Kelly's Directory 1883
School, built and presented by the late Lord Carrington in 1867 & is now supported by subscription;
Miss Yates, mistress.

Kelly's Directory 1887
The National School was built and presented by Lord Carrington in 1867,
for 70 children; average attendance, 56;
Miss Isabella Smith, mistress.

When the new school was opened in 1891, the Carrington Hall was used by the community.

Croydon’s Weekly Standard May 10th 1879

EVENING SCHOOL. The following is the report of Mr. H. Martin, Her Majesty’s assistant inspector for district, April, 1879; “This little school is an excellent one. The order and discipline are admirable, and the results of the examinations are highly creditable”. The above must be equally pleasing to the teacher, Mrs Town, and to the members of the evening school. The latter have shown their gratitude for the exertions on their behalf, by the presentation of a handsome writing desk, which bears the inscription, “From the Castlethorpe evening scholars, to Mrs. F. Town, April 18th, 1879

Extracts from Castlethorpe Parish - Minute Books
Year Date
1920 Aug 18 The Parish Council received a letter from the Marquis of Lincolnshire making an offer of the Carrington Hall to the Parish Council for the use of the Parish, stating that if the Council accept his Lordship's gift the lot would be with drawn from the sale. The Council accepted the Marquis' gift and requested that the clerk write back and tender their best thanks on behalf of the Parish.
1920 Sep 14 The application from the Secretary Allotment Association to have the Carrington Hall for their registered Office be granted.That the Council meet the Discharged Soldiers Committee on Friday next at 7.30 in Council School. Re their application for control of the Carrington Hall.
1920 Nov 16 That Mr W. Manning, Mr E. Richardson and the clerk meet the Marquis of Lincolnshire with reference to the old School and recreation ground.
That the clerk insure the Carrington School for the sum of £400 in the Royal Insurance Company.
That the Football Team pay the sum of 9d per Saturday for the use of School for dressing room and the caretaker receive the sum of 6d for each occasion.
1920 Nov 30 A discussion took place as to the future of the Carrington Hall its upkeep and future management. A public meeting was suggested to allow the Parish to decide. But the trustees thought it best that the clerk write the Ex-Servicemen stating that their must be three members of the Council serve on the management of the Carrington Hall.
1921 Mar 14 At the request of the Ex-Serivice Men a discussion took place relative to their application to hire the Carrington Hall.
The above was referred to the next meeting of the Council on the understanding. That the Council would consider the offer made by the chairman of four nights a week four nights a week the Council to provide light and fuel also to pay caretaker and suggest that a trial of 3 or six month be given and changes made accordingly.
1921 Apr 18 The Council offer the Carrington Hall to the Ex-service.
1921 Jul 20 Mr Dickens to repair roof of old school and let the Council have the bill.
1921 Nov 03 The draft conveyance was received from Messrs Heshfields & Leese for the Carrington School for the inspection of the Council. The Council noticed that the lavatories that had been used with the school were not coloured blue same as the other part of plan.
1922 Feb 21 The clerk reported that he had received the deeds of the Carrington Hall from the Marquis of Lincolnshire. The clerk place the deeds in Barclays Bank.
1922 Apr 20 Mrs. Stone was asked by the Parish Council to continue her work as caretaker of the Carrington Hall.
1922 May 04 The Ex-service men be allowed to open 6 nights a week commencing Monday May 8th.
An inventory be taken of all furniture in the Parish Room. The caretaker be asked to continue her duties till the end of May.
Application was made by the Ex-service men's Association to hire the Carrington Hall on a yearly tenancy. That the application be granted subject to the Hall being let to other persons on reasonable notice being given to the chairman of the Council any two nights in one week.
That the rent be one shilling per week the tenant paying rates and to keep and leave the interior in proper repair.
That the Ex-service men be asked to lay a scale of their proposed charges before the next meeting of the Council.
1922 Jul 03 The Parish Council accepted an estimate for repairs by Mr. Dickins to the Parish Hall of £30.
1922 Sep 25 The Parish Council received an application from the secretary of the Ex-Servicemen's Association for permission to erect a hanging lamp in the small room at the Carrington Hall. Also a notice board near the entrance hall. Application granted.
1922 Nov 20 It was proposed that the Ex-Servicemen's Association have control of the books in the Carrington Hall.
1923 Jan 01 Fire Insurance policy for the Carrington Hall viz. £350 for building and £50 for the interior furniture.
1923 Nov 26 Permission be granted to Ex-Service Men's Association to fix lamp on Carrington Hall.
1925 Jun 09 It was agreed by the Council that the British Legion was allowed to leave their billiard table and other articles in their present position in the hall on condition that the billiard table will be moved at any time (if so requested by the Council) to a corner of the room, and that a charge of 1/6 per month be made for storage of aforementioned articles.
Should the occasion arise Mr W. West be asked to unlock the Hall & to lock same when business is finished for which it is required
1925 Jul 05 A demand was presented for 5/1 (viz Tax on Carrington Hall).
1925 Sep 15 The British Legion asked for terms for hiring the Carrington Hall for 8 months. The rent for the same to be 10/- per calendar month from Oct 1st to May 31st and 2/6 per week for any odd weeks before or after these dates.
1926 Jan 26 The clerk to purchase a new lamp similar to the one now in use over the billiard table.
1926 Jun 22 It was agreed by the Parish Council that Mr West be paid 1/6d on each occasion that the hall is opened, this to include the cleaning of the same.
It was decided to allow the British Legion to leave their furniture etc in the Carrington Hall on the same conditions as last year.
1926 Oct 22 Letting of Carrington Hall to British Legion - As last year from Novr. 1st to March 31st inclusive. Viz 10/- per calendar month.
1927 Apr 12 British Legion be allowed to leave their effects in C. Hall under similar conditions as last year.
Mr. West was appointed caretaker of the Carrington Hall, remuneration to be the same as last year.
1927 Jul 21 The Council adjourned to the Carrington Hall & decided the following repairs. New glass in small window in the Hand Bier house & louver fixed over same. 2 chimneys to be swept. Hedge to be cut down & old fence removed & new farm fence to be built between Carrington hall grounds & Mr Whiting's field.
1927 Sep 29 British Legion to hire hall on same terms as last year viz 10/- per. calendar month to date from October to February inclusive.
1928 Apr 20 British Legion be allowed to leave their effects in Carrington Hall as in previous years under same conditions.
Mr West was appointed Caretaker under similar conditions as previous years.
After a discussion about the Carrington Hall a proposal made:- That the whole Council should visit & inspect the Hall as to its state of repair & condition, especially the dampness of the west side. The visit was fixed for the following evening.
The clerk was instructed to post a notice on Parish Board stating that applications for the use or hire of Hall from May 1st to Sept 30th should be made to the clerk & forty-eight hours previous to requirement.
1928 Aug 20 Scale of Charges after 20th August 1928
Large & Small Room with Fire & Light 2/6 for 3 hrs. 9d per hr after
Large Room only with Fire & Light 1/9 for 3 hrs. 6d per hr after
Small Room only with Fire & Light 1/6 for 3 hrs. 6d per hr after
Large & Small Room without Fire & Light 1/6 for 3 hrs 6d per hr after
Large Room only without Fire & Light 1/3 for 3 hrs 3d per hr after
Small Room only without Fire & Light 9d for 3 hrs 3d per hr after
1928 Aug 20 British Legion same terms as previous, namely 2/6 per week for six months. A copy of the charges for sub-hire to be forwarded to the B. Legion.
1929 Mar 11 Mr Richardson questioned the Chairman with regard to putting the Carrington Hall to a better use for the whole of the village, for at this present time it was used principally by one party. The Chairman stated the Hall was for the use of the whole village & the Council would be only too pleased to receive more applications for its use. If the questioner could suggest any ways or means to the Council for making the Hall more popular & beneficial to the parishioners, he would be pleased to place those questions before the Council for their careful consideration.
1929 Apr 16 British Legion to store the Billiard Table etc. in the Carrington Hall, granted.
1929 May 23 Rates on the Carrington Hall had doubled - a cheque for one pound three shillings be signed.
1929 Sep 23 The bad floor of the Carrington Hall was again brought forward & the Chairman said "that the Council would be justified in repairing the floor".
The Chairman reported that all the lamps in the Hall were practically useless & two new ones if not more were needed for the coming winter. The necessary lamps be purchased.
Application from the British Legion for Hire of the Hall for a period of 6 months Oct 1st 1929 - March 31st 1930. Granted at a rental of 2/6 per week (Sundays excluded).
1929 Oct 02 The Clerk was instructed to purchase two lamps for the Hall.
An estimate for the re-flooring or repairing the floor of the Hall was read, from Mr Dickens. After some discussion it was proposed by Mr Gobbey, seconded by Mr Panter and carried "that the matter be deferred owing to the small balance in the treasurer's hands.
1929 Oct 23 The Clerk stated the lamps had been bought and hung in the Hall.
1930 Mar 12 The Carrington Hall the Chairman said he was sorry to say the Council had been unable to make the letting of the hall more popular and no parishioners had come forward with any scheme. He asked the Clerk to read a statement of the Income & Expenses of the Hall since it had become the property of the Parish in 1921. The Clerk read the statement which showed a loss to the Parish of over Forty Pounds from 1921 to 1930. The Chairman continuing said the Hall wanted £15 to £20 spending on it in the coming year, for repairs that were really necessary and must be done to keep the Hall in a fair state of maintenance, & asked the parishioners present to express their opinion about the whole matter.
Mr Richardson considered it would be better to sell the Hall & use the money for some other purpose. Mr Dolling said, he had always understood the Hall could not be re-sold according to the terms of the title-deeds. The Chaiman replied that the Council would require expert advice about the matter. Several other parishioners spoke Mr Dolling, Mr Algar & Mr Mapley stating that the Hall would be used or let oftener if it were not for the Billiard Table of the British Legion in the Hall. The Chairman said if the Hall were required by any parishioner the Table must be removed, if the Hirer or the Council wished it. The Clerk read the Agreement with the British Legion to prove this statement. After some further discussion Mr H. Dolling proposed & Mr Richardson seconded that the Hall be enlarged or reconstructed so that it would meet the necessary needs of the village. This on being put to the meeting received no support. The Chairman then invited further comments on the Council's explanation of various matters concerning the Hall dealt with, no more comments being made he said he should consider that a sign that the assembly were satisfied that the Council were doing their best in the matter.
1930 Apr 14 Application from the British Legion to store their Billiard Table & furniture in the Hall from 1st April to Oct 31st 1930.
1930 May 22 Report of the inspection of the Hall. They stated all the interior of the Hall wanted a thorough spring clean, the outside yards needed weeding, certain rubbish wanted carting away & all the gutters of the building required cleaning out. Two padlocks were needed for the gates & also a mat for the lobby.
The question of temporary caretaker in the place of Mr W. West who was ill was discussed & on the proposition of Mr Panter, seconded by Mr Gobbey it was agreed to appoint Mr C. Foster as temporary caretaker & request him to do all the extra necessary cleaning & work as reported by committee, that he be paid the sum of £2-10-0 for work & materials and a cheque signed for that amount. The Clerk was instructed to order two padlocks & the mat.
British Legion for hire of the Hall from Oct 1st 1930 to March 31st 1931. Agreed.
1930 Jun 27 An application from the Rev. E.J. Fenn was read asking on behalf of the Parochial Church Council for the terms as to letting the Carrington Hall for a Sunday School. The Clerk should arrange with the Parochial Church Council to meet the Parish Council at a date suitable to both to talk the matter fully over.
1930 Aug 14 The Title Deeds of the Carrington Hall should be placed in the Treasurer's hands at Barclays Bank.
A deputation was received from the Church Council to enquire about terms for hiring the Carrington Hall as a Sunday School. The Parish Council had previously agreed on the proposition. The rental should be 13/- per quarter- year, the Church Council to provide their own caretaker & firing. These terms were offered & the Church Council promised to forward their acceptance or refusal as soon as possible.
1930 Nov 27 Account of £1-0-8 for Rates of the Carrington Hall was presented.
1931 Mar 09 Hall for Homes - The Chairman stated that the Hall had not been used much & would again be a little in debt. Mr Onley spoke somewhat feelingly about the two families who had to get out of their houses or be put out, & wanted to know if the hall could be utilised for homes. The Chairman stated the Hall could not be used for the purpose mentioned.
1931 Apr 15 Free Crockery - It was agreed to make no charge for crockery hired on April 2nd 1931 at a Whist Drive for the benefit of Northampton Hospital
1931 Nov 16 A letter from the Inspector of Taxes was read re the assessment of £6 Schedule A. on the Hall. He stated that no relief could be allowed in respect to the Hall & Premises, but was prepared to submit a reduction of the assessment each year if actual rent received was under £6 and an application for such reduction should be made at the end of the financial year.
1932 Jan 20 The Clerk informed the Council that Mr C. Foster had removed from the village & had resigned as caretaker of the Hall. It was resolved that Mr Ball should be appointed in his place and on the same terms of remuneration.
1932 Mar 14 The Council had appealed against the Property Assessment & Tax on the Hall & had got it reduced for 1931-32 to £1-15-0 and the Tax to 8/9.
1932 Apr 25 An application was read from the British Legion for hire of the Carrington Hall on various dates, and also to store the Billiard Table & other furniture from April 1st to Sept 30th 1932. Granted on same conditions as last year.
1932 May 02 The clerk being instructed to ask Mr Evans to sweep both chimneys at the Carrington Hall
1933 Feb 15 Women's Institute - The Council had an interview with Mrs Whiting re the letting of the Hall to the Women's Institute. The Chairman explained the full terms on which the Council were willing to let the Hall.
1933 Mar 13 Hall - Mr H. Dolling said he thought the Hall would be better if there was a good piano there, and he thought there should be a committee formed to help the Council raise money to buy a new instrument. The chairman replied that the council would be pleased to help in any way they could but it must be clearly understood that money taken on letting of the Hall would have to be placed in the Parish Accounts, and the council could not borrow or help repay loan. In order to test the feeling of the meeting & also set the parishioners an example, Mr Richardson moved that the next twelve months all parish Council Meetings be held in the Hall. This didn't meet with a seconder. Mr J. Gobbey asked if the council were compelled to spend money on the Hall. The Chairman said it must be kept in a it state for letting, and if the council chose they could have a new floor put down which would cost approximately £7.
1933 Jun 19 The question of lighting at the Hall for the coming winter was discussed, and the clerk was instructed to write to the Auditors for information re the installation of Electric Light there.
1933 Jul 25 A letter was read from the Auditors re lighting at the Hall & the Council decided to have the electric light installed, two firms to be asked to send in estimates for the work.
1933 Aug 21 Two estimates were received and considered, one from Northampton Electric Light Co., being £8-0-0 and one from W. King, Stony Stratford at £7-0-0. Service Fee of £1-0-0, to be added in each case. It was proposed and agreed that Mr W. King be given the work.
An estimate from Mr Branson was considered. There being two clauses, one for exterior and No. 2 for interior. It was proposed by Mr Panter, seconded by Mr Cook that No 1 & 2 be accepted.
1933 Oct 04
Scale of charges
Large & Small Room with Fire & Light 3/9 for 3 hrs 1/- per hr extra
Large Room only with Fire & Light 2/6 for 3 hrs 9d per hr extra
Small Room only with Fire & Light 2/- for 3 hrs 6d per hr extra
Large & Small Room without Fire & Light 1/9 for 3 hrs 6d per hr extra
Large Room only without Fire & Light 1/3 for 3 hrs 3d per hr extra
Small Room only without Fire & Light 1/- for 3 hrs 3d per hr extra
Hire of Tea Service 1/- any quantity
1933 Dec 19 Northampton Electric Light Co Ltd. for connecting main to Carrington Hall. Mr S. Branson £23-12-0 for decoration & alteration to Hall. Mr W. H. Ball for cleaning Hall after redecorating & washing curtains. J & B Gobbey 12/11 for coal etc. used in Hall.
Women's Institute - A letter was read from the Castlethorpe Branch regarding the hanging of curtains, at the windows of the Hall. This was fully appreciated and approved.
1934 Jan 30 Accounts - Northampton Electric Light and Power Co. 19/2 for Light used in Carrington Hall. Royal Insurance Co. Ltd 12/3 Insurance on Carrington Hall. Inland Revenue 15/- Income Tax on Carrington Hall.
1934 Mar 05 Referring to the proposal of the last Annual Meeting, in improving the Carrington Hall, the chairman stated that the hall had been fitted up with electric light, re-decorated, a ladys toilet had been fitted, and parishioners could see for themselves, that a big improvement had been made, although he admitted the school or hall was poorly heated. Mr W. Worker proposed the draughts be stopped. Mr C. Harding seconded. A further proposition by Mr F. Sawbridge, was that more heating be adopted. The Chairman then explained that he hoped the new Council (if any Council) would improve the Hall before another winter.
1934 Apr 09 A quotation was presented from the Northampton Electric Light Co. Ltd., as to the installation of Electric Heaters in the Carrington Hall. This estimate to be accepted, and the installation to be proceeded with at once.
A letter was received from Miss N. Markham, Sec: Piano Committee regarding the storage of the piano in the Carrington Hall. The Council agreed to the storing of the Piano, free, and a scale of charges drawn up, should be approved.
1934 Jun 11 Accounts - Northampton Electric Light Co., 18/9 for current used in lighting Hall, quarter ending 31-3-34, also £10-15-9 for installation of Electric Heaters in Hall. Rural District Council 18/4, Rates on Hall & Premises.
Hall Improving - Further steps were considered, regarding the improvement of the hall and it was generally suggested and agreed that the present windows be improved and the draught eliminated. Mr Clarke proposed purchasing thermometer, to be hung in Hall, to assist in helping caretaker or anyone using the Hall to keep same comfortable.
1934 Aug 20 Window Improvement to Carrington Hall - Mr Branson was met to consider Window Improvement in the Hall. After several suggestions were considered it was proposed that wooden frame Drop Lights be fitted. This carried and Mr Branson asked to start work at once.
1934 Oct 08 Door Curtain - In view of eliminating any draughts that may come from the doors of Hall, Mr Clarke proposed that two Heavy Curtains be purchased complete with fittings, and be hung on the two doors in question. And it was agreed that the clerk carry this out.
1934 Dec 03 The chairman explained, that he considered the seating of the Hall, in a poor condition, and on inspecting the forms & chairs, it was proposed by Mr Garratt the Council inspect some chairs with a view to purchasing 6 Windsor Chairs & 1 Armchair.
1935 Jan 31 Seating of Hall - The new seating of the Hall, should be brought before the parish at the annual Assembly.
1935 Mar 04 On the event of the present caretaker leaving the village, at very little notice, the council were faced with finding a new caretaker. Applications for the post had been asked for, and three were received. On considering these, Miss D. Moore, be given the post.
1935 Mar 11 The Hall was very badly off in the matter of good seating accommodation. Mr Panter proposed that Council purchase 50 folding chairs, when their funds would allow.
A suggestion was then asked for, by the Council as to the best disposal of Old Piano, chairs, etc. they were of very little value, and would realise not any money, if attempts were made to sell them. Mr Panter proposed that these should be chopped up & used for lighting the fires in Hall.- Carried.
Lavatory attached to the Hall - Mr Panter stated their was room for improvement in the Ladies Lavatory, further ventilation was needed, the chairman replied that he would have this done.
1935 Apr 26 Arising out of the minutes of the Annual Meeting, the seating of Parish Hall was considered. Mr Clarke proposed writing to the following London Stores - Barkers, Selfridges & Gamages asking for lists & catalogues with prices for various kinds of chairs.The Clerk was instructed to ask three contractors for estimates, of the cost re-flooring Hall, namely Messrs. W. Dickens. T. Branson & A. Abbot.
1935 Jun 21 The Clerk presented three estimates he had received, regarding new flooring the Hall. Mr Abbott be given the contract, for reflooring the hall, and be asked to improve ventilation to Ladies Cloakroom, while working in Hall.
1935 Aug 09 Chairs in Hall - The chairman presented a cheque, that had been given voluntary by the "Old Choral Society" to help defray the cost of buying new chairs for the Hall. The amount being £5-16-6. A sample chair was then considered, this being forwarded from J. Barker & Co. The Council all approved of this chair, and on the proposition of Mr White seconded by Mr Clarke, the clerk was instructed to order 50 similar chairs, this was carried.
1935 Sep 06 It was resolved that the New Hall Chairs should be kept for inside usage only. Mr White proposing that 1d per chair be charged for the hire outside of Hall. The small charge made would enable to keep chairs in repair and order, if necessary, also allowing for depreciation.
1936 Feb 10 Despite various improvements in Hall, it was agreed that severe draught came from the roof ventilators through poor fitting. It was agreed to ask Mr Abbott to improve shutting of same & also put tubing round edge of doors opening into Hall.
1936 Mar 16 Mr F. Sawbridge asked why present Hall could not be enlarged. Mr Dolling suggested that a special meeting be convened to discuss the situation.

Large & Small Room with Fire & Light 2/6 for 3 hrs. 9d per hr after
Large Room only with Fire & Light 1/9 for 3 hrs. 6d per hr after
Small Room only with Fire & Light 1/6 for 3 hrs. 6d per hr after
Large & Small Room without Fire & Light 1/6 for 3 hrs 6d per hr after
Large Room only without Fire & Light 1/3 for 3 hrs 3d per hr after
Small Room only without Fire & Light 9d for 3 hrs 3d per hr after
1936 Apr 22 Arising from the Annual Assembly the suggestion of enlarging the Hall, confronted the Council. After a lengthy talk concerning this, it was decided to write to the Rural District, asking what steps and on what footing did the Council stand as regards the enlarging. Looking further ahead the Council would suggest that this be done as a memento of the Coronation of the King in 1937.
1936 May 29 Caretaker's Salary: After careful consideration it was agreed that the Caretakers salary be reduced in the Summer months to 9d. each letting, as the fee for hiring of the Hall was less during the summer period. The usual rate of 1/- to be resumed, when Hall fee goes back to the winter rate of charges. It was also added that should both rooms of the Hall be let at the same time, to different parties, this should be considered as one letting. The council expressed their satisfaction of the caretakers work and instructed the clerk to write to the Caretaker (Miss Moore) informing her of the alteration, the Council being responsible for the balancing of the Hall, as near as possible. £5-19-0. Miss Moore caretaking of Hall ending 31.6.36 (including 7/- for Mr. Moore weeding round Hall).
1936 Sep 04 The Clerk was asked to write Miss Moore (Caretaker of Hall) stating that the Council had decided that the Summer Charge or payment for Caretaking of Hall, should definitely cover from April 1st to Sept. 30th. both inclusive.
1936 Oct 29 The chairman then suggested that curtains should be hung at each window in the large hall, as there seemed a good deal of draught coming from these. On considering the chairman's remarks it was agreed that the clerk approach W. Meadows of Stony Stratford, asking them to supply these curtains and fittings ready for the windows.
1937 Mar 15 Enlarging the Hall: Mr. T. West asked what had actually been done regarding the enlarging of the present Hall. In answer, Mr. Cook said that a rough estimate had been given by a local builder, and that the alterations could be easily carried out. Financial difficulties were the only hold up, explaining that the Carnegie Trust was being asked to lend the money.
1937 Apr 14 Accounts: E. J. Wickens £5.6.9 Fixing and making Plushette Curtains for windows.
1937 Apr 27 Hall Committee: The whole of the Parish Council to form the Hall Committee.
Miss Moore resigned as caretaker as she was leaving the village. It was proposed Mr. Moore be given the duties as Caretaker
1937 Aug 10 Anxious to move in any way to assist in bring about the enlarging of the present Hall, the Councillors decided to, approach the Ministry of Health, as to any grant that might be possible to have, under the improvement schemes, now in hand, for village halls, recreation, etc.
The clerk was asked to write to the Ministry giving details of the Hall, its uses, population of the village, etc. also adding that "Keep Fit" Classes were being held in the village, and the parishioners were very anxious to help in the enlarging of the Hall, by subscribing to various functions, that no doubt would be organised.
Insurance on Hall; The Council then examined the Deeds of the Hall. The same being read through by the chairman, and on reading on the Insurance Policy that the Hall was lit with paraffin lamps, it was realised that these had been dispensed with several years ago, and that the Insurance Company had not been informed of the change, or that the Electric Heaters had been installed.
1937 Sep 08 Caretaker: The caretaker who was elected a short while ago, had terminated his employment in the village, and owing to new duties forcing him to leave the parish, the question of electing a new caretaker came up again. Post as caretaker be handed to Mr. George Hart.
1938 Feb 09 It was brought to the notice of the meeting that several corrugated roof sheets were poor and needed repair. As the Hand Bier and various other things were kept in here, it was thought advisable to get this defect repaired.
1938 Mar 15 Mr. Panter thought the support of the parish not strong enough to tackle the enlarging of the Hall, at present. Mr. Gobbey moved that matter be left over for twelve months.
1938 Nov 09 The Fire Grate in the Small Room of Hall had been in a weak state for some time, and the Council considered it safe policy to have it renewed before any mishap occurred while water was being heated.
It was resolved that the clerk purchase one Enamel pail for use in the Hall, also two 100 Watt Bulbs for lighting the Hall.
1939 Aug 25 Court yard in front of Hall: Realising the untidy state of the court yard in front of the Carrington Hall, it was agreed that an estimate be obtained from Mr. Branson as to the cost of cementing this area, as the continual weeding necessary would prove expensive to the Council.
1940 Aug 15 Water in Parish Hall: It was decided that in view of the great asset of a supply of main water, the following contractors should be asked for an estimate for laying on of water in The Carrington Hall, also fixing of Lavatories
Dickins & Son of Hanslope
E. Branson of Hanslope
Abbott of Hanslope
Smith & Daniels
1941 Sep 25 Clerk's Letting Book showed hat Hall had been let for 25 events during the Quarter ending Sept 30th 1941. Caretakers remuneration for duties re such engagements was adjudged to be twenty five shillings.
The Council, in response to request from the Local Youth Service Squad, decided to offer them a contract for inclusive charges for hire of Hall, with necessary light and heat, 0f 32 per first quarter ending Dec 31st 1941. The Y.S.S. must undertake to accommodate their dates to meet the needs of other organisations, when required to do so by the Council, to repair any damage which the Council considered to be the result of neglect or want of care on the part of the Y.S.S. and to recognise the Council's right to cancel the contract should continued misconduct hinder the orderly management of the Carrington Hall. The Clerk undertook to do all possible to arrange for adult supervision during Y.S.S. engagements of the Hall.
Repairs: The Council inspected and approved the provision of new locks for two doors and mending of others together with repairs to windows. They also approved the engagement, in emergency, of Messrs. M. Lewis and J. Green, both local Old Age Pensioners, to effect a more complete "black-out" of the Carrington Hall windows and to attend to the repair of fences, under the Council's control, if required posts could be obtained.
Fuel Economy: The council advised that every possible precaution should be taken by the Caretaker and organisers of events, held in the Hall, to conserve the coal supply allowed for heating purposes.
1942 Mar 07 £2. 10. 2. Mrs. Lena Ray - Payment for work as Caretaker during Qrt. Ended 31/ March /42 and for firewood (7s. 2d.) supplied for use in Hall during same period.
£1. 9.3. Postmaster General - Telephone rental & services Qrt. commencing 1/April/42
1942 Sep 06 An account from Mr. T. Dickins - repairs to windows, locks etc. of the Hall and charges re establishment of R.D.C. water supply - was examined and discussed. It was observed that of the total amount (£7-4-2) £4-3-3 represented charges connected with installation of water supply in the Hall.
Civil Defence bodies requiring admission to the Hall, in discharge of their duties, would continue their use of the Clerk's key with responsibility for its safety while in their possession and its return to the Clerk when the particular period of use of the Hall was concluded.
1942 Sep 27 Fuel Consumption: The Clerk was instructed to ask the Treasurer of the local Home Guard Funds if some arrangement could be made to relieve the Parish Council of the full responsibility for cost of fuel for fires in the Hall during meetings of the Home Guard.
1942 Dec 12 Youth Service Squad Meetings: Clerk reported that no request for renewal of contract with Council, for hiring of Carrington Hall, had been received from Y.S.S. but that application - upon three occasions - had been made for use of Hall for meetings, for which payment had been made at the minimum rate of charge.
Home Guard Meetings & consumption of fuel in Carrington Hall. Assurance that a record would be kept of fires required by Home Guards in the Hall and a proportionate amount of the council's account for coal would be paid from the local Home Guards' Funds.
1943 Jun 03 Permission sought by Captain A. K. Edwards, Ammunition Officer, 2nd Bucks Bttn. H.G., to erect two small Ammunition Shelters on ground in rear of Carrington Hall. Clerk reported obtaining advice from Chairman of the Parish Council with immediate written reply granting required permission.
Instructions received concerning re-dialling records were noted and posted near the Hall telephone.
1943 Sep 08 Hall Telephone: With reference to telephone accounts examined by Auditors the Clerk reported their comments that those using the telephone were responsible for the payment of calls and that the calls made by local C.D. organisations using the Hall in course of their operations. After discussion of the point Mr T. West proposes and Mr F. Stone seconded that application should be made to the Telephone Manager of the area fro removal of the present telephone and installation, in its place, of an automatic instrument with coin box attached.
1943 Nov 08 Relating to the installation in the Hall of a new telephone with coin box attached. The Council expressed satisfaction with the prompt work of the Telephone Company which had completed the work during that week.
As no fire would be required and the Hall would be utilised as a dressing station for a very short time during some Saturday afternoons by the Village Football Team the Council decided to make no charge so long as the Hall was left clean and in orderly condition.
1945 Jan 03 Council had called a public meeting to discuss plans for the form of War memorial which the village might wish to support. Councillors were of the opinion that such Memorial might take the form of repairs and additions to the Hall with structure built in the yard in front of the Hall to act as a Bus Shelter and to house a public telephone kiosk to which the telephone from the Hall could be transferred as it was no longer required for purposes of Civil Defence.
1945 Aug 11 Ration Books: A request, from Mrs. J. E. Whiting, as to what charge would be made by the Council, for the use of the Hall for the issue of new ration books, was met by instructions to the clerk to state that for this work of national importance no charge would be made for the use of the Hall.
1946 Oct 21 Mr Dolling brought before the Council details of the Village Hall scheme, which could be adopted. After some discussion it was decided to call a public meeting convened by the Council, to get feeling of the parish towards the scheme, also if possible, form a working committee.
1946 Nov 18 Minutes of a public meeting held in the Council School on Nov 18th 46.
The meeting was convened by the Parish Council to give a lead to the Parish in taking advantage of the Village Hall scheme.
Mr. Rayner took the chair and opened the meeting, stating why it had been called, strongly supporting the need for a new Hall in the parish. He then called on Mr. Dolling to put before the meeting details which he had regarding the loans and grants.
Mr. Dolling then addressed the meeting which was fairly representative of the various bodies in the village, although not really well attended.
All particulars were given as to amount required to be raised by the Parish and the grant which would be forthcoming. Also that the parish Council was recommended as Trustees but not to act as a managing committee.
The Councils duties ended after the conducting of the first meeting in which it was hoped to form a Hall Committee, but the Parish Council, R.D.C. and County Council had power to raise money for the hall, when in being, under the act of 1944.
The Hall, being for Social Purpose, would come under special cheap rate, and there would be no Tax on the income from the Hall.
On concluding his well presented details Mr Dolling asked the chairman to procure the feeling of the meeting as to the necessity of the erection of a Hall, and the forming of a committee to manage same.
Mr. Rayner thanked Mr Dolling and then asked for the meetings approval and adoption of the Hall Scheme, and volunteers to form a committee.
Mr Harold Cook doubted the meeting as being representative enough of the Parish. Mr Holt supported this, stating the meeting was well advertised and therefore well known.
The Chairman was of the opinion that although the meeting was small in number, all shades of opinion were present.
Mr Holt mentions about the existing ground at rear of the old Hall and as to the enlarging of the same. Mrs Whiting agrees and asks as to the powers regarding pulling down of old Hall. Mr Cook agrees the village needs a Hall and suggests the clerk draw the deeds from the Bank, re the Carrington Hall, to enlighten the Council.
The Chairman still pressed for a committee to be formed, Mr Burbidge asks for the holding over of this until the meeting is more representative. Mr Sawbridge stated the Youth Squad had called such a meeting some time back, and on that occasion was poorly attended and nothing had materialised.
Mr A. Cowley proposed that a committee be formed at the present meeting. He would be willing to be one of the body. Mrs Bridge also offered also Mr Paris.
After still more discussion the Chairman proposed that the Council approach the local bodies at some future date, asking for two or three delegates from each to meet the Council. Inviting the three who had volunteered to serve at this meeting, to attend, with a view to forming a committee and opening a Hall Fund. This suggestion seemed to meet with the approval of those present, and it was seen nothing further could be done that evening.
Before the closing of the meeting Mr Holt gave a very hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman for conducting the meeting and also to Mr Dolling, for his detailed and well explained information regarding the Hall Scheme.
This was well supported and the Chairman declared the meeting closed.
Estimate of Repairs to Hall: After the public had left, the Council considered an estimate for urgent repairs to the Hall. On the proposition of Mr Dolling the estimate was adopted, and the clerk sec: Mr Gobbey instructed to ask Mr Church to get on with the work as soon as possible.
1946 Dec 02 It was resolved that holding over of forming a committee should be extended until after Xmas. This subject to be reviewed again at the Councils first meeting in the New Year.
1947 Mar 31 A letter had been received by the Council, from the Northampton Electric Light and Power Co., advising of an increase in the rate charged per unit of power used in the Hall. In view of the fact that the heaters had to be used quite a lot, owing to lack of fuel, the Council emphasised the need for care and economy to all users of the Hall. Failing co-operation, an increase in the scale of charges for hiring the hall would have to be made, particularly in the winter months.
The question arose did the village need a New Hall or not. A sum of money had already been set aside to give the Fund a start and it was felt that a committee should be formed.
It was resolved to approach the various bodies and organisations in the village asking for two or three delegates to meet with a view to forming a committee, to get things started and the money invested in the bank as a fund.
1947 May 12 Piano: Recently the Piano Committee had handed to the Council, the Piano that was in the Carrington Hall. The Chairman suggested that the piano be controlled by the Council and that a charge be made for the use of same.
Once again the Hall question came up for discussion. It was a known fact that the old Hall could not be pulled down, but could be enlarged or added to, by alteration.
It was agreed that after the next meeting of the Council, a meeting would be held to form a committee and thus start a Hall Fund.
Representatives from all local bodies would be invited, as previously agreed, and the date would be decided at the Council Meeting on June 9th.
The chairman, reminds the Council of the bricks dumped at the rear of the Carrington Hall, and understood they were left there by the Territorial Association during the war. It was agreed, the clerk write to the Bucks T.A. with a view to having the bricks removed.
1947 Jun 09 A short while ago the Council had been handed the Piano (which was kept in the Hall) by the Piano Committee.
After considering the coat for the hiring and taking the tuning and upkeep costs into account, it was proposed by Mr Brown see: Mr Gobbey, that 3/- be charged for each hiring of the Piano.
Regarding the charge for hiring the Hall, it was agreed that the same charge be made all the year round, and that the practice of a reduction during the summer months would cease. This was carried.
Proposed Hall and Fund: The Council were aware that a sum of money had been set aside for the purpose in the names of Mr Jarman and Mr Rayner, the then Chairman and Secretary of The [left blank]
It was agreed that the money be made over to the Council who would act as trustees.
It was decided to call a further Hall Meeting on July 23rd with hopes of forming a committee and opening a Hall Fund.
1947 Jun 23 Minutes of Hall Meeting convened by Parish Council and held in The Carrington Hall on June 23rd 1947.
The Clerk had previously invited members of local bodies and committees to be present and although the number present was not large, it was fairly representative.
Quite a discussion took place regarding the existing Hall and the possibilities of enlarging. Also, that the existing sum of £50 , be acquired by the Council from the two persons (since left the Parish) to whom it was entrusted, and place this sum in the Bank under the parish Councils name until such time as a Hall Fund and working committee could be formed, earmarking the sum for Hall or playing fields as might be suggested and agreed.
Mr Lewis kindly presented the Chairman the sum of £4-0-0 to help start the Fund, as this sum was the winding up of the local Comforts for the Forces Fund. This was greatly appreciated by all present and after thanking the parishioners for coming along the Chairman then declared the meting closed.
1947 Sep 29 After a short discussion. Mr Gobbey proposed and Mr Brown seconded that the forming of the Hall Committee should rest until the Annual Parish Meeting.
1947 Oct 27 Fuel in Hall: Great difficulty was being experienced in getting fuel for use in the Carrington Hall. It was thought worth while to write to the local Mutual Society at Wolverton to try and obtain some coke.
1948 Jan 19 Cinema: The clerk presented an application for hiring of Hall, for Cinema Shows. The Council approved of the letting, but felt the applicant should view the Hall to see if suitable, before deciding.
1948 Feb 16 Welfare Request: The clerk informed the council, that the Welfare Centre would like a power point installed in the small room of the Hall. The Welfare Centre's secretary had mentioned that they were willing to bear the expense of the installation, should the Council agree. One power point had been installed some time past, and the cost had been met by the Council, and as the addition of a second point was a direct benefit to the Centre, it was thought to be in good order to allow them to bear the costs.
1948 Mar 15 The Hall Scheme was held over until the Autumn, when an invitation would be sent to one of the heads, to address a public meeting in the parish.
A sum of money had been placed in the bank, as the Castlethorpe Playing Fields and Hall Fund, and this could be added to as time went on.
1948 Sep 29 Piano Charge: It was decided that the charge to the Youth Club for the use of the piano should be 3/- for the two events, instead of one.
Also, it was decided that Mr Rodgers (local secretary of the allotment association) be informed that it was not the Council's wish to ask the Women's Institute to cancel their fortnightly whist drive, as there was other nights the Hall was vacant and equally suitable for the collection of Allotment Rents.
1948 Dec 13 Heating of Hall: It is known to all users of the Hall, the difficulty in getting the place warm in winter and free from draft. The Chairman suggested a good oil heater or radiator as the electric heaters seemed to do little good apart from being expensive to run owing to the increased power charge for the Hall. He also made a good offer of £6 (proceeds from Whist Drives) towards the cost of a radiator costing £11. The Council agreed to pay the balance of Five Pounds, as it was to benefit all users of the Hall, and they wished to make the Hall as comfortable as they could. It would no doubt be very beneficial to the Welfare Centre, when young children were being examined.
The Caretaker would be instructed to purchase the paraffin oil from Mr Bridge, Castlethorpe
1949 Mar 28 Little had materialised regarding the Hall Scheme during the year, as little interest had been shown by parishioners. The Chairman thought well that the proposed Scheme should be taken again by the new Council when attaining office.
1949 Apr 14 Youth Club: The Chairman stated that the Youth Club wished for permission to use the small room of the Hall in which to serve refreshments. Also the club asked permission to fix a Dart Board complete with electric light and wall protection. The Council decided that the Youth Club be granted their wish.
1949 Sep 05 Owing to the growing interest in the parish of the possibility of a new Hall, it was resolved to call a further public meeting. On Monday Oct 1st. with a view to forming a Hall Committee. An authority on Village Halls, giving details of loans and grants etc. would be invited to address the meeting.
1949 Nov 07 Hall Fund: In view of the forthcoming meeting of the newly appointed Hall Fund, it was decided to appoint two members of the Council to serve on the Committee. It was proposed and seconded that Mr Dolling and Mr Bywater be representatives. Both Councillors agreed to stand.
1950 Jan 30 As Mr Dolling was chairman of the recently formed Hall Fund it was thought fitting to appoint representative of the Parish Council. Mr Gobbey was asked to serve and he agreed.
1950 Mar 20 A request from Mr Luck of the Parish Council asking if he could rent the land at the rear of the Carrington Hall, for the purpose of keeping Poultry, was read by the Clerk. After some discussion it was agreed not to grant this request.
1950 Sep 04 The Chairman then brought to notice the need for another light in the Hall, in the right hand corner near the small room. All agreed that the light really was needed particularly for Whist Drives.
Mr Dolling offered to part pay for this light from the Whist Drives run by him, if the Women's Institute would do the same. The Clerk was instructed to approach the Women's Institute Committee on this matter.
1951 Feb 15 Regarding the damage done to the Carrington School recently by members of the Youth Club of the village. The damage appeared to have been done during rowdyism and the Council decided that the letting of the Hall to the Youth Club be suspended for the remainder of the season. The Council regretted in Having to take this action, but this sort of thing must stop. Should the Club apply for hiring before another season, this of course would be re-considered.
1952 Apr 16 The New Village Hall Committee requested that they be given permission to erect on the Hall a small target display showing the rising of the funds in Barometer style. The Council agreed to this providing it was a neat display and protected from the weather.
1953 Mar 16 New Hall Fund: This fund was for the present at a standstill, no doubt owing to the fact that the fund had no secretary, and also that coronation festivities were to the fore this year. It was resolved that a public meeting should be called at some future date.
1953 Apr 22 Boxing and Hall: It was known that Boxing Classes had been held in the Carrington Hall recently, and in view of previous damage done to the Hall, the Council felt they were justified in refusing to allow the Boxing to go on. A letter to Mrs Gower would be sent explaining the situation.
1953 May 06 Repairs to Carrington Hall: The main business of the evening was to inspect the Hall as this was badly in need of repair. The interior needed decorating and much needed to be done outside. Rain was getting in round the chimney and causing the plaster to crumble down the chimney breast. Also all windows needed putty and mouldings and painting. The Council made a thorough inspection round the Hall and decided that as it was their responsibility to keep the Hall in a fair state of repair the work would have to be done. It was agreed to ask Mr Ben Sawbridge to meet the Chairman and the clerk at the Hall one afternoon with a view to getting the work done. The Council realised that the amount done would be somewhat limited owing to finance, but felt that these improvements would have to be done.
1953 Aug 10 New Hall Fund: Several years had passed since the Parish Council had succeeded in getting a New Village Hall Fund started in the parish. The fund had grown steadily, and was now in the region of £700. Lately the fund or rather committee had lost its Chairman, Secretary, and lastly the Treasurer. The Council were agreed that in the near future a public meeting would have to be called with a view to getting the Fund started again. Also at the meeting the feelings of the parishioners could be heard with regard to the enlarging of the present Hall. The clerk was instructed to obtain the deeds of the old Hall, from Barclays Bank, to enable the Chairman to read them up before the next meeting.
There was some cash in hand and the clerk was asked to place this in the Bank.
1953 Sep 16 The clerk had received a new proposed premium from the Royal Insurance Co. Ltd., insuring the Carrington Hall for £1000 (including furniture etc., also Hand Bier kept in the Hall).
The annual premium would now be £1-5-0. The Council agreed with the increased covering for the Hall, which was more in keeping with present day values.
Hall Curtains: The Council were well satisfied with the re-decorating of the Hall, but regretted, that the curtains had not yet been re-hung. It was hoped that the Women's Institute (who had undertaken to wash and repair the curtains) would soon have them in place again.
Hall Lettings and Accounts: For sometime past the Council had felt that the Hall Lettings and Accounts should be kept separate from the normal Parish business. At some future date when the Hall had been enlarged a new Hall Committee would be formed and work as a separate body. It was proposed Mr Bywater seconded Mr Limbrey that the Hall Accounts be separated from the ordinary Council accounts from September 30th 1953. This was agreed.
1953 Oct 26 Hall Meeting: This meeting had still to be arranged and it was hoped to hold same on the 23rd November, leaflets announcing the meeting would be delivered to each house.
1953 Nov 30 Since the previous meeting the clerk had obtained details regarding the assistance given in erecting or enlarging Halls. These were read and the clerk was instructed to thank Mr Cooke for the information and advice, and to inform him that the Council would give it every consideration.
1954 Mar 22 He was pleased to say the New Hall Fund was active again and that every effort would be made to erect or enlarge the present Hall as soon as possible.
1955 Feb 22 Hall Effort: The Chairman presented a letter he had received from the branch of the W.I. asking what was being done regarding the Hall Scheme.
The clerk was instructed to reply to the W.I. stating the Hall Scheme would be one of the chief items on the agenda for the Annual parish Meeting to be held on the 21st. March
Hall Scheme: As this scheme was on the agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting, and the fact that it looked as if the Council would have to inform all organisations in the parish asking for members to come along to the meeting. The clerk was instructed to apply to the Ministry of Education for suitable Forms (A.W.I.) on which to make application for a grant.
1955 Mar 21 A lengthy discussion followed on the proposed Village Hall Plans had been drawn up and presented, but it was thought this could be reduced in size and thus lighten the expense. Finally it was agreed that a further Hall Meeting should be held, and that every house be notified of the meeting by hand bills.
1955 Nov 16 Youth Club: Nearly five years had passed since the Parish Council very reluctantly had to refuse the use of the Hall to the Youth Club running at the time, owing to deliberate damage done to the hall. It was now learned that the Youth Club wished to operate again and after some discussion it was proposed Mr. Markham seconded Mr Bywater that the Youth Club be given another chance. The Council not wishing to hinder the movement, agreed.
1956 Mar 20 A lengthy discussion followed on the Village Hall, there had been a lapse from Oct. 55 owing to such little interest shown by the parishioners or committee, at the last Hall meeting, the Chairman, Mr A. Cowley, thought it useless to go on with such little support and those of the committee present agreed that all moneys remain banked, until sufficient interest was again evident. This action appeared to have roused new interest and among those present many suggestions and proposals were put forward.
It was firmly decided that the meeting wanted the present Hall enlarged and improved in preference to a new Hall. It was known that grants towards the cost were available and it was hoped that in Castlethorpe's case we should qualify. It was finally agreed that a further Hall meeting be held on March 27th when it was hoped this would also be well attended, so that a new committee could be formed and thus enable the Hall project to go forward.
1956 May 28 A letter had been received stating that a renewed interest had been taken in the Village Hall and that grants were available on any scheme if approved by the Education Authority. The clerk was advised to present this information to the committee of the Village Hall Fund at their next meeting.
1957 Jan 10 The clerk informed the Council that nothing had been heard from the Education Committee regarding the grant towards the renovation of the Hall. Owing to the state of repair the Hall was getting into, the Chairman proposed sending a letter to Mr Cooke explaining the position and asking if he could hurry things along. This was agreed.
While discussing the Hall, Mr Bywater emphasized the need, should a grant be allowed, for the Hall Committee to obtain the permission of The Parish Council, before commencing the work on the Hall. This was agreed.
1957 Feb 21 Youth Girls Club: Since the previous meeting the chairman had given permission for a girls youth club to be held in the Hall. The club was to be in the care of Mrs Gray and Miss Coey. The Council supported Mr Dolling in his decision.
1957 Oct 16 Furniture in Hall: It was agreed that when the improvements to the Hall were completed, any furniture at present in the Hall, would be handed over to the Hall Management Committee.
1958 Jan 08 The Carrington Hall improvements under the Village Hall Fund Committee had not yet started and with the buildings and hall getting into a worse state of repair as time went on the Council were very concerned about the delay. The clerk was asked to write to Mr Pricket the contractor, asking him as to the cause of delay, bricks had been placed on the site some weeks back. It was hoped Mr Pricket would make a start in the very near future.
1958 May 01 With the hall practically ready for re-opening to the public, it was decided to meet the Hall Management Committee on the following Wed: May 7th, when the question of Insurance on the Hall and the conditions of handing over could be discussed.
1960 Mar 15 Bell on Hall: The clerk stated he had been asked by the very keen ringers of Hanslope whether or not they could purchase the bell on the old Hall. The council were of the opinion that they could not give permission to part with the bell.
1964 Mar 23 Mr Tapp, speaking about the village hall, stated that only one or two regular faces were attending the meetings. The committee consisted of representatives of each organisation in the village but these had fallen off. The date of the fete had not been arranged and things were at a stand still. It was agreed that each organisation be notified of the next committee meeting with the hope of a good attendance.
1964 Apr 13 Strip of land: Mrs St. John informed the council that in the event of her leaving the district, and change of ownership of the land adjoining the Hall, she wished to offer a strip of the land so as to give the committee access to the property, and in this case recommended that a fence be erected and maintained by the hall committee. It would be necessary for a proper agreement to be drawn up. Mr Tapp stated that he would bring this up at the next hall meeting and thanked Mrs. St. John for her kindness. The council fully supported this.
1966 Jul 04 As Trustees of the Village Hall members of the council were invited to attend the next Hall meeting on Aug 2nd, when several important matters were to be discussed. Mr Lane stated he could not be there, but expressed the wish that stricter supervision be applied on Record Club evenings.
1966 Sep 05 It was learned that two councillors attended the recent Village Hall meeting. Mr West stated that he agreed up to point that some money should be spent on making the Hall more habitable and pleasant, with some brightening up.
1970 Dec 07 The matter of the Fire Insurance cover for the Village Hall, raised by the Clerk, was held over pending further information, being obtained.
Village Hall Licences: These matters, also raised by the Clerk were held over for the same reason.
1971 Jan 04 The Council was informed by the Clerk that the Hall was insured against fire damage and that the Committee did hold a Lottery and Gaming Licence. Mr R. W. West the Committee Treasurer holds the documents concerned. The council was satisfied with the arrangements.
1971 Jun 02 Village Hall Donation: The council unanimously resolved to donate equally, a total of £100 for the Village Hall Fund's Fete, in response to a request fro the Hall's committee. The donation to be private and not from the Council's account.
1971 Nov 29 Village Hall Grant: The Chairman informed members that he had instructed the Clerk since the last P.C. Meeting, to complete the application for grant aid for the Village Hall and forward the same to the R.D.C. for consideration. The Clerk enquired as to whether the Village Hall Committee or the Parish Council would deal with the grant.
The Chairman therefore proposed and Mr West seconded that the Village Hall Committee officially deal with the matter, and that the Parish Council shall have copies of all correspondence for information only.
1972 Jan 32 The Clerk reported that the estimated cost of improvements to the Village Hall was £491. The Chairman reported that he expected the R.D.C. to shortly approve a grant to the Hall funds of £300.
1972 Feb 28 A letter from Mr Dunbabin confirmed that a grant of £300 would be awarded towards the cost of improving the village hall.
1972 May 22 Village Hall Grant: It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Mr Sawbridge, that the R.D.C. be asked to increase their £300 grant for the Village Hall repairs. Carried. Another £150 - £180 was required to meet costs higher than initially allowed for.
1972 Jul 31 Village Hall Grant: The R.D.C. had confirmed that the grant to be paid towards hall repair costs is to be increased from £300 to £345.
1973 Jun 25 Village Hall Lettings: Councillor West expressed his concern over the lettings of the Village Hall in which bar was provided. He voiced his opinion that as Trustees to the Village Hall that representations be made to the Committee on this matter.
It was proposed by Councillor West and seconded by Councillor Grace that the Clerk write to the Village Hall committee about this matter, hoping that they could consider ways of improving the letting system. It also hoped that the Parish Councillor attend if possible the next Village Hall Committee Meeting.
1973 Sep 24 Matters affecting the Village Hal were raised - Discos; letting cleaning of the floor. The Club explained to the meeting that the Village Hall Committee were discussing most of these matters.
It was agreed that Councillor should try and attend the A.G.M. of The Village Hall which was due to take place on 2/10/73.
1973 Nov 22 Due to the fuel crisis the Village Hall could still be hired but no electricity could be used for heating. It was not clarified if the Play Group would be allowed electricity.
1974 Feb 25 It was agreed that though it was bad that the Evergreen could not hold its meetings because of the circumstances the parish Council could do little about it.
1974 Mar 18 The balance at the moment was £300. Again Mr Tapp wished to thank all the committee members. He stated this committee was the best for years and hoped this year's fete would surpass last year which raised over £200. He asked all the sections of the village to support and enter the procession of decorated floats and bring in support from outside.
He stressed that money would be required for taking over the School as a Community Centre. £900 had been spent on the present village hall in the last two years.
1974 Oct 21 Report A.G.M. Village Hall: A committee had been formed and were carrying out the running of The Village Hall. The Parish Council were pleased with it running and decided on a Prop. Councillor West seconded by Councillor Sawbridge that a donation of £35.00 be sent to the Village Hall Committee.