The Nursery

Storage buildings were demolished to make room for the nursey in 2002. The brewhouse can be seen in the background.

An auger machine bores holes in the ground for the foundatrions.

Close up of the auger machine.

During the boreing process a culvurt was discovered. Unfortunantly no archelogical pressence was avaliable for the site, and a lot of information was lost.

The top was cleared from the culvert

The culvert was exposed and opened up

The culvert is examained

Plan made by the site manager showing the culvert and layout on site

Deposits of ash were found showing previous use of the site

A well was also found on the site, but it was not opened up

After the augering process, concrete and reinforing iron is inserted into the holes. After the piles have set, a trench is dug and filled with concrete.

Reinforcing iron is placed over the piles and more concrete is poured into the trench to make the foundations for the building.

The structure of the building is made from iron guirders, and prefabucated concrete slabs are placed for the floor.

Building the walls around the building using breeze blocks and bricks. The corners were made from stone.

Nursery near completion

The nursery school completed with a brass plate memorial. It was opened by the Lord Lefttenant of Buckinghamshire.