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Newport Pagnell

transcribed by Ingrid Neale

January 1894 Newport Pagnell

On Thursday evenings in Advent there have been special services with sermons, and these have been fairly well attended. The Rev. H. Mawson, vicar of Astwood, preached on the first Thursday evening, and the Vicar on the others, as those who had kindly promised to come were prevented by illness.

On the third Sunday in Advent the sermons were preached, and collections made, in aid of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. The Vicar preached in the morning, and referred to the Rev. G. F. Gresley, who has resigned the pleasant parish of Claremont, close to Cape Town, and has gone to minister to the lepers in Robben Isle, off the coast of Africa.

The Rev. J. B. Maul preached in the evening, and described Queensland, where he has been working for the last four years, and he purposes to return, when his visit to this country and the old home is ended, and where we all hope he will have health and happiness. The collections amounted to £10 6s 11d.

The Festival of Christmas was celebrated in the customary manner. There were three celebrations of the Holy Communion, 6.45, 8, and 12.15 which were well attended. The Rev. J. B. Maul preached in the morning on Job ix.33, and his unusual text was followed by an attractive and interesting sermon. The Vicar gave an address on S. Stephen in the evening. The anthem was by Miles Foster. The bass solo was taken by Mr. A. W. Leven, the treble solo by Master J. Walker. Carols were sung after the service. The offertories for the poor amounted to £26 18s.

We shall be glad of some new Teachers for the girls school to replace those who for one reason or another have had to resign , and for whose work we feel very grateful.

Baptism Newport Pagnell 1894

Dec. 1 James, son of James Arthur and Susan Baxter

Dec 10 Florence Eunice, daughter of Emma and Frederick Lightburne

Dec. 11 Winifred May, daughter of John and Elizabeth Moseley

Dec. 14 Lewis Edward, son of Edward and Eliza Cook

Dec. 14 Abraham John, son of Jesse and Ellen Payne

Dec. 14 John Robert, son of Henry and Sarah Fincher

Burials Newport Pagnell 1894

Nov. 23 Elizabeth Britten, aged 64

Nov. 27 Elizabeth Freeman, aged 73

Nov. 28 William Thickpenny, aged 76

Dec. 2 Zilpha Winstanley, aged 52


February 1894 Newport Pagnell

On the Thursday evening in lent there will be special service with special preachers. February 8, the Rev. G.G. Goodrich, rector of Hardmead; Feb. 15, the Rev. R. O. Banks, vicar of Chicheley; Feb.22, the Rev. D. Elsdale, rector of Moulsoe; March 1, Rev. Hector Mawson, vicar of Astwood; March 8, the How. And Rev. W.T. Fiennes, rector of Milton Keynes. Of the Services in Holy week and at Easter due notice will be given.

On the afternoons of February 15, 22, and March1, the Rev. G. W. Pearse , rector of Walton, will give lectures on Church History, in the Masonic Hall. The lectures will begin at three o’clock.

After Evensong on the last day of the old year a special service was held in the Parish Church, and an address given by the Vicar. A large number of people remained for this service.

Since Xmas there have been several Parochial entertainments, all of which have been successful. There was a Christmas tree, through the kindness of Miss. F. Taylor, for the Children of the S. Paul’s School, on December 28, and one provided by Mrs. Maul, Mrs. Butler, and Mrs. Cooch for the children of S. Peter’s School on January 2.

The treat for the inmates of the Union House, for which they have to thank Miss Sophie Coales, who causes her friends to take an interest in the matter and to subscribe to the necessary fund, was given on the 9th of January, and by the kind help of the officers of the House it passed well.

Mr. F. J. Taylor, as he has done for so many years, entertained the members of the Church Institute and Club, and some invited guest, on the evening of January 2, 1894; nor must we forget Mr. J. R. Wilmer’s kindness on this as on former occasions. Mr. Taylor’s hospitality was thoroughly appreciated, and his health was drunk heartily, with thanks for the past and good wishes for the future. A very pleasant evening, improved by speeches and enlivened by songs, as spent and enjoyed. The report of the treasurer and secretary, Mr. F. G. Mills, regarding the Institute, was quite satisfactory, and the accounts produced at the General Meeting held on January 20, showed a considerable balance in favour of the Institute. The officers and committee are to be congratulated on this further good results of a better system of management, and of a closer attention.

Baptism Newport Pagnell 1894

Dec. 21 Daisey Hettie, daughter of Arthur and Louisa Jane Penman

Dec. 24 George, son of William and Jane Pratt

Jan. 1 Caroline Sparrow, daughter of William and Harriet Smith.

Jan. 11 Rosa Ella, daughter of John and Charlotte Elliot

Jan. 18 Arthur, son of Andrew Frederick and Ellen Mapley.

Jan. 19 Albert, Dan, Charlie, Beatrice Ann, James, children of Edward and Elizabeth Eaton.

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1894

Dec. 22 Hubert Augustus Martin and May Petts.

Dec. 25 William Temple and Susan Eliza Feasey

Dec. 26 Thomas Gurney and Lucy Harriet Sparrow.

Dec. 31 Edward Thickpenny and Fanny Richardson.

Burials Newport Pagnell 1894

Dec. 20 Elizabeth Miller, aged 76 years

Dec. 21 Edward Sewell, aged 81 years

Dec. 22 Albert George Earl, aged 4 months

Dec. 22 George Prickett, aged 2 years

Dec. 28 George Pratt, aged 4 months.

Jan. 2 Eliza Petts, aged 54 years

Jan. 9 Charles French, aged 67 years

Jan. 18 Mary Ann Hoare, aged 85 years

Jan. 20 Frederick Walter Matthews, aged 63 years.


March 1894 Newport Pagnell

The Holy Week and Good Friday Services will be announced in due time. On Passion Sunday and on Palm Sunday there will be a short special service after evensong, with address referring to Easter and the Holy Communion.

On Easter Day there will be four celebrations of the Holly Communion at 6, 6.45,(choral), 8, and 12.15. The offertories on Easter Day will be for choir expenses.

With the sanction of the Bishop of the Diocese the Bishop of Reading will hold a Confirmation for our Parish on a day yet to be named, but before the Feast of the Ascension.

On Ash Wednesday, there were the usual services which were fairly well attended.

On Thursday the 8th, the first of the Special Lent Services was held. The Rev. B.G. Goodrich Rector of Hardmead, R. D. preached. At the Special Service on the 15th the sermon was preached by the Rev. R. O. H. Banks, vicar of Chicheley, On both occasions there were good congregations. The Children’s Services on Thursday evening, will be continued through Lent. The preachers still to come are the Rev. H. Mawson, the Hon. and Rev. T. W. Fiennes, and the Rev. J. Tarver.

On January 29, the meeting called by a requisition signed by ratepayers was held in the Public Room. The resolution proposed and seconded, that a Board be formed for the re-building and the management of the Elementary Schools of the parish, was carried by a large majority of those present. We must, therefore, refrain from indulging in vain regrets for the loss of the Voluntary Schools, and meet the change bravely and hopefully. We feel sure that those who shall be elected as fit and proper persons to serve on the Board, will recognise their responsibilities and duties, and while being anxious to promote the efficiency of the Schools over which they will be called upon to preside in the secular branches of education, they will be careful also to consider the wishes of the parents, in deciding upon the religious instruction to be given. We know by the experience of the past, that the majority of the parents will desire the religious instruction to be quite as full as the regulations and the restriction of the Education Department sanction and allow. And for the rest we must depend with a renewed confidence on the teaching of the home, which has more influence than any other, and on that of our Sunday Schools, which, we believe, will be inspired by a new life, and so be found to rise to the occasion.

Since Christmas there have been several parish entertainments. There have been Christmas trees for the S. Peter and S. Paul’s Infant Schools, There has been a treat for the inmates of the Union House, and a tea for the mothers belonging to the Abbey End and Marsh End meetings. On the occasion of this the Vicar, on behalf of the mothers of the Abbey End Meeting, presented miss ray with a work basket and a photograph frame, as a sign and token of their appreciation of her , and the members of the kindness to them during the time she has assisted in the management of the meeting.

The children of the S. Peter’s Day Schools Boys’ and Girls’ Bands of Hope have each given performances, which they have enjoyed themselves, and which have given satisfaction to their many friends.

The Prizes provided for the elder boys and girls attending the Sunday Schools, have been handed by the Vicar to those who had earned them, and the Books for the Choir Boys’ Class were distributed after the Christmas tea at the Vicarage.

We have to express our regret for the loss of Miss. Line, who has for so long helped so wisely and so well in the Sunday Schools: we are sure she carries away with her to her new home our thanks for the past, and our very best wishes for the future. The Sunday before she left the teachers and girls presented her with a token of their regard and esteem.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1894

Jan. 25 William Thomas, son of Henry and Annie Stanton.

Jan. 25 Ada Rose, daughter of James and Sarah Ann Harper

Feb. 1 Horace Sidney, son of James and Kate Davis

Feb. 11 Helen Gladys, daughter of William Edward and Alice Jane Bennett

Feb. 15 Gertrude Mary, daughter of Thomas George and Elizabeth Phoebe Moseley

Feb. 15 William Frederick Mason, son of Reuben and Mary Ann Wise

Feb. 15 Elsie, daughter of Charles and Sarah Ann Butcher

Feb. 15 Elsie Beatrice, daughter of Alfred Vincent and Louisa Page

Feb. 15 Frederick John, son of Harry and Mary Jarvis

Feb. 19 Ada Dorothy Mary, daughter of John Edward and Ada Georgina Moore

Marriages 1894 Newport Pagnell

Jan. 21 Albert Sanders and Emma Mills.

Feb. 5 William John Matthews and Lydia Louisa Richardson.

Burials 1894 Newport Pagnell

Jan. 30 Frederick William Garratt, aged 9 months.

Jan. 30 William Wesley, aged 28

Feb. 5 William Thomas Stanton, aged 5 weeks.

Feb. 6 Harry Wesley Webb, aged 14

Feb. 9 Frederick Feasey, aged 51


April 1894 Newport Pagnell

The Lord Bishop of Reading has arranged to hold a Confirmation here on the 3rd Sunday after Easter, april 15, and he will hold his Visitation on Monday the 16th.

The Special Services on the Thursday evenings in Lent have been very well attended, and we feel very grateful to the preachers for their kindness in coming and for their interesting and instructive sermons.

The Rev. G. W. Pearse, Rector of Walton, gave three lectures in the Masonic Hall, on “Church History.” The number attending these Lectures was larger than on former occasions. A vote of thanks to the Lecturer was proposed and carried, and the hope was expressed that he may be able to continue the series next year.

Mr. Martin, H.M.I., visited and examined the Night School on March 16. He appeared to be quite satisfied with the result of the winter’s teaching, and we hope that he will express this good opinion in the report which will arrive in due time. The lads who have been regular in their attendance at the School were entertained on Thursday, the 15th, by their teachers, Mr. Middleton and Mr. Levin and this their kindness was appreciated and enjoyed.

The improvements contemplated in the chancel and nave of our Parish Church will be begun before very long, and be completed in the course of a few weeks, and we feel sure we shall all be pleased with the work when it is finished. The expense will be defrayed by a legacy left some few months ago, by one who wished that these alterations should be effected, and by those who desire to preserve her memory in the church where she worshipped for so many years.

We are hoping, too, for some other gifts from other quarters, as memorials of the dead, and as thank offerings from the living.

There were 18 nominated to serve on the School Board, of these 7 withdrew, leaving 11 to go to the poll, which is to be held on Monday, April 2, 1894, at the British School from 12 till 8. Of these 11, there are 6 representing the Church Schools, 4 of these having been managers for many years. These 6 hope and expect to be voted for by those who have hitherto been supporters of those Schools, by those who have been educated in them, and by those who have chosen them for their children, and the 6 are the following- Messrs. J.C. Coales, E.D. Mitchell, W.B. Shakeshaft, F. J. Taylor, J.E. Whiting, and C. M. Ottley, Vicar.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1894

Feb. 22 Charles Willliam, son of Abraham and Ellen Turvey

Feb. 22 William, son of Thomas William and Caroline Rose Battison

Feb. 22 Harriet, daughter of William and Matilda Blunt

Feb. 22 Arthur Edward, son of Edward John and Annie Keech.

March 4 Frederick Thomas, son of William Frederick and Louisa Alice Harris

March 8 Frederick Arthur, son of Charles and Jane Shelton.

March 15 Alfred, son of William and Annie Jarvis

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1894

March 3 Owen Beckett and Emma Pettitt

Burials Newport Pagnell 1894

Feb. 22 Ada Dorothy May Moore, aged 4 weeks

March 3 Mary Burgess Burbidge, aged 56

March 3 Orson Edwin Nicholson, aged 5 months

March 8 Thomas Frederick Henson, aged 5 months


May 1894 Newport Pagnell

We have to record with much regret the death of Mrs. Maul, which occurred at Mentone, on April 14, where she had been for some weeks. In Mrs. Maul we have lost one who has lived at The Lodge for many years, ever since her marriage, and who has been an interested and liberal supporter of the Church and of the town, for she has been always ready to contribute to every good work, sympathising with the sick, thinking of the happiness of the children. Mrs. Maul was buried on the 21st, in the Cemetery, in the same grave with her husband, the late J. C. Maul, who died on February 1, 1880. The funeral, at which the Rev. J. S. Brownrigg and the Vicar officiated, was choral. It was attended by all her children, several relations, and numerous friends, amongst whom were some of those who had been members of her household in earlier and later times, and who recalled her kindness to them.

We have to express our sympathy with Mr. E. D. Mitchell, the sexton of the parish, on the loss of his wife, to whom he has been married for about 50 years, and who died quite suddenly on the night of the 19th. We feel the more for him in this his sorrow, because he himself is in failing health, and will therefore miss the loving and patient care which she tended him to the last hour of her life.

On Maundy Thursday there was a celebration of the Holy Communion in the morning and a Special Service in the evening, with a sermon by the Rev. C. H. Spurrell.

On Good Friday there was service at 11, with sermon by the Rev. C. H. Spurrell, and at 6 with an address by the Vicar. At the Special Service from 12 to 3 the addresses on the Seven Last Words from the Cross were given by the Rev. Hector Mawson, vicar of Astwood, and we are very grateful to him for having undertaken the duty with but little notice, and for having fulfilled it so very well.

On Easter Day there were four celebrations of the Holy Communion, at 6. 6.45 (choral), 8, and 12.15. The sermon at matins was preached by the Vicar, and the sermon at evensong by the Rev. C. H. Spurrell. The anthem was by Peel, and was rendered with good effect by the choir, Master J. Walker and Mr. A. Levin taking the solos. The offertories, for Choir Expenses, amounted to £21. As the Festival of Easter fell this year on the Festival of the Annuncia' ion, the Church was decorated entirely -with white lowers.

We have to express our thanks for an Easter offering of an Alms Dish of beaten brass, of large size, beautiful design and workmanship.

On Easter Monday a vestry meeting was held, and Mr. G.O. Price and Mr. Odell, who have been churchwardens for many years, resigned. The Vicar and those present joined in passing a vote of thanks to them for their services, and the suggestion that a token of regard and esteem should be offered to Mr. Odell, who has represented the parishioners, was most warmly approved. The Vicar nominated Mr. Allfrey to be his Churchwarden, and Mr. Wadhams was elected by the parishioners. Messrs. E. Price, J. Odell, jun., F, J. Taylor, J. Holliday. I. Wright, and W. Mayne were chosen to he sidesmen.

Authority was obtained from the Vestry to apply for a faculty to make the proposed alterations and improvements in the chancel and the Church, and the application was duly signed and forwarded and as a result the notice from the Registrar has been affixed to the Church doors, on the 8th and again on the 15th, and we expect the leave and license to proceed with the work will arrive before very long.

The election of members for the School Board was held on April 2, and was conducted in a quiet and orderly manner, and though we regretted the necessity of an election, we are glad now that the people have had the opportunity of expressing their opinion and their wishes by the votes. 726 persons went to the poll, and the result, which was declared the same evening, and received by the waiting crowd, as follows: —Rev. C. M. Ottley, Messrs. Whiting, Garratt, F. J. Taylor, Chantler, Shakeshaft, Littleboy, Mitchell, and W. R. Bull, and of those the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th are those who represented the National Schools.

The first meeting of the Board was held on April 19, in accordance with instructions received from the returning officer. The Rev. C. M. Ottley was elected chairman, and Mr. F. J. Taylor vice-chairman and Mr. Littleboy treasurer. It was decided to issue an advertisement for a clerk, to procure a seal, and to hold the meetings on the 3rd Thursday in every month at 7.30.

The Bishop of Reading spent Sunday, the 15th, in our parish. He held a Confirmation in the afternoon. There were 69 candidates from Newport Pagnell, 29 males and 40 females, 4 from Willen, 2 from Filgrave, 2 from S. Mary's, Stratford, 1 from Bletchley, and 1 from Moulsoe. The Bishop gave plain and practical addresses. He urged the people, as well as the newly confirmed, to " eschew evil and do good." He pressed the necessity of seeking for God's grace, by prayer, by reading the Bible, by receiving the Holy Communion, and reminded those who heard him that in matters of religious doubt and difficulty they should go to the Clergy, and ask for their council and advice.

The Bishop preached in the evening to a large congregation, taking as his text S. John vi. 68. He spoke of the sayings of Jesus Christ during the forty days that intervened between the Resurrection and Ascension. The Bishop showed his interest in those especially engaged in the work of the Church, for he spent some time in the Sunday Schools and encouraged the teachers and children. He spoke, too, most kindly to the members of the choir, and paid a visit to the tower and addressed a few words to the bellringers.

On the 16th the Bishop held his "Visitation as Archdeacon of Buckingham. There was a celebration of the Holy . Communion at 11, and this was followed by the Charge and the Court. At the conclusion of the dinner at the Swan Hotel, the Bishop left for Aylesbury, the next centre.

An Entertainment, consisting of music and tableaux, was given in the Masonic Hall, on the evenings of Wednesday and Thursday, April 18, and 19. Those who arranged the scenes, and those who took part in them, are to be congratulated upon the success of the various pictures. Although those who patronised the performances were not so numerous as one might have expected, but, after all the expenses are paid, there remains a balance of £616s. for the Parochial Nursing Fund.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1894

March 22 Lilly Clara, daughter of Harry and Emma Mary Croft.

March 22 William Charles, son of Benjamin and Sarah Jane Burbidge.

March 25 Constance Mary, daughter of Thomas Leburn and Ellen Elizabeth Hackett.

March 20 Percy George, son of George William and Elizabeth Annie Compton.

April 5 Harriet Ellen, daughter of William and Lizzie Hartup.

April 5 Ellen, daughter of William and Mary Ann Leeds.

April 8 Eva Jane, daughter of William and Elizabeth Jarie Stapleton.

April 11 Dorothea Elaine, daughter of Harry Townshend and Elizabeth Caroline Wickham.

April 12 Violet, daughter of Frederick and Jane Moore.

April 19 Frances Mary, daughter of George Henry and Eliza Sampson

April 19 Annie, daughter of Charles and Laura Barker.

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1894

April 14 John Minnell, of Newport Pagnell, and Harriet Blunt, of Moulsoe.

April 15 William Bavington and Lucy Esther Watkins, both of Newport Pagnell.

April 19 Joseph Shepherd, of Under Needwood, and Sarah Ann Mapley of Newport Pagnell.

Burial Newport Pagnell 1894

April 12 Charles Morgan Harman, 75


June 1894 Newport Pagnell

Mr. E. D. Mitchell, sen., who had been sexton of this parish since March 1876, died on the evening of May 17, 1894. Mr. Mitchell, who thus held the ancient and honourable office for 18 years, fulfilled the duties connected with it personally until within the last few weeks, and by his deputy until the end. The funeral took place on the 22nd , the service being performed by the Vicar and by the Rev. C. H. Spurrell. Mr. O. H. Bull presided at the organ , and hymns 537 and 499 were sung, the first in the church, and the second at the grave. The churchwardens, Messrs. Allfrey and Wadhams, were present and many people. In the evening the ringers rang a muffled peal, in memory of the departed, who until quite recently, was one of their number. Mr. Mitchell survived his wife, to whom he had been married for 50 years, by only four weeks, and it is certain that grief for her hastened his death, but, as we may hope, the meeting in that blessed Home where partings are unknown.

The Feast of Ascension was observed on the 3rd. There were three celebrations of the Holy Communion and a children’s service, beside matins and evensong; the latter was fully choral, and a sermon preached by the Rev. C. H. Spurrell. The congregations were fair, but not anything like what they might be if people would but remember the importance of the Festival, the fact it commemorates, and the lessons it teaches.

The Feast of Whitsunday was marked by three celebrations of the Holy Communion, at the first and second of which a large number of the newly-confirmed made their first Communion. The services throughout the day were bright and hearty, and the congregations were very good. The solos of the anthem in the evening was well sung by James Daniels. The Vicar, in his sermon in the morning spoke of the changed circumstances of the elementary schools, and discoursed upon the increased importance of the Sunday Schools, and pleaded for the parents to take a deeper interest in them, remembering with thankfulness the services of those who teach, and caring for the instruction of those who learn; and while the teachers need faith and hope, the learners need attention and reverence; to esteem their teachers highly for their own, and for their work’s sake, and to remember that they hear from their lips, the words of Eternal Life.

During the month the Elementary Schools of the parish have been visited and examined by the Inspectors. We hope that when the reports come in that we shall find they have again proved their efficiency, and that they have done well.

The work of improving the chancel of the church will have been begun before this number of the magazine appears. The necessary re-arrangement of the east end of the nave will have entailed the removing of one or two of the front benches; we hope that those who are disturbed from their accustomed seat, will kindly be satisfied with the provision made for them while the alterations are being carried out. It is believed that it will not be necessary to give up the daily services altogether, but the hours will have to be changed.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1894

April 26 Annie, daughter of William Frederick and Anna Moseley

April 26 Mabel Olive, daughter of Daniel and Ann Tate

April 26 Dorothy Kate, daughter of Charles Joseph and Charlotte Elizabeth Saunders

May 6 Arthur, son of Thomas Garabaldi and Louise Sephton

May 10 John Henry, son of John and Annie Elizabeth Bailey

May 13 Gertrude Mary, daughter of Arthur and Margaret Florence Jackson.

May 17 Frederick Arthur Reginald, son of Walter Joseph and Fanny Robinson

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1894

May 12 Joseph Tole and Clara Waite

May 13 Joseph Farrow ad Mary Eliza Walker

Burials Newport Pagnell 1894

April 21 Laura Maul, aged 68

April 24 Jane Mitchell, aged 68

May 12 Herbert Cyril Putman, aged 19 months

May 17 William Rose, aged 40


July 1894 Newport Pagnell

The work of restoring the Chancel of the Parish Church was begun on Monday, 28th of May. The entire expense of what is being done will be defrayed by a legacy left by the late Mrs. Taylor, of Lovat Bank, and by money contributed by her family, who are effecting these improvements as a memorial of their mother. No other legacy has been left, nor have any other gifts been definitely promised. While the work is being done, the altar stands at the East end of the nave, in front of the screen, and the choir have their places on either side. An American organ, kindly lent by Mr. F. G. Mills, is used, and answers fairly well.

On Thursday, June 7, several of the members of the Women’s Club, of which Mrs. Carr is secretary, went for an outing to Blisworth gardens, where they had an excellent tea, and enjoyed themselves very much, returning home by special train at 9 o’clock.

On Thursday, June 14, the festival of the Girls’ Friendly Society was held at Emberton. There was a bright and hearty service in the Parish Church at 3 o’clock, and the Rector preached a plain and practical sermon from the text P’s xxxviii., v 38. By kind permission of the Rector and Mrs. Sams, the tea was held in the rectory grounds. When this was over Mrs. Hutchings gave an address, and its conclusion the premiums for good service were presented. The Olney Band arrived at 5.30, and the rest of the time was spent in dancing, games, &c.

The Rev. W. J Harkness, Diocesan Inspector, examined the River Side Schools on May 22. He was much pleased with the religious knowledge of the children, which shewed evidence of very good teaching and attention. The prizes in the Boys’ School were won by Arthur Brown, and Charles Tame, and the 2nd by A. Stapleton and S. Nicholson; and those in the Girls’ School by Maggie Scott and Lilly Waller. Several others were very highly commended.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1894

May 20 Cyril, son of Frederick and Elizabeth Richardson

May 20 Thomas Walter, son of George William and Annie Elizabeth Atkins

May 24 Kate, daughter of George Henry and Mary Ann Loxley

May 31 William Harry, son of William and Mary Esther Kilpin.

June 9 Ellen Louise, daughter of Alfred Healey and Alice Mitchell

June 9 Fred, son of George Thomas and Rose Ella Mills

June 9 Mary Ann, daughter of Charles and Esther French

Burials Newport Pagnell 1894

May 22 Reginald Albert Baxter, aged 15 months

May 22 Edward David Mitchell, aged 70

June 5 Thomas Mapley, aged 69

June 18 Nellie French, aged 1 year

June 19 Eliza Dimmock, aged 63


August 1894 Newport Pagnell

In Thomas Paine, who died, aged 84on June 30, and was buried on July 5, we have lost one of the oldest inhabitants of our town and one of the oldest inhabitants of our town, and one who has connected with our Parish Church as a member of the Choir for more than half-a-century. Mr. Paine was respected and esteemed by all, in his public offices and in his private life, and during the last few years of failing sight and feeble health, he had the sympathy of those who knew how much he was tried and how much he suffered.

On July 19, the senior members of the Parish Choir, accompanied by the Vicar, went for their annual holiday The weather was unfavourable , but in spite of that drawback, the party enjoyed their visit to Chatham, and to London, returning by the 12 o’clock train, which, by the kind interest of Mr. G O. Price was stopped at Wolverton for their convenience.

On Thursday, July 19, the Junior Members of the Choir were taken by the Vicar for their outing. It was rather wet at the start, but from 11 o’clock the day was beautifully fine. The party travelled to Broad Street, and from thence walked to the Tower Bridge, and, afterwards, by their request visited the Tower, Mr. P. Elkington, (brother of the Rev. W. H. Elkington) who is now quartered in the Tower, was very kind to the boys, and obtained leave for them, to ascend to the roof of the White Tower, and to descend to the dungeons, not usually shown. From the Tower the Party went by ‘Bus to Earls Court, to the Exhibition there, and returning by the 10.5 p.m., Euston, were met by the break at Bletchley, and reached home, pleased and safe, at one o’clock.

The Sunday School Treat is fixed for Thursday, August 2. The special service will be held in the Church at 3 o’clock, and the tea and sports in the field off Tickford Street, by the kind permission of Messrs. G. and W. Fleet. The Town Band will attend, and it is hoped that the day will be fine and that the parents and friends of the children will be present in goodly numbers.

The Aquatic Sports will take place at the Jubilee Bathing place, on August 9, at three o’clock. We hope they will be patronised by all who are supporters of the healthful and valuable art of swimming.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1894

June 21 Archibald Horace, son of Alfred James and Agnes Cornhill

June 21 Frederick John, son of William Jesse and Sarah Wickham

June 21 Annie Mary, daughter of William Thomas and Phoebe Elizabeth Garratt

June 28 Flora Louisa, daughter of William and Ellen Hopkins

June 28 Denis George, son of Charles and Caroline Stanton

July 1 Eva Mary, daughter of James and Jane Elizabeth Harris

July 19 William Henry, son of William and Louisa Warr

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1894

June 26 Walter Bass and Ada Mary French, both of Newport Pagnell

July 3 John Humphrey Davis, of Long Buckby, and Elizabeth White of Newport Pagnell

July 16 Albert Charles Edwards, of Highbury, London, and Elizabeth Letitia Warr, of Newport Pagnell

Burials Newport Pagnell 1894

July 5 Thomas Paine, aged 85

July 12 Sarah Jane Emmerton, aged 3

July 14 Ethel Maud Emmerton, aged 7 months

July 14 James Harper, aged 68

July 20 Richard Morbey, aged 84

July 21 Robert Friday, aged 59


September 1894 Newport Pagnell

The work of restoring the Chancel of the Parish Church is making good progress, and it is hoped that the opening service will be held on All Saints’ Day. A design has been drawn by Mr. A. E. Taylor, architect, for the Reredos to be given by members of their family in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Maul, but it will not be completed until a later date than November 1st.

The organ must be repaired and cleaned during the next few weeks, and for this and for new flooring for the Aisles, funds will have to be raised, and we hope that all who can afford to do so will contribute. There will have to be about £40 spent on the organ, and the estimate for the flooring will be considerably more.

On July 24, a number of the members of the Marsh End and Abbey End Mother’s Meeting went in brakes to Bedford, where they had tea in the pavilion in the park. The weather was rather threatening but the day kept fine, and the holiday was enjoyed very much.

On July 26, the Rev. C. H. Spurrell, accompanied by several of his Bible Class went to London, where a long and happy day was spent in visiting various places of interest and of amusement. The party left Euston by the 10.5 train, and, driving from Bletchley, arrived home by about 1 o’clock tired but pleased.

On August 2, the Sunday School treat was held - The special service in the Church was at 3 o’clock, and the Town Band headed the procession to the fields, most kindly lent by Messrs. Geo. and William Fleet, where the tea was prepared and done justice to; and the children thoroughly enjoyed the swing boats, the donkey riding, and the sports. The morning was very showery but it cleared up for the afternoon, and was quite fine until about 7 o’clock, when the rain began again and brought the festivities to an end much earlier than usual. We take this and every opportunity of expressing our gratitude to the superintendents and the teachers of these 4 Sunday Schools, for their work of love, patience and hope.- The following is the statement of accounts: -Receipts: Subscriptions £13 7s 6d., Donation £1, per Rev. C. Ottley - Sunday School Offertory 33 5s., Deficit £4 13s 10d., Total £22 6s 4d. Expenditure: Provisions for tea £12 13s 1d., Hire of tent, tables, &c., £2 10s., Putting up swings, ropes, &c., £1 10s., Hire of crockery, 6s 3d., Helpers for tea., &c., £1 2s., Band and prizes £2 5s .., Hire of swing boats £1, do donkeys £1. Total £22 6s 4d. Number of children 583, do teachers and helpers 100. Total 683.

On August 9, the Annual Aquatic Sports were held at the Jubilee Bathing Place. The weather was fairly fine, and there was a good attendance of spectators The various events were well contested and the polo most exciting. At the conclusion the Vicar presented the prizes provided from the funds, collected from many subscribers. Mr. O. H. Bull deserves the warmest thanks for the trouble he takes to teach the boys to swim, and the Committee are to be congratulated on the success of their programme and arrangements.

On Tuesday, August 21, Miss Taylor and her Bible Class of Girls drove to Bow Brickhill, where they had a very good tea. The weather was not what could be wished, but the girls spent some hours under the shelter of the trees of the wood most pleasantly. The party got home by 9 o’clock.

Baptism Newport Pagnell 1894

July 26 Emily, daughter of Charles and Jemima Holland

July 26 Ethel Elizabeth Anna, daughter of Sidney and Elizabeth Fisher.

July 29 Helen, daughter of Joseph and Emma Plackett

Aug. 3 George Henry, son of John George and Mary Ann Roberts

Aug. 5 Frederick Charles, son of Frederick Charles and Caroline Pryce

Aug. 10 George, son of Harry and Sarah Jackson

Aug. 17 Sidney David, son of David and Sarah Ann Boon

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1894

Aug. 4 George Joseph Smith, of Great Linford, and Bessie Priscilla Higgins, of Newport Pagnell

Aug. 6 Lucius Birkett, of Sharnbrook, and Kate Page, of Newport Pagnell.

Aug. 6 William Baker, of Newport Pagnell, and Elizabeth Sarah Ager, of S. Mary’s, Somertown, London.

Burials Newport Pagnell 1894

July 28 John Odell, aged 83

Aug 2 George Harris, aged 63

Aug 3 Albert Edward Daniels, aged 18 months

Aug. 10 Ann Clarke, aged 60

Aug. 14 Annie Maria Garratt, aged 11 weeks


October 1894 Newport Pagnell

The new roof of the Church is now completed and as the boarding has been removed from the arch, we can see how much the change enhances the appearance of the Church. The preparations for the new floor has been commenced, and we believe all will be ready for dedication on the Festival of All Saints, November 1.

The Churchwardens are being assisted this year in collecting the subscriptions to the Church Service Fund by the sidesmen, who were appointed and kindly undertook the office last Easter.

Messrs. Allfrey and E. Price collect in St. John-street, Silver-street, Marsh End, and The Green, Messrs Wadham and F. J. Taylor in Mill End, and the High-street to Cannon Corner. Messrs. W/ Mayne and I. Wright in the High-street from Cannon Corner. Messrs Holliday and J. Odell, jun., in Tickford End.

At a meeting held on September 24, presided over by the Vicar, and attended by the above-named gentlemen, it was decided to have offertories on those Sundays when there are none for special purposes , for Church Expenses, the money to be added to the fund for cleaning and repairing the organ, for laying the aisles with wood pavement, and for other improvements. It is hoped that the people will give willingly and liberally on these occasions, and what they can to render the nave more in keeping with the restored chancel, and more worthy of the parish and congregation.

By the sanction of the Board an evening school for lads will be held under the superintendence of Mr. H. Middleton, in the old National Schools, on three evenings in the week, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, during the winter months. We hope that the School will be well attended by those wishing to retain and to increase their knowledge, and we trust the parents will use their influence and induce the boys to take advantage of the opportunity offered.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1894

Aug. 23 Dorothy Ivy Rose, daughter of Sidney William and Rosa Anna Freeman

Aug. 23 Arthur David, son of Arthur and Kate Hammond

Aug. 30 Lottie Eulilia, daughter of William and Eulilia Joiner

Aug. 30 Sidney Francis, son of Charles Hardy and Emily Suddaby

Aug. 30 Henry Charles, son of William and Elizabeth Mary Howe

Aug. 30 Annie, daughter of Frederick and Eliza Umney

Sep. 6 Rose Ellen, daughter of Albert Matthew and Susan Sewell

Sep. 6 Thomas George, son of Thomas and Lucy Harriet Gurney

Sep. 6 Albert Bertram, son of John Henry and Mary Ann Brice

Sep. 11 Clarence, son of Richard Thomas and Kate Hayllar

Sep. 13 Winifred Annie, daughter of George and Annie Saunders

Sep. 13 Margaret Phyllis Carrie, daughter of John Lane and Dorcas Caroline Wright.

Marriage Newport Pagnell 1894

Aug. 26 James Fowler Pryor and Mary Ann Abbott.

Burials Newport Pagnell 1894

Aug. 29 Willliam Chrisp, aged 64

Sep. 18 Thomas West, aged 75


November 1894 Newport Pagnell

The Harvest Festival was kept on Sunday, September 30. The Church was prettily decorated. The music, including an anthem with a solo by J. Daniels, and one for Mr. A. W. Levin, was well rendered, considering the fact that while Mr. O. H. Bull played the organ in the Chancel, the choir was still outside the screen. The congregation was very large throughout the day, and a great number of the members of the Friendly Societies attended a special service in the afternoon. They marched to Church, headed by the Town Prize Band, and carrying with them the beautiful banners belonging to the Oddfellows, and to the Foresters. There was an early celebration of the Holy Communion, at which there were many Communicants. The sermons in the morning and afternoon were preached by the Vicar, that in the evening by the Rev. C. H. Spurrell. The offertories were unusually liberal, amounting to £33.

The members of the Rev. C. H. Spurrell’s Bible Class, which is held in the Vicarage every Sunday afternoon, is entertained by him at tea in the gymnasium of the Church Institute, on Monday, the 15th. At the conclusion of an excellent meal prepared by Mrs. Mawby. The Vicar, on behalf of the Class, presented Mr. Spurrell with a very nice breakfast cruet, in recognition of his kindness. And then, after a brief address, the Vicar handed the prizes provided by Mr. Spurrell to the lads who had earned them by frequent attendances, and good conduct. - The remainder of the evening was spent in music and games, and was a very happy one.

Nurse Margaret, who had been with us for more than 4 years, has left by her own wish and to our great regret, and has gone to be nurse in the Union House, at Blean in Kent. Nurse Margaret by her kindness and her judgement, as well as by her skill, won the regard and the respect of all, and while the medical gentlemen of the town testified their appreciation of her, by a handsome and useful gift, 130 of our poorer people gave her a purse containing a £5 note, leaving it to her to buy whatever she may like to keep in memory of her many friends. The subscriptions were collected by Mrs. Fred Brown, Mrs. Walter Cole, Mrs. Jesse French, and Mrs. C. Shelton.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1894

Sept. 20 Arthur George, son of Tom Burgess and Ellen Mills

Sept. 27 Grace Caroline, daughter of Herbert Ingle and Julia Middleton

Sept, 27 Eva May, daughter of Reuben and Maria Wadsworth

Sept. 27 Violet Mary, daughter of William and Susan Elizabeth Cornish Horne

Oct. 4 Eunice, daughter of Charles John and Phoeba Loxley

Oct. 7 Albert Arthur, son of Arthur Henry and Ada Mary Ann Harris

Oct. 11 Ernest Arthur, son of Thomas George and Eliza Brice

Oct. 11 Fred, son of Frederick and Elizabeth Richardson

Oct. 11 Frank Osborne, son of William John and Lydia Louisa Matthews

Oct. 18 Herbert Ernest, son of Harry and Thirza Watson

Oct. 18 Doris Marian, daughter of Thomas William and Amy Louisa Green

Oct. 18 Florence Rosa, daughter of Albert and Emily Saunders.

Oct. 18 Frederick William, son of William and Elizabeth Ann Mobbs

Oct. 18 Harold Oliver Leo, son of Alfred and Sarah Viccars

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1894

Sept. 22 Henry Robert Clarke, and Ellen Fenimore.

Sept. 22 George Davey, of Deanshanger, and Gertrude Lucy Cooper, of Newport Pagnell

Burial Newport Pagnell 1894

Oct. 12 William Barker, aged 83


December 1894 Newport Pagnell

The Lord Bishop of Oxford has given notice that he will hold a Confirmation in our Parish Church on Monday, February 18, 1895, at 3 o'clock. Those wishing to be confirmed should send their names with as little delay as possible to the Vicar or to the Rev. C. H. Spurrell.

From Advent and until further notice matins will be said every day at 10, and evensong at 6.30, except on Thursday, when it will be at 5, and on the same evening, at 8, during the Advent season, there will be a special service with an address.

On the third Sunday in Advent the Rev. G. Crane, Missionary from Newfoundland, will preach morning and evening, and collections will be made in aid of the funds of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.

On Christmas Day there will be three celebrations of the Holy Communion, at 6.45, 8, and 12.15. Matins at 11, and evensong at 6. The offertories will be for the relief of the sick and needy.

The Vicar is in correspondence with the Lady Superintendent of the Nursing Institute at Stoke-on-Trent, and we hope that matters will be so arranged that Nurse Marion will enter upon her duties here on December 3.

The news from Nurse Margaret is very good, as she is happy in her new home and work, but she often thinks of her friends here and of their kindness and their present.

On the Festival of All Saints, November 1,-at 3 o'clock, the restored chancel was dedicated. The Lord Bishop of Oxford, by invitation, robed in Mr. Odell's house. He was met at the north door of the Church by the churchwardens, sidesmen, choir, vicar, and curate, and, attended by the Rural Deans of Newport, Bletchley, and Buckingham, and followed by a large number of the clergy, he proceeded to his place within the altar rails The Service, including proper psalms, an anthem, and hymns, was well rendered. The Bishop recited some appropriate collects and preached the sermon, taking as his text, Ephesians ii., 20, 21, and 22. The Rev. B. G. Goodrich, Rector of Hardmead, Rural Dean, preached in the evening. There were very good congregations at both services, the offertories amounting to £16 Is. The Bishop declared himself to be very much pleased with the restoration and considered every thing to have been well designed by Mr. B. A. Taylor, and carried out by Mr. B. Wilford. On his return home he wrote a letter, congratulating all concerned on the success of the day and the work, on the arrangements made for the occasion, and on the reverence of the service._

The new floor has been provided by a legacy left by Mrs. Taylor, of Lovat Bank, for the purpose, the new roof has been erected to her memory by her sons and daughters, and the decoration of the walls is paid for from a fund which has been accumulating for many years.

We have now before us the task of raising money for cleaning and repairing the organ, which is estimated to cost about £86, And for restoring the nave of the church, and this will require a considerable sum.

We have to express our thanks on- this occasion, not only for the beautiful chancel, but for other gifts, for the new and handsome curtain that now hangs between the tower and the church, for two red silk and embroided alms bags, for a . new linen covering for the top of the altar worked in silk, and for the list of the vicars since 1263, which not only shews the skill of the pen of the ready writer, but is of great interest in these days of change, for it is like a chain of many links connecting the distant past with the immediate present.

On Sunday, November 4, the following boys were admitted as choristers at the afternoon service :— Reginald Bull, Alfred Coales, Bertie Cook. Kenneth Garratt, Reginald Levin, John Egmont Line, Ernest Meadows, Henry Nicholson, Robert Nottingham, George Stapleton, Fred Walker, and William Wilmer.

The very heavy and continuous rains of the 12th and 13th were followed by a flood higher, it is said, than any since 1823—170 houses were more or less inundated, the schools had to be closed, for it was impossible for the majority of the scholars to reach them.

A letter of appeal for help, signed by Mr. Littleboy and the Vicar was published, and lists for subscriptions were opened at the Bank and the Post Office— to provide fuel for the poorer people who had suffered from the rising of the water. Mr. Jos. Short brought in the names of 150 applicants for the relief. A Committee of subscribers, Mr. R. Littleboy, F. J. Taylor, and the Vicar, distributed, at the Reading Room, on Saturday, Nov. 17, tickets for about 27 tons of coal.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1894

Oct. 25 Albert, son of John anfl Ellen Harris.

Oct .25 Oliver John, son of Frederick and Mary Crawley.

Nov. 2 Frances Lilly, daughter of George William and Mary Emily Daniels.

Nov 8 Frederick Oliver, son of David and Naomi Darlow.

Nov 8 William Robert, son of Robert Edward and Elizabeth Harcourt.

Nov 15 Reginald Jack, son of William and Clara Barker

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1894

Oct. 28 Joseph Masters, of S. Andrews, Northampton, and Theresa Annie Emmerton, of Newport Pagnell.

Nov. 5 John Skempton Richardson, of Aspoidley, and Rosa Saunders, of Newport Pagnell.

Burial Newport Pagnell 1894

Nov. 8 John Walker, aged 65


January 1895 Newport Pagnell

No text entry in the Magazine for January 1895

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1895

Nov. 22 Percy Edgar, son of Edward and Ellen Baxter

Nov. 29 Kerenhappuck, Mabel, daughter of Harry John and Sarah Cole

Nov. 29 Thomas Harry, son of George and Clara Mapley

Dec. 10 Florence Edith, daughter of Joseph Thomas and Ada Saunders

Marriage Newport Pagnell 1895

Dec. 13 William Walter Druce, of Deanshanger and Sarah Ellen Godfrey of Newport Pagnell

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

Nov 29. John Tompkins Hammond, aged 76

Dec. 8 James Wyatt, aged 74

Dec. 16 William Clauge, aged 33


February 1895 Newport Pagnell

The Confirmation will be on Monday. February 1 at 3 o'clock.

On the Festival of S. Andrew, and the day appointed to be observed as, a day of intercession for the missions of the Church. There were, two celebrations of the Holy Communion, and an address was given by the Vicar in the evening. The offertories .were for the Mission Students' Fund.

On the Thursday evenings in Advent we have had short special services with address. That on the first was given by the Vicar, and those on the second and third by the Rev. C. H. Spurrell.

Nurse Marriott,' from the Staffordshire Nursing Institute, entered upon, her, duties as Parish Nurse on December 3. She is lodging with Mrs. J Stapleton, Beaconsfield Place, and. will be glad to do what her, kindness and her skill suggest for the poor who are sick and afflicted.

The Rev. G. Crane, who worked for some years as a missionary in Newfoundland, preached morning and evening and addressed .the children on the 3rd Sunday in Advent, and on that day collections were made for the S.P.G., and amounted to £916a- 9d.

On the evening of the 12th of December the children of the Abbey End School gave an entertainment, assisted by some friends. Miss Jupp and Miss Ives are to be congratulated on the appearance and the performance of the .little ones under their charge.

On the 21st of December the girls of the Riverside School, who had been trained by Mrs. Ruffhead and Miss C. Cole, gave an entertainment, including singing, drilling, and a short play, and it proved so successful that it was repeated on January 10.

The Services on Christmas Day were of the usual number and character, but we are glad to record that the number of. communicants was much in excess of former years. The offertories for the poor amounted to £15 9s. 9d.

The Christmas Tree for the infants of S. Paul's, School was given on December 28, and that for the S. Peter's on January 1. Both passed off most successfully.

Mr. F. J. Taylor entertained the members of the Church Institute on the evening of December 31.

The company,' of about 150, enjoyed themselves very much. And expressed, their thanks to the host and wished him a happy new year and many of them.

The senior choir boys, were entertained .at the

Vicarage on 'Thursday, the 17th, and the juniors on

Tuesday, the 22nd. Tea, games, and gifts were the

order of both evenings.

The prizes for the' boys attending the National Sunday Schools were given on Sunday, the 20th. In the absence of the Vicar, the ' Rev, C. H. Spurrell handed the books, and we again' have to thank Mr. O. H. Bull and the teachers for their self-denying kindness and their good work. We hope, too, that the parents will realise more and more the responsibility that rests upon them, not -only for the bodies but for the souls of their children, and by their own-teaching and examples, as well as by using the Sunday Schools, do what they can to lead them to know God and Jesus Christ; to be versed in. the Scriptures and well acquainted in the Articles of the Christian Faith—the foundation of the Holy life, happy death, and joyful eternity.

Baptisims Newport Pagnell 1895

Jan. 3 Annie, daughter of Henry and Annie Stanton.

Jan. 4 Ada, and Arthur, children of Joseph Quenby and Clara Robinson.

Jan. 10 Frederick William, son of Omer and Florence Maud Burnell.

Jan. 17 Annie Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander and Clara Jenkins.

Jan. 17 John son of Charles and Emma Waine.

Jan. 17 Sarah, daughter of George and Louisa Keech.

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1895

Dec. 24 William Blackwell and Mary Ellen Page.

Dec. 25 Frederick Joseph Slater and Lettie Barker.

Dec. 25 Thomas Branson Haynes and Ellen Mosely.

Dec. 26 William James Markham and Nellie Chettle Lawman.

Dec. 26 Charles Fasson Manning and Ada Elizabeth Markham.

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

Dec. 26. Alfred John Coales, aged 53

Dec. 29 Winifred Alice Wood aged 4


March 1895 Newport Pagnell

During Lent there will be the special services with special preachers on the Thursday evenings in each week, at 8 o'clock. The Rev. G. W, Pearse, Rector of Walton and Rural Dean, has .kindly consented to give five Church History Lectures in the Masonic Hall. The course will begin on Thursday, March 7. at 3.30 and will be continued on the four following Thursdays at the same place. AS it is early closing day, we hope: many will be able to come. There is no charge. Subjects :-l Whifield and the Wesleys, 2 The Poet .Cowper and the literature of his time, 3 The Evangelicals, 4 William Law and William Wilberforce, 5 The Church in the. Colonies of the 18th Century.

The Lord Bishop of Oxford held a Confirmation Monday, the 18th of February, at 3 o'clock. There were 95 candidates from Newport and the neighbouring villages. The Bishop gave a plain and. practical address. The service was quiet and reverent. From Newport, 22 males and 29 females were confirmed a fair number, considering 69 were confirmed last April

The Rev. Bryant Salmons, on Jan. 20, preached morning, afternoon, and evening, in behalf of Mission to Seamen. The appropriate texts, were followed by excellent sermons, and the appeals produced an offertory of £14.

On, the 31st Mr. Edwards gave a lecture in the, Masonic Hall, Illustrated by magic lantern, views on the same subject. The night was one of the worst we have had, but the attendance was very fair, and collections made at the close amounted to £2 18s.

The Rev. J. C. Machin gave an account of the Mission Work in the Diocese of Algoma, Canada, in Public Room, on Jan, 22, at 3 o'clock. The weather was very bad, and the attendance was small, but those who were present obtained a great deal of information and were, very much interested. The collections at the close amounted to £5 5s.

On February 13, an entertainment was given at Masonic Hall, in aid of the Funds of the Church England Boys' Band of Hope, which has been and under the superintendence of Mr. O. H. Bull. The entertainment was most amusing, and was much appreciated by the audience, but the room was not so full as we have seen it on other such occasions. The Vicar and M_E Bull made a few remarks between the parts.

A tea was given to the boys of the Band of Hope on the 14th, and some of the sons of the unemployed were invited. The entertainment, or rather a portion of it, with additions, was repeated and gave great satisfaction. The boys on leaving, had a bun and orange.

The relief fund started a short while ago has called forth many subscriptions and, the committee have been enabled to distribute a quantity of food and fuel to those who applied for it, and who declared themselves be out of work and in need. With the thaw we trust that the number of these will rapidly decrease, and that there may be no longer any occasion for such special help.


Jan. 24 Eva Mary, daughter of William and Mary Reynolds

Jan. 24 Albert John, son of John and Louisa Ping.

Jan. 31 Rosabelle, daughter of Robert Edmund Symes and Charlotte Martha Lewis.

Jan 31. Herbert Charles, son of John Thomas and Sarah Dudley.

Jan 31. Nelson William Stanley, son of John and Mary Payne.

Feb 7. Percy, son of George Peter and Emma Rose.

Feb 14. Thomas Frederick, son of Gilbert and Annette Ingram.

No Marriages Newport Pagnell 1895

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

Jan. 20 Mary Ann Garratt, aged 56

Jan. 23 Sarah Yates, aged 83

Feb. 12 Ann Allibone Joyce, aged 43


April 1895 Newport Pagnell

On Thursday evenings of the earlier part of Lent the sermons at the special services have been preached by the Rev. J. W. Goodrich, and the Rev. R. O. Bankes, and the Rev. J. W. Harkness, and on each occasion the congregations have been good.

On Thursdays of the later part of the season the Rev. J. Taryer, the Hon. and Rev. T. W. Fiennes and the Rev. Hector Mawson have kindly promised to come.

On the Thursday in Holy Week the sermon will be preached by the Rev. Walter Hill, vicar of Medmenham, and he will give the address at the Three Hours Service on Good Friday.

On Easter Day there will be four celebrations of the Holy Communion, at 6, 6.45 (choral), 8, and 12.15. The offertories on Easter Day, will be for Choir Expenses.

We remind our readers that the churchwardens will be glad to receive contributions, large and small, for the Church Improvement Fund, and towards what is still required for repairing the organ and for effecting certain alterations which its builder has advised and specified.

The fall of three pinnacles and the injury to the roof which occurred during the violence of the recent gales will entail an unexpected and considerable outlay of money, and for these kind and liberal contributions will be asked and given.

An entertainment was given on the evening of February 26, in the Masonic Hall, by members of the Girls' Band of Hope, who, lead by Miss Allfery, and accompanied by Miss Saunders, sang the pretty cantata called " The Coming of the flowers." This was followed by some songs, and then the farce bearing the title "Back in ten minutes". This was well acted by some of Mr. Spurrell's Bible Class, and the whole entertainment was appreciated and applauded by a very large audience. The Vicar and Mr. J, R Wilmer made a few remarks, complimenting Mr. Spurrell and all concerned in the getting up of the entertainment, and the management of this Branch of The Band Hope, and Mr. Spurrell responded and expressed his thanks.

The Night School, 'which has been superintended by Mr H. Middleton, assisted by Mr. A. W. Levin, was brought to a close on the evening of the 28th,and the lads who had made the most regular attendances were regaled at supper by the teachers, in the Gymnasium of the Church Institute, on March the 14tfh. The .Vicar presented the certificates, which Mr. Middleton had provided to those who had made the greatest number of hours.

A meeting of churchpeople, which was very well attended, was held at Bury Lawn, on the evening of March 19. Mr. Allfrey, one of the representatives of the Newport Deanery, took the chair. Col. Hubbard, the Secretary for the Archdeaconry, of Bucks, gave an address. Resolutions were moved, seconded, and carried, protesting against the proposed legislation regarding the Church of Wales, and approving and adopting the scheme of defence suggested' by the Archbishops and Bishops, A vote of thanks to the Chairman concluded a very successful meeting of the laity.

The first School -Board which was elected but a year ago has already suffered the loss of two of its members, Mr. R. Littleboy and Mr. W. Garratt.

Mr. Littleboy died on 11 March the 11th, and in him the Board loses its treasurer, and a member especially interested. in the matters of education, and of long experience in the management of schools. Mr Littleboy held a prominent and important position in our town, and had gained the respect and esteem of all classes of the community, including those who differed the most from him in religious views and political opinions, but who yet recognised his simple piety and absolute sincerity. He will be remembered, and that gratefully, by the poorer people, for he was always forward in caring for them, and ever ready to help in their time of need.

Mr. Garratt died on the 12th. He was a native of the parish, and had worked for 40 years for the London Capital and North Western Railway Co.; he was one of those who founded the branch of the Foresters' Friendly Society here in 1861, held office, and was connected with the club every since. He was therefore very well known and liked, and will be much missed by many and those who shewed their confidence by choosing and electing him to represent them on the Board.

At the meeting of the School Board, held on March 14th, the Rev. C. M. Ottley moved, and Mr. W. R. Bull seconded, and Mr. Wm. Chantler supported a vote of regret and sympathy, which was carried entered on the minutes and conveyed to the families.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1895

Feb. 21 Kate, daughter of John and Maria Prickett.

Feb. 21 Marjorie Gulliver, daughter of John Withers and Annie Elizabeth Goodman.

Feb. 28 Eva Mary, daughter of Henry Albert and Annie Harris

Feb. 28 Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Henry and Ellen Clarke.

March 14 Constance Annie, daughter of John Wil- and Annie Maria Joyce.

March 14 Minnie, daughter of Joel John and Sarah Ann Wagstaff.

Marriage Newport Pagnell 1895

Mar. 2 John Thompson, of Roath, and Eleanor Mitchell, Newport Pagnell

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

Mar. 18 Ann Odell, aged 77

Mar. 19 William Garratt, aged 63


May 1895 Newport Pagnell

The Easter Vestry Meeting was held in the upper Vestry Room of the Parish Church on April 19 . The Vicar nominated Mr. F. Allfrey to be his Churchwarden, and Mr. R. Wadhams was elected to be the Parish. Messrs. J. Holliday, W. Mayne, J. Odell. E. Price, F.J. Taylor, and I. Wright were appointed sidesmen. The Vicar and the parishioners are to be congratulated on these gentlemen again consenting to serve as churchwardens and sidesmen. Messrs. Allfrey and Wadhams were appointed Collecting Feoffes of Darcy’s and Slingsby’s Charities, which are ecclesiastical; and Mr. Geo. Sampson presented the accounts of the Feoffees of the Town Lands. Mr. O. H. Bull kindly acted as clerk, and the usual vote of thanks was tendered to the Chairman.

On Holy Thursday, the Feast of the Ascension, there will be three celebrations of the Holy Communion at 7, 8, and 11.30. There will be a children’s service at 9, Mattins at 11, and Evensong and sermon at 8. We express the hope that this day will be remembered , and observed, better than it has been in former years.

The Lord Bishop of Reading, as Archdeacon of Bucks, will hold his Visitation on Thursday, May 2. Holy Communion 11. Change at 12.

On account of the unfortunate accident to the roof of the Church during the gale of March 24, the special Thursday evening’s service in that week had to be relinquished, and so we lost the opportunity of hearing the Rector of Milton, who had kindly promised to preach the sermon. - The necessary scaffolding having been erected and the Church restored to something like order, the special service was held on April 4, when the Rev. H. Mawson, and on the 11th when the Rev. Walter Hill, vicar of Medmenham, Gt. Marlow, preached.

On Good Friday , the services were, Mattins at 11 with sermon by the Vicar, the Three Hours’ Service, with addresses on the Seven Last Words from the Cross by the Rev. W. Hill, who also preached at evensong. The congregations were fair.

On Easter Day there were 4 celebrations of the Holy Communion, and a large number of Communicants. The Church was decorated with beautiful flowers, but no so elaborately as on some former occasions - The anthem in the evening was by E. Clare; the treble solo was taken by Albert Rose, and the bass by Mr. A. W. Levin. - The Rev. C. H. Spurrell preached in the morning, and the Vicar in the evening. The offertory was for choir expenses, and amounted to £19 12s 8d.

The Rev. W. J. Harkness, vicar of Hanslope, and Diocesan Inspector, visited and examined the children of the Old Central National Schools on March 6, and March 22. Mr. Harkness was much pleased with the boys, girls, and infants, and has given very good reports of each and all. In the boys’ school the Diocesan prizes were awarded to George Stapleton and Reginald Bull. The following were commended: - lowest group - William Page, Vivian Broomhead, Alex Wright, and Noah Massey. Second group - Frank Thickpenny, Walter Clark, John Adkins, and Edwin Malsher. Third group - Alfred Baxter, Ernest Finch, Charles Jackson, and Harry Nicholson.. Highest group - L.O. Bull, Arthur Brown, Brice Higgins, Reginald Odell, Henry Wright, and W. Brice Shakeshaft. In the Girls’ School the Diocesan Prizes were awarded to Minnie Higgins, and Alice Collier. The following were commended : - Lower group - Rose Woodford, Annie Statham, Alice Temple. Middle group - May Tooth, Kate Tate, and Edith Holland. Highest group - Ellen Clare, Lily Waller, Margaret Scott, Ida Byers, Annie Page, Edith Harding and Annie Baxter. In the Infant School the following were commended. - Dora Cooke, Tom Coleman, Lawrence Cole, Nellie Bird, and Carrie Brice.

Baptism Newport Pagnell 1895

Mar. 21 Florence Emily, daughter of Emmanuel and Annie Mapley

Mar. 31 Elma Margaret, daughter of Melville Machpherson and Elizabeth Mary Hailey.

April 4 Mabel, daughter of Thomas and Marion Elizabeth Hooton

April 4 Dick Joseph, son of William and Jane Barnwell

April 4 Florence Maud, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Eaton

April 14 William Reginald, son of William Alfred and Harriet Mitchell

April 15 John Edward, son of William and Caroline Willis

April 17 Edith Kathleen, daughter of William James and Jessie Powell

April 18 Joseph Henry, son of Walter John and Elizabeth Ann Robinson

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1894

April 15 Charles Sefton and Elizabeth Forth.

April 15 Walter Thomas Cowley and Fanny Bavington.

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1895

April 15 Charles Sefton and Elizabeth Forth.

April 15 Walter Thomas Cowley and Fanny Bavington.

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

Mar. 30 Nelson William Stanley Payne, 7 months

April 15 Caroline Judge, aged 44


June 1895 Newport Pagnell

On Whit Sunday there will be three celebrations of the Holy Communion, 6.45, 8, and 12.15.

On Saturday, April 27, a second gathering in connection with the Church Teachers League, inaugurated at St. Mary’s, Stony Stratford, was held. There was a short service in the church at 3 o’clock, with a sermon by the Rev. R. Appleton, vicar of S. George’s Camberwell. A meeting was held at S. Paul’s School at 4, when Mr. Appleton gave a specimen lesson to 10 of the junior choir boys, and like the sermon it was about the Shepherd and the Sheep. There were a large number present, and about all expressed their approval at the League and their desire to join. The meeting was followed by a tea at the Masonic Hall, to which about 140 sat down and did ample justice. Fifty of the Newport teachers have joined the League, and their names have been forwarded to the Secretary.

The repairing of the Church, which suffered so much in the storm of March 24, has been completed, but we scarcely know yet how much it has cost.

The wish expressed in many quarters to purchase the house at the Churchyard gate, and which was partly burnt a fortnight ago, and so to improve the entrance and bring the tower of the church into view from the High Street, has called forth the promises of subscriptions to the amount of some £130, but as £210 is the price asked, a considerable sum has still to be collected. Subscriptions, large and small, will be gladly received at the Bank and the Post Office and it is hoped that many of the neighbours, who come in from the country, will be kind, and hlp us of the town in effecting this desirable object; and the many calls upon of us of late for the church, its repair and improvement, will make us the more grateful for whatever may be added to this fund by those from outside.

Baptism Newport Pagnell 1895

April 25 Mabel Annie and Winifred May, daughter of William Rogers and Florence Fanny James

May 2 Annabel Mary, daughter of Harry and Mary Jarvis.

May 2 Frank, son of Thomas Merry and Ellen Woodford

May 2 Frederick William, son of George Walter and Emily Barcock

May 2 Katie Annie, daughter of Frederick and Martha Emma Puryer

May 9 Ernest Frank, son of Arthur and Louisa Jane Penman

May 9 David Francis, son of John and Charlotte Elliott

May 9 Nellie Florence, daughter of Samuel and Jane Griffeth

May 17 Lily Rose, daughter of William and Jane Pratt

Marriage Newport Pagnell 1895

April 30 John Owen Hammond and Mary Rose Cook

Burial Newport Pagnell 1895

April 30 Eva May Harris, aged 10 months.


July 1895 Newport Pagnell

It is with much regret that we have to record the death of Mr. John Odell, one of our old and respected inhabitants, and for many years the elected Churchwarden of our Parish. Mr. Odell, after an illness of many months, died on June 13th, and was buried on the 17th in the Cemetery, in the grave with his wife who predeceased him1889. The funeral was attended by his children and relatives, and by a very large number of friends and neighbours. The Vicar took the service, and gave a short address. The Rev. C. H.

Spurrell, curate, read the lesson. Mr. O. H. Bull played the organ, and the choir sang hymn 221 in the church and 499 on the way to the grave. The ringers rang a muffled peal in the evening in memory of one who had and held the esteem of all connected with the parish and the church.

The new reredos, placed in the chancel to the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Maul, by their children, was dedicated on Whit Sunday morning. The Vicar, after the third collect, gave a very brief address, and then said the collect for the Annunciation and for All Saints, these were followed by hymn 499 being sung. The reredos is of carved oak, with the pictures representing The Nativity, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection, and two smaller ones of S. Peter and S. Paul, and, it does great credit to those who designed and accomplished it and adds much to the beauty and the dignity of the chancel.

Mr. Holliday, one our sidesmen, after a residence of 17 years, has retired from buisiness, and has gone to live at Loughborough. While we express our regret for the loss of one who set such a good example, we wish him and those belonging to him health and happiness in his new home.

Baptism Newport Pagnell 1895

May 21 Oliver barker, son of William Thomas and Phoebe Elizabeth Garratt

May 26 William Henry son of Richard and Kate Marion Pettit

June 2 Stella, daughter of Arthur and Emily Baker

June 13 Georgina, daughter of George Charles and Mary Ann Harris

June 13 Alice Jane, daughter of George William and Harriet Walker

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1895

June 3 Abraham Moseley and Emily Julia Winterburn

June 3 Frederick Dennis, of Shenfield, to Louisa Clara Hayfield

June 15 Henry Fisher to Eliz Elizabeth Clark

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

May 31 Hephizibah Hardwick, aged 59

June 14 Daniel Holloway, aged 59

June 18 John Odell, aged 76


August 1895 Newport Pagnell

On June the 27th the senior members of the choir went for their summer outing. The party, accompanied by the Vicar, starting by the early train, visited Southend, where they stayed several hours. The evening was spent in London. The day was beautifully fine, and the party leaving Euston at 12.10 arrived home at 2. The junior members of the choir will be taken for their treat early in August.

The lads attending the Rev. C. H. Spurrell’s Bible Classes had their annual outing on Thursday, July 4th. Accompanied by Mr. Spurrell and Mr. E. O. Price. The party, 22 in all, started for London at 7.45, and, reaching Euston 9.30, walked through Regents Park to the Zoological Gardens. Here a stay of two hours was made, and the party then proceeded, by way of Praed Street, with a halt there for dinner, across Hyde Park to South Kensington Station, and the Empire of India Exhibition. The delights of this beautiful place were quite sufficient to retain the travellers until 9 o’clock, when they made their way back to Euston, and reached Newport Pagnell once more about 1.15 a.m. on Friday morning, well pleased with the day’s holiday.

On the 29th the teachers of the Sunday School, or at least a large number of them, were quite ready to start for Little Brickhill, where Mr. and Mrs. Banting had kindly invited the members of the Church Teacher’s League, but the day was so wet, that many were afraid to venture, and so the expedition had to be relinquished. A telegram expressing great disappointment and regret was forwarded to Little Brickhill.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1895

June 20 Winifred May, daughter of Abraham and Annie Barratt

June 20 Charles Henry, son of Charles and Elizabeth Cave

June 23 Cyril George Robert, son of George Joseph and Bessie Priscilla Smith

June 27 Thomas Edwin and Emily Jane, son and daughter of James Henry and Emily Jane Goffe

July 4 Alan Beernard, son of Myrtilla and Jane Waren

July 7 William Edward Taylor, son of William and Elizabeth Sarah Baker

July 11 Thomas Fred, son of William Thomas and Emily Ann Beatrice Sarah Earle

July 14 Stanley Rupert, son of Lucius and Kate Birkett

July 18 Thomas Leonard Moseley, son of Thomas Branson and Ellen Hayes

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

July 1 Henry Jarvis, aged 60 years

July 12 Thomas Odell, aged 77 years

July 12 Thomas Edwin Goffe


September 1895 Newport Pagnell

On July 23, 48 of the Mothers belonging, to the meetings held at the Church Institute, and who had paid towards the expenses of the treat, drove to Bedford by way of Turvey. The day was very fine, and the tea in the Park Pavilion and the outing were much enjoyed by each and all. The return drive was by the shorter road and the Mothers arrived home safely at 10 o'clock.

On August 1, the Sunday School Treat was held and, as the weather was favourable, it proved a complete success. The Town Prize Band was in attendance, heading, the procession through the streets, and playing in the field, kindly lent by Mr. W. Fleet, before and during the sports. The special service at Church was at 3. The tea in the field at 4. Swing boats were provided for the amusement of the children, and Mr. W. Smith allowed them to have rides on a pony and a donkey he placed at their disposal. There were 620 children present, and with 54 teachers, and 30 helpers made a party of 704. Many parents and friends came in the evening, and we were very pleased to see them on the occasion.

On August 6th, the Aquatic Sports were held at the Jubilee Bathing place, the day was threatening and showery but the attendance of visitors was good, and the various events awakened a great deal of interest. Mr. F. Taylor presented the prizes, which had been provided by donors and subscribers, and congratulated the winners. and Mr. O. H. Bull, the teacher of all those who competed for Newport, and the committee on the success of the meeting.

On August 14, the Vicar took the choir boys for their summer outing. The party 22 in number went to London by the 8.53. On arriving at Euston they proceeded by tram to Holborn, and from thence walked to St. Paul's. The Canon in residence, kindly gave the party an order to visit all parts of the Cathedral free of charge. On the conclusion of this, a pause was made for refreshments, and then followed a trip by water to Westminster, and by rail to the Empire of India at Earls Court. Their tea was partaken of and enjoyed, and the afternoon and were spent. The party returned by the 10.5 from Euston, and, driving from Bletchley, reached home safe and. well at 1 o'clock.

The Church Board have had meetings at the vestry on July 26, and August 17. At the first of these Messrs. Rowlatt, C.-Saunders, and F. W. Taylor were added to the number of the Sidesmen. At the second, it was decided to go on with tiling the aisles off the nave' of the Church with red, black, and other coloured tiles.

Since our last issue, the house at the churchyard gates has been removed, and the improvement effected is even greater than expected,

The subscriptions to the Church Entrance Improvement Fund are still received at the Bank and Post Office.

The Harvest Festival will be held on the 29th of September.

No Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1895

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1895

July 30 Arthur John Collier, of Wood Green, and Kate White, of Newport Pagnell.

Aug. 2 Edward Burnell and Clara Eliza Geary, both of Newport Pagnell.

Aug. 3 Harry Payne and Rosa Ada Mills, both of Newport Pagnell.

Aug. 5 Ernest Barker and Kate Mobbs, both of Newport Pagnell.

Aug. 5 Arthur Baxter and Martha Alice Tring Coleman, both of Newport Pagnell.

Aug. 5 James Morbey Webb and Elizabeth Pack, both of Newport Pagnell.

Burial Newport Pagnell 1895

July 30 Benjamin Tandy, aged 27 years.


October 1895 Newport Pagnell

No text entry in the Magazine for October 1895

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1895

Aug. 22 Sidney Charles, son of George and Louisa Kent.

Sept. 5 Henry James. son of William and Jane Elizabeth Stapleton.

Sept. 5 Harriett, daughter of Thomas Ayres and Annie Elizabeth Bunker.

Sept. 12 Reuben george, son of Samuel Robinson and Emily Jane Cook.

Sept. 19 Annie Jane, daughter of Frederick Joseph and Lettie Slater.

Sept. 19 Henry Thomas, son of Henry and Emma Croft.

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1895

Aug. 21 William Simkin, of Bushbury, Staffordshire and Emily Mary Goodman, of Newport Pagnell

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

Sept. 3 Florence Emily Mapley, aged six months


November 1895 Newport Pagnell

Mrs. Anne Frances Cooch, widow of the late Mr. Robert Cooch, and the last bearing the name of a well-known family of our town, died on September 25 at her residence in St. John-street, and was buried on the 30th in the Cemetery in the grave of her husband. Mrs. Cooch had been an invalid for many years, but though she lived in seclusion, she took a great interest in the affairs of the parish, and in the various missionary societies and efforts. In Mrs. Cooch the church and the poor here and elsewhere have lost a kind and liberal friend, one who was a ready and cheerful giver.

The Harvest Festival was celebrated on the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels. The church was extremely well decorated, and the music appropriate to the occasion, the solos in the anthem being sung the one by Albert Rose, and 'he other by Mr. A. W. Levin. The Rev. R. H. O. Bankes, vicar of Chicheley, preached an excellent sermon in the morning; and the Vicar preached in the afternoon to the members of the Friendly Societies, who attended the special service, and in the, evening to a crowded congregation. The offertories for the day amounted to £25.

The laying of' the tiles in the aisles of the nave of the church was completed on September 27. and the improvement effected is very great in every way. New curtains, too, for the north and south doors have been given, and hung. The next thing to be taken in hand and to be accomplished by subscriptions and offertories, is to provide a new means of heating the church, as the old stove which has done such long and good service is worn out and past work. The cost of heating the church by Messrs. Perkins with hot water pipes would be about £150.

On the Festival of All Saints, Nov. 1st, which will be continued on the Sunday in the octave, there will be a celebration of the Holy Communion, at 8, Children's Service at 9, Matins at 11, and evensong at 8.

From Monday, Nov. 4, and through the winter, Matins will be said Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10, 'Wednesday and Friday at 11, evensong 6.30, except on Thursday, when it will be at 5.

On Friday, Nov. 29, the eve of St. Andrew's Day. There will be a Special Service of Intercession for the Missions of the Church at 8p.m. Oh the morning of the Festival there will be a celebration of the Holy Communion at 8, and the offertories at these services will be for the Diocesan Mission Student Fund.

The day for the meeting of the Sunday School Teachers at St. Paul's School is Wednesday, Nov. 27, at 8.15.

We are requested to state that new subscribers are needed for the Parochial Nursing Fund. The treasurer, Mr. C. J. Saunders, will be glad to receive contributions, whether large or small.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1895

Sept. 22 Percy Edwin, son of Thomas Edwin and Ellen Elizabeth Hackett.

Oct. 3 Minnie, daughter of Thomas and Anna Moseley.

Oct. 3 Walter William, son of George William and Emily Pearce.

Oct. 3 Jessie, daughter of Henry and Jane Atkins.

Oct. 7 Alice Kate, daughter of William and Louisa Harris.

Oct. 13 Arthur Frank, son of Arthur and Robina Masterman.

Oct. 15 George William, son of William and Annie Bates.

Oct. 17 Ernest Arthur, son of Thomas and Ellen Prior.

Oct .17 Amy Ellen, daughter of William and Harriett Hannah Old.

Oct. 17 Pheobe, daughter of John George and Mary Ann Roberts.

Oct. 19 Winifred Kate and Elizabeth Anne, daughters of James and Ellen Blackwell.

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

Sept. 30 Anne Frances Cooch, aged 79.

Oct. 12 Alice Kate Harris, aged 1 month.

Oct .14 Mary Ann Tandy, aged 19.

Oct. 18 Percy Edwin Hackett, aged 3 months.

Oct . 19 Samuel Keech, aged 73.

Oct. 21 Evelyn May Joyce, aged 9.


December 1895 Newport Pagnell

The Festival of All Saints was observed on the Festival itself, and continued on the Sunday within the Octave. A special anthem and appropriate hymns were sung, and the address and sermons were suitable to the occasion. During the season of Advent, on the Thursday evenings at 8, there will be a short special service with an address.

On the third Sunday in Advent the sermons will be preached, and the collections made at all the services, for the S.P.G.. The sermon in the morning will be: preached by the Rev. G. P. Sams, rector of Emberton, and that in the evening by the Rev. G. P. Trevelyan, vicar of St Mary's, Stony Stratford.

On Christmas Day there will be three celebrations of the Holy Communion, 6.45 (choral). 8, and 12.15. Matins will be at 11, and evensong at 6. The offertories on Christmas Day will be for the Fund for the relief of the sick and needy, and as there has been an unusual strain on this fund. It is hoped that the offertories will be even more liberal than in former years.

The tables of kindred and affinity as it is printed at the end of the Prayer Book has been written on an oak panel by Mr. Walter Brown, and now hangs in its handsome oak frame on the tower arch, opposite the list of Vicars, which was written a year ago by Mr. Brown, to whom we owe our thanks for his kindness and skill.

The Lessons for the teachers and children of the Sunday School, arranged by Rev. G. P. Trevelyan, for the Church Teachers League, comes into use on Advent Sunday, and we believe they will be found very helpful.

Baptisms Newport Pagnell 1895

Oct. 22 Franti, son of Abbott and Kerenhappuch Desborough.

Oct. 24 Frank, son of John and Annie Elizabeth Bailey.

Oct. 24 Lillie Eliza, daughter of Barnard William and Kathleen Sarah Dimmock.

Oct. 24 Susan Clara, daughter of Jesse and Ellen Payne.

Nov. 14 Winifred, daughter of Thomas and Marian Elizabeth Hooton.

Nov. 14 Lillian Annie, daughter of Charles and Sarah Margaret French.

Marriages Newport Pagnell 1895

Oct. 26 John George Smith and Annie Crisp.

Nov 4 Herbert Griffen and Florence Emily Emerton.

Nov. 18 Arthur Hussey and Harriet Baxter.

Burials Newport Pagnell 1895

Oct. 29 Elizabeth Todd, aged 68.

Oct. 31 Jane Boswell Low, aged 72.

Oct. 31 Elizabeth Loxley, aged 90.

Nov. 10 Herbert Griffen and Alice Cronan