Miss Buxton's 34 years at Castlethorpe
The Wolverton Express July 3rd 1964

As a reminder of many happy years in the village as headmistress of the school, Miss Mabel Buxton, who retires at the end of the present term had decided to call her new home in Colchester "Castlethorpe". Miss Buxton has been headmistress at Castlethorpe for 34 years. She arrived in the village in 1930 when the older children who, up until then had been taught alongside the five and six-year-olds, left the village school for local secondary schools.
At the end of this school term she will have completed 45 years in the teaching profession, having previously taught at Colchester.
The village school mistress has always played an important part in the community life and before the National Health Service, Miss Buxton was the secretary of the village Hospital Committee.
During the last war as a member of A.R.P. she helped with billeting and at the school rest centre was in charge of the stores.
Over the past years at Castlethorpe with an average of 43 pupils and one other teacher to help, Miss Buxton has tried to impress on the children the importance of thinking and doing things for themselves.
"With only two teachers and the varied ages of the children they have just had to help me a great deal," she said. "The older children have learned to help the younger ones and I think that the school has always been a very happy one."
Miss Buxton is very fond of music, singing and gardening and has passed something of her keeness on to many of her pupils.
The school has also been very successful with country dancing and the classroom walls are decorated with many certificates that the children have won.
Miss Buxton's new home is a bungalow in Anthony Close, Colchester.

Castlethorpe School photograph 1964
Back Row: Susan Keeves, Brian Scripps, Miss Buxton, Charles Sawbridge, Robert Kent, Mary Kent
Front Row: Rosemary Cooper
, Estelle Tapp, Elaine White, Pauline Webster, Annette Nichols, Andrew Frost, Diane West, Terry Ray, Graham Welch, Martin Ray, Deborah Andrews, unknown, Donald Harper, Phillip Grace,