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These Deeds were found in a loft/roof space above the Hospital by Dennis Line and Gerald Stratton of the Bucks Standard. They deposited the Deeds at the Record office on behalf of the Hospital Trustees. These transcriptions, interpretation and identification of properties are by Dennis C Mynard and may be reproduced with full acknowledgement.

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Lease 15th October 1668 by the Master and Governors as above to Anthony Worseley of NP, for 6 yrs at forty shillings p.a.. "All that tenement in NP wherein the said Anthony now dwelleth"


Lease 10th December 1682 by John Cooke Vicar of NP and Master of the Hospital and Richard Kilpin, Roger Chapman, Richard Worrall and William Hartley, the Governors of the Hospital to William Worseley for 12 yrs at forty shillings p.a.. " All that mess. or tenement near the North Bridge known by the name of the BIRD IN HAND and now in the occ. of William Worseley


1673-85 Widow Wolseley £2 pa

1685 William Wolseley

Full rent not always paid each year and arrears carried over

1687-1722     William Wolseley £2 pa goes up to £2.10. 0 in 1706

1723 did not pay and is often in arrears

1727-40       Thomas Wolseley

1730 Paid £3.10.0

1741 Mrs Wolseley £3.10.0

1742-63   Widow Wolseley £3.10.0

1762 she is called Mary Wolseley

1767 John Odell now pays £3.10.0 for the property and there is a note "improved" in the margin

1768 John Odell now pays £4.

Near the Common Bakehouse

Charter of 1615 includes .. and all that mess, with a yard and a Close thereunto adjoining then or late in the tenure or occ of Jas Annesley, extending from the street near the Cross lying on the west part of the borough of NP toward a certain little Close called Backhouse House...

DB194/6       28th June 1808

Common Recovery of the estate of the late Jn Hamilton decd, Inrolled at Court of Common Pleas at Westminster in Trinity Term 48 Geo. III. Includes

1 Plot in the High Street with  several cotts and other bldgs occ by Jn Coles, Rose Paine, Mary Paine, and Eleanor Burrel, cont 3a, 26p, the devisees obtained this by exchange in lieu of the 3rd allotment to the Master and Govs of Queen Annes Hospital.



20th March 1640    Lease by Samuel Austin, clerk, Mathias Dormey, gent, Richard Hill, gent, Richard Perrott, of Tickford, yeoman, John Coles, haberdasher, Nicholas Marshall, James Stevenson, Henry Foxen labourers and Miller, Agnes Clethero and Joan Holmes, widows being the Master, Governors and Poor of Queen Annes Hospital to Arthur Annesley of Hatfield Herts, for 20 yrs at a Rent of £4 p.a.. Property is Three cottages in NP in the tenure of Thos Garner, Mary Kendall alias Mills and Thos Kendall alias Mills and also the plot or piece of ground with the pightle and appurtenances adjoining in NP in the tenure of John Matthew. Which said cottages adjoin the King's Highway on the south and to the west end of a mess. in the occ. of John Matthew and unto the east end of a barn sometimes part of Bareditch Coppie


1647      DB219/6       21st Oct. 1647
Lease at a Rent of £3.10s.0d p.a.
(1)  Governors as listed a
(2)  James Marshall, husbandman.

Messuage or tenement in Marsh end wherein Robert Abraham and John Dorkes now dwell containing three bays, lean to and outhouses etc.
Together with the close or pightle near thereunto adjoining.
Which messuage was late in the tenure of Thomas Potter.

DB220         1st April 1830
Lease for 14 years from 6.4.1830 to 6.4.1844 @ £21 pa
1)   The Master and Governors of Queen Ann's Hospital Revd Wm Marsham, clerk vicar of NP, Master and Edmund Goodwin, surgeon, Geo Cooch, gent, Henry Van Hagen of Tickford Park Esq., and Charles Hoddle Kipling, the Governors
2)   Jos Nichols, gardener
All those 2 cotts in Marsh End or Green End now in the occ of Jos Nicholls and the stable sometime erected and built adj to the N end of the cotts. Also all that plot or piece of garden ground to the cotts and stable adj (as the same now is and hath been for many years last past been staked and set out by stones or posts on the N and S sides at the W end thereof) cont by est 2a.
Witness Rbt Cooch. No description of neighbouring properties.  


NPHS Deed 6c       3rd February 1783.

Release and Assignment for £80

(1)  Geo. Pitt Hurst, of NP Gent., Jn Wilson of NP butcher, Jn Keates of NP dealer in Brandy, Jn Stanton of St Jn Street in St Sepulchres in Middlesex, Innholder
(2)  Thos Rogers of NP Surgeon and Apothecary.

Deed recites Whereas by a lease of 1st June 1757 between

(1)  Rbt Watson Vicar of NP and Master of Queen Ann's Hospital, Benjamin Pomfrett Gent., Wm. Davis, currier, Jn Church, Lace Merchant and Jn Purratt Yeoman all of NP and Governors of Queen Ann's Hospital.
(2)  Jn Haddon, carrier.

The Master and Governors demised, leased and to farm let to Jn Haddon "All that mess or tnmnt with outhouses and appurtenances thereto belonging lying near Tickford Bridge then in occ of Jn Haddon which was formerly two mess's in occs of Samuel Sharp and Mary Cosins, widow, which messuage lies near to the N. end of the bridge and the ground belonging to it extends to the churchyard. Together with the yards, gardens, commons etc and appurtenances thereto belonging". John Haddon or his heirs and assigns to hold the messuage from the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary last past for 40 yrs subject an annual rent of £6 payable to the Hospital 

And Whereas the lease of the mess was afterwards assigned to and vested in Benjamin Wadsworth of NP, carrier for the remainder of the 40 yr lease, which has since become vested in, together with the Freehold messuage described next and intended to be herby granted, conveyed and released stand as a Security to the executors of the Will of Robert Chibnall late of NP decd, lace merchant for the sum of £100.

Whereas by deeds of Lease and Release and Assignment of the 10th and 11th July 1782 between

1)   Benjamin Wadsworth
2)   Geo. Pitt Hurst, of NP Gent., Jn Wilson of NP butcher, Jn Keates of NP dealer in Brandy, Jn Stanton of St Jn Street in St Sepulchres in Middlesex, Innholder, And all and every other persons Creditors of Benjamin Wadsworth 

The above Leasehold messuage and the Freehold messuage described below were conveyed by Wadsworth to his Creditors, to be sold for the benefit of his Creditors.

Therefore George Pitt Hurst and the other Creditors have agreed to sell to Thomas Rogers the remainder of the Lease on the Leasehold premises and the Freehold of the other premises for £180 which is the best price they could get. But it was agreed that the £100 due to the executors of Robert Chibnall should remain a charge on both premises. (This means that it is included in the purchase price and will be owed by Rogers to the Executors of Chibnall).

The Properties now (1783) Sold to Thos Rogers are:

"All that freehold messuage, cottage or tenement in St John Street sometime since in the occ of Jn Haddon, decd, late of Benjamin Wadsworth and now of Thos Rogers. The house and ground of Joseph Tame on the NW; the house and premises of the Master and Governors of Queen Ann's Hospital (which is also hereby conveyed) on the SE"

Also "the leasehold premises with outhouses lying near Tickford Bridge sometime since in the occupation of John Haddon decd and formerly two messuages in the occupations of Samuel Sharp and Mary Cusins, widow which lyeth near the North end of the Bridge and the ground belonging thereto extendeth to the churchyard of NP. To have and to hold to Thos Rogers for the remainder of the 40 year lease and subject to the rent of £6 payable to Queen Annes Hospital, and also subject to and charged with the payment of £100 with interest to the executrix and executors of Rbt Chibnall decd.  

Witnesses Jeremy Fish Palmer, Thos Kedman, and George Cooch.

39 St John St

CH15 E1 Deeds to Admiral Hood

Lease for 40 years from Master and Governors of Queen Anne’s Hospital to Barnard Levi of messuage on E side of SJS consisting of a Parlour, Chamber, and Attic Storey above with a brick Kitchen or Brewhouse facing the river and one ancient building across the yard separating the premises hereby devised from the house and premises of Barnard Levi. ALSO the buildings and yard extending to the churchyard, bounded on the N by the yard and premises of .... Conworth.

Notice to Repair buildings and to Erect a Stable and barn of brick or stone with a slate or tile roof, from M and G of QAH to Barnard Levi the tenant of messuage on E side of SJS for 40 years, signed George Cooch

Draft notice to Repair and Erect buildings from M and G of QAH to Barnard Levi the tenant of messuage on E side of SJS for 40 years, signed George Cooch

Letters from Cooch and replies from Levi's solicitors
Morris is to take Lease

Assignment of Lease for £100 of property (as described in 1793)
1)   Barnard Levi
2)   John Morris

Lease of Stables and a cottage in NP
1)   John Morris
2)   Barnard Levi
Morris leases Stables and cottage back to Levi

Counterpart Lease for 21 years at £22.10.0 pa
1)   M and G of QAH
2)   John Morris and Henry Ashby of Ampthill, Common Brewers, property as described in 1793 but property on N formerly Conworth is now in occupation ...Shaw.

CH15 E2 Deeds to Butchers Shop
James Rose pulled down the old buildings, stables and blacksmiths and erected new cottages. 

Letter re Sale of property adjoining Admiral Hood by Private Treaty. The Admiral Hood was late Elizabeth Cross.

Sale of Freehold prems by Auction by J.P.Goodwin on Monday 1st Dec 1879 at the Swan Hotel
All that mess or tnmnt on the E side of SJS near the north end of Tickford Bridge consisting of a Parlour chamber and Attic storey above. And Also all that cottage or Tenmnt thereunto adj And Also all that Ancient Building lying across the yard, And Also all those buildings or the site whereon the same lately stood  and Yard and Ground extending to some cotts belonging to the Master and Governors of Queen Annes Hospital in NP. The Wall dividing the prems offered for sale from the property of the QAH is not included in the sale and the Purchaser will be required to build up at his own cost such part of the said wall as is now down. Further particulars from Powell Newman and Powell Solicitors NP.

On the Dorse "Lease of Ye Ancient Hospital with the Close Adjoining"

Lease 1st November 1649, by William Pomfrett, George Hill, Anthony Potter the younger and Robert Perrott the Governors of Queen Ann's Hospital (for some reason the Master was not included) to Thos Bacchus of Northampton, dyer, for 21 yrs at £5 p.a.. Property described as "All that tenement or New Building in NP standing at the south end of the said hospital called Queen Ann's, consisting of one bay and an entry with the lofts and rooms over it and also the lofts over the old hospital under which the poor people have habitations and also all the backside and pightle belonging to the said hospital and containing by estimation 1 acre with all the profits and appurtenances thereunto belonging". The governors reserved to themselves the yard plot now covered out from the said backside and in the occ. of the 6 poor people belonging to the hospital, and also the hovel and the ... now standing , growing or being, or which during the continuance of the present lease shall stand, grow  or be in or upon the said premises. The Governors were responsible for maintaining the property and not to carry out any activities in the lofts to the annoyance of the inhabitants below.


CH15 E4   13th August 1894

1875 Vicarage was let to Henry Cripps Rogers on 25th August 1875 for 7 years at £50 pa.

1894 let to James Croxton Walker at £40 pa from 3 months to 3 months. Either party can give 3 months notice of termination.

1897 let to William J Powell, solicitor at £40 pa from 1 year to 1 year. Either party can give 1 years notice of termination.


7th January 1646   Lease by the Master, Governors and Poor of Queen Annes Hospital to John Walwock for 21 yrs at a rent of 16/- p.a.. Property is All those 2 leys lying on and being in the backside of Tickford End, part of the demesne lands of Queen Annes Hospital, by estimate 1 acre of Sward ground. The ley ground of Robert Perrott lying on the west side and now or late in the tenure of John Walwock

10th August 1647   Lease by Anthony Potter the elder, Richard Perrott, William Pomfrett and George Hill Governors of Queen Ann's Hospital to Ellen Cooke of North Crawley, Rent 24/- p.a. Property is All those 14 lands with appurtenances lying together for seven acres in Brookefield in Tickford, adjoining the fields of North Crawley on the east, and to the lands of ..... shooting upon Whitings Hill at the one end and upon Chicheley Brook at the other end

Lease 2nd September 1650 by the Governors as listed above to Thos White for 21 yrs at 14 shillings p.a.. " All that cottage in Tickford End containing by estimation 4 bays of building, late in the occ. of Thos White". The Governors reserve the right to all the trees on the property and can enter it at any time.

Lease 1st September 1667 by Thos Aspin clerk, Vicar of Np and Master of the Hospital and Thos Kilpin, Marke Slingesbie, Roger Chapman and William Hartley, the Governors of the Hospital to John Old and William Morton both of NP, yeomen for 12 yrs at sixteen shillings p.a.. " All those two cottages in Tickford End containing by estimation 4 bays of building". The Governors reserve the right to all the fruit trees and any other trees on the property and can enter it at any time.

Lease by the Master and Governors as above to Robert Hooton, of NP, grocer for 12 yrs at sixteen shillings p.a.. "all those two Leys with appurtenances n the Fields of Tickford end now in the occ. of Robert Hooton. Receipts for rent recorded on the dorse.


28 Oct 1681
Lease. John Edward, Clerke, Vicar of NP and Master of Queen Ann's Hospital and Roger Chapman, William Hartley, Richard Kilpin, Richard Worrall Governors of the Hospital to George Chapman of Caldecott in the parish of NP, gent. WITNESSETH that for in consideration of the yearly rent of £9.10s.0d the Master and Governors have demised granted and to farme let to George Chapman ALL those severall parcels of arable land and leys lying in the Port Field of NP and now in the occupation of George Chapman, and also 3 leys in the fields of Sherington in the occupation of John Conningham

1954      From Bucks Standard
The Foxgate allotments (10a) in Wolverton Road owned by the Master and Governors of Queen Annes Hospital were sold for housing. Mr Sid Nicholson told the BS the following historical details of the land,

1686 let to Thos Marston for £6 p.a.
1690-1724 let to Rbt Nichols for £5.15s.0d p.a.
let to Nicholls family until 1857
1857 let to Wm Thickpenny for £20 p.a.
1890  let to J.C.Walker for £40 p.a.
1893 let to Allotment Association for £20 p.a.


2nd December 1641  Lease by the Master, Governors and Poor of Queen Annes Hospital to William Ashbie, for 21 yrs at a rent of 40/- p.a.. Property is All that cottage or tenement now in the occ. of William Ashbie

DB249/3       8th Sept 1770
Extract from Copy of Will of John Haddon the elder

To son John Haddon my messuages, lands and farms in fflower (Flore) Northants in the occ of Jn Hallowell, Also my mess in Redbourne, Herts in the occ of Thos Skelton, for ever.

Also to son John my mess in NP now in his occ which I hold by Lease of the Master and Governors of Queen Ann's Hospital, for the remainder of the term of my lease.


Rents Books   CH15. AM1 1669-1686

CH15. AM2 1687-1717
CH15. AM3 1717-1740
CH15. AM4 1741-1810

In above one of the Governors collects rents each year, he is called Collecting Governor. For example 1669 Thomas Kilpin, 1670 Marke Slingesbie, 1671 Roger Chapman, 1672 William Hartley, 1674 Thomas Kilpin.

1560 Grant in Fee Simple to George Howard the King and Queens servant of lands reported by him to be concealed, this covered the whole country and included “2 tenements in NP late of a Chantry in the church there” also “The chapel of St John in NP and land assigned for a priest to celebrate there on St John the Baptist day, now or late in the tenure of John Saunderson, clerk of Milton Keynes, Cal Pat Elizabeth.


There are a lot of Queen Annes Hospital Deeds and Accounts at Aylesbury listed as CH/15. These have not been seen by D Mynard.