The Bucks Standard 02 January 1926

Presentation to a Teacher. On Tuesday evening, December 22, a very representative meeting of the villagers took place in the Castlethorpe Council School in order to make a presentation to Miss Annie Gregory who is resigning her post as infant teacher, a position she has held since the school was opened in 1891. The presentation was proceeded by an hour’s concert in which the following took part: Miss Elsie Richardson, Miss Minnie Rainbow, Miss Grace Olney, Miss Ethel Faulkner and Mrs. H. Middleton, also Messrs. Arthur Clarke, Alfred Richardson, Jesse Nichols and Bert Evans. Mr. H. Middleton acted as accompanist. Most of the school managers were present and Mr. Jos. E. Whiting, the chairman, after his introductory remarks, called upon Mr. H. H. Middleton, the headmaster, to make the presentation. Mr. Middleton in the course of his remarks, referred to the long association of Miss Gregory with his wife and himself in the work of the school and the cordial relations which had always existed between them. No one would be more sorry than he that home circumstances had compelled Miss Gregory to resign her position. He commented also on Miss Gregory’s excellent work as a teacher and the many times her work had been commended by His Majesty’s inspector in the school report. He then asked Miss Gregory to accept a small token of esteem and appreciation a very handsome clock subscribed for by the majority of the residents of Castlethorpe. Mr. E. Richardson, who has been a manager continuously since the opening of the school, then spoke in similar terms of Miss Gregory’s work and her influence for good on the minds of the children under her care. Miss Gregory suitably replied, thanking all the subscribers to her present and referred to the kindness and consideration she had always received from the managers and the headmaster. Mr. Jas. Marsh, Correspondent of the school, endorsed the remarks which had been made by the previous speakers, and the meeting closed by the singing of the National Anthem.