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Bletchley Park Jewels

The People of Bletchley Park

Welcome to the Bletchley Park pages of the Jewels of Milton Keynes.

The canon of the history of Bletchley Park in World War Two is now well established:

  • the arrival of Govenment Codes & Cypher School staff at Bletchley Park in August 1939
  • the wooden huts to house the Enigma decrypt teams
  • the valuable material derived from Ultra
  • Alan Turing & the development of the 'Bombe'
  • the German ship and U-boat Enigma message decrypts giving vital day-to-day intelligence in the battle of the Atlantic
  • D block - the major intelligence gathering centre for D-Day
  • H Block - housing the world's first electronic valve computer now the home of a rebuilt Colossus

On the following pages we intend to share some of the stories that do not normally make up the narrative but which still can be considered Jewels Of Bletchley Park.

K.Halton - Block F "My arrival at BP obviously took place before my security vetting had been completed and for a short while I was not even allowed past the main gate. Soon however I was let into the Park but only as far as the Mansion. There, along with five others, I was shown into the Games Room where for about three days I steadily improved my table tennis skills. I was not sorry when at last I was given a pass card & told that I could enter."

So click on the links below to read some of the lesser-known stories of Bletchley Park, and the people who were involved in them

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