Aerial Shots of Thornton 2002

These shots of Thornton College were taken in early autumn 2002 and show some of the recent developments at the site

Aerial view of Thornton College from the east

Aerial view from the east showing the hockey pitches which were built in 1974. When compared with earlier views, it is apparent that the road past the college has been considerably upgraded! For details of the swimming pool and other new building, see below

Aerial view of Thornton College from the south

Aerial shot from the south of Thornton College. The line of the former avenue of cypress trees is still visible in the middle of the picture. The large flat-roofed building at the top left next to the swimming pool is the new gymnasium, built in the early 1990s

The building at the bottom left is the former stable block which has now been converted into domestic residences

Aerial view of Thornton College from the north

This shot of Thornton College from the north shows the new nursery block (the white flat roof in the lower centre of the picture). The small building near it, with the black pitched roof of Spanish slate, is the new maintenance staff workshop. Also apparent from this view is how close the swimming pool is to the river. The original pool, which was much larger, was fed by the river.