The positions of monuments noted by Browne Willis in 1735: click on underlined words for more information

Brasses numbered with (roman numerals) are existing brasses, those with (arabic numbers) are lost brasses

All monuments in the yellow part of the plan were moved or lost late 1700's.

Other Lost Brasses in the Chancel and Chantry Chapel (positions unknown)

(MS5)  Miles (Milo) Ingylton (1481)
(MS8) lost brass, effigy, inscription and 4 shields,
(MS9) lost brass, inscription Thomas Allen, Rector (1710)
(MS10) lost brass John Barton and wife Isabel knight, inscription (mural)
(MS11) lost brass inscription William Barton

In the windows the following stained glass was noted:

The arms of the Earl of Cornwall and the Royal Arms of England at the time of King Edward 1, in the east window.

The Barton Arms, a praying angel with the inscription "Ave Maria..." and defaced pictures of John and Isabella Barton kneeling at desks, in the north chapel east window.

The figures of six saints, a bishop and the Blessed Virgin Mary, also an inscription to William Barton, in one of the north windows.

All this glass is lost from the church. Some of it was placed in the Ruinous Grotto (now all lost).

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