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Towcester Marriages, 1714 - 1751

Surnames beginning with H

DateYear Him or her Her or him
20 Apr1721fHaddon Elizabeth of NorthamptonmBulford Peter of Broughton
13 May1734mHadland Jonathan Baker otpfSpittles Mary of Chesterton, Oxon
04 Sep1738mHadland William Widr of G. NortonfColly Susanna Wid otp
29 Mar1725fHadly Catherine of Middleton CheneymHemmings William of Middleton Cheney
06 Feb1737mHailes William otpfIngram Ann otp
12 Jun1722fHall Hannah otpmCvfwyn* Anthony otp
21 Jul1714mHall John otpfJames Judith otp
18 Oct1739fHall Mary otpmDadley John otp
01 Jan1726mHall Richard of DaventryfHawkins Mary of Buckingham
05 Nov1730mHall Thomas of SlaptonfJennings Eleanor otp
27 May1726fHammond Elizabeth of PotterspurymLovel George of Potterspury
19 Apr1719fHammond Martha of WhittleburymWright Humphrey of Whittlebury
02 Feb1721mHands Charles otpfDunkley Elizabeth of Blisworth
25 Apr1721mHannah David fBlackmore Mary otp
01 Jan1736fHanner Anna-Maria of SilverstonemPittam John of Silverstone
?1728fHarkwood ? of Wd BurcotemGoble John
22 May1726mHarly Oliver of Leighton BuzzardfWoolh... Dinah Sojourner **
29 Jun1719fHarrcott Anne of AbthorpemBaylys Edward of Helmdon
03 Oct1721fHarriot Elizabeth of FaalcotmJones John of Buckingham
18 Feb1726fHarriot* Hannah of WappenhammLinel John of Syresham
25 Jul1740fHarris Ann otpmCramp Robert otp
15 Feb1726fHarris Anne of AbthorpemWady Richard
26 Aug1724mHarris Benjamin of AbthorpefLongbridge Anne of Weston by W.
28 Sep1714fHarris Catherine of HarpolemFoster Thomas of Newport Pagnell
07 Nov1742fHarris Elizabeth of HanleymFountain William
08 Jun1726fHarris Elizabeth otpmParks Edward Sojourner
11 Oct1719fHarris Elizabeth of AbthorpemGurney William of Abthorpe
26 Jul1716fHarris Hannah of HarpolemHarris William of Biddenham, Beds
18 Sep1737mHarris John otpfHutchins Mary otp
23 Dec1750mHarris John otpfClarke Jane otp
03 Apr1746fHarris Martha otpmJohnson Mathew otp
04 Dec1743fHarris Mary otpmPain Thomas otp
12 Oct1740fHarris Mary otpmBird Samuel otp
26 Apr1747fHarris Mary otpmHodges William
02 Oct1726mHarris Samuel otpfWilliams Mary otp
17 Aug1747mHarris Samuel otpfCaporn Mary otp
21 Oct1735mHarris Samuel fWhitehead Susanna otp
09 Oct1728mHarris Simon of Stoke BruernefHonour* Sarah of Stoke Bruerne
03 Oct1723fHarris Susan of BrackleymPennel Thomas of Brackley
23 May1745fHarris Suzanna of RadstonemNeedle John of Radstone
02 Feb1734mHarris Thomas of KislingburyfFalkner Mary of Kislingbury
22 Sep1719mHarris Thomas of Yardley GobionfButcher Elizabeth of Alderton
23 Jun1715mHarris Thomas of HardingstonefAvery Anne of Hardingstone
28 May1740mHarris Thomas otpfBinion Mary otp
29 Apr1721mHarris Thomas otpfLambert Eleanor
23 Nov1741mHarris Tobias otpfDavis Ann otp
04 Apr1730mHarris William of FoscotefHenson Alice of Hanley
26 Jul1716mHarris William of Biddenham, BedsfHarris Hannah of Harpole
08 Sep1717fHarrison Mary of AbthorpemBrooks John of Moreton Pinckney
18 Dec1726mHarrison William SojournerfSympson Rebecca Sojourner
11 Jan1736fHart Amy of SilverstonemAmos Edward of Silverstone
21 Apr1723fHart Elizabeth of Greens NortonmVickers Isaac of Yelvertoft
22 Dec1717mHartwell Richard otpfPaybody Elizabeth otp
17 Jul1743fHathaway Jane of HanslopemEaston Richard of Hartwell
23 Jul1749mHavil Samuel fClarke Elizabeth of Harrington
01 Oct1716mHawkes Thomas fHaynes Elizabeth
24 Jan1729fHawkins Esther of CulworthmSquirrel Benjamin* of culworth
01 Jan1726fHawkins Mary of BuckinghammHall Richard of Daventry
17 Jul1745mHawkins William fCrouch Mary of Deanshanger
? Mar1720mHawkins William of BicesterfCarter Mary
13 Dec1721fHawkwood Mary of AbthorpmTasker James of Abthorp
28 Dec1725fHaynes Abigail of MaidfordmEarl Samuel of Maidford
01 Oct1716fHaynes Elizabeth mHawkes Thomas
05 Oct1746mHaynes John of PoddingtonfMiddleton Jane of Paulerspury
21 Nov1740mHaynes John fVeer Alice of Helmdon
30 Sep1740mHaynes John of NortonfCreeton Elizabeth of Norton
02 Mar1718mHaynes William fTodd Christian
14 Aug1723fHaynes* Mary of BraddenmBrown Francis of Bradden
05 Jul1731mHayns John of WhitfieldfWatts Anne of Whitfield
05 Sep1729fHayward Catherine of PotterspurymRandy Thomas of Potterspury
02 May1728fHaywood Elizabeth otpmSpooner William otp
23 Apr1744fHedge Alice otpmCaporn William otp
31 Aug1741fHefferson Jane of DurhammChamberlain John of Leics
29 Mar1725mHemmings William of Middleton CheneyfHadly Catherine of Middleton Cheney
30 Mar1725mHenly Robert of Swanbourne, BucksfBray Rebecca of Whitlfield
04 Apr1730fHenson Alice of HanleymHarris William of Foscote
29 Jul1726fHerman* Mary mBarrel_jnr Thomas
28 May1734fHery* ? of BlakesleymWard ? of Litchborough
10 Apr1743fHiggins Mary of WappenhammDarby John of Harrold, Beds
27 Oct1723fHigson_pitt Hannah of EydonmAdway Thomas of Eydon
16 Feb1723mHill Joseph otpfThomas Sarah otp
15 Dec1728fHill Mary otpmClevor Thomas otp
13 Feb1743fHillier Sarah of Stoke BruernemSergeant Henry of Stoke Bruerne
07 Mar1730mHillyard Thomas of GaytonfBilling Sarah of Gayton
19 Jun1720fHillyer Mary mGreen John
23 Sep1731mHindes Thomas of PotterspuryfTomms Elizabeth of Potterspury
12 Jun1734fHinson Ann otpmDingly John otp
13 Sep1749fHinson Jane otpmWood John otp
30 Sep1721mHinson John of WickenfPigot Elizabeth of Wicken
25 Feb1723fHinson Judith mPaynton Robert
20 May1735fHinson Mary of AbthorpemMiddleton William of Abthorpe
26 May1730fHinson Mary otpmShirland William Ch W of E. Neston
21 Mar1748mHinson Richard of SlaptonfFoster Mary of Slapton
29 Oct1748mHinson William of AbthorpefTyrrel Mary of Abthorpe
30 May1740mHinton Charles of NorthamptonfRight Sarah of Northampton
20 Feb1720mHinton John fDimock Elizabeth
22 Sep1724fHoar Anne of ShutlangermBass John of Shutlanger
11 Nov1728fHoar Mary of PotterspurymRatlidge William of Paulerspury
26 Sep1734fHobbs ? of WickenmMan ? of Potterspury
14 Feb1725fHobbs Anne of Stony StratfordmButton George a trooper
20 Oct1718mHobbs William otp SojournerfWarwick Martha otp Sojourner
16 Oct1729mHodges Richard WidrfAllyn Anne Wid
26 Apr1747mHodges William fHarris Mary otp
23 Mar1749fHodgkins Hester otpmGreen George otp
05 Feb1740mHoldam Thomas of Akely, BucksfEllet Elizabeth of Lillingstone Dayrell
17 May1714fHolden Hannah otpmElliot Daniel of Tingewick
27 Oct1747mHolland Benedict otpfOsborne Susanna otp
04 May1715fHollis Elizabeth mBasford Richard
30 Oct1730fHollis Hannah of PaulerspurymFern Joseph of Paulerspury
05 Jan1736fHollis Hester otpmBradshaw Thomas otp
05 Jan1740mHollis William of PaulerspuryfWills Elizabeth of Paulerspury
19 Oct1745fHolloway Elizabeth of PaulerspurymMorris William of Grafton
08 Apr1727fHolloway Mary otpmPayn Charles otp
16 Jul1728mHolloway Samuel of GraftonfWest Mary of Cold Higham
08 Mar1719fHollwood Elizabeth mTidcomb Hopelong a trooper
01 Nov1744fHolmes Abigail otpmKibble Thomas otp
19 Apr1718fHolms Elizabeth of AldertonmCaporn William of Hanslope
05 Nov1714fHolt Elizabeth otpmFrenel* Matthew of Syresham
18 Jun1732fHolton Elizabeth of BlakesleymSouster Robert of Water Eaton
22 Sep1716fHoman Anne of PotterspurymGarner William of Wicken
09 Oct1728fHonour* Sarah of Stoke BruernemHarris Simon of Stoke Bruerne
12 Jan1719mHopcroft Richard of SyreshamfRawling Ann of Syresham
22 Jun1733mHopkins John fAllyn Mary otp
30 May1721mHopkins Nicholas otpfWynkles Ann otp
24 Jun1747fHorley Ann of WhittleburymWilcox John
23 Feb1720fHorsman* Susanna mPeriful* William
30 May1742fHoughton Elizabeth Wid of HardinstonemClarke Thomas Widr
14 Feb1716mHoughton George of HavershamfJones Jane of Tiffield
28 May1739fHoward Elizabeth otpmFacer Richard Gardener
05 May1715mHoward Richard of CosgrovefGurney Sarah of Cosgrove
? Oct1747mHoward Thomas Rector of Perden HallfKing Ann otp
28 Sep1716fHowes Elizabeth otpmBliss William otp
19 Jun1747mHowes Thomas fBlundell Elizabeth of Abthorpe
05 Oct1736mHowes William of PaulerspuryfRight Ann Wid otp
20 May1714mHows John fHyron Anne of Moreton Pinckney
22 Aug1731mHows Mark of Harlestonef? Susan of Harlestone
24 Jan1722mHows Richard of Greens NortonfEliot Anne Wid. of Greens Norton
15 Sep1734mHows Stephen of Greens NortonfSmith Jane of Greens Norton
22 Apr1739fHughes Alice of Thorpe MandevillemMason Peter of Sibfordin
24 May1737mHumfreys John of SulgravefThornton Ann of Sulgrave
11 Feb1726fHumphreys Elizabeth Wid otpmWhite Richard of Newbury, Berks
22 Jul1716mHumphreys Jonathan of DallingtonfSmith Mary of Clay Cotton
06 Sep1722mHumphreys William fBrooks Elizabeth otp
16 Oct1720fHumphrys Arlene of Greens NortonmSmyth Richard of Kings Sutton
12 Jun1743fHunt Anne of PadburymForster Peter of Padbury
29 Nov1716fHunt Elizabeth of WickenmAllyn William of Wicken
07 Aug1720mHunt Thomas of Capel-in-?fWordin* Sarah otp
18 Sep1737fHutchins Mary otpmHarris John otp
31 ?1717fHyllier Anne of PassenhammWhaddop John of Passenahm
28 Nov1727mHyllyar John of Old StratfordfBrown Anne of Potterspury
21 Jun1721fHyllyer Alice of CourtenhallmGrace John of Courtenhall
01 Dec1730fHyllyer Anne of AshtonmTrot Charles otp
20 May1714fHyron Anne of Moreton PinckneymHows John
Transcribed by volunteers from the original Towcester records held at the Northamptonshire Record Office.