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Towcester Marriages, 1714 - 1751

Surnames beginning with P

DateYear Him or her Her or him
03 Feb1733mP.....ly Spencer fWaller Frances
24 Jun1728fPackington Mary of PotterspurymWhitmel Richard otp
13 Oct1734mPacy John of WhittleburyfGrant Jane of Whittlebury
18 ?1731mPage William of BlakesleyfRawlins Hannah Wid of Blakesley
? Jan1731mPage William fRawlings Hannah
31 Dec1746mPain Edward of AshtonfKingston Mary of Stoke Goldington
25 Oct1716fPain Elizabeth of DaventrymRosco Thomas of Brington
02 May1715fPain Mary otpmGubbins John otp
12 Dec1748fPain Mary otpmPell Richard of Pattishall
21 Sep1722fPain Mary of Yardley GobionmLea John of Yardley Gobion
04 Dec1743mPain Thomas otpfHarris Mary otp
14 Sep1744mPain Thomas of Gt. BillingfChadwell Mary of Leckhamstead
27 Aug1749mPain William of City of ?fNicholson Jane of Easton Neston
31 Dec1739mPain William of PattishallfMoreton Elizabeth Wid otp
07 Oct1734fPain* Mary mDunkly John
13 Nov1727fPalmer Alice mAdams Samuel
01 Sep1722mPalmer Antony of MiltonfMan Alice of Milton
12 Nov1720fPalmer Hannah of Greens NortonmSnape Samuel otp
25 Jan1742mPalmer James of DuncotefReynolds Sarah of Duncote
16 Apr1746mPalmer John otpfLock Ann otp
20 Apr1729fPalmer Mary of WhitfieldmCross William of Whitfield
18 May1716mPalmer Thomas of HanlyfBaker Elizabeth
31 May1736mPalmer Thomas of Culham, OxonfQuelch Mary of Easton Neston
25 Apr1719fPanitor Temperance mBlencow John of Brackley
22 Mar1717mParker Richard of Newport PagnellfSlater Priscilla of Stoke Bruerne
28 Jan1727fParkins Sarah Wid of PotterspurymCathwell Benjamin Widr
08 Jun1726mParks Edward SojournerfHarris Elizabeth otp
26 Oct1715mParrot William otpfJones Sarah of Blakesley
25 Nov1730mParry Thomas of Wd BurcotefRogers Anne of Wd Burcote
08 Jul1744fPartridge Rebecca otpmBurnham William otp
18 Oct1716fPatcher Elizabeth of DadfordmWeller Hugh of Brackley
04 Oct1714mPavior John fGreen Susannah
25 Dec1745fPavior Susanna otpmMoss William of Abthorpe
04 Sep1730fPavior* Martha of Greens NortonmSanders Henry of Potterspury
22 Dec1717fPaybody Elizabeth otpmHartwell Richard otp
22 Feb1742fPaybody Hannah otpmLeonard William otp
09 Jul1722mPaybody John fBlunt* Susan of Burcote
14 Apr1744mPaybody John otpfWilliams Alice otp
03 Sep1745mPaybody William fSwithen Anne
08 Apr1727mPayn Charles otpfHolloway Mary otp
11 Jan1730fPayn Elizabeth otpmEarl William of wicken
03 Oct1730fPayn Sarah of TiffieldmWhitmel Richard of Caldecote
30 Nov1715fPayn Sophia of Greens NortonmButcher John of Wappenham
02 Oct1726mPayn William otpfDunkly Anne otp
25 Feb1723mPaynton Robert fHinson Judith
29 Sep1724fPeak Hannah of AbthorpmWynfield Robert of Abthorp
02 Feb1720fPeake Anne otpmWoodyn Mark otp
03 Jul1740fPeake Elizabeth of OxonmWall William otp
28 May1722mPeake William of CosgrovefCollins Mary of Cosgrove
01 Nov1727fPeal Elizabeth mWeb William
01 May1718mPearson Thomas of SprattonfLord Sarah of Brockhall
11 Apr1732fPeasland Grace of Cold HighammKnight Edward of Pattishall
17 Feb1729mPeatman John of Hallaton, LeicsfWhite Joan of Adstone
18 Feb1728mPeatman Robert of Hallaton, LeicsfWhite Joanna of Adstone
29 Dec1714mPeers Paul of HelmdonfRice Frances of Helmdon
04 Nov1721fPeircy Anne mRogers Francis of Slapton
07 Apr1719fPell Elizabeth otpmColeman John of Caldecote
12 Dec1748mPell Richard of PattishallfPain Mary otp
17 Aug1721mPembridge William late a trooperfRaines Anne
16 Sep1719mPen Daniel of CosgrovefLambard Anne of Cosgrove
03 Oct1723mPennel Thomas of BrackleyfHarris Susan of Brackley
23 Feb1720mPeriful* William fHorsman* Susanna
20 Apr1722fPerkins Anne of WappenhammWilliams Francis
28 Dec1726fPerkins Elizabeth of PotterspurymCathwell William Son of Benj
21 Feb1726mPerkins Thomas of CoventryfThorly Mary otp
07 Oct1742mPerridge James of PadburyfBass Sarah otp
14 Oct1741mPerridge Samuel of BadbyfBrowne Anne otp
18 Sep1716mPerrot Valentine of RothersthorpefDunkly Joan of Rothersthorpe
16 Oct1730fPettyfor Elizabeth of M. CheneymTully William of Warkworth
18 Oct1727mPettyfor John of Mid. CheneyfWylkins Mary of Blakesley
23 Oct1728mPettyfor John WidrfSutton Elizabeth of Wood Burcote
26 Dec1728mPettyfor John JnrfAndrews Jane
26 Sep1722mPettypher Richard of SulgravefWest Elizabeth of Sulgrave
23 Aug1716mPetyphar Thomas otpfOsmund Henrietta otp
20 Aug1723fPhelps* Anne of WoodfordmShort Edward of Preston Capes
30 Jun1716mPhilipps Thomas otpfSouth Frances otp
12 Dec1722fPhilips Elizabeth otpmCarter Samuel otp
28 Jul1740fPhilips Elizabeth of SilverstonemAdams James of Hanley
10 Aug1730fPhilips Martha of PaulerspurymCook William of Paulerspury
06 Aug1717fPhipps Sarah of Weedon BecmDilkes William of Weedon Bec
29 May1719mPierce Francis otpfAdams Mary otp
30 Sep1721fPigot Elizabeth of WickenmHinson John of Wicken
27 Jul1731fPiking Elizabeth of Stoke BruernemSha..... John of Flore
07 Oct1726mPilgrim John of Cald, HertsfByrd Judith of Northampton
22 Jul1718fPitcher Mary of PaulerspurymAllyn Thomas otp
27 Jul1722fPittam Jane of BrackleymSmyth John of Brackley
01 Jan1736mPittam John of SilverstonefHanner Anna-Maria of Silverstone
08 Jun1721fPittame Bridget of BlakesleymGibbard Robert of Blakesley
09 Jun1724mPlas* Peter of SyreshamfDay Anne of Dodford
31 May1725mPlestow Thomas of Somerton, OxonfBlackwell Sarah of Syresham
13 Jul1744fPlowman Sarah of TiffieldmTurvey William
12 Sep1716mPlowman Thomas MiddxfDavis Anne otp
27 Jan1717fPoasly* Mary of Foscut, BucksmTyrell George of Paulerspury
04 Dec1733fPointer Mary of PaulerspurymBowlton Thomas Widr of Paulerspury
14 Jan1719mPoll Samuel a sojournerfElmes Elizabeth otp
02 Oct1729mPollard Samuel of Passenham **fProthro* Margaret of Passenham**
15 Nov1730mPollard Thomas of L. DayrellfShaw Elizabeth of Wicken
28 Apr1736fPoole Hannah of PattishallmPoole John of Flore Carpenter
03 Apr1741mPoole John of Hanging HoughtonfRussel Kiziah of Hanging Houghton
28 Apr1736mPoole John of Flore CarpenterfPoole Hannah of Pattishall
07 May1730fPooly* Catherine of PaulerspurymWickens Robert of Stony Stratford
12 Jun1714mPooney Thomas of BiddlesdenfTebby Agnes of Brackley
09 Jun1732mPorrdge William a trooper at warfCroxford Mary otp
29 Sep1728fPorter Mary mNicols Samuel Widr
28 Nov1736fPotter Sarah of DeanshangermUnderwood Benjamin
13 Nov1733fPowel ? otpmWilkins William otp
05 Oct1728fPowel Alice otpmClaxton John otp
20 Nov1733mPowel John otpfBasford Mary otp
16 Jan1730fPoynter Alice mBloks Job
04 Jun1714fPoynter Mary mStyles Robert * of Brackley
09 Nov1743fPrat Hester otpmBilling John of Bugbrooke
27 Oct1723mPrat Nicholas of PattishallfMarriot Susan of Tiffield
03 Aug1729mPrat Richard otpfWilliams Ann otp
06 Aug1738mPrat William otpfReeve Hester Wid otp
23 Nov1718mPrat William otpfClerk Mary of Abthorpe
13 May1720fPratt Anne otpmAllyn Thomas otp
09 Oct1721fPratt Elizabeth mTaylor John of Wappenham
07 Dec1735mPratt Richard otpfDimock Anne otp
15 Oct1716fPrescot Lydia otpmAllyn Richard otp
19 Sep1734fPrestidge Susanna of EydonmSharman John of Wardington, Oxon
02 Oct1729fProthro* Margaret of Passenham**mPollard Samuel of Passenham **
28 Nov1721mProwton Richard fNeal Elizabeth
30 Dec1726mProwton Richard otpfWright Anne otp
18 Sep1715mPullen* John fBaylis* Elizabeth of Wappenham
01 Jun1749fPurall Mary of DaventrymBatten John of Daventry
02 May1747fPurcil Sarah otpmUrvill Thomas otp
Transcribed by volunteers from the original Towcester records held at the Northamptonshire Record Office.