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Tour of St Lawrence Church

13. East window

The chancel is dominated by the large five-light east window with perpendicular tracery. This is flanked by two three-light windows facing north and south.

Image of east window

The window was erected in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.
Starting at the bottom and working upwards:
1 a-e: quarries imitating 15th-century work, incorporating initials V R.
2-3 a-e: canopy work, with scroll By thy / Cross and / Passion / Good Lord / deliver us. (from the Litany).
4-10 a-e: Scene of Crucifixion of Christ, divided as follows: (a) Jewish onlookers including Nicodemas holding jar of spices; (b) Virgin Mary supported by the Other Mary, with two angels above; (c) the Cross, with label I(esus) N(azarenus) R(ex) I(udeorum) [Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews]; and Mary Magdalene weeping at foot of Cross; (d) St John the evangelist, two angels above; (e) Roman onlookers, centurian with eagle shield and lance; others with banner S(enatus) P(opulus) Q(ue) R(omanus) [ The Senate and People of Rome]. See Matthew chapter 27; John, chapter 19.
11 a: shield of crown of thorns; (b) seamless robe; (d) lance crossed with sponge; (e) chalice.
12 a-e: canopy work.
Tracery A1: leaf; A2 St George with dragon; A3 St Andrew with saltir cross; A4 St Patrick with snakes under foot; A5 St David with dove descending; A6 leaf.
B1 crowned shield inscribed 1837; B2 Royal Arms encircled by Garter; B3 crowned shield inscribed 1897. (The Diamond Jubilee)

The window was commissioned from H.A. Hymers of Chelsea
Image of East window

The east window was erected in 1898 against a backdrop of fierce local opposition. The richly painted stained glass window it replaced had been previously donated by Mr John Lovell and Mrs Ann Sabin.

With the support of influential supporters, and the Church Commissioners, the Vicar over ruled both his parishioners and the diocesan Chancellor and raised the necessary funds for a new window. Extract from Parish Magazine August 1897.

The Jubilee Window

"We are proud to be able to state that the subscriptions towards the new east window have poured in abundantly. In fact, the parishioners have responded to the appeal in a most noble and generous manner. Up to the present time, about £300 have been promised and we now need only £30 or £40 more. The committee have yet to visit several of the Parishioners who have not yet contributed, and we trust that they will be quite willing to support the permanent memorial of a most glorious event."

Below follows a list of the contributors.

Trustees of Hick's Charity 50 0 0
Mr W Brown 5 0 0
Lady Hesketh 25 0 0
Mrs Peasland 3 3 0
Mr R W Watkins 20 0 0
Mrs Wilcox Smith 3 3 0
Miss Ivy Smith 10 10 0
Mrs Beers 3 3 0
Mrs Franklin 10 0 0
Rev W H Deane 3 3 0
Mrs J Franklin 10 0 0
Dr H Stedman 3 3 0
Mr T Percival 10 0 0
Mr T Wheeler 3 3 0
Mr A P Kingcombe 10 0 0
Miss Tarry 2 10 0
Mr E Phipps 10 0 0
Rev J B Harrison 2 2 0
Mr W Betts 10 0 0
Mr W G Stopps 2 2 0
Mr A E Greville 10 0 0
Mr ? A Norris 2 2 0
Mr W Whitton 10 0 0
Mr R Dudley 2 2 0
Mr R Phipps (Bromyard) 10 0 0
Mr ? T Porter 2 2 0
Ecclesiastical Commissioners 10 0 0
Mr R Phipps 2 2 0
Mrs Burchell 5 5 0
Mr Heath 2 2 0
The Duke of Grafton K. G. 5 0 0
Miss E Phipps 2 0 0
Mrs Belsey 5 0 0
Miss A Phipps 2 0 0
MrJ H Jepson 5 0 0
Miss C Phipps 2 0 0
Mr E Lewin 5 0 0
Mr J Jenkinson 1 11 6

Extract from Parish Magazine 1898

"On monday March 7th Mr H. A. Hymers of Chelsea commenced to erect the new stained glass, which last year he had received instructions to prepare, in commemoration of the Queen's long reign. Ere the week had elapsed, his work was completed. Mr Hymers has designed and executed many windows but it is his conviction that the Towcester window is the best piece of work he has done, and we think that all those who have seen specimens of his work will share his views.

The subject of the window is one which we should all be glad to see represented in our church. Perhaps it will help some of us enter into the feelings of St Paul, which led him to exclaim " God forbid that I should glory, save in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ" as we gaze upon this glorious window, it is sad to reflect that it has been the cause of so much strife and dissension in the Parish, but let us all now endeavour to forgive and forget.

The vicar wishes to seize this opportunity of thanking those numerous parishioners who have in many ways manifested thier sympathy with him in this time of worry and anxiety. The expenses in connection with the trial that was held in Northampton last December were very considerable, but the Vicar, although he did not so elicit any contributions, has received more than enough to defray the whole of the costs. He is extremely grateful to these kind friends, many of whom wished to contribute anonymously."

Harvey (Harry) Alexander Hymers of Chelsea, London. Erected windows in St Peter & Paul, Eye, Suffolk, also St Mary's Northampton and St Andrew's Harlestone, Northants.