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D27/22-23 FARM ON THE GREEN 1559
D27/170-181 MISCELLANEOUS DEEDS 1595-1768 


These transcriptions and interpretation by Dennis C Mynard may be reproduced with full acknowledgement.

© Dennis C Mynard 2011

D27/22-23     FARM ON THE GREEN 1559


D27/22        4th Nov I Elizabeth 1558
Mortgage for £60

1)   Thomas Hull late of Newport Pagnell  Innholder, now of Stony Stratford
2)   Christopher Troughton of Stony Stratford
Messuage on the Green in Newport Pagnell formerly in tenure of John Burr.
Witnesses Thomas Franklyne, Andrew Portland and Lawrence Franklyn

D27/23    Bond re above


D27/24    5th March 32 Elizabeth 1589

1)   Elizabeth widow
Deed is to faded to read

D27/25    20th May 40 Elizabeth 1597
Deed is to faded to read


D27/46    After 1624 and before 1641 need to check!
Endorsement "The house that Robert Harvey had from Thomas Barnes and Ambrose Pomfrett being 2 of ye Feoffees in Trust for him and others for Edmund Connie, now demolished"

1)   Edmund Connie, Thomas Barnes, and Arthur Humfrey, gent
2)   Robert Harvey on Newport Pagnell  gent

Property now conveyed is Messuage and a Close called Connards and one part share formerly occupation by John Hull, late of William Payne

Recites Lease of 15th June 1624 (22 James I) for 99 years from His late Majestie to Henry Hobart, James Fullerton, John Walton and Thomas Trevor of The Honor of Ampthill in the Counties of Beds and Bucks.

Not copied to Manor Files

D27/47        5th Nov 1641
"The deeds of a half quarter of a Yardland purchased of Robert Harvey".
1)   Robert Harvey the Elder, yeoman
2)   Anthony Potter, yeoman
Recites grant of Manor by Queen Elizabeth

D27/?     24th July 1645
1)   Mary Harvey widow of Robert
2)   Anthony Potter, gent
8a of arable and meadow in the Portfield

1st Dec 1646 and 19th Jan 1646 seem to be Copies of above

D27/?     4th Oct 1637  Conveyance
1)   Ralph Kent, victualler
2)   Ambrose Potter, baker
Backhouse Close, containing 1a, between the ground of Lord Mountnorris on the W; and the Close of Lord Mountnorris on the E; and Bury Field on the N; and on a lane called Dunghill Lane on the S.
Recites Manor Deeds back to Henry Atkins
Witnesses Arthur Humphrey, Alex Brafield and Richard Hall

1637      Bond re above

20th April 1641
Seems to be a lease Subject to "the Ancient yearly rent of 5 shillings"
1)   Lord VV
2)   Anthony Potter the elder, maltster
Blackhouse Close cont 1a boundaries as in 1637 above
Witnesses John Chapman and Francis Sanders

13th May 1635
Farm on the Green now George Corkyn late George Hull
Witnesses John Chapman

1636      Bond
“57” cover

D27/58    16th July 1635
Feoffment for £420
1)   Roger Nichols of Willen and William Sanders of Potterspury
2)   Anthony Potter, baker
All those 2 cottages with appurtenances adjoining, late of Richard Rigby and John Boyce, the tenement of Richard   Wadell on the W; tenement late of John Birkett on the E; the street on the S; and Dunghill Lane on N.
Property conveyed is 28a of lands described in a Terrier attached
Witnesses Robert Clarke, John Chapman, William Ellis and Henry Jawbone

D27/59        20th Jan 1635
Feoffment for £19 10s
1)   Elizabeth Potter widow of Nathaniel Potter of Empingham, Lincs, gardener
2)   Anthony Potter, baker
Parcel of meadow containing half acre in the parish of Newport Pagnell near adjoining to the Portfield on the W.

D27/60        20th Jan 1635
Bond re above

D27/61        2nd April 1637
Conveyance for £55
1)   Robert Harvey the elder, yeoman the Uncle and heir of Anthony Harvey the son and heir of Cornelius Harvey deceased and Robert Harvey of Newport Pagnell  tanner son and heir of Robert Harvey the elder.
2)   Anthony Potter the elder, baker

Mary Conney widow late wife of Anthony Harvey is seized for life of a Close near Fishers Weeks and other lands

D27/62    Bond of the same date

D27/63        26th August 1637
"The Deed of Robert Harvey’s 4a and lands and ley
1)   John Harvey the elder uncle and heir
2)   ? SEE AGAIN
Lands cont one quartern land

D27/64    Bond of same date

D27/65 and 66
Both parts of a bond folded inside above

D27/67        25th Sept 1637
Conveyance £80 paid to Mary and £68 to Feoffees by Potter
1)   Robert Reeve of Towcester, Henry Tripp of Weston Underwood, William Wallis of Little Woolstone, Mary Conney, widow, Robert Harvey the elder, yeoman and Mary his wife
2)   Anthony Potter the elder, baker
Party 1 are the Feoffees in Trust for Mary Conney widow
Land as described in Terrier folded inside deed, with Bonds.

D27/68        12th August 1639
1)   Mathius Conney, woollen draper
2)   Anthony Potter, baker
1a arable land and 2 sellions of arable land

D27/69        12th March 1637
Conveyance for £200
1)   John Holness of Northampton, gent and Martha his wife (late Martha Potter), Anthony Potter the elder, Anthony Carpenter of Newport Pagnell 
2)   Jane Hartley, grocer
23a of land

6th May 1652
1)   John Holness of Northampton
2)   Anthony Carpenter
Deed to lead to the uses of a Fine
Fine is separate deed

4th July 1615
Will of Cornelius Harvey, yeoman 3rd July 1615
To wife Elizabeth house where I now dwell and all my lands in Newport Pagnell, which I hold by Lease of the Queen, except the house in Newport Pagnell where Elizabeth Line widow dwells. List of Closes and Lands included

27th August 1629
Will of Anthony Harvey
To son Godfrey all my freehold houses and lands which came to me from Cornelius Harvey together with the house wherein Christopher Creaton dwells.

20th August 1644
Will of Robert Harvey, yeoman.
All to wife Mary, to sons Mathius, Coundley and Anthony 5/- each, to grandchildren 5/- each
Robert Miller is overseer and widow is sole executrix

16th Sept 1652
Will of Anthony Potter, gent
To son Anthony Potter for and during the life of Elizabeth my wife all my Malthouse and Kilne and the Chambers over my Malthouse, my Barn which I last built adjoining to my Orchard, my Old Stable that adjoins to my Hogsties, the House wherein my Malt Mill doe stand and the Chambers over it, my Well in the yard, and the pump standing in it, and all free ingress and way of passage at all times from the same premises through my fore gate and back gate. After death of wife all goes to son Anthony. 
ALSO £5 to the Poore People of Newport Pagnell to be distributed a month after my death
ALSO to my wife all the house in which he dwells except those parts left to his son.
Other minor bequests to family



30th October 1633
1)   Edmund Conney, Thomas Barnes and Arthur Humphrey gents,
2)   Thomas Laughton son of Richard Laughton and Labbenda his wife, and Richard Davies of Newport Pagnell linen draper.
Recites lease of 99 years of the Honour of Ampthill on 15th June 1624 to party 1.
Messuages lett by Thomas Laughton to Richard Davies, late Edward Iliffe of the yearly rent of 3d, adjoining to the ground of John Clement alias Valvent? on the E; the house of John Richardson on the W; and the Highway leading to Caldecote on the N.  

Witnesses Richard Hull and Thomas Williamson

30th April 1641 
1)   Lord Viscount Valentia and Arthur Annesley
2)   James Laughton
House in Newport Pagnell late in the occupation of Edward Iliffe of the Ancient yearly rent of 3d, which adjoins the ground of John Clement alias Galvand? On the E; the house of John Richardson on the W; the Highway leading to Caldecote on the N.

1st June 1636
Conveyance for £90
1)   Walter Hall, citizen and chandler of London
2)   Richard Laughton, haberdasher
Burgage wherein Richard Laughton now dwells situate between the messuage of John Norman on the E; the messuages of Archibald Wright and John Potter on the W.


D27/81        11th Sept 1652
Will of Richard Balls, gardener, Wishes to be buried at Lathbury, leaves to wife Mary 10/- pa Executors are Julius Roughed and Paul Warren.

D27/82        17th Sept 1695
Mortgage for £40
1)   Ralph Hooton yeoman and Ralph Hooton his son and heir
2)   Thomas Pearson, grocer
Messuage in the Marsh End of Newport Pagnell wherein Ralph Hooton lives, also the pightle or garden unto the same belonging, the house and ground of Thomas Pursell on the S and N; and abutting E on the Common Green and being in Marsh End.
Witnesses J Pomfrett and J Vaux

D27/83 and 84      2nd and 3rd June 1696
Conveyance for £100
1)   Ralph Hooton the elder, gardener and Ralph Hooton the younger
2)   Marke James, butcher
Messuage in the Marsh End of Newport Pagnell wherein Ralph Hooton the elder lives, also the pightle or garden unto the same belonging, boundaries as above
Witnesses Chris Carter, Benjamin Pomfrett and John Mathew

D27/85        9th June 1696
Mortgage of £42 repaid
1)   Thomas Pearson, grocer and Ralph Hooton
2)   Marke James
Property as above which was mortgaged to Pearson on 17th Sept 1695

D27/86 and 87      25th and 26th June 1697
Conveyance by Lease and Release
1)   Marke James, butcher
2)   Thomas Pursell, lacemerchant
Messuage in Marsh End with a garden plot, the house and ground of Thomas Pursell on the S and N; the Green on the E; and Portfield on the N.

D27/88        1698
Fine re above

D27/89        10th April 1701
Mortgage for £33
1)   Thomas Pursell, lacemerchant
2)   Abraham Ellsworth of Chicheley

Messuage in Marsh End as above

D27/90        10th April 1701
Bond re above

D27/91        9th Nov 1701
Will of Thomas Pursell, leaves to son Edward £120 and to daughters £50 apiece

D27/92        21st Feb 1703
Feoffment for £114
1)   Anne Kent widow of Thomas Kent, butcher
2)   Nicholas Chibnall, woollen draper
A Close cont 2a with a barn in the Green End called The Lakes late in the occupation of William Ridgeley, The Green towards the E and N; Common field on the W; and House and ground late of Thomas Seabrooke on the S.

D27/93        26th April 1719
1)   Richard Pursell, lacebuyer the son and heir of Thomas Pursell, and Thomas and Edward the other sons of Thos
2)   William Chibnall, Woollen draper
All those 2 half acres of meadow lying in the West Meadow belonging to the Portfield

D27/94        20th August 1709
1)   Edward Pursell of Buckingham, lacemerchant
2)   Richard Pursell
3)   William Chibnall
4)   John Rogers, gent
Messuage in Marsh End with a garden plot, the house and ground of Thomas Pursell on the S and N; the Green on the E; and Portfield on the N.
Witnesses Ff Conn and Michael Dymoke

D27/95        20th August 1709
1)   John Postgate of Great Linford, gent
2)   Richard Pursell, lacebuyer
3)   William Chibnall
4)   Francis Duncombe of Broughton 

D27/96    several mortgages

D27/97        15th Nov 1701
Mortgaged to Francis Duncombe
Cottage in Green End and a Close of Pasture adjoining in the occupation of ... Knight widow and 24a of land in the Portfield

26th June 1710
1)   Thomas Chapman
2)   William Chibnall  
A Close of pasture cont 1.5a in the Green End in the occupation of widow Ridgeley abutts on the Green on the E; and the Close of William Chibnall on the W; which Close was formerly deemed part of Goodwin’s Farm.

1st and 2nd April 1710
As above

11th Sept 1735
William Chibnall by his Will gives to his wife Hester for life his household goods and plate, If she remarries then to his executors brother in law Charles Gore and John Tortin. To daughters Jane and Hester £500 each, to younger children... as far as I got!


D27/98    3rd December 1659
"Mr Pomfrett"
Feoffment for £10
1)   William Pomfrett of Tickford, gent
2)   Jane Chapman widow and John Chapman one of her sons
"All those 2 arable lands containing 1a in Portfield, 1 is in Lynches Field the other Marie Furlong.
Witnesses Richard Cooper and Roger Chapman

D27/99    26th July 1667
Feoffment for £14
1)   Richard Barwell of Willen, gent and Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Roger Nichols late of Willen deceased and William Nichols of Woughton son and heir of Roger.
2)   John Chapman of Stony Stratford
Half acre in Portfield
Witnesses Richard Davies and John Marriott

D27/103 Bond of 20 Chas II 1668

D27/104&105   22nd and 23rd Oct 1672
Feoffment for £20
1)   John Chapman of Stony Stratford, gent
2)   Richard Worrall, gent
1a of land in Portfield
Witnesses Edward Smith and H. Baldwin

D27/106&107   8th and 9th May 1674
Feoffment for £15
1)   Richard Worrall, gent
2)   William Smith
All those 3 half acres of land in Portfield
Witnesses William Hartley and Roger Chapman

D27/108   9th May 1674  "No 2 Farm at the Green"
"Worrall to smith Green Farm"
Conveyance for £550
1)   Richard Worrall, gent
2)   William Smith, lacebuyer
Full Terrier of land conveyed is folded inside
Witnesses George Chapman, William Hartley, Roger Chapman and Henry Price
Recites Indenture of 20th June 34 Elizabeth I (1591) between
1)   Right Hon Lewis Mordaunt; knight late Lord Mordaunt and Henry Mordaunt his son and heir
2)   Roger Nichols late of Willen

D27/109   22nd March 1674
Assignment of Lands in the Portfield
1)   Richard Worrall, gent and John Chapman, gent
2)   William Smyth, lacebuyer and William Hartley, apothecary
Whereas William Smith recently purchased of (1) several parcels of land in Portfield which he the said Worrall amongst other lands and tenements formerly purchased of John Chapman, and whereas Chapman had mortgaged to Elizabeth White widow, lands now assigned to Smith for 1000 years
Witnesses Henry Price and Joseph Underwood

D27/100&101   11th and 12th Feb 1677
Conveyance by Lease and Release for £240
1)   Clement Webb of Edmonton, tanner? and Priscilla his wife and Bridget Knight of the same.
2)   William Smith, lacebuyer
All that messuage or tenement in Newport Pagnell wherein William Smith now dwells, ALSO the cottage wherein Elizabeth Burden widow dwells
Witnesses John.... , Roger Chapman and John Potter

D27/102 Bond re above

D27/110   28th Feb 1681
Copy of Will of William Smith, gent
To eldest son William £400 when he is 21 years of age
To son James £200 when he is 21 years of age
To son John all those my 3 mess's in Newport Pagnell in occupations of William Barton, John Williamson and Francis Dawborn when he is 22 years of age
To son Samuel £200 when he is 21 years of age
To wife Elizabeth Smith "all that my messuage or farme house and maulting and all the lands thereunto belonging plus appurtenances that I do now enjoy and where I now dwell for her life and then to my son Thomas for the residue of the 3000 years lease.
And my wife shall maintain and provide for son Thomas until he is 21 years and to allow him £10 pa during her life.
If wife remarries then the bequest above is void unless her new husband gives good and sufficient security such as the Overseers of my Will shall approve of and like for legacies heretofore.
ALSO son Thomas shall pay unto William, James, John and Samuel £50 apiece within 1 year after his enjoyment of the said premises.
ALSO I order the rents, issues and profits of the messuages heretofore given to son John shall be (until he is 21) for and towards the making up of the legacies bequeathed
If any sons die before they are 21 their portions shall be equally divided between the survivors.
And also whereas there is a stable belonging to the house now in the occupation of John Williamson over which the loft belongs to the tenement wherein I now dwell for the prevention of differences that may happen about the repairs thereof I order my son John to repair the stable up to the plate and my son Thomas to repair the upper part thereof.
Executors are Wife and son William.
I desire my brother William Hartley, apothecary and my loving friend John Matthew, lacebuyer to be Overseers of this my will.
Witnesses Francis Dawborn, Thomas Scott and Henry Gladman

Memo I also give and bequeath to my wife the Table and Clock, Iron rack and Bar'? in the Hall for life and after her death to son Thomas to remain in the same place that are now in.
True Copie by B. Pomfrett and N. Pookey

D27/111&112   30th and 31st August 1696
Conveyance by Lease and Release for 10/-
1)   William Smith of the Island of Jamaica in the parts of America, Merchant, the son and heir of William Smith late of Newport Pagnell , bone lace merchant, decd and Elizabeth Smith widow of William.
2)   Thomas Smith, yeoman one of the brothers of William
All that messuage in Newport Pagnell wherein Elizabeth Smith now dwells and all the outhouses, barns, stables, maulthouses, kilnes, cisternes, yards, orchards, gardens, and backside. All which was purchased by William Smith of Clement Webb, Priscilla Webb and Bridget Knight. ALSO all those 3 half acres of land in Portfield
Witnesses H. Pomfrett and Samuel Smith

D27/113   7th Nov 1696
Marriage Settlement between Thomas Smith and Susanna Odell
1)   Elizabeth Smith widow and Thomas Smith her son
2)   Susanna Odell one of the daughters of Thomas Odell of Simpson, yeoman
3)   James Hartley, grocer and Thomas Goodman of Woughton, grocer as trustees
House in Newport Pagnell them or late of John Coles, with yard, orchard, garden and backside. Thomas gives £250 and Elizabeth gives the Farm.
Recites the Mordaunt deeds of 1591, which was a 3000 year mortgage.
Witnesses H. Pomfrett, Samuel Smith and J. Vaux

D27/114   Copy of above

D27/115   7th Nov 1696
"Farm at the Green"
Thomas Smith gives to his mother Elizabeth an Annuity of £10 for life

D27/116   27th Nov 1714
1)   Elizabeth Hartley, spinster, and Nicholas Chibnall, woollen draper, the executors of William Hartley, apothecary decd.
2)   Thomas Smith, yeoman and Susanna his wife and James Smith of Passenham, laceman
3)   Robert Brittaine, junior, lacemerchant
4)   Robert Johnson, gent
Recites Indenture of 22nd March 27 Chas II (1675)
1)   Richard Worrall and Roger Chapman
2)   William Smith
All aforesaid parcels of land

D27/117   27th Nov 1714
As above Witnesses Smith and Goodman

D27/118 and 119 bonds re above


D27/120   18th Oct 1684
Deed to Lead to the Uses of a Fine
1)   Thomas Potter, gent and Mary his wife
2)   William Hartley, apothecary and Samuel Potter, leather seller of London
Thomas Potter for Barring, Docking etc, and better enabling him to dispose of by his Will. So Thomas Potter has agreed with Hartley and Samuel Potter that Thomas will get a fine of
All that messuage, Burgage or tenement adjoining to a lane in Newport Pagnell called Dunghill Lane and in the occupation of William Smith and of and upon the yards, gardens, orchards, thereto adjoining and belonging and of 1 pightle or Close of pasture situate on the Backside of the messuage containing 1a and was formerly purchased of Ralph Kent deceased. And of and upon all those several parcels of arable containing 53a and several parcels of leys of pasture sit in Short Furlongs Leys containing 2a 3r, also several parcels of meadow in Common Meadows called Dodds Meadows, and West Meadow containing 3a, also all houses etc.

D27/121   Fine Michaelmass Term 36 Chas II 1684

D27/122   24th Sept 1685
Potters mortgage of 23rd March 1684 for £400 repaid to William Farrer
Witnesses Samuel Manning, William Salisbury, Thomas Smith and William Farrer of Cold Brayfield

D27/123   23rd March 1684
Bond re above

D27/124   25th March 1686
"Mr Thomas Potter's Mortgage"
Thomas borrows £500 from Samuel Potter citizen and leather seller of London. Property mortgaged is the Burgage and lands as in
Described 18.10 1684
Witnesses William Hartley and John Mathew

D27/125   25th March 1686
Copy as above but witnesses are Katherine Cowley and John Mathew

D27/126   31st Oct 1689
Quit Claim by Mathias Coney, woollen draper one of Trustees of Will of Thomas Potter of all the Rights he has in Potter's Estate to William Hartley, apothecary

D27/127   1st Nov 1689
Counterpart of mortgage from William Hartley to Mary Potter
1)   William Hartley Trustee of the mess's of Thomas and Mary Potter widow of Thos
2)   John Mathew, lacebuyer
William Hartley Trustee and Mary Potter mortgage the property below for £400 to John Mathew, lacebuyer for 400 years

Property is 2 cottages wherein the said Thomas Potter and Stephen Bluck lately dwelt, also the Close or Pightle abutting on Dunghill Lane E; and the Common field called Bury Field on the W, also several parcels of land in the Portfield. Terrier of Strips.
Witnesses John Stutt and H. Pomfrett

D27/128&129   1st and 2nd March 1699
Conveyance for £700
1)   Mary Potter widow and William Hartley
2)   Samuel Potter
Property the Burgage and lands as in 18.10 1684
Witnesses John Matthew, laceman and Henry Wagstaffe, Attorney

D27/130   27thAugust 1706
Grant and RL by Anthony son of Thomas Potter to Samuel Potter
Property as above


"6a of land purchased by Robert Crichton of John Matthew 11th Feb 1695"
1)   James Worrall, Gent
2)   Thomas Pursell, lacemerchant
Several parcels of land containing 6a in Portfield in Linches, Pitwell and Green Grove

D27/132   12th Feb 1695
Seems to be a Lease

D27/133   10th Feb 1695
Bond Worrall to Pursell £100

D27/134&135   2nd and 3rd March 1695
Conveyance by Lease and Release for £59
1)   Thomas Pursell, lacemerchant
2)   Thomas Ruffhead, cordwainer
Several parcels of land as above 

D27/136   Bond re above

D27/137   15th June 1699
Quitclaim Roger Chapman to William Carpenter of Calverton Re lands above

D27/138&139   23rd and 24th March 1699
Conveyance by Lease and Release for £53
Ruffhead to Pursell lands as above

D27/140   1st June 1700
Conveyance for £20.10.0
1)   Thomas Pursell, lacemerchant
2)   John Harris labourer or Victualler
Lands as above

D27/141   December 1702
1)   Thomas Pursell, lacemerchant
2)   John Harris labourer or Victualler
Lands as above

D27/142   18th March 1703
Lease for 6yrs at 40/- pa
1)   Richard Pursell, lacemerchant
2)   Thomas Pursell, yeoman
All those 2 landes of Arable land lying and being in Greengrove in Newport Pagnell on the furlong called the Long Blakeland being on both sides of the Brick Kiln of Richard Chapman, with Liberty to dig and carry away the earth up to 20ft deep during the term.

D27/143&144   22nd and 23rd   April 1709
Conveyance by Lease and Release for £481)   Richard Pursell, lacebuyer son and heir of Thomas Pursell, deceased and Edward Pursell of Buckingham, lacemerchant
2)   John Clare of Pavenham, Beds

Lands as above

D27/145   Bond re above

D27/146   24th April 1709
Assignment John Harris to John Clare

D27/147   1st Oct 1709
Lease for 9yrs at 48/- pa
1)   John Clare of Pavenham to
2)   Robert Crichton of Hatfield, lacemerchant





29 Sept 1698 Assignment of term in trust to attend inheritance
1)   Susanna Carter of Hertford widow & Administratrix of Abraham Carter of Hertford Esq.
2)   Ann Carter of Newport Pagnell widow and executrix of John Carter of Newport Pagnell Innholder deceased
3)   Robert Brittan of Newport Pagnell lace merchant

     John Johnson of Newport Pagnell lace merchant

Recites: Lease for 500 years 6 Sept 1681
1) John Carter of Newport Pagnell Innholder
2) Abraham Carter of Hertford Esq.
Mortgage to raise £800 on security of (amongst other messuages & lands)

All that Messuage or Tenement then in the tenures or occupations of the said John Carter & James Brittaine formerly called or known by the name or sign of the Anchor and Starr situate lying and being in the High Street of Newport Pagnell aforesaid together with all and every the houses outhouses edifices buildings yards gardens orchards backsides cellars sollers chambers rooms entries ways passages waters water courses lights easements commodities hereditaments & appurtenances whatsoever

John Carter to pay Abraham Carter £940 at certain dates to redeem mortgage

£940 not paid
Property passed to Abraham Carter
Abraham Carter died without making a will
10s paid by Robert Brittan to Susanna Carter
(See Will John Johnson 1690)

8 May 1708 Mortgage for £150
1) Robert Brittan of Cranfield Beds formerly of Newport Pagnell lace merchant
2) John Johnson of Newport Pagnell lace merchant

All that Messuage or Tenement situate and being in the High Towne of Newport Pagnell aforesaid with all and singular the houses outhouses edifices buildings barns stables yards gardens orchards grounds and appurtenances.... now in the occupation of John Crichton Elizabeth Cole widow & the said Robert Brittan .... abutting upon the house and ground now or late of John Revis butcher now or late in the occupation of Matthias Jawborne towards the west and the house and ground now or late of Mr Thomas Smith on the part of the east and the common street there on the part of the north which said Messuage or Tenement was heretofore two tenements and purchased by John Carter deceased late husband of the said Ann Carter by two several purchases of Mr Richard   Edmonds and Richard   Phillips and which the said John Carter by his last Will and testament in writing devised to Christopher Carter his son & heires forever and which the said Christopher Carter by lease and release 24 & 25 Oct 1689 conveyed to the said Ann Carter his mother and her heires for ever and which the said Ann Carter by Indentures of lease & release 28 & 29 1698 conveyed to the said Robert Brittan and his heirs for ever

And also the benefit and advantage of the preference or thought of purchasing All that Barn with the appurtenances thereunto belonging situate standing and being in the yarde belonging to the premises hereby granted which is now used for and as a Meeting Barn of the heirs and assigns of Thomas Kent deceased at the rate of £25 when they shall think fit to sell or dispose of the same under such covenants and agreements as in and by one pair of Indentures of Feoffment 6 Aug 29 Chas II between the said John Carter of the one part and the said

1763 Advert in Northampton Mercury
"To be LETT or SOLD and entered on Michaelmass next. An old and good accustomed INN situate in the High Street, in Newport Pagnell , near the CORN MARKET, known by the name or sign of the BLUE ANCHOR, and now in the Occupation of Richard Patch.

Land Tax 1782
Richard Patch           Furman and Cripps    2. 0. 0

     ON West Side OF ANCHOR

Bond re above

D27/152 & 3        17 & 18.7.1702
L and RL for £301.3s.6d
1)   Thomas Smith, yeoman son of William Smith, bone lace merchant decd, his wife Susanna and Elizabeth Smith, widow of William.
2)   John Johnson, bone lace merchant
Burgage in the High St wherein Thomas Smith lately dwelt, formerly in the occupation of William Smith his late father, the house and ground of John Smith in the occupation of Randall Beck on the E; the house and ground of Robert Crichton on the W; the High St on the N.
Witnesses George Maxwell, John Matthew, senior, and J. Pomfrett.

D27/156       1707

Letter of Administration of the Estate of John Hanny, decd. John Johnson is Principal Creditor.

D27/157       WILL OF JOHN JOHNSON 1712.

D27/157       1711
Will of John Johnson, maltster
To wife Dinah £15 in addition to what he has formerly provided by Bond.
To Sister Margaret, wife of Andrew Anderson the rents from his 2 messuages in Newport Pagnell and my messuage in the occupation of Andrew Anderson
To son?
All my two messuages in Newport Pagnell  one in my own occupation the other of William Round, together with the Malthouse, barns, stables etc

D27/158       Copy of Above

D27/159 & 160      26 & 27.11.1714
L and RL for £220 10s 0d
1)   Thomas Smyth of Newport Pagnell, yeoman and Susan his wife, and James Smith of Passenham, lace merchant
2)   Robert Johnson, Gent
Messuage on or near the Newport Green in the occupation of Thomas Smyth and Susan his wife and John Rice, ALSO 86a 3r in Portfield and meadows, the West Meadow and Short Furlong Leys
Witnesses Thomas Dymoke and James Worrall

D27/161       20.2.1721
Copy of Will of James Crichton, draper, PCC Will 1722
Will written 20.2.1721, James died 22.2.1721 Will Proved 13.9.1723
Execs are my son John and my brother Robert.
To Wife for the term of her life the interest on £800 to be invested by Execs. ALSO Household goods but not Plate and Stock in Trade.
To Brother William £5 pa to be paid to my mother Jane
To Sister Marian Crichton £10
To son John all remainder of Estate
If son John predeceases him them £200 to be invested by execs for Wife
To Samuel and Jane children of Brother Robert £400

D27/162       Abstract of Will above.

DB27/163      2.3.1722
Assignment of Bond to Indemnify against Bail
1)   John Harris, lacebuyer
2)   Robert Crichton, gent
John Gilpin the elder of Great Woolstone, gent and John Gilpin his son also of Woolstone, deceased were by an obligation of 6.10.1714 bonded to Mark Harris of Great Linford, lace merchant, also deceased, and John Harris for a penal sum of £60 by Bail Bond. Robert Crichton pays the bond.

D27/164       Bond

Will of Samuel Carlisle, gent
To Samuel Crichton son of my kinsman Robert Crichton, gent £450 when he is 31 years old or sooner if executors wish. Executors to invest for Samuel, but if he dies it is to go to his heirs.
To Jane Crichton £450
To Jane Irving daughter of my late nephew William Irving £30

D27/166/1     16.7.1734
Bond Robert Crichton is bound to Mr Rodgerson of Peterborough the executor of John Johnson for £299 19s 0d for the use of Mary and Robert Johnson.
Mss endorsement on cover "Thistle and Crown, Rodgerson, Cha Johnson"

D27/166/2     12.1.1737
Account Robert Crichton to Chas Johnson
Re bond above for a share due from Uncle John Johnson's estate.
(John Johnson owned Thistle and Crown)

D27/166/3     1737
Account of Robert Crichton to Charles Johnson, Guardian to Mary Johnson.

D27/166/4     18.1.1739
1)   Charles Johnson of London, gent the son and heir of Robert Johnson nephew of John Johnson late of Newport Pagnell, maltster
2)   Robert Crichton
All Bills, Suites, Bonds, etc against Son in law Robert.

D27/166/5     27.7.1745
1)   John Crichton
2)   John Crichton
Release of Debts

D27/168       17.11.1750
Mortgage by RL
1)   John Crichton
2)   James Buchanan
All that messuage tenement with the Gatehouse and chamber over it with appurtenances in the High Towne of Newport Pagnell .
ALSO all that other messuage adjoining
The House and ground formerly of John Revis, butcher now of .... Taylor, widow on the W; the house and ground formerly of John Johnson on the E; the High street on the N;
ALSO the barn of three bays to the Messuages belonging. Which Messuages were in the several tenures of John Crichton the elder deceased, and Thomas Holt.

D27/169       24.11.1750
Assignment of Residue of Wife's Legacy
1)   John Crichton, draper
2)   James Buchanan of London, merchant.
Elizabeth Crichton wife of John inherited from her father John Cripps £800. Her husband received in her right on 30.9.1748 £350 from William Cripps exec of John Cripps.
John Crichton now owes Thomas Holt £150 and has other debts.
He now sells the legacy and his goods and chattels.

D27/170-181   MISCELLANEOUS DEEDS 1595-1768             

D27/170   21st Feb 1595
Conveyance for £30
1)   Thomas Ffurfett alias Fforthett, draper and Elizabeth his wife
2)   Walter Hall, maltster
All that Barne and Stable thereunto adjoining in the borough of Newport Pagnell between the ground of William Hall on the N; ground of Thomas Fforfett on S; extending from the ground of John Potter the elder on W unto the garden of Walter Hall on the E. ALSO the ground 33ft in length and 15ft in breadth between the ground of Thomas Fforfett and his wife on W; and the garden of Walter Hall on the E; abutting on the stable on the N; and the ground of Thomas Fforfett and his wife on the S. now in the occupation of Walter Hall.

D27/171   21st Feb 1593
Bond re above
Witnesses Thomas Yarrow

D27/172   Fine re Tenement in Newport Pagnell
William Miller and Richard Boule quer
John Hopper gent and Agnes his wife 

D27/173 Date is before 1669 see below
Know all men by these presents that Whereas William White of Caldecote, gent, Valentine Hull late of Newport Pagnell, schoolmaster decd, Thomas Benyon late of Caldecote, labourer and Joan his wife, for £45 conveyed to John by Archibald Wright, lacebuyer a cottage in Newport Pagnell in the occupation of John 
Witnesses Anthony Potter, John Chapman, William Pomfrett, James Hartley.
(See also BAS 1093 0ver 43)

D27/174   7th March 1669
Arthur Snelling of St Martins in the fields, tailor and Mary his wife the daughter of Archibald Wright of Newport Pagnell, deceased, sell for £10 to Abraham Wright of Yarmouth, grocer, brother of Margaret, the Burgage and Messuage, situate in the High Town of Newport Pagnell , sometime of Thomas Bingham and Joane his wife, and Edward Jones, and now of Richard Carpenter.

D27/175   2nd Jan 1672
"My Wife's Jointure"
Thomas Potter Mortgages property to Mary?
1)   Thomas Potter
2)   John Boddington of Brayfield, John Skevington of Turvey and Mary the daughter of John
Thomas gives messuage in occupation of John Seabrook, and cottage in occupation William Mills and another cottage with Mault house and several parcels of land in the Common Field. Good Terrier of lands
Witnesses Samuel Hartley and William Hopkins

D27/176   1697
Bond Anthony Chibnall of Sherington, son of John Chibnall bound to John Waller for £70

D27/177   20th August 1709
Repayment of £46 Anthony Chibnall to John Waller
1)   Edmund Waller of St John's coll. Cambridge
2)   Richard Pursell, lacebuyer, son and heir of Thomas Pursell
3)   William Chibnall
All those several messuages in Marsh End in the occupation of Richard Knight, Thomas Seabrooke, Richard Bentley and John Gascoigne. Also an Inclosed piece of ground adjoining to the tenement then of Seabrooke formerly an Orchard of Roger Withers and Frances his wife and Mary Withers widow the mother of Roger.  

D27/178   16th March 1709
Bond Robert Britten of Cranfield, bone lacemerchant bound to Robert Lattimer, bone lacemerchant for £500.

D27/179   1st Feb 1714
Bond but could not read

D27/180   6th March 1743
Bond William Chibnall of N Blossomville, son and heir of William Chibnall the elder late of Newport Pagnell , woollen draper bound to John Sharpe of Emberton for £1000

D27/181   Recovery Palmer, Searle and Buchanan