and Stationer.

I wish my son Edward Henry Croydon to have my Silver cup as an heirloom, also the set of Stoneware Hot Water Jugs. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Louisa Croydon the pianoforte.
I give to the eldest son of Mr Thomas Newman my present foreman my silver watch.
If no satisfactory arrangements can be made respecting the carrying on of my business that is to be disposed of to the best advantage after paying off all just debts. I give to Mary Proffitt Wheeler widow of Thomas Henry Wheeler of Wolverhampton £50 and out of the remainder to be paid to Mary my wife the legal claim which she may have against me in regard to an allowance and also her legal claim as my wife.
The remainder to be equally divided between my son and daughter whom I appoint as my executor an executrix.
Signed 30.1.1872, Witnesses:  A W Collier, of NP Bankers Clerk and Thomas Newman, printer, Edward Henry Croydon died 11.2.1872, Will proved Oxford 29.7.1872.

DB377/185 Sarah Early widow.
I give £40 to the Baptist Western Society for the relief of the necessitous widows and orphans of the Ministers of the Denomination in the Counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hants, Wilts, Glos, and Somerset including the city of Bristol to be paid within 6 months of my decease.
I give £5 to my housekeeper Mary Stevens, and the rest to be equally divided between my nephews and nieces George Battams, Mary Ann Fay Ann May Battams, and Sarah Battams.
I give all my estate vested in and upon trust or by way of mortgage to  my friends William Powell, and John Odell, ironmonger as my Trustees and Executors.
Signed 13.2.1873, Witnesses:  Thomas Paine and Richard Warren proved Oxford 22.3.1873
SEE DB377/131 The  Will of William John Early, dissenting Minister 21.3.1833

DB377/186 Elizabeth Smith of Fenny Stratford, widow, proved 14.8.1873

DB377/187     William Taylor, Chemist
Appoints his two sons Thomas and Frederick James and his relative James Robert Whitworth of Weston Underwood, farmer as his executors.

I leave all his household furniture and goods etc to his wife Catherine Elizabeth.

Whereas the share of my wife in the Personal estate of her brother James Whitworth deceased was invested  and so continues in the Joint names of myself and my wife in the purchase of £3500 of London and North Western Railway Companies guaranteed 5% stock, Now I give and bequeath all my share right and interest in the said stock or any part thereof I may be entitled to and over which I at my decease shall have any disposing power to my executors to invest the same in Parliamentary Stock or Government Stock or Real Securities or in Stocks and Shares of like nature as they think fit and to pay the interest to my wife for life and after her decease to be divided equally between my five children Thomas, Frederick James, Emma Ann, Clara Mary, Elizabeth and Fanny Matilda.

I give and bequeath all the residue of my Personal estate (after due debts and funeral expenses are paid) to be equally divided between my three daughters Emma Ann, Clara Mary, Elizabeth and Fanny Matilda.

I give to my wife for the term of her life All those my cottages or tenements with appurtenances in Marsh End called Thorpe’s Yard and which (with two other cottages since sold to James Mapley) I purchased of William Leverrett, and immediately after my wife’s decease to my five children in equal shares as Tenants in Common in Fee Simple.
I give the rest of my Real Estate to which I shall be entitled (except vested in me as Trustee or Mortgagee) to my three daughters.
I give all Real Estate vested in me as Trustee or Mortgagee to my executors. 
Signed 11.2.1871, Witnesses:  Josiah Wilford, chemist and druggist, Edwin Carr clerk to Mr Cooch solicitor NP, probate granted to sons Oxford 28.5.1874.

DB377/188 Admon of Sarah Scott of Buckingham, spinster, 24.11.1874

DB377/189 Admon of Anna Maria Pinfold of Lincoln Lodge, Lillington Warwicks, 26.8.1874

DB377/190 William Jellies, of Cranfield, farmer, Admon of Goods, 14.3.1876

DB377/191 Charles Betts, of Bletchley, yeoman, 13.3.1877

DB377/192 William Robinson bricklayer, to wife Harriett my messuage in Abbey End or Priory Street with the yard and garden formerly of my father George Robinson, for the term of her life and after her decease to my children Mary Ann wife of Edward Smith, George Robinson, Aaron Benjamin Robinson and John Robinson whom I appoint as my executors, signed 16.2.1867 proved 8.10.1877. Folded inside are a letter re the deeds of the property and a copy of the Will. 

DB377/193 Henry Meadows leaves £500 to wife Elizabeth, £50 to brother John and the rest to be equally divided between his brothers and sisters, executors are Alfred Nathaniel Nicholson, solicitors clerk, and William Fielding, barman. Signed 8.3.1889 proved 9.4.1889

DB377/194 Maria Rogers of Easthill, Colchester, 29.4.1890, includes £200 to Henry Cripps Rogers of NP, surgeon.

DB377/195 James Robert Whitworth of Wellingborough, gent.
All real and Personal estate whatsoever which is not vested in the Deed of Settlement of 14.2.1873 between 1) Myself and 2) William Whitworth and Frederick James Taylor made to the Use of my wife Charlotte to her for own use and she is sole executrix of this my Will. Witnesses:  Frederick James Taylor and Emma Ann Taylor of NP proved 3/5/1890 at Peterborough

DB377/196 Admon of Henry William East of NP, licensed victualler, died 27.5.1891, Admon granted to Julia East widow 20.6.1891

DB377/197 Catherine Elizabeth Taylor To my sons Thomas and Frederick James Taylor £1000, then all my Real Estate and residue to them as my executors to sell as soon as possible by Auction or privately, then to divide the proceeds equally between such of my sons and daughters as are then alive. 
Signed 8.6.1874, Witnesses:  are Charles William Powell, and John Maulden Rogers.
A codicil gives £100 each to her grandchildren, signed 18.5.1892, Witnesses:  Alfred Nicholson, clerk to Mr William Powell, and Aaron Thomas, gardener, proved 4.8.1893.  

DB377/198 Charlotte Whitworth, of Wellingborough, widow, leaves all to be divided equally between her children, Executors are Frederick James Taylor and Francis William Taylor, Signed, Witnesses:  are E H Dawes, married woman, St Chad’s Vicarage, Derby and H Hollis of Brooklands, Wellingborough, doctor of medicine. Charlotte died 27.10.1920 Admon granted 1.12.1920 to Francis William Taylor her surviving executor.      

DB377/199 Elizabeth Salmons I leave all my estate to my brother Joseph Salmons who is sole executor he is to sell to pay all debts and funeral expenses and to pay £6 pa to my sister Hanah (sic) Smith for life. My niece Mary Ann Salmons to have all my wardrobe etc to dispose of as she pleases, the remainder to my sister Hanah Smith, To my nephew Frederick John Salmons my desk to my niece Mary Ann Salmons my watch, to my sister Hanah Smith and to my nieces Sarah Watts and Jane Dicks to have each a decent suit of mourning at my decease. I wish the above to be faithfully carried out by my brother Joseph Salmons.
Signed 10.11.1864, Witnesses:  James Eames, carpenter and builder and Ann Lines, proved 21.1.1865 at Oxford.
Folded inside the Will are three items
A letter to Joseph from Inland Revenue,
A notebook with “Elizabeth died Friday Morning 4 0’clock Dec 23rd 1864, aged 59 years, buried by Rev M C Barton on Tues afternoon 3 0’clock Dec 27th. Also account of funeral expenses.
A notebook with account of monies paid to Hanah smith 1865-1885. “buried in NP Cemetery 30’clock Nov 7th 1885” “Mr Hipwell gave me £2 for help with Funeral expenses.

D377/200 George Thomas Cripps of Sherington, plumber and glazier, leaves all to his mother Hannah Cripps who is sole executrix, signed 12.1.1867, Witnesses:  Charles William Powell and Frederick John Field, farmer, proved 20.4.1867 at Oxford.

DB377/201 George Bull, publican, leaves all to wife Elizabeth Jane Bull who is sole executrix, signed 2.1.1868, Witnesses:  Joseph Hutchings, maltster of Hanslope and Elizabeth Rose of NP, proved 2.7.1869 at Oxford. 

DB377/202 George Sawbridge of Hanslope, farmer, leaves all to wife Sarah who is sole executrix, signed 7.2.1870 proved 9.7.1870

DB377/203 Robert Richardson, shoemaker, I give all my messuage and premises in the North End of the high Street in NP formerly in the occupation of William Bunting, but now in my own occupation and which I bought of Robert Rose and his wife Priscilla, to my brother John Richardson of NP, forever, also all my goods whatsoever and he is to be my sole executor, signed 28.3.1859, Witnesses:  George Heley and Thomas Paine, proved 15.11.1870 at Oxford.  

DB377/204 Admon of Susanna Richardson, died 13.10.1858, in Feb 1860 Admon was granted to her husband Robert Richardson and he intermeddled in her estate and effects and died on 31.8.1867 leaving part unadministered, so now 18.11.1870 admon is granted to John Richardson the brother and sole heir of Robert. 

DB377/205 Admon of Hannah Payne of Stoke Goldington, she died 10.4.1868, Admon granted 3.12.1870 to William Payne one of her children.

DB377/206 Admon of John Knibb of Stoke Goldington, labourer, died 13.12.1863, Admon granted 3.12.1870 to John Knibb one of his children.

DB377/207 Admon of Abraham Hart of Cogenhoe, Northants, farmer died 31.12.1869 granted to widow Hannah 14.1.1870.

DB377/208 Admon of Stephen Knibb of Stoke Goldington, died 15.12.1829, granted to John Knibb the administrator of the estate of John Knibb (See DB377/206) 28.12.1870.

DB377/209 Admon and Will of Martha Stratton, widow, leaves to her daughter in Law Susanna Richardson of NP, wife of Robert Richardson, cordwainer, but late widow of my deceased son William Stratton, all my furniture etc and the Legacy of £10 left to me by the Will of my friend Mary Anne Knibb of NP, spinster but which is not yet due or payable and which I give to Susanna, Will signed 10.12.1824 Witnesses:  William Richardson and John Inwood, Martha died 22.3.1829, Admon granted 28.12.1870 to John Richardson.

DB377/210 John Wilmer of Gayhurst, farmer, left all to wife Mary Ann who is sole executrix, signed 30.10.1818, Witnesses:  David Norris, of NP  Gent, and Mary Monk of Gayhurst, he died 15.1.1871, proved 11.4.1872 at Oxford.

DB377/211 John Dudley of Astwood, farmer all to wife Sarah Rebecca who is sole executrix, signed 12.3.1872, witness William and Charles Powell of NP, proved 28.6.1872

DB377/212 John Powell of NP, veterinary surgeon, brother Charles Ault Powell and my son Thomas Powell are my sole execs, leaves all to his children, signed 24.4.1872, Witnesses:  Charles William Powell and Joseph Shackshaft, proved 12.10.1872 at Oxford.

DB377/213 John Goodman of Willen, labourer, signed 28.2 1879, Witnesses:  John Benthnall of Willen vicar and William Levi of Woughton on the Green JP. Proved 3.11.1880 at Oxford

DB377/214 Emily Creede of NP, widow To my son Charles Edward Creede my dressing case, watch chain and all my wigs for his absolute use and benefit, the remainder to my sister Sarah Ann Page and Charles William Powell whom I appoint as my execs and trustees, they are to sell all her estate and to use the money for the upbringing of her son and then to her son when he is 21, signed 6.8.1879 Witnesses:  Emily Halsey and Lillie Tole, proved 15.12.1880 at Oxford.

DB377/215 Mary Ann Hayllar of Sheffield, Yorks widow of the late Robert Hayllar, grocer decd.
I give the Messuage, tenement or dwelling house in NP which I am entitled to under the Will of my late husband Robert dated 13.5.1840 with a codicil of 14.6.1842 to the use of my son Robert Thomas Hayllar of London, poulterer and cheesemonger, William Chantler of NP, chemist, and my brother in law Richard Hayllar of NP, grocer, to sell and dispose of, to pay my debts etc and to divide the residue equally between my children, Robert Thomas Hayllar, Samuel Hayllar, William Josiah Hayllar, Benjamin Hayllar, Edward Hayllar and Lucy Ann Hayllar.
Signed 26.10.1864, Witnesses:  William Mellowes, City Missionary, and Samuel B Auty clerk to Messrs Hoole and Yeomans, Solicitors, Sheffield, proved Sheffield 16.5.1865.      

DB377/216 Mary Ann Reynolds of Crawley High Fields Farm, Bedfordshire, widow, signed 18.11.1864, Witnesses:  William and Charles Powell, proved Northampton 28.11.1865.

DB377/217 William Hilton, of North Crawley, farmer, proved Oxford 3.6.1865

DB377/218 Admon of Goods of William Tongue of Cranfield, farmer, granted 23.9.1865. 

DB377/219 Thomas Wright of Stoke Goldington, farmer, proved Oxford 15.12.1870

DB377/220 John Richardson of NP, shoemaker,
Written 24.11.1807, Witnesses:  Walter Leete and Thomas Paine, he died 20.12.1870, probate 31.1.1871 to son Thomas.
He left all to his children Thomas Richardson, Charlotte the wife of Thomas Cane, Elizabeth the wife of Joseph Todd, Ann the wife of William Godfrey, Robert and William Richardson. Son Thomas is exec.  

DB377/221 Francis Read of Ampthill, gent, William Jellies of Cranfield is sole exec. Proved Northampton 20.3.1871

DB377/222 John Gregory of Sherington, baker, left to wife Mary Gregory all household goods etc and £20, the rest to his son in law Thomas Salmons, and his friend George Jefferson of Sherington, farmer who were his execs to hold in trust for his wife. Estate contained property in Beds and Bucks, 
Signed 15.1.1862, Witnesses:  William and Charles Powell, he died 24.12.1870, probate 24.3.1871 to widow Mary.

DB377/223 William Harris of NP, labourer, I leave my freehold messuage and garden ground in Abbey End which I recently purchased of the devisees of the Will of Joseph Tame Lichfield to the use of my sons George and Thomas as Trustees and Executors of this my Will, signed 26.12.1871, Witnesses:  H J Fountain and David Norris clerks to Messrs Powell and Newman solicitors NP,  he died 4.12.1871 probate granted at Oxford 15.2.1872 to widow Ann and the two sons.
Folded inside are several probate papers including Inventory and Valuation of household furniture and effects, by J P Goodwin total £8 16s 6d. Also a letter from Thomas Harris to C W Powell mentioning a pencil sketch plan of the land “Mr Butler would like, and a receipt dated 10.1.1885 for £200 paid by C W Powell on behalf of Mr Butler of Tickford Abbey, for a piece of land at rear of the house. The pencil sketch was reproduced on the Indenture of Sale see DB177/9

DB377/224 Charles Warren of Simpson, gent, proved Oxford 9.7.1872

DB377/225 Sophia Whitworth of Weston Underwood, spinster, to my nephew William Whitworth my Chelsea ornaments.
I give my furniture and Household effects etc to be shared equally between my sisters Mary Smith, Catherine Taylor, and Leah Matilda Cheetham.
I give the lease of my residue to my sister Leah Matilda Cheetham,
I give £100 to the General Infirmary at Northampton,
I give my friend Miss Marion Clementson 19gns and the same to my servant Sarah Ann Nichols and if and when I die she has been with me more than 3 years I give her £50 instead of the 19gns,
I give £50 to the church wardens of Weston Underwood to be laid out as they think expedient for repairing and improving the parish church of Weston Underwood.
I give to my brother William I give £1900,
I give to my nephews Thomas and Frederick James Taylor £5700 on Trust to lay out the same in their names (or that of the survivor of them) and the securities listed hereinafter mentioned and to stand possessed thereof upon Trusts hereinafter declared, Concerning that is to say the sum of £1900 to pay the interest from this to my sister Mary Smith for life and after her decease to my niece Mary Ann smith for life.
I give £1900 to my sister Catherine Elizabeth Attenborough absolutely,
As to the further sum of £1900 to pay the interest from this to my sister Catherine Taylor and after her death for all of her children including the said Thomas and Frederick James Taylor, and in case any should die their share to be equally divided between the survivors of them,
And as to the sum of £1900 the residue of the £5700 to pay the interest from this to my sister Leah Matilda Cheetham for life and after her decease to pay the interest of £1200 to my nephew James Robert Whitworth for life and after his death to his children,
And as to the sum of £700 being the residue of the last mentioned £1900 my execs to hold this in Trust for my niece Mary Elizabeth Cheetham absolutely and she is to have this when she is 21 or on the day of her marriage.
The residue of my personal estate I leave after all debts and funeral expenses are paid to be equally divided between all my nephews and nieces,
Signed 23.12.1872 Witnesses:  Charles W Powell, she died 1.1.1873, probate granted to Thomas and Frederick James Taylor 5.2.1873 at Oxford.
Estate Value not over £12000, included shares in LNW Railway, and the East India Railway,

DB377/226 Thomas Sharp Kemp of Bedford, publican and coach wheeler, probate granted at Northampton 5.3.1875 to Henry Kemp his uncle, Thomas’ wife having predeceased him.

DB377/227 Thomas Whitworth of NP, gent, I give all my messuages etc at Mursley to my nephew William Whitworth the ygr, I give all my messuages at Newton Blossomville to my nephews Thomas and Frederick James Taylor as Tenants in Common, also £2000 each.
I give to my nieces Emma, Clara, and Fanny Taylor £1200 each and if any of them die their share to be divided equally between the survivors, I give £100 to the General Infirmary at Northampton.
To T and F J Taylor I give £4000 to pay the interest to my niece Ann smith for life and after her decease then £2000 to be equally divided between the children of my niece Catherine Attenborough, and as to the other £2000 then T and F J Taylor to use the interest to the benefit of the children of my nephew James Robert Whitworth.
I give to T and F J Taylor the further sum of £4500 on Trust to pay the interest on £4000 of it to my sister Leah Matilda Cheetham for her only and not any future husband and may not be subject to his debts, contracts or control and after her decease then to the children of my nephew James Robert Whitworth equally divided. I give the £500 residue in trust for my niece Mary Elizabeth Cheetham to be invested and to be paid to her when she achieves the age of 21 years or on the day of her marriage.
The residue of my estate to be divided into four equal parts one to my nephew William Whitworth the ygr, one to Thomas Taylor and one to Frederick James Taylor, and if any of them die their share to be divided equally between the survivors of them, the remaining fourth part I give to T and F J Taylor to invest and to pay the interest to my niece Alice Payne for her only and after her decease to be equally divided between her children when they reach the age of 21 years.
I appoint my nephews T and F.J. Taylor as Trustees and Execs of this my Will.
Signed 6.4.1873 Witnesses:  William Powell and George Hurn his clerk.
Codicil “Whereas William Anstee of Caldecote Mill owes me £600 plus 5% interest, my executors are not empowered to call in this debt and William Anstee  is only to pay 4% interest” written 29.4.1873, Witnesses:  William and Charles Powell, he died 28.5.1874, will proved Oxford, probate granted to T and F J Taylor,
Estate under £100,000, Investments included LNW Railway Co, Birmingham Canal, East India Railway Co, Olney Gas Light and Coke Co.

DB377/228 Samuel Wallis of Barton Seagrave, farmer and grazier, proved 30.8.1878 at Peterborough

DB377/229 Marion Elizabeth Linger of Clifton Reynes, spinster, proved 29.10.1882

DB377/230 Mary Ann Rogers spinster of East Hill, Colchester, Essex, I appoint Henry Mackenzie Rogers of Colchester, Manager of Carriage Works and Thomas Rogers Smith of Putney, Architect, as my executors.
I give my household effects and clothes to my niece Frances Sarah Miller wife of the Revd Edmund Miller of Colchester, Dissenting Minister.

I give all my monies and securities to my execs to divide as follows, to my niece Frances Sarah Miler £1250, to Henry Mackenzie Rogers £750, to my nephew Frederick Rogers son of my late brother Henry Rogers £200, to Henry Cripps Rogers of NP surgeon £200, to my niece Jane Peers Rogers daughter of my late brother Edmund Rogers £250, to my nephew Thomas John Rogers son of my late brother Thomas Rogers £200, to my cousin Mary Ann Tingle £200, to Charles Osborne Rogers son of the late George Osborn Rogers £200, to Alice Maud Coales, Kate Ellen Coales and Margaret Annie Coales the three daughters of Francis Coales of NP £50 each, and to Thomas Rogers Smith £25.
Signed 5.3.1890 Witnesses:  Margaret Ann Marriage, Gentlewoman, Colchester, and Ellen Maria Glendening, Gentlewoman, Colchester, Mary Ann died 5.3.1890, probate granted to execs 20.6.1884. Estate £4308 63.

DB377/231 John Pickering of North Crawley, proved 26.7.1865

DB377/232 William Vaux of North Crawley, proved 13.10.1876 under £800

DB377/233 Anne Miles Foster of Little Woolstone, proved 13.1.1880 under £400

DB377/234 George King of Walton, farmer, proved 13.1.1880 £33

DB377/235 Martin Bromwich, tailor, I ratify and confirm the marriage settlement with my present wife and subject thereto I devise all those 2 messuages and shops numbers 42 and 40 High Street with the yards, gardens, outbuildings and all fixtures and fittings thereto now in the respective occupation of my sons William Martin Bromwich and James Bromwich unto and equally divided between them, their heirs and assigns as Tenants in Common, subject to the payment of £150 each to my children John Bromwich, Elizabeth the wife of Fred Wilder Meacham, and Charlotte the wife of Benjamin Wilford, not to be paid until 6 months after the death f or the marriage of my wife.

I give my pianoforte to my daughter Charlotte Wilford, I give my household furniture and utensils, linen, plate, china, glass, books, pictures, and prints etc to my wife, I give £150 to my son James absolutely, I give £200, £200, and £100 secured on 3 policies to my son John, and my daughters Elizabeth and Charlotte.

I give all my Business and Stock to my sons William Martin and James. My Carriage, Harness and also the unexpired term and interest if any of or to the house in which I reside to my sons and William Wake James of Linslade, corn merchant who are my executors, signed 5.4.1883, Witnesses:  Wm Beaty Bull and Myrtillo Warren his clerk, Martin died 16.4.1884 he was then of Rugby Warwicks, proved Oxford 6.6.1884.  

DB377/236 John Roberts I leave all my estate to my niece Mary Ann the wife of Edward Smith of NP except my silver watch, the gold seal, chain and watch case which I give to my nephew John Roberts. A codicil contains further bequests to sisters and nephew, Witnesses:  George Frost and Henry Meadows, proved 22.5.1884, Sole Executor is Alfred Nicholson.

DB377/237 Sarah Wilson widow,
To my daughter Rebecca Field all my plate and linen and when the daughters of my late daughter Sarah Elizabeth Smith attain the age of 21 she is to equally divide half of it between them.
To Rebecca all my furniture household goods and clothes, I leave my Personal Estate half to Rebecca and half to her husband, my son in law John Field and my friend William Markham of NP, farmer as Trustees to invest and to use the interest for the bringing up of the daughters of my late daughter Sarah, signed 23.2.1876, Witnesses:  Caroline Weston and Thomas Paine, Sarah died 7.5.1885, proved 29.8.1885 at Oxford.
Investments included shares in L&NW Railway

DB377/238 James Eames, carpenter leaves all messuages etc to wife Mary Ann Eames who is sole executrix, Witnesses:  Thomas Paine and William J Carr, proved Oxford 17.7.1885.

DB377/239 Thomas Harris of Portsea, Southampton, 9.4.1885

DB377/240 Thomas Eames, carpenter, To Charlotte and Jane Flint sisters of my late wife £100, I leave all my goods and personal estate to my wife Eleanor Odell Eames for her own use, and all my messuages to my wife for the term of her life and after her decease to the children of my friend Charles Turner Riley of Milton Keynes to hold as Joint Tenants. 
Signed 24.2.1866, Witnesses:  William Powell and Samuel Newman, proved Oxford 29.4.1887.

DB377/241 Mary Osborn, spinster I leave all my messuages and outbuildings in NP now in the occupation of my nephew George Osborne Price, also my two third shares of and in All that Close of pasture adjoining the NP to Wolverton Road and now in the occupation of James Goodman.

I give all that my undivided moiety in all that messuage, tenement and bakehouse with the 2 cottages adjoining situate in the High Street of NP with appurtenances and also all my two third shares in al that messuage called the Red House and the Close of arable land adjoining situate in NP and adjoining on the Wolverton Road, Also all that my messuage or tenement and Butchers Shop and premises in the High Street of NP for some years in the occupation of Mr Pettit to my niece Elizabeth Ann Doig wife of Richard Doig, for her own use and benefit absolutely, if she dies in my lifetime then to her children or heirs and if none to George Osborn Price.

I leave to George Osborn Price all my Imperial Continental Gas Stock Shares or Securities and he to pay Elizabeth Ann Doig £300 with interest secured on premises in the High Street in the occupation of Mrs Pettit, £50 to each of the children of Mrs Fanny Ponting, £40 to Mrs Charlotte Cooke, £20 to her daughter Mary, All my Gas Light and Coke shares and all Railway shares to my niece Elizabeth Ann Doig.
I appoint George Osborn Price and Elizabeth Ann Doig as my executors, Signed 23.5.1886, Witnesses:  Charles William Powell and Alfred Nicholson, clerk, she died 21.12.1887, proved 11.1.1888
Inside Will is extract from burial Register confirming burial of Mary at Lathbury 27.12.1888, aged 80.

DB377/242 Patrick Clune of Carlisle, pensioner, 1891

DB377/243 Mary Samwell wife of Thomas Pressland Samwell, coach trimmer, whereas by my Marriage Settlement of 22.3.1856 or by an Indenture of 24.6.1866 between 1) William Smith, Henry Lucas, 2) William Henry Lucas and Charles Frederick Lucas, 3) My husband and myself, 4) William Powell a sum of £300 and a certain messuage or cottage with appurtenances being in The Green in NP were settled and assured and now stand limited subject to the £300 to the life interest of me and my husband to the use of such persons as we nominate in our Wills etc, Signed 26.1.1860, Witnesses:  J W Bacon Grey of NP, Gent, and William Carr, clerk to Mr Powell, she died 8.7.1886, proved Oxford 10.5.1893
ddd (Not sure where this is on the Green)

DB377/244 Jane Betts of Fenny Stratford, widow 20.12.1894

DB377/245 Frederick Linger of North Crawley, 1.7/1896

DB377/246 Maria Ann Stapleton, admon granted to her husband William Stapleton the elder, 9.4.1898


DB378/1   24th July 1702
Will of Roger Chapman See DB184/32

DB378/2   1st October 1743
Will of Richard Perrott of NP draper, to wife Mary for life an annuity of £50, to daughter Sarah wife of Robert Jee for life an annuity of £100

DB378/3   20th June 1769
Will of William Backwell, wishes to be buried in Tyringham Vault in Tyringham Church. Execs are Wife Lucy and William Harwood who lives with me, proved Jan 1770 

DB378/4   23rd October 1792
Will of William Purratt 

DB378/5   2nd June 1801
Will of Elizabeth Purratt

DB378/6   29th July 1841
Will of Luke Price, yeoman, execs are brother William Price and Frederick Henry Lucas, leaves all to them in trust

DB378/7   23rd February 1859
Will of Josiah Wilford, plumber, glazier and painter, leaves all messuages etc, and all business which is a partnership with his brother Charles Wilford to wife Elizabeth. Wife and William Wakes James, merchants clerk are execs.

DB378/8   20th January 1876
Will of John Bateman of the Rising Sun, Bromley, Kent


DB380/1       6TH April 1744
1)      John Thacker, baker
2)      William Handson, baker the nephew of John
3)      Elizabeth Law, spinster, one of the daughters of John Law of Wootton, Northants, weaver
4)      John Law of Wootton and Joseph Warner of Caldecote, miller.

In consideration of the intended marriage between William and Elizabeth, John Law gives to the Trustees £100 and John Thacker conveys to the trustees the following property.
“All his messuage in the High Street in the occupation of himself and Thomas, which messuage he purchased from Thomas Chapman, gent and Roger Chapman gent his son by L and RL of the 1st and 2n April 1718. The house is bounded by the house and ground of heretofore of Richard Revis now of Anne Taylor widow on the E; the house and ground heretofore of Joseph Cripps now of Anne James on the W. The trustees to hold under usual trusts.
Witnesses:  William Smealy, John Mason, John Langford and Ann Law. (See DB26/1 and DB1994-5)

DB380/2       9th November 1870
1)      James Price Coles, gent
2)      George Osborn Price, merchant
3)      Elizabeth Ann Price, spinster
4)      Richard Doig of Lillingstone, Dayrell, Bucks
5)      Joseph Robinson of Clifton Pastures, gent and Henry Pike of Haversham, gent

Recites that Luke Price of NP yeoman, deceased was in possession of and seized of an estate of inheritance in Fee Simple, and by his Will of 29.7.1844 gave it to his executors his brother William Price and his friend Henry Lucas as Trustees to sell and convert it to money and to hold the money in trust for his two children George Osborn Price and Elizabeth Ann Price. Will proved PCC 2.11.1844.

Recites that George attained age of 21 one on 12.10.1854, and Elizabeth attained 21 on the 1.9.1856. That Henry Lucas died leaving William Price as sole trustee, he died on 10.2.1969 and in his Will of 13.11.1849 (proved Oxford 14.9.1869) he left all the estate which he held in Trust to James Price Coles and Thomas Scrivener as Trustees. The estate left to his children by Luke Price had not been sold and when George and Elizabeth became 21 they took possession of it.

So now in consideration of the intended marriage between Elizabeth Ann Price and Richard Doig, James Price Coles and Elizabeth release to Joseph Robinson and Henry Pike the trustees of this settlement, to hold to the use of Elizabeth and her heirs, the following property.

One undivided moiety of “All that messuage or tenement with stables and outbuildings, yard and garden situated in St John Street and now in the several tenures of Thomas Coales, Thomas Yates, and George Osborn Price”. The trustees to hold under usual trusts
Witnesses:  William Powell and John Carr clerk to Mr Powell.

DB380/3       13th September 1864
(See DB380/5)

DB380/4       26th October 1842
1)      Anna Maria Coles, spinster
2)      William Price, farmer and grazier
3)      Luke Price, farmer and grazier
4)      James Price Coles, maltster and Luke Price

Recites that JPC is bound to Anna Maria by a bond of £1000 dated 22.4.1841, repayment was expectant on the death of Ann Coles widow.

In consideration of the intended marriage between William and Anna Maria the bond and a property in Tickford End is conveyed by Anna Maria to the Trustees for the use of herself until the marriage takes place. The trustees to hold under usual trusts

Luke Price dies and William Eve is made a trustee in his place on 23.1.1854.

DB380/5       11th December 1850
1)      Sarah Swannell widow
2)      Edward Jefferson, of Sherington, farmer
3)      William Keep, gent and Gervase Smith Hives, merchant

In consideration of the intended marriage between Sarah and Edward, the trustees are given 2 shares in the NP Canal co. The trustees to hold under usual trusts
Witness William Powell.


DB380/3       13th September 1864
Folded sheet of blue paper
Allocation of shares in NP Canal company under the marriage settlement of 11.12.1850.
4)      Sarah Swannell widow
5)      Edward Jefferson, of Sherington, farmer
6)      William Keep, gent and Gervase Smith Hives, merchant

Two shares of £125 apiece numbered 88 and 89 in the Navigation called the NP Canal.
Signed George Cooch Secretary to NP Canal co.

DB380/6       4th September 1797
1)      Sarah Haddon, spinster the daughter and a legatee under the Will of John Haddon, yeoman, deceased
2)      Mary Haddon, widow of John and the other legatee in his Will
3)      Thomas Rogers the  younger, surgeon and apothecary
4)      Edward Jefferson, fellmonger and Thomas Rogers the elder, surgeon and apothecary.

Recites John Haddon’s Will of 29.12.1780 his executors were Richard Patch and John Wilson both are now deceased.
In consideration of the intended marriage between Sarah and Thomas the younger, her half of her father’s estate is conveyed to the trustees to the use of Elizabeth and her heirs, The trustees to hold under usual trusts.

DB380/7       23rd August 1819
1)      George Lucas, gent
2)      Georgina Loraine of Milton Keynes, spinster, the youngest daughter of Revd Lambton Loraine, clerk.
3)      Charles Loraine Smith of Enderby, Leics, esq and Henry Lucas, gent

In consideration of the intended marriage between George and Georgina it is agreed that George shall assign a certain share in the NP Canal Co and a share in NP Bridges to Charles and Henry as trustees. Also that Henry Lucas shall purchase in the names of George and Georgina £1245 10s 2d of Navy 5% annuities registered in the books of the Bank of England. Also that George takes out Life Insurance of £1000. The trustees to hold under usual trusts
Witness Dorothy Jane Loraine

Endorsed “10.6.1846 Appointment and Declaration of Trust and RL as to the Trust Funds settled on the marriage”

DB380/8       24th September 1839
1)      Revd John Mills of Lavenham, Suffolk, Protestant Dissenting Minister
2)      Elizabeth Kilpin, spinster
3)      William Bateman Bull, gent and the Revd Josiah Bull Protestant Dissenting Minister

Recites that Thomas Kilpin who died 8.1.1839 was the father of Elizabeth and that by his Will of 13.5.1834, proved PCC (the executors were Thomas Palmer Bull and William Bateman Bull) he left £1834 for the purchase of annuities of £80 pa for his widow Esther Kilpin).

In consideration of the intended marriage between Elizabeth and John, Elizabeth’s share of her father’s estate and also money she would receive after her mother’s death is to be held by Trustees. The trustees to hold under usual trusts
Witnesses:  Edward Neal clerk to Mr Bull and Ann Kilpin.

DB380/9       30th August 1788
(See also DB21)
1)      Ann Hamilton, spinster the only sister and heir of Thomas Abbott Hamilton, decd, lacemerchant
2)      Revd Samuel Greatheed
3)      Thomas Abbott Green of Aldermansbury, London, jeweller

(Other Trustees are later appointed see DB21)

Recites that Ann is seized of and in Fee Simple of a substantial estate of several freehold messuages, cottages, closes and several pieces of arable, ley and meadow. Also Ann has £149 9s 3d in Capital Joint stock of Bank of England Annuities, and Book Debts from several persons amounting to £2384 (listed). Ann also has several principal sums of money amounting to £5502 secured upon indentures of L and RL by way of mortgage, which she inherited from her brother TAH. (Gives list of all these properties mainly in North Bucks).  
In consideration of the intended marriage between Ann and Samuel, Ann conveys all the above to the Trustees to hold under usual trusts.
Witnesses:  William Lucas, William G Timms and George Knibb.

Endorsed 27th May 1805 with Appointment of Joseph Wilson of Highbury, London as new Trustee to replace Patrick Renny, decd. This endorsement contains complete list of all property, debts  and assets held by the Trustees.
Witnesses:  George Lucas and Alfred Umney.

DB380/10      11th January 1841
“See RL by Trustees within”
1)      John Metcalfe of London, boot manufacturer
2)      Sarah Palmer Neal widow
3)      William Bateman Bull and Revd Josiah Bull

Recites that Thomas Kilpin who died 8.1.1839 was the father of Sarah and that by his Will of 13.5.1834, proved PCC (the executors were Thomas Palmer Bull and William Bateman Bull) he left £1834 for the purchase of annuities of £80 pa for his widow Esther Kilpin).

In consideration of the intended marriage between Sarah and John Sarah’s share of her father’s estate and also money she would receive after her mother’s death is to be held by Trustees. The trustees to hold under usual trusts
Witnesses:  Edward Neal clerk to Mr Bull and Ann Kilpin.
Includes correspondence re Trust Funds.

DB380/11 and 12         28th July 1814
Two copies of the same settlement
1)      John Banner esq., Lieutenant in His Majesties 23rd Regiment of Light Dragoons now quartered in Dublin, the son of Robert Banner of Horton Castle, Northumberland
2)      Robert Murray Fraser of Dublin, esq and Mary Anne Fraser his daughter
3)      Revd Thomas Palmer Bull of NP and Angus Macdonald of Pall Mall

In consideration of the intended marriage between John and Mary Anne RMF agrees to transfer £4000 in Joint British Govt 4% stock to the trustees. The trustees to hold under usual trusts.
Witnesses:  Jane Mitchell and W Hudson

DB380/13      10th October 1827
1)      William John Early of NP Minister of Congregation of Baptist Dissenters
2)      Sarah Battams, spinster
3)      William Harris of Fenny Stratford, merchant and Jethro Inwood of NP, gent

Recites that Philip Hoddle Ward and his wife Sarah his wife were bound to Sarah Battams by a bond of 4.3.1826 in the sum of £1000, which was to be repaid plus 4% interest by two payments one on 4.9.1826 and the other on 4.3.1827, no repayment had been made. Sarah Battams also had $300 stock of New 4% annuities of the Bank of England.

In consideration of the intended marriage between Sarah and William Sarah conveys the bond and the annuities to the Trustees to hold under usual trusts.
Witnesses:  George Lucas and Edward Draper

DB380/14      18th December 1821
1)      Dorothea Jane Loraine late of Milton Keynes and now of Passenham, Northants
2)      John Baldwin of Greenwich, Kent, a Post Captain in the Royal Navy
3)      George Lucas of NP and Richard Kitelee of Castlethorpe

Dorothea has an annuity of £190 during the life of Mary Campbell of Middlesex secured to her by a deed of 9.11.1814 of divers lands etc in the north of England, and subject to a proviso or redemption by the said Mary Campbell on payment to Dorothea of £1150.
In consideration of the intended marriage between Dorothea conveys the annuity and the deed to the Trustees to hold under usual trusts.

Also included is a Grant of Annuity of 20.9.1833 and correspondence of 26.11.1821 to George Lucas.

Witnesses:  C Loraine Smith and L Loraine Smith.


Abstract (by Lucas and Powell of NP) of the Marriage Settlement of James Backwell Praed and Sophia Chapman of Divers Manors in the Bucks and Beds
Settlement by L and RL of the 25th and 26th November 1823 between
1        William Praed
2        James Backwell Praed the elder son of (1) by Elizabeth Tyringham Praed his late wife formerly Elizabeth Tyringham Backwell, spinster 

Another copy of above

DB381/3   undated
Schedules (by Lucas and Powell NP) of the Settlement of Estates of James Backwell Praed in the Counties of Cornwall and Bucks, consists of 486 properties mainly in Cornwall. Includes a cottage or tenement in Aylesbury at the east end of Bakers Lane in the occupation of James Saunders, labourer, the cottage of Samuel Woods on one side and the garden of Richard Miles on the other

DB381/4   27th April 1838
Appointment by Mrs Mary Ann Banner of New Brighton, Lancaster widow and John Banner late Major in the Regt of Highlanders to Revd Thomas Palmer Bull of £1686 12s 9d of 3and half % consols in the favour of Robert Murray Banner
Recites Marriage settlement of 24.7.1814 between Robert Murray Fraser and Mary Ann Banner (daughter of John Banner), the trustees were Revd T P Bull and Angus Macdonald (since deceased)

DB381/5   28th April 1838
RL of Indemnity to Revd T P Bull the surviving trustee for payment of £2686 12s 9d to the Robert Murray Banner the only child of John and Mary Ann Banner  

DB381/6a  7th April 1841
Draft Settlement on the marriage of the Revd Henry Green with Miss Margaret Linsdell
1                    Revd Henry Green of Cople, Beds
2                    Margaret Linsdell, spinster and a minor aged 19 the 3rd daughter of Robert Linsdell of Fairfield in the parish of Biggleswade, Beds, Esq
3                    Robert Lindsay father and guardian of Margaret
4                    Charles Lonquet Higgins of Turvey Abbey, Beds, Esq, Richard Lonquet Orleter of Hinwick house, Beds, Charles Barrett of Strutton Park, Beds and the Revd James Luton of Hemingford Grey, Huntingdon

Recites that Marriage agreed between (1)and (2) and an Indenture of 6th April 1841 between
1    Thomas Abbot Green
2    Revd Henry Green
3    Margaret Lindsell
4    As (4) above

(1) gives the Manor of Pavenham Beds to the Trustees (4) to hold for a term of 500 years

DB381/6b  Folded inside above
Copy of the Will of Francis Green of Bedford, appoints Thomas Abbott Green as his sole executor
To his nieces Susan and Eleanor Robinson and Catherine Alley an annuity of £100 each payable on the 26th June and 25th December
To nephew Thomas Abbott Green all the residue of his estate
To nephews Thomas Abbott Green and Thomas John Green to hold as Tenants in Common the messuage in St Mary Bedford in which I live with the garden now in the occupation of Thomas Abbott Green, also my Coal yard and Wharf and all my other lands in the parishes of St Mary, St Paul and St Peter ad elsewhere which they now rent or hold of me
Signed 16.1.1837 Witnesses:  Thomas Woolridge of Bedford and William Phillips and Henrietta Moore servants of Thomas Woolridge.

I give all my messuages in Pavenham and Steventon purchased by me of Henry Court, to Thomas Abbott Green. Signed 6.2.1838 Witnesses:  Theed Pears snr and jnr and Theed William Pears
Francis died 27.9.1820 Proved PCC 9.12.1840

DB381/7   6th November 1871
Marriage Settlement
1   Frederick William Powell of high Wycombe Captain and Adjutant in the Buckingham Regt of Militia
2   Florence Sophia bull of Lathbury
3   William Powell of Westbury, NP
4   James Maberley of Bedford Row, middx, Cyril John Spiers Bull Esq of the Hon Soc of the Inner Temple and Arthur George Powell of Westbury, NP
Recites that Thomas Miller the grandfather of FWP by his Will of 22.4.1847 left the residue of his estate (a quarter of £36000 in 3.5% consols) in trust after the deceased of (3) and his wife Eliza  the parents of (1)


DB393/1       20th August 1811
Conveyance by RL for £230         (See DB114 and NPHS DEED 5i)
1)   Dr Patrick Renny and Isabella his wife
2)   Joseph Neal
Property formerly the Blue Boar since of William Wilkinson, late of James Lindsay and now of Joseph Neal, the messuage formerly of Robert Perrott, late of Robert Jee on the E; messuage of John Rogers, now of William Burnham on W.

DB393/2       21st and 22nd Oct 1828
Conveyance by L and RL for £525 (L is inside RL)
1)   William Eyles late of NP chemist and druggist
2)   Daniel Goodman, victualler
3)   Henry Meadows, glover
4)   John Keep, ironmonger
Recites L and RL of 21st and 22nd March 1826 (this is NPHS 2o) between
1)   William Humphreys
2)   Catherine Neal
3)   William Eyles
4)   William White
Messuage formerly of George Burnham, since of William Burnham and now of Elizabeth and Anne Meadows, lately called the King and Queen. The house and ground late of Robert Jee now of James Neal (former Blue Boar) and the room formerly a shop late the property of William Burnham on one side. The house and ground of Shuckburgh Syll, since of William Rogers Thorpe and now of William Chapman on the other.     

DB393/3       6th July 1833
Repayment of Mortgage George Neal to Henry Meadows

DB393/4       17th July 1833
George Neal draper mortgages property for £500 to Jesse Parsons

DB393/5       15th July 1837
Conveyance of a Messuage, Shop and premises for £790 includes Repayment of the mortgage.
1)   Jesse Parsons mortgagee and Mrs Sarah Palmer Neal mortgagor
2)   William Chapman
Chapman purchases the property paying £500 to Parsons and £290 to Sarah 

Note: Sarah was daughter of Thomas Kilpin, after death of her husband George Neal she married John Metcalf of London, boot manufacturer


DB394/1            30th September 1865
Conveyance of a plot of land for £16 5s 0d
1)      W. Pearce, baker
2)      George Stanton, bricklayer

Recites a conveyance of the previous day between
1)      William Tebbut
2)      Ann Coales
3)      William Pearce
Of all those 2 plots containing together 45 and a half poles situated in the Marsh of Green End of NP and which were delineated on a plan drawn in the margin of the deed and numbered 1 and 2.

William Powell has subdivided the said plot 1 into 4 equal parts numbered 1-4 and has contracted with George Stanton to sell him a plot for £16. 5s 0d
Witness William Powell

DB394/2a      15th February 1876
Agreement for sale
1)      George Leverett Stanton, bricklayer
2)      Charles Silsby, brewer
This is folded inside the next deed

DB394/2b      28th February 1876
Conveyance for £147 10s 0d
1)      George Leverett Stanton, bricklayer
2)      Charles Silsby, brewer
Plot of 3 and a quarter poles also the messuage lately erected on it by Stanton
Witness Charles Powell.

DB394/3            18th August 1888
Conveyance of 24, Caldecote St for £130
1)      Charles Silsby, labourer
2)      George L Stanton
Plot and house in Marsh or Green End now Caldecote St
Witness Alfred Nicholson clerk to Charles William Powell

DB394/4       3rd May 1889
Conveyance of 24, Caldecotte St for £132
1)      George L Stanton
2)      John Abraham Hall, Rural Letter Collector
Witness Alfred Nicholson clerk to Charles William Powell

DB394/5       26th February 1866
Certificate of Redemption of Land Tax on Plot and a cottage.
Sum assessed £1 5s 10d 

DB394/6       1908
Abstract of the will of J. A. Hall retired letter collector by W.B. and W.R. Bull.
Will dated 19.11. 1879
All household goods and personal effects to wife
All Real and Personal estate to Joseph Comley Coales, postmaster as executor on trust to allow wife to live in the house.
24.7.1901 J.C.Coales died,
30.12.1907 Testator died,
29.1.1908 Administration granted to Sarah Barker widow, formerly Sarah George spinster one of the residuary legatees in the Will of Jemima Hall widow of the testator.
7.6.1908 Jemima Hall died,
31.8.1908 Legacy of £5 paid to the Trustees of the Independent Chapel.

DB394/7       8th September 1908
Conveyance of 24, Caldecote St for £160
1)      The personal representatives of Mr J.A.Hall and Sarah Baker of Wellingborough, Sarah Baker and Mary Ann Dunkley of 10, Northumberland Place, Westbourne Gardens, Middx.
2)      Thomas Higgins, baker

DB394/8       9th September 1908
Mortgage of 24, Caldecote St for £20
1)      Thomas Higgins
2)      Mrs Helen Bull
The deeds were deposited with Helen Bull the wife of Frederick William Bull, solicitor. Witness Myrtillo Warren clerk to W.B. & W.R. Bull
Endorsed with receipt for repayment of mortgage on 13.9.1910

DB394/9       30th September 1908
Application for certificate re payment of Duty on Estate of John Abraham Hall, died 30.12.1907. Estate consisted of
24, Caldecote St and 3&4 Chapel Court and a workshop in Chapel Court.

DB394/10      13th January 1912
Copy of Will of Thomas Higgins, parchment maker, leaves all to my wife Emma who is sole executrix, but if she predeceases him the he appoints his son Thomas Henry Higgins as executor to sell all and to divide proceeds between my 3 children Florence Bearman, Thomas Henry Higgins and Ethel Higgins.
Witness Myrtillo Warren, and Frank Thomas Litchfield clerks to WB and WR Bull.
Recites that 14.2.1927 Thomas Higgins died, 30.3.1927 Probate of his will granted to his son.

DB394/10&11        8th January 1927
Mortgage of 24 and 26, Caldecote St for £150
1)      Thomas Higgins, parchment maker
2)      The Trustees of the Loyal Chandos Lodge of Oddfellows    
All those 2 messuages being 24 and 26 Caldecote St in the respective occupations of Thomas Higgins and Thomas George Puryer, all which contain 6 and a half perches, bounded on the N by Caldecote St; on the E by property of John Noel Wagstaff; on the S by property of Fanny and Henry Joseph Tebbet; and on the W by property of Myrtillo Warren.
No 26 was purchased by Higgins on 3.1.1912 from Sarah Jarvis and Llewelyn Hugh Jones.
(Oddfellows Trustees were Joseph James Lineham, saddler, John Petts, coach wheeler, Henry Joseph Tebbet, gardener, Orson Henry Bull, schoolmaster, and Thomas Newman, printer)  

DB394/12           28th July 1927
Brown envelope containing County Fire Insurance certificate for 24, Caldecotte St. Value £250.

DB394/13a&13b      1st August 1927
Draft mortgage and Mortgage of 24, Caldecotte St for £50
1)      George John Bearman
2)      The Trustees of the Loyal Chandos Lodge of Oddfellows
Trustees now are George Brown, labourer, Albert Howard Lott, gardener and John West, retired builder.

DB394/15           1st August 1935
Letter from W.B. and W.R.Bull to T.H.Sim Secretary of the Oddfellows with cheque for £51 3s 7d  in repayment of Mr Bearman’s mortgage


DB395/1       11.8.1876
Conveyance for £2500
1)   The devisees of Samuel Barringer
2)   Thomas and Frederick James Taylor, chemists and druggists.

By his Will of 8.4.1828 Samuel left property in the occupation of Miss Burratt, George Garrett, Wright Barringer, and John Tompkins.

Messuage in High St, in occupation Ann Tye, also the garden on the W side of the yard in occupation Christopher Ladds and a Right of Way and passage over the yard.

Also 3 cottages at the bottom of the yard in the occupation of John Page, and others, being part of the hereditaments hereinafter described.

Also the messuage in the High St in the occupation of Christopher Ladds and the yard and garden on the E side thereof and the messuage adjoining thereto in the occupation of Widow Keep,

The Property was left to Wright Barringer and John Tompkins on Trust for his grandson Thos Barringer.

Whereas the property is now (11.8.1876) sold to T and F.J.Taylor

Messuage or tenement with Warehouses, buildings, yards, garden, formerly of Christopher Ladds, late of William Taylor and now of T and F.J.Taylor.
Also house adjoining formerly in the occupation of Ann Tye, but now with the yard and garden on the W side thrown into and forming part thereof
Also 3 cottages in Dunghill Lane occupied by John Page and others
Also house adjoining to the 1st mentioned formerly of widow Keep now of Ann Carr.

DB395/2       2nd Sept 1876
T and F.J.Taylor mortgage the above to Henry Palmer Street, Thomas S. Barringer and Thomas Taylor for £500

DB395/3       25th August 1886
Reconveyance on payment of Mortgage

BY F J TAYLOR 1876-1894

DB396/1       17th Nov 1876
Conveyance for £730
1)   Mr Charles Featherstonehaugh of Aspley Guise, ropemaker
2)   Frederick Taylor, chemist

Recites that on 1.2.1876 Matthew Featherstonehaugh gave the premises to his son Charles who now sells to Taylor,
All that messuage or tenement in Marsh End with the yards and buildings,
Also the workshop and a barn a stable thereto adjoining, situated, standing and being near to and now or formerly occupied with the said messuage and which said messuages were formerly in the occupation of James Marshall and then Matthew Featherstonehaugh and Joseph his brother,
Also the orchard or pightle adjoining the messuage for sometime used as a garden,
Also the orchard in Marsh End now laid into the aforesaid orchard and used therewith as a garden.
All of which were formerly the estate of Robert Pearson (See DB101) and are now occupied by Matthew Featherstonehaugh.
Witnesses:  William Powell   

Endorsed "Memo by Indenture of 1.1.1924 between Francis William Taylor and Joseph James West the messuage 33, Silver St was assured to Taylor in Fee Simple and his Right to the Production of the within written Indenture was acknowledged"

DB396/2   20th Feb 1876
Conveyance for £70
1)   William Thickpenny, gardener
2)   Frederick James Taylor
Recites indenture of 13th Feb 1854 between
1)   George and Alice Marr,
2)   Robert Gamble,
3)   William Thickpenny,
4)   Charles Hudson and
5)   Charles Bateman
By which the cottages were granted to W. Thickpenny who now sells to Taylor all those 3 messuages, cottages or tenements with the barn to the same adjoining and belonging, all situated in the street lately called Marsh end and now known as Silver St, and which were formerly in the occupations of George Golding, John Daniel, and Thomas Ablethorpe and are now of George Golding, Widow Daniels and Richard Mills, and which cottages adjoined the premises which F.J.Taylor lately purchased of Matthew Featherstonehaugh 

DB396/3       18th April 1877
Deed of Exchange
F.J.Taylor gives to Miss Jane Francis Pettit, spinster, two plots of land situated near Silver St now in her occupation, in exchange for A plot of land with buildings and erections thereon also situated in Silver St. Plan with deed.        

DB396/4       22nd June 1894
Conveyance for £20
1)   Gaius Hillyard, parchment maker and Alfred Nathaniel Nicholson, solicitors clerk
2)   F.J.Taylor, gent
Recites indenture of 4th June 1876 whereby Joseph Clarke of NP labourer conveyed to William Thickpenny, gardener the premises, herein conveyed. William Thickpenny died on 25.11.1893 and by his Will of 4.11.1893 he appointed Hillyard and Nicholson as his executors.
They now sell to Taylor All that messuage, cottage or tenement in Silver Street late in the occupation of Ann Kightly and now unnoccupied. A messuage formerly belonging to George Durham and now of Elizabeth Rees on one side and the house or ground of Frances Davis on the other, also right to the use of a Well in the garden behind the mess.

DB396/5       22nd June 1894
Conveyance for £20
1)   Elizabeth Rees late of NP now of Cardiff (address given), formerly the wife of David Rees.
2)   F.J.Taylor,
Recites that Elizabeth Rees is the sole surviving devisee of George Durham former owner, she now sells to Taylor, All that messuage or cottage in Silver St formerly in the occupation of William Warren and lately unnoccupied, also right to the use of a Well in the garden behind the mess.

DB396/6       22nd June 1894
Conveyance for £160
1)   Mrs Jane E Davis, late of NP now of Potterspury, wife of John Davis, butcher
2)   F.J.Taylor   
Recites indenture of 24th Aug 1875 whereby Charles Ebenezer Tite conveyed the premises to Jane Frances Pettit.
All that messuage and garden in Marsh End now Silver St, formerly in the occupation of Mrs Temple but recently Jane E. Davis.

DB396/7       22nd June 1894
Conveyance for £10
1)   Charles Shelton, bricklayer
2)   F.J.Taylor
Plot of ground on which formerly stood a messuage, cottage or tenement situated in Bletchley Court in street formerly called Marsh End now Silver St. which ground and the cottage on it formerly belonged to Mott.

DB396/8       22nd June 1894
Conveyance for £50
1)   John Glave of NP a Finisher in Railway Carriage Works
2)   F.J.Taylor,
Two messuages situated in Marsh End now Silver St, for many years in the occupation of William Leverrett and William Barker.

DB396/9       14th Aug 1894
No 18--28
Certificate for the redemption of Land Tax No 76649. F.J. Taylor pays fee of £6 15s 6d. Property was

Piece of ground whereon a cottage formerly stood lately pulled down in Silver St, bounded on N by property formerly belonging to John Glave now of F.J.T Land Tax 1/0d

Piece of ground whereon two cottages formerly stood lately pulled down in Silver St, which F.J.T bought from Mrs John Davis. Land Tax 2/0d

Also Piece of ground whereon a cottages formerly stood lately pulled down in Silver St, formerly of John Glave Land Tax 1/-0d


DB397/1       26th March 1877         (See also DB209)
"The Within mentioned property was conveyed by Messrs Taylor to Mr Thos Taylor by an indenture of 22.12.87 after arrangement between the parties"
Agreement between the Vendors Emma Anne, Clara Mary Eliz Taylor and Fanny Matilda Taylor and The Purchaser Thos and Frederick James Taylor. For the Conveyance for £100 of All that
Warehouse in North St or Mill End now in the occupation of Taylors, being part of a barn formerly used as a Woolbarn, bounded on one side by part of the said Woolbarn belonging to John Odell and on other premises of John Creemer.

DB397/2       24th March 1897
Conveyance for £2000
1)   Thomas Taylor, gent
2)   Francis William Taylor, chemist and druggist and Mineral Water Manufacturer.
Thomas is seized of an estate of Inheritance of the following hereditaments
All that messuage 36 High St with the Warehouses, Factory Buildings, Yard, gardens and stables on the W and E side thereof thereunto belonging formerly in the occupation of Christopher Ladds, afterwards of William Taylor, then of Thomas and Frederick James Taylor.

Also that other messuage adjoining the above 36 High St formerly in the occupation of Ann Tye but now with the garden on the W side of 36 thrown into and forming part of 36 High St.

Also that cottage 2, Union St (formerly Dungeon Lane) at the bottom of the yard belonging to the said 36 High St and which cottage represents what were 3 thatched cottages which have been long since pulled down and now in the occupation of Joseph Mapley.

Also that other messuage or tenement adjoining 36 High St and being 34 High St formerly in the occupation of widow Keep and now of Ann Carr.

Secondly all that Warehouse in Mill St (formerly North or Mill End) now in the occupation of Francis William Taylor, being part of a barn formerly used as a Wool barn, bounded on one side by part of the said Woolbarn belonging to John Odell and on other premises formerly of John Creemer now of William Bunting. 

DB397/3       25th March 1897
Mortgage of premises for £2000 Francis William Taylor to Thomas Taylor.
Endorsed with further Indenture of 17th April 1902
1)   Charles Henry Taylor of Derby, Francis William Taylor of NP, Alfred Ernest Taylor of Essex St, Strand, London, architect
2)   Francis William Taylor.
Recites that Thomas Taylor died on 21.1.1900 and by his Will of 17.8.1899 party 1 are his executors
Francis William Taylor has agreed to repay £500 to the execs

DB397/4       7th Dec 1912
Reconveyance of premises
1)   The personal representatives of the late Thomas Taylor
2)   Francis William Taylor
(note Alfred Ernest is now of Chancery Lane).
Recites mortgage of 1897 and that on 15.6.1905 Francis repaid another £500, That Charles Henry Taylor died on 15.6.1906, and that Francis William now wishes to repay the outstanding mortgage of £1000.

DB397/5       16th August 1928
Mortgage for £400
Francis William Taylor mortgages the property to the NP and Wolverton and District Model Building Society for £400, mortgage is repaid on 31.12.1928.