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DC13/1/49     Fire Brigade Minute Books Aug 1855-1926

DC13/3/1/1         DEEDS TO PROPERTY ON NORTH BRIDGE 1669-1689

(The Deeds as presently bundled are mixed up DCM)

These below are not for the Ship except perhaps for the 31st Jan 1673 deed

DC13/3/1/1         5th Aug 1669
Feoffment for £62
1)   Joss Peirce, cordwainer
2)   Thomas Pickering, gent
Cottage where John Peirce decd lived, the ground of Roger Chapman on S; the ground called Dovehouse Close on E; the River on the N; and the ground of Arthur Annesley on the W. late of John Peirce decd. Also piece of ground near the North Bridge by estimation cont 12p late in the occupation of Walter Keach decd, the ground of Patrick Saunders and John Peirce on E; the river on N; the waie (way/road) leading from Newport Pagnell to the West and the grounds of Thomas Arpin on the S.
Witnesses:   John Martin, John Johnson and .... Pomfrett.
(NOTE Roger Chapman an Attorney died in 1702.

31st Jan 1673      Counterpart of Feoffment
1)   John Kendall alias Mills, carpenter
2)   John Rawlins of Stoke Goldington, yeoman
Messuage near the North Bridge in the occupation of George Rawbone

1st May 1679       Fine
1)   William Knight of North Crawley, yeoman and Eliz his wife
2)   Edward Cripps of Moulsoe yeoman and Margaret his wife
3)   Ralph Greenwood of N Crawley yeoman and Susan his wife
4)   Joseph Peirce cordwainer and Hannah his wife
5)   Thomas Barratt of N Crawley, tailor
6)   Thomas Pickering, Innholder
7)   William Foskett of N Crawley, gent
Cottage, orchard, 1a and 3a 1r of arable and swearde which Thomas Barratt lately bought of William Knight.
Cottage in Newport Pagnell Thomas Pickering bought from Joseph Peirce 

12th June 1689
Conveyance for £84
1)   Joanna, Hester and Mary Pickering of Moulsoe, spinsters, (the 3 daughters of Thomas Pickering, fishmonger) and William Hasteley, apothecary
2)   Roger Chapman, gent
Messuage in Newport Pagnell in the occupation of Widow Goodman and Andrew King, the river on one side the ground of Roger Chapman on the other


20th December 1689
Deed of Gift
1)   Roger Chapman to Anthony one of his sons
All that capital messuage where Roger now lives. Also several Messuage's near adjoining in the occupations of Jas Britten, Mrs Cooke, Clement
Simpson and Andrewe Kinge.
Witnesses:   John Carpenter, Francis Dall and Henry Marshall

8th May 1703
Anthony Chapman mortgages the property to William Chew distiller of London for £100

19th October 1720 Mortgage repaid property released back to Anthony

20th Oct 1720
Anthony Chapman and ... Tarrant mortgage the property to William Webb for £300

21st April 1731
Mortgage assigned to Mrs Sarah Woodman £250

7th December 1731
Further mortgage of £50 from Mrs Woodman

1740 Advt from Mercury Inserted here
To be lett or sold, and entered upon immediately, Two houses, pleasantly situated near the River in the town of Newport Pagnell, one cont 6 rooms on a floor, the other 4 rooms on a Floor with barns, stables, brewhouse etc and a large garden belonging to each. enquire of Mrs Chapman at Newport Pagnell aforesaid.

10th and 11th June 1756
Conveyance by L and RL
1)   Roger Chapman and Sarah his wife
2)   Walter Beaty
Capital Messuage and 2a late in the occupation of Mary Chapman decd. Also the garden or ground adjoining as same is now marked or fenced out late in the occupation of Thomas Parrott. Also several cottages near adjoining and belonging.

12th June 1756

Mortgage repaid by Walter Beaty to Mrs Sarah Woodman, John Atchison is Trustee to attend the inheritance.

1789 Fine to confirm ownership


DC13/3/4      25th and 26th March 1742
Conveyance by L and RL for £120
1)   Mrs Mary and Mr Roger Chapman of Bedford
2)   Thomas Parrott
Messuage near the North Bridge with the garden and late orchard. The Capital Messuage on the W; river Ouse on the E; Street on the N; and garden wall of Mary Chapman and old kitchen garden of Mary Chapman in a straight line from the garden wall to the Ouse. Also part of the Cellar of Mary Chapman as goes under the house, which Messuage was formerly divided into 2 in the occupations of Widow Goodman and Andrew King, and after of James Britten and Mrs Cooke and about 1731 in the occupation of John Mason and late Joseph Godfrey Dr of Physicke.
Witnesses:   Edmund Green and John Mason

7th October 1742
Thomas Parrott mortgages the property to Mrs Ruffhead for £60

1750      Marriage Settlement
Thomas Parrott to marry Eliz Woods, trustees John Hooton and John Clarke, apothecary

24th March 1742?
Mortgage repaid to Mrs Ruffhead by Mrs Susanna Pomfrett, Henry Dixon is trustee to attend inheritance

4th Jan 1765
Assignment of mortgage of £60 by Mrs Henry Dixon

8th April 1772
Mortgage repaid by Walter Beaty, Thomas Holt is Trustee to attend inheritance.

RL and Assignment
Thomas Parrot to Mr Abbot and Bryan

23rd March 1752
Thomas Abbot and John Bryan RL to Mrs Susanna Pomfrett and Thomas Parrot and Eliz his wife for £150

14th and 15th January 1765
Conveyance by L and RL for £90
1)   Benjamin Pomfrett, the brother of Susanna
2)   John Warner
House divided into 2, situated on the E of Chapman's Capital Messuage.

6th and 7th April 1772
Conveyance by L and RL
1)   John Warner and Thomas Parrott
2)   Walter Beaty
House as above


5th and 6th February 1801
Conveyance by L and RL for £150
1)   Charlotte Beaty
2)   Walter Beaty (he is her brother and he lives in the main house, formerly Chapman)

Below are cottages and land in North End, these are on N Square and in front of house and near bridge

DC13/3/1/2         25th March 1808 
Ms endorsements "appears to go with 7/1" and "8 cottages, Abbott Cottage, Shrubbery Cottage and Plantation"

Conveyance for £141.13.10
1)   Lord VV with Consent of Commissioners for sale of Land Tax
2)   Charlotte Beaty
All those 8 cottages with gardens and yards in North End in the occupations of Richard Tyrell, John Browne, Sarah Platt, Mary Smith, Maynham Higby, Sarah Smith, Bartholomew Truelove, Acquilla Leverrett and George Cripps as undertenants to George Cripps who holds on a 21-year lease from 1790. Also the ground called the Knowl and Island lying on the E side of the North Bridge late in the occupation of William Beaty now of Charlotte Beaty.
Also the other piece of ground whereon a Messuage formerly stood now planted as a Shrubbery lying on the NE. now occupied by Charlotte Beaty.


17th July 1861
1)   William Bateman Bull
2)   Burial Board of Newport Pagnell

5th and 6th Dec 1757
Conveyance by L and RL
1)   Sir William Bowyer, baronet of Denham, Bucks and William Stonehouse Esq., 2nd brother of Sir John Stonehouse of Radley, (the devisees, trustees and executors of Sir Richard Atkins baronet, late of Clapham, Surrey)
2)   Harry Uthwatt
3)   John Hurst

11th Dec 1766      Will of John Hurst

19th and 20th Dec 1833
Conveyance by L and RL
1)   William Green and George Lucas
2)   Revd William Bradley

25th Dec 1833
1)   Richard Ambrose Reddall
2)   Chas Hurst Gardiner
3)   Mary Ann and Jane Blackmore
4)   Edward Blackmore

8th July 1845
1)   Bernard Hussey Hunt and Jane his wife
2)   Edward Blackmore

16th Nov 1846
1)   Mary Ann Blackmore
2)   Edward Blackmore

2nd Dec 1847
1)   Edward Blackmore
2)   Revd William Bradley
3)   Charles Hurst Gardiner (the son)

Folded inside the deed are the following deeds

30th Dec 1867
Conveyance for £900
1)   Charles Hurst Gardiner
2)   Charlotte Beaty
"Dovehouse Close or Castle Hill Close cont 3.5a in the occupation of John Hamilton, then of Walter Beaty, and now for many years of Charlotte Beaty. The River Lovat on the SE; River Ouse on the N; garden and premises of Charlotte Beaty on the NW; and the public road or lane on the W."  "Also all the Slipe of Land in the George Holme cont 12 perches"

Deed of Covenant to produce deeds back to Dec 1833

21st Dec 1860      Agreement
By William B. Bull to sell to Burial Board for £1000 "Close and part of garden of Samuel Newman and certain buildings in the street or lane leading to it in the Occupation of George Woodley and George Puryer
1861 Abstract of Title of WB Bull to the premises.

DC13/3/7      28th and 29th Dec 1810
L and RL for £420
"The Neptune public house formerly the Ship public house pulled down and the site now included with the Garden Plantation of Miss Beaty's house".
1)   Joseph Redden, maltster
2)   Charlotte Beaty
All that Messuage situated standing near to the newly erected Bridge called the North Bridge, sometime the Ship Inn since the Neptune, in the occupation of John Ellis, since of Ann Clarke and now of George Cripps


5th Sept 1814
Conveyance for £30
1)   The Trustees of Newport Pagnell Bridges
2)   Charlotte Beaty
The old bridge and plots of land

28th and 29th May 1811
Conveyance for £102.10.0
1)   Charles Marius Hardy
2)   Charlotte Beaty
Plot or piece of ground in Newport Pagnell lately part of the bed of the R. Ouse, the scite of the Old Bridge commonly called the North Bridge on the E; the new bridge on the W; the present track of the Ouse on the N; and the Messuage of Charlotte lately called the Neptune and late of George Cripps on the S.

Also two pieces of ground on the E of the Old Bridge between the first three arches thereof from the Messuage, together with such parts of the old river bed as when filled up with earth will form a serpent or regularly curved line from the plot of garden to communicate with the garden of Charlotte.

Also such parts of the Waste of the Manor lying S of the river and E of the new bridge lately fenced off by a stone wall erected by the Bridge Trustees and by a brick wall erected by Charlotte, save for a Right of Way for the Inhabitants of Newport Pagnell to fetch water from the river at all times as their occasions may require. 


DC13/3/2      This is 34 Silver St these deeds have become separated from the main set for the house which are in the possession of Roy Mason RGM1-25.

15.4.1690     L for 1 year
1)   Joseph Rigby, butcher
2)   Thomas Arnold, yeoman
Messuage in Marsh End now divided into two.
The House and ground of .... Judkins widow on E; house and ground of QAH on W; the street on S.

1&2.4.1715    L and RL for £42.00.0
1)   William Harries of Moor End, Yardley Gobion, yeoman and Martha his wife the daughter and heir of Thomas Arnold late of Tickford End, yeoman.
2)   Stephen Bluck, shoemaker
Property as above, property of Eliz Judkins on E is in the occupation of Richard Wills.
Witnesses:   Mary Harris and John Wagstaff


DEEDS TO 58 and 60, HIGH ST

20 items 1740-1912 in two bundles
next to 60 = 58
1st and 2nd Jan 1740
Conveyance by L and RL for £100
1)   Gresham Hakewill, the elder, yeoman, Eliz his wife and Gresham Hakewill the younger and Eliz his wife.
2)   Edward Johnson of Chesham Bois, yeoman
Messuage standing opposite the Corne Hill now in the possession of Richard Johnson, grocer and chandler, Late of John Barnes, Messuage of Robert Crichton in the occupation of John Burgess on W; messuage of Jas Course on E.

15th and 16th Feb 1769
Conveyance by L and RL for £100
1)   Edward Johnson of Chesham Bois, yeoman
2)   Robert Sanders Taylor and Eliz his wife
Messuage formerly of John Barnes, late of Richard Johnson, then of John White now of Robert Tole. The Messuage formerly of Robert Crichton now of Archibald Buchanan in the occupation of Richard Hill on the N and W; Messuage of Richard Lane in the occupation of William Truelove on E; Street on S.

14th March 1769
Mortgaged by Sanders to Thomas Benson, gingerbread baker

27th and 28th May 1774
Conveyance by L and RL for £116.5.0
1)   Robert Tole, shopkeeper and his wife Ruth who is daughter of Thomas Benson.
2)   John Todd, barber
Property as above

31st August 1791
Conveyance for £110
1)   John Todd
2)   George Pitt Hurst
Messuage late of Robert Tole, since of John Todd, now of Mark Richardson, The Messuage (this is 60 High St) late of Sir John Buchanan now of George Pitt Hurst on the N and W; Messuage late Robert Saunders now of Stephen Hoddle on E, Street on S.


18th and 19th November 1790

Conveyance by L and RL for £714.5.0
1)   Archibald Hamilton of London, Sir John Buchanan Riddell, nephew of Archibald,
2)   George Pitt Hurst

Burgage or tenement in the High Town heretofore in the occupation of Robert Crichton and Thomas Forster, then of Robert Crichton and John Hurst, Now of George Pitt Hurst.

Also the Malthouse, Malt kiln or Malting Office with appurtenances standing in the yard belonging heretofore of Robert Crichton, then John Church, late John Hurst now George Pitt Hurst.

Also the cottage adjoining to the E end of the Messuage heretofore of John Burgess, late of Richard Hill, now of John Sullivan.

Also other cottage since converted and used as a Chandlehouse, but now a Hogstye being in or near a certain lane called Dunghill Lane and adjoining to the garden and orchard belonging to the Messuage in the occupation of Martha Harris, then of Benjamin Kibble, late of Richard Hill, now of John Woodward.

Also the barn at the bottom of the yard belonging to the Messuage late of Mary Wilkinson, now of Jas Pike. Dunghill Lane on the N; the Street and the buildings of Thomas Tye, Eliz Perrott and Thomas Eaglestone on the S; Messuage of John Todd, Stephen Hoddle and Amy Woodward on the E; and the Messuage and premises of Thomas Tye and Dunghill Lane on the W.

Also a Close of half acre late of Mary Wilkinson, now of Jas Pike, Dunghill Lane on NE; Bury Field on SW; ground of Lord VV on NW and SE.

15th July 1817     Will of George Pitt Hurst
Will proved 21.5.1817
Estate not released until 20.12.1833 when wife died.
Property mortgaged by R.A.Reddall to Edward Blackmore, seems to end up with Chas Hurst Gardner, he sells to William Heygate in 1847. There is a Deed of Covenant to produce Deeds but only those from 1833 on.

30th December 1847
Conveyance for £1180
1)   Charles Hurst Gardner of Burton Bradstock, Somerset
2)   William Heygate, surgeon
Messuage as described above but now with Stables and Coachhouse, formerly a Malthouse etc. Also erection or building on the E side of the Messuage for many years past used as offices formerly in the occupation of George Pitt Hurst, then George and Henry Lucas, then messrs Lucas and Powell, now Powell and Lucas, all which erection is on the site of two cottages one if which was in the occupation of John Burgess then Richard Hill, after of John Sullivan, the other formerly of Robert Tole, then John Todd and then Mark Richardson. 
Also the Laundry, Brewhouse, Coalhouse and Barn.

2nd July 1860
William Heygate, surgeon mortgages the property to Samuel Turner for £1000

Abstract of Title of William Heygate to the property commences with deed of 19.11.1790
23rd March 1864
Conveyance for £1600
1)   William Heygate
2)   Richard Littleboy
Heygate repays mortgage

Endorsement (ddd need date) that William, Francis and Richard Wallis Littleboy as Trustees of the Will of Richard Littleboy convey the premises as below.
Capital Messuage being 60 High St to Newport Pagnell UDC
Plot cont 1a 26p to Nellie Louisa Sharp
2 plots containing 24p to Alfred Bullard 
Another plot abutting on Union St with buildings thereon cont 17p to Chas Martin Wilford and Frank Iliffe Wilford
58 High St to Newport Pagnell UDC

Schedule of Deeds to March of Intellect prepared by WB and WR Bull for Newport Pagnell UDC




DC/13/3/12         30th Sept 1678
All Pomfrett deeds Endorsed on Cover "Memo The Messuage in Tickford End mentioned within is conveyed to Isaac Henley Hanscomb by L and RL 9th and 10th Oct 1792. Mary Pomfrett"
Indenture of RL
1)   Thomas Pomfrett and Mary his wife, and John Pomfrett of Bedford, brother of Thomas.
2)   William Shortgrave of Harlestone, Northants, Clerk, Peter Whalley of Cogenhoe, Clerk, and Richard West of Great Creaton, Northants
3)   Elizabeth Gardiner now the wife of Edward Gardiner of Northampton, chisurgeon? and sometime wife of Thomas West late of Hardingstone decd.

2 pays £350 to 1 

All that Messuage wherein Thomas Pomfrett dwells, situate in Tickford End and heretofore in the tenure or occupation of Margaret Hartley, widow, and also the Malthouse and also 3 cottages in Tickford End late in the several tenures of Robert Manton, George Rawlins, and Richard Rand, also several parcels of land cont 2 Yardlands 

13th November 1724 (see also DB34/1)

Mrs Dinah Pomfrett's Marriage Settlement,
1)   Benjamin Pomfrett, gent the son and heir of Thomas Pomfrett late Newport Pagnell, gent and Mary his wife both decd.
2)   Dinah Halhed of Petersham, Surrey, spinster
3)   Nathaniel Halhed of Petersham, gent her father and John Marke of Petersham, gent.
Dinah's marriage portion is £2000. in return Benjamin Pomfrett RL to her father and John Marke as Trustees,
"Messuage, yards, gardens, malthouse, dovehouse and apps in his occupation and also 3 Yardlands in Tickford Field cont. 109a 3r which land is now in the occupation of Richard Perrott, John Purratt and Thomas Wilkinson.
And also several lands in Tickford Field cont 6a and several parcels of Meadow in Tickford Field cont. 5a 1r, also a Close of pasture or Inclosed ground called Laramore Close,
And Also Elm Close 
All the above are in the tenure and occupation of Benjamin. Pomfrett.
Also 3 cottages, orchard and apps in Tickford End in the occupations of Thomas Davis, Thomas Windmill and William Symons.
Also all that Brick kiln and the ground belonging to it now in the occupation of Thomas Wilkinson".
Witnesses:   Chas Halhed and Jemima Halhed.
Copy made by William Elley and Chas Elley clerks to Mr Alexander, Lincolns Inn.

20th and 21st April 1789
This is a Deed to bar Tail on the Estate
1)   Mary Pomfrett spinster
2)   Edward Williams of Hampstead, gent
3)   William Clarke of Middx

29 George III
Common Recovery. Edward Williams Demandant, William Clarke Tenant,
and Mary Pomfrett, spinster Vouchee

26th Oct 1796 Mortgage for £400 (see DB39/7)
Mary Pomfrett to Mr Benjamin Brookes

26th and 27th Jan 1804
L and RL from Edward Williams to Nathaniel Pomfrett Williams

2nd and 3rd July 1804   RL for £2000
NPW to Isaac Henley Hanscomb

5th April 1805     Mortgage for £600 sees DB34/12
IHH to John and James Abraham, watchmakers of Olney                    

22nd Oct 1807      RL for £3550
(See also DB24/1
1)   John Harris, yeoman, the son and heir of Rebecca Harris, (late wife of Francis Harris, which Rebecca was a daughter of John Purratt by Rebecca his wife, formerly Rebecca Atterbury, and which John is a nephew of John, Richard, William and Eliz Purratt all decd, who were the other children of John and Rebecca Purratt), and Susanna the wife of John Harris.
2)   Richard Revis of Olney, baker and Eliz his wife and William Mathews of Bedford and Rebecca his wife all named in the Will of William Purratt (there are more family details).
3)   George Osborne, yeoman, Thomas Odell, victualler the execs of William Purratt, draper decd.
4)   PHW and George Cooch

1 sells to Philip Hoddle Ward and mortgage of £1000 is repaid to Arrowsmith

Messuage, tenement or Farmhouse in Tickford End wherein Mary Purratt and John Purratt formerly dwelt, which was heretofore purchased by John Purratt decd the grandfather of John and the great grandfather of James Wilson decd from James Wilson, gent.

And Also the garden situated at the S end of the Rickyard belonging to the said mess, Garden is 70ft wide E-W and from Rickyard to fence N-S 50ft, and is fenced of from the way or passage belonging to the several cottages formerly purchased in Fee by the said John Purratt decd (uncle of John Harris) from Robert Quaint and another.

And also the Close of Pasture in Tickford Field called Hill Close cont. 1a.

And Also 4 leys of sweard and pasture to the Close belonging cont. 2a called Forest Leys all which were purchased by John Purratt the grandfather from Francis and Joseph Kirtland, citizens of London.

And also another parcel of arable land called Hill Close by estimation.... a in Tickford End Field.

And Also a Close called the Barn Close, cont. 2a. with the Barn therein.

25th Dec 1807 Property of Isaac Henley Hanscombe Certificate for Redemption of Land Tax

Messuage/Farmhouse in Tickford End and several Closes in Tickford Field cont 120a, and premises late of Mary Pomfrett which were purchased by Isaac Henley Hanscomb of Nathaniel Pomfrett Esq, all of which were in the occupation of John Walker  LT
£8 7s 0d
Messuage in occupation Widow Martha Warr LT
15s 4d
Messuage occupation late Millard LT
4s 6d
£9 6s 10d 

9th August 1813 Mortgage for £600 see DB34/12
Repaid by Isaac Henley Hanscomb to John and James Abraham, watchmakers of Olney                  

30th Sept 1818 Assignment of Mortgages
From Newman and Lucas by direction of Isaac Henley Hanscomb to Trustees for Chas James Parke Esq of 3 several terms of Years in premises at Newport Pagnell

29th Oct 1822 Bargain and Sale of property of Isaac Henley Hanscomb by Commissioners in Bankruptcy to the Assignees.

Map of Fields belonging to Isaac Henley Hanscomb this is between London Road and R. Ousel

1824 Abstract of Title of Isaac Henley Hanscomb has useful Pedigree of Purratt, see my Families File. Abstract mentions "3 newly erected houses on cover but not in text"

29th and 30th March 1824     Conveyance by L and Assignment
1)   The Assignees of IHH
"Also 3 several cottages lately erected and standing 2 or 3 of them on part of a Close of 3a 12p in the occupation of Thomas Sander, John Goodman and William Odell

8th March 1843     Conveyance
1)   Hannah Reynolds, William Austin, Revd John Bartlett.
2)   William Austin, Joseph Reynolds, Francis Cobb and Bernard Dickinson.
Cottages as above but the Odell one is now occupied by Jas Walters.
Plan of land on S side of Tickford Street shows Walkers Yard (area now Aston Martin Service Dept) and 2 newly erected cottages (on site of Travellers Rest).

DC/13/3/14         PURRATT DEEDS

23rd and 24th Sept 1712 L and RL being the Marriage Settlement of John Purratt and Rebecca Atterbury
John gives to William Atterbury as Trustee all his lands in Tickford fields. Certificates of Burial of members of Purrott and Revis Families.   

23rd Oct 1792  Copy of Will of William Purrat  (See DB 139/10
Proved    5th Dec 1792 Probate of the Will of William Purratt, draper ...To my wife Sukey the house wherein I now dwell and all my plate, stock in trade, books, debts and effects.
Also to my wife Sukey and my sister Eliz Purratt all my other Messuage's and property in the Town, Fields and parish of Newport Pagnell to be shared equally between them during the term of their lives, subject to an Annuity of £20 p.a. to my nephew John Harris.  
If one of them dies then the property goes to the survivor for life and after her death to my execs George Osborne, woolstapler and Thomas Odell, victualler, who are to pay the annuity to my nephew and to hold the property on trust for the use of my nieces Eliz the wife of Richard Revis of Olney, baker and Rebecca the wife of Jas Lucy, late of Olney and now of Liverpool and to the survivor of my nieces for life and after her death to my nieces children for ever. Neither of the husbands are to receive any money from the property or to have any control over it.
Witnesses:   William Lucas, Eliz Odell and Eliz Dowdy.

14th and 15th Feb 1802
L and RL to lead to a Recovery, John Harris to William Giles

23rd Oct 1803      Mortgage for £163
Joseph Arrowsmith loans to John Harris

21st and 22nd April 1807
Conveyance by L and Assignment
John Harris to Philip Hoddle Ward

DC/13/10/56   Newport Pagnell Electoral Rolls 1922-72

D/CC/D    Collection of Deeds relating to 29/31 Tickford St, Newport Pagnell, acquired by Newport Pagnell UDC given to BuCro Nov 1962

D/CC/D1-2 13th and 14th Oct 1749
Conveyance by L and RL for £19
1)   Thomas Newton, cordwainer, son and heir of William Newton, victualler, decd and Ann his wife (William Newton was victualler at Horse and Dolphin near Tickford Bridge) DM
2)   Richard Hackesley, labourer
Cottage in Tickford End with barn and use of yard and well

D/CC/D3-4 13th and 14th Dec 1810
Conveyance by L and RL for £240
1)   Henry Moseley, butcher
2)   Samuel Webster of Haversham, cooper and George Cooch, gent his trustee
Property in Tickford End

D/CC/D5   20th Dec 1827
Probate Will of Thomas Hackesley, yeoman dated 19.12.1823
Witnesses:   William Price, Luke Price, George Cooch, attorney

D/CC/D6   23rd Jan 1838
Copy Will of Samuel Webster dated 30.1.1838
Witnesses:   George Cooch, attorney and Robert Cooch his clerk

D/CC/D7   24th June 1844
RL for £105
1)   George Clarke late of Newport Pagnell, coachman now of Dunstable, Innholder and Mary his wife
2)   Emmans Jackman, yeoman
3)   Richard Porter, ironmonger as trustee
Property as in D/CC/D1-2 above
3 to hold property to use of 2, 3? purchases from 1 
(Note by 1870 Emmans had had several pubs in the town and was an innkeeper in Staffs, his son of same name was victualler at Neptune 1848-50 and at March of Intellect in 1851) DM

D/CC/D8   7th December 1844
Conveyance for £245
1)   Robert Collison, surgeon and Thomas Allbright, yeoman
2)   Ann Barringer, widow
Property as in D/CC/D3-4 with right reserved to owners of Bull to lay and maintain a pipe in the well in the yard

D/CC/D9   7th July 1845
Conveyance for £200
1)   Ann Barringer, widow
2)   George Mills, butcher
3)   Henry Lucas, gent as trustee
Property as in D/CC/D8 above

D/CC/D10  14th April 1851
Conveyance for £231
1)   George Mills, butcher
2)   Thomas Battams, cooper, Jas Mills, bricklayer, Thomas William Mills, labourer, Robert Kilpin, labourer, Chas Waite of Moulsoe, labourer, George Nichols of Great Linford, labourer, George Jenkins of Great Linford, labourer, Thomas Arnott of Milton Keynes, labourer
Property as in D/CC/D8 above

D/CC/D11  11th February 1870
1)   Emmans Jackman formerly of Newport Pagnell, now of Bull Street, West Bromwich, Staffs, Innkeeper
2)   John Warr, builder
3)   Richard Sheppard, architect
Property as in D/CC/D1-2 above with right of way through Bull Inn Yard

D/CC/D12  1st Oct 1870
Conveyance for £205
1)   William Hoare, labourer, George Evans late of Newport Pagnell now of Berkhampstead, labourer, Chas Waite late of Moulsoe now of Bradwell, labourer, George Nichols of Great Linford, labourer, George Jenkins late of Great Linford now of Bradwell, labourer, Thomas Arnott late of Milton Keynes, now of Fairfield, Connecticut,
2)   Barnshaw Whittles, insurance agent
Property as in D/CC/D8 above

D/CC/D13  9th February 1872
Conveyance for £235
1)   Barnshaw Whittles, insurance agent
2)   Samuel Smart, baker
Above Property

D/CC/D14  13th January 1874
Conveyance for £200
1)   Samuel Smart, baker
2)   Barnshaw Whittles,insurance agent
3)   John Andrew Smart of Wellingborough, hairdresser
Above Property              

D/CC/D15  24th June 1879
Conveyance for £145
1)   John Odell, ironmonger, William Warr, carpenter and builder, John Warr carpenter and builder
2)   William Pass, coach builder
No 31 Tickford St excluding right of way though Bull Inn Yard

D/CC/D16  Copy Death Certificates
Thomas Battams, master cooper died at Tickford End 30.11.1856 aged 65 years
James Mills, master bricklayer died at Silver St on 15.7.1863 aged 70 years
Robert Kilpin, brewer's labourer, died St John St, 1.2.1860 aged 36 years
Thomas Mills; farm labourer died St John St 30.1.1870 aged 82 years

Receipt from County Fire Office for Premium paid by William Pass, 28.12.1900

Auction sale poster advertising sale of 2 freehold dwelling houses and business premises in Tickford and Caldecotte Streets to be sold by J.P.Goodwin at Swan Hotel on 15.10.1890


Particular and Conditions of Sale of freehold dwelling house, shop and premises in Tickford St 15.10.1890