Early Schools in Castlethorpe

c.1757: Benjamin Franklin gave his share of the estate —£11 8s. 4d.—to “Mrs. Farrow and Mrs. Morris, two poor ancient women.” Mrs. Farrow was a cousin who lived at Castlethorpe. Two interesting letters from her to Franklin are printed in the Pennsylvania Magazine.” In the first she expresses great desire to see Benjamin, and adds, “I thank God I have good Bed to Lodge you if you was come, that is all my  Comfort. I live within two Miles Stoney Strafford ” (Stratford). In her second letter Mrs. Farrow thanks him for Paying ye Post,” an important matter those days. Although her memory was failing, eyesight was good; and she said, “I make Shift to Keep Little School for my Living.” (See Newspaper Reports 1910)

John Albert Greave Born 1829 - Memories:
went to Mr. Addison who had a large school at Castle Thorpe
at the first house on the right from Haversham.

Northampton Mercury 11 January 1845

MR. ADDISON’S SCHOOL, CASTLETHORPE, near Stony Stratford, Bucks. will RE-OPEN on JANUARY 18TH, 1845. Terms, including the English and Latin languages, Writing, Arithmetic, History, Geography, the Mathematics, and the use of the Globes, 20 guineas per annum. Greek and French, two guineas per annum. Dancing and Drawing, at the usual terms.

Kelly's Directory 1895: School Board of 5 members was formed 6 Dec 1888
T. Osborne, clerk to the board

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Castlethorpe School c.1910

Log Book page 491
Names of boys who have taken part in the 1914 - 1918 War

Uri Gargarin
Uri Gargarin