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Introduction to the Kingsmead Community Website



In autumn 2005 all the Kingsmead residents received a leaflet through their letter box from Milton Keynes Heritage Association inviting anyone interested in joining a local group to design a website which would reflect the growth and development of the area and the people who came here.

At the initial meeting held in the Kingsmead Community House in Picton Street various comments were made relating to the relative isolation of this new community and the lack of facilities. It was felt that the development of a website could prompt discussion amongst residents to remedy the situation and develop Kingsmead into a vibrant neighbourhood. It might also be helpful, particularly for new people moving into the area. (With the imminent development of Kingsmead South in 2007, this is still relevant.)

Although Kingsmead was merely a farmer's field as recently as 1999, it was felt that future generations might be interested to learn how the area developed, where the people who 'founded' the grid square came from and why. To record this history it is obviously necessary to start somewhere so we thought we would start here.

The website presently includes aspects of local history, local information, (buses, doctors, dentists, etc.;) local news and issues, but especially it needs input from residents, for example, how you got here, where you came from, ideas for social activities etc. (anonymously if you wish).


The website is up and running but really does need your help if it is to be successful. We want to hear from you. Whether you are six or ninety-six there is place for you here. You may wish to contribute to the website or simply meet other local residents on a social basis - please get in touch. Click here to find out more.

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