The Cloisters

The cloister 1920

The Cloister, facing North c.1920, connecting the main hall and the old dining room passing the entrance (armorial) Hall. You can just see the stairs in the Hall on the left.

From the dexter side the shields run in order from this point.

armorial shield no 1
No. 1 (above)This is the shield of Robert Ingleton as per the funeral brass in the church.
Quarterly 1 and 4 the first Ingleton achievement; 2 and 3 the second Ingleton achievement.

These zinc curved shields which originated from the banqueting hall (chapel) are not on William Warrington's list but I am sure they are by him.

armorial shield no 2
cloister as it is today

The Cloister, facing South, 2002. The shields are fixed to the corbels supporting the stone vaulting but were made in 1850 for the banqueting hall (now the chapel).

No.2 Tyrell, an escutcheon of Ingleton, showing the bordure properly engrailed
rather than straight edged The 7th shield in the Hall.

armorial shield no 3
armorial shield no 4
armorial shield no 5
armorial shield no 6
No.3 Hart, escutcheon of Cotton (second achievement) The 9th shield in the Hall.
No.4 Sheppard impaling Turner, as per the 10th shield in the hall.
No.5 (above) Sheppard impaling Hart. The 11th shield in the hall.
No.6 Sable three bucks heads caboshed argent within a bordure argent impaling Hart. The 12th shield in the hall.