Search for a Person

To find references to a person enter some or all of the information below (see further suggestions for completing this form).

first name:
family name:
  Enter first few letters of name.  Due to variability of spelling it is generally better not to enter whole name. One or both names may be left blank.  Use '%' to represent unknown characters.
  Leave blank to select both sexes.
approximate year of birth:
  Leave blank for year of birth to be ignored in searches.
tolerance on year of birth:
  Select from list; ignored if year of birth blank.
years of interest: from:
  Enter range of years to search.  The search will be limited to enties dated within the specified range.  Leave blank to select from all years.

Suggestions for completing this form

The information entered is used to search a summary index which contains limited information on all references to people on the web site.  The results page for a search will display all entries from the summary index which meet the criteria specified above.

Partial entries above are acceptable, as noted against each item.  Generally it is better not to specify the person sought too closely, as relevant entries may be missed due to different spellings of names or inaccurate recording of dates. However, if few search criteria are specified, large numbers of records may be selected and searching through them will be tedious.

If the initial search criteria return too many records, there are two options:

Return to this page and add more criteria.  To return to this page, select the 'Modify Search' option on the results page.

On the results page click on the first name of one person to limited the returned records to those which could refer to that person, based on name and date of birth.  This search also looks for common alternative spellings for both the first name and the family name.

When entering search criteria above, use the Tab key to move between selection criteria.

Press the Return key or click on the Search button to obtain results.