The Library

The library in 1917

Typical Victorian Gothic Library dating from 1850. Photo c.1917. Painting above fireplace of the foundress of the community. Book case on right fronted with gothic frieze.

The library 1969

library ceiling 2002
The refurbished library. - Note the ornamental molded plaster beams with acorns. These began to fall off in the 1990's, due to vibration of the floor above. So an investigation was undertaken and it was found that the two timber beams that cross the ceiling to take the main load (side by side, approx. 4" x 12" ), were joined in the centre with bolts which could not take the pressure of a class of children moving about. (The original design was for a bedroom.) So the floor was taken up and iron girders were inserted round the wall and across the floor, and a new floor constructed on top. This has saved the ornamental ceiling but has caused the classroom above to have steps up to it.

Picture right shows new style lighting and bookcases.