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Towcester Marriages, 1714 - 1751

Surnames beginning with K

DateYear Him or her Her or him
02 Oct1728fKash...* Alice of CulworthmFrost Charles of culworth
15 Oct1734fKeble Elizabeth otpmMay Richard otp
15 Jun1748mKeen Robert of Weedon BecfSharp Alice otp
30 Sep1718fKelshaw Elizabeth of Mid CheneymChappel Peter of Lil Dayrell
06 Jan1723mKemp Daniel of Wood BurcotefGarlick Sarah
02 Oct1722mKemp Thomas of WickenfMariot Anna of Passenham
07 May1719mKemp Thomas of WickenfBoarsly Anne
02 Nov1726fKench Mary of CatesbymKennard William of Badby
02 Nov1726mKennard William of BadbyfKench Mary of Catesby
20 Aug1715mKerby John of SyreshamfBlackwell Alice of Syresham
21 Dec1731mKerby Thomas fDolton Elizabeth
13 Sep1716mKertland Robert of BoddingtonfLoake Hannah of Hinton
01 Feb1729mKeys William of Greens NortonfBason Elizabeth otp
08 Oct1729mKeyto* William otpfDavis Emma otp
25 Oct1736mKibble George otpfWatts Mary otp
01 Jan1746fKibble Susanna otpmRatlidge Thomas otp
01 Nov1744mKibble Thomas otpfHolmes Abigail otp
16 Oct1731mKidny John of slaptonfShroin* Anne of Slapton
07 Nov1726fKing Alice of WhittleburymCary William of Whittlebury
? Oct1747fKing Ann otpmHoward Thomas Rector of Perden Hall
11 Jul1724fKing Elizabeth of QuintonmBard* Francis of Quinton
20 Jan1718fKing Elizabeth of AbthorpemCoe Thomas of Abthorpe
20 Jan1726fKing Elizabeth of BlisworthmGreen Richard of Warwick
n.g.1719fKing Elizabeth mLees n.g. of Abthorpe
30 Sep1716mKing John of CharltonfBrotherton Elizabeth
25 Aug1731fKing Mary of ByfieldmDolton John of Culworth
11 Feb1743mKing Thomas of HarwoodfCapp Mary of Harwood
22 Jul1729mKing Thomas of ThenfordfAuston Anne of Thenford
18 Sep1732fKingston Elizabeth otpmArnold Robert of Daventry
21 Sep1726mKingston John of SilverstonefSmyth Jane otp
22 Dec1724mKingston John of Stoke BruernefWhite Margaret of Stoke Bruerne
21 Aug1734mKingston Joseph otpfWest Mary otp
24 Jan1721mKingston Joseph otpfMunday Anne otp
31 Dec1746fKingston Mary of Stoke GoldingtonmPain Edward of Ashton
29 Nov1720fKingston Sarah otpmJames Thomas otp
17 Oct1726mKingston Thomas of NorthamptonfWhitlock Elizabeth of Silverstone
28 May1736mKingston Thomas Widr of ShutlangerfMarret Susanna Wid otp
23 May1736fKingstone Mary otpmCorroll Major of Daventry
27 Jan1717mKinson Richard otpfSheppard Ann otp
29 Dec1746mKirby Edward fJoyce Rebecca otp
01 Oct1739fKirby Elizabeth of SulgravemGardiner John of Biddlesden
21 May1725fKirby Elizabeth mCaporn Marmaduke
11 Apr1721fKirby Susannah otpmStone* William of Stony Stratford
29 Jun1724mKnibbs Samuel of Fenny Compton,WrksfGibbons Mary of Stanion
13 Jan1725fKnibbs Sarah of WeedonmWatts Edward of Plumpton
11 Apr1732mKnight Edward of PattishallfPeasland Grace of Cold Higham
? Apr1731fKnight Elizabeth of NorthamptonmChamberlain William of Northampton
26 Sep1726fKnight Esther of AbthorpemFurnace Sanders of Warwick
02 May1746mKnight John Revd otpfOldham Mary Wid otp
20 Feb1723fKnight Mary otpmAllyn William of Syresham
07 Nov1732mKnight Robert of AbthorpfSoder Ann of Abthorp
29 Jun1719mKnight Thomas of Maids MoretonfSpatcher Mary of Farthinghoe
15 Aug1714fKnighton Mary of NorthamptonmBrabins John of Leigh, Lancs
02 Dec1729fKnights Elizabeth otpmShakleton Abraham otp
Transcribed by volunteers from the original Towcester records held at the Northamptonshire Record Office.