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BuCro D/X225  22nd May 1797
Lease for 1 year for a fee of 5/-(This is in advance of the RL of the following day1)      George Pitt Hurst

2)      Charles Scrase Dickins of Brightlingstone Sussex and Thomas Dick of Lincolns Inn Middx, gent, who are the execs, and Scrase is the surviving devisee of the Will of William Mabbot late of Tadworth Surrey.  

All that Toft or ground with appurtenances whereon lately stood a messuage sometime since pulled down and formerly in the occupation of Robert Woodward, with the farmyard, cottages, barns and stables.
Also 3 Closes of pasture or Inclosed ground formerly 4 Closes to the toft etc adjoining and containing 8a
The ground and premises of Thomas Hooton on the N&W; the Common Street and Bury Field on the S; and the said Bury Field on the E.
Also other lands in the West Meadow.  
(Deed above is for 90, High St see Roy Masons Deeds in Prop Docs)

D/X572/1  3rd October 1649    “2”
Mortgage of £50 for a term of 999 years
1)      Richard Odell, yeoman
2)      William Pomfrett, gent

All that cottage or tenement with appurtenances in the Marsh End of NP wherein Richard Odell now dwelleth, with all outhouses, edifices, barns, malt houses, etc.
Witnesses Richard Hickes, William Chappell, and Marke Slingesbie.

“Memo 4th October 1688.
That on above day the money lent and intended to be secured on the within mortgage was made upp the principal sum £60 by John Waller of NP to whom the within written Indenture and premises were assigned for the security and sure payment whereof with interest. Richard Barton of NP the present owner of the cottage or tenement and malting within mentioned did further mortgage the same cottage and premises to John Waller. And it was further agreed by the same parties that the within written indenture should continue and be in full force to attend upon and Corroborate the mortgage soe made to the said John Waller in the presence of John Pomfrett.”

D114/15   2nd April 1690
Conveyance for 10 shillings
1)      William Thorpe, tanner and Elizabeth his wife and  John Waller gent and Mary his wife.
2)      Andrew King, collarmaker and Magdalene his wife

All that messuage or tenement wherein William Thorpe dwells in Marsh End



Marriage Settlement 2nd Nov 1671
“William Cooper’s settlement upon messuages in 1671”

1        William Cooper of Tickford End, yeoman
2        Thomas Gregory of Wavendon, William Kilpin of Wavendon both yeoman.

Bond re above 20th November 1701

Lease for 1 year for 5/-
1        John Cooper of Newport Pagnell, plummer, (plumber) the son and heir of William cooper of Newport Pagnell, yeoman deceased
2        Robert Cooper citizen and goldsmith of London

All that messuage or farmhouse in Tickford End of Newport Pagnell, theretofore in the occupation of William Cooper Decd late father of John Cooper, and now
Also all those Closes of Pasture with appurtenances now in the occupation of Thomas Stanbridge.


D/C/1/231 29th March 1704
1   John Cooper of Newport Pagnell, plummer, (plumber) the son and heir of William cooper of Newport
2   Robert Cooper, citizen and goldsmith of London
3   John Chester of Chicheley, Bucks baronet
The Farmhouse and closes as above

Article of Agreement 30th March 1704
1   John Cooper of Newport Pagnell, plummer, (plumber) the son and heir of William Cooper of Newport
2   Robert Cooper, citizen and goldsmith of London
John is Seized of 44acres and 3 roods and also 5 cow commons and right of common for sheep and horses thereto belonging with the same usually held and enjoyed, situate in the Common and Open Fields of Tickford End in the parish of Newport Pagnell, in the county of Bucks, late in the tenure or holding of Gabriele king and now of Thomas Stanbridge.
Witnesses: John Manningales and John Rattegh

Undated letter from London Solicitor re lands purchased by Mr Chester

Bargain and Sale 19th July 1705
1   John Cooper of Newport Pagnell, plummer, (plumber) the son and heir of William cooper of Newport
2   John Chester of Chicheley, baronet
Messuage and lands as in D/C/1/232
Witnesses: Thomas Pomfrett, John Manning, Neh (Nehemiah) Tookey

PR153/25/15   17 July 1748
Lease for 1 year
1        Luke Leverret
2        Matthew Cooper
Assignment of the late Mr Joseph Bass’ house in NP purchased for Charitable Purposes, to attend the Inheritance.

PR153/25/16   18 July 1748
1        Luke Leverret
2        Matthew Cooper
Conveyance of Property above

PR153/25/17   17 February 1783
Will of James Leverret 1783
See Bull page 260 James of Witney Oxfordshire gent., left to his kinsman William Leverret of NP, whitesmith and his heirs lands and messuages in Oxfordshire charged with a payment of £300 to the Churchwardens and Overseers of NP to be placed out at interest, and the interest to be laid out in bread, and distributed by them amongst the poor forever   

D117/64   14 February 1609
Conveyance for Consideration of £
1        Ralphe Potter, yeoman
2        Anthony Potter, yeoman
Whereas Ralphe is now lawfully possessed of 1 messuage or tenement with appurtenances in NP sometime called by the name of the Common Backhouse sic (Bakehouse) now being in the tenure of Ralphe, which said messuage was demised and granted (amongst other things) unto Clement Johnson now deceased his executors and assigns to certain years yett enduring under the yearlie rent of 25s 8d by our late Sovereign Queen Anne by indenture dated 7 February James 1609-10.
And whereas the said messuage is granted unto the said Ralph for the terme of many years yet enduring by another
Indenture dated 20 July last past before the date hereof by Edmund Connie, Thomas Barnes and Arthur Humpherie gent to Ralphe.
Now Ralphe for £13 paid by Anthony doth grant and farme letten to Anthony, All that piece of yard or parcel of ground in NP aforesaid as the same is now bounded and fenced for the conteyning 7ft in breadth or thereabouts be it more or less and being parcel of and belonging to the said messuage sometime called the Common Backhouse now in the tenure of Ralphe which said piece of ground hereby demised adjoyneth to the grounde of the said Anthony Potter eastward, and to the ground now or late of Robert Hull westward and extendeth from the lane called Dungell southwards unto the grounde of the said Ralphe now fenced for the said Anthony with a Pale as far for the as the hovel of the said Anthony extendeth.
To have and to hold the said piece of ground hereby conveyed unto Anthony and his heirs for all such terms and yeares as the said Ralphe now have them to come unexpired by force and virtue of the said lease made to the said Clement Johnson or by virtue of the other lease made to the said Ralphe by Edmund Connie, Thomas Barnes and Arthur Humpherie gent, yielding to Ralphe yearlie on the Feast of the Annunciation of our Ladie Mary the Virgin one peppercorn.