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Woughton Places - Did You Know?

Did you know that there are many places in and around Woughton are worth seeing. Here are just a few to go and see:

Coffee Hall

Did you know that Coffee Hall has its own arts workshop and youth centre? The arts workshop is undergoing renovation and will re-open soon with a load of new activities that you can take part in and enjoy. For more information and contact details visit

Jonathan’s is the Youth Centre for Coffee Hall and the surrounding area and is for young people in care. Youth Services provide loads of things to do for young people in Woughton, so check out their website at

Grand Union Canal

Winding its way through Woughton, this linear park is great for walking, cycling and visiting the rural Milton Keynes including the odd friendly cow!

MK Hospital

Everyone knows that MK Hospital is in Woughton, but did you know that you do not have to go there just because you are ill? MK Arts4Health is a charity that provides paintings, sculpture and other artworks for any member of the public to go and see. For more info visit

Netherfield Alphabet Park

Have you ever seen the twenty-six letters of the alphabet used for things such as goal posts and benches? Take a trip to Netherfield’s Alphabet Park and see if you can find all twenty-six. See the images at

Open University

Did you know that when the Open University first opened in 1969, many of its lecturers and staff lived in nearby Woughton? The Open University runs all sorts of courses at all levels – visit for more.

Peartree Bridge

Did you know that Peartree Bridge has its own Grade II listed building complete with moat (sadly now dry)? It is the home of InterAction, an arts organisation working with and for disabled and young people, but also having fun activities for everyone. For more info visit InterAction’s website at


Pretty village with historic church and Ye Olde Swan pub, serving great food and drink.

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