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"Top Hat" flower arrangement (2009)
The End
The cinema section of the web site arose out of research work done for the Towcester and District Local History Society display at the St. Lawrence Flower Festival, 2009.

Every year, the St. Lawrence Church, Towcester, organises a Flower Festival at the weekend nearest to the feast day, 10th August, of St. Lawrence who was one of the first Christian Martyrs. He was killed in Rome in 258 AD in the reign Emperor Valerian by being roasted on a grid-iron, which has become his emblem.

Most organisations in Towcester contribute to this three day festival. This year (2009) the theme was "Musicals" and our display was on the former Towcester Cinema. The display was prepared by Martin Winterton, who subsequently wrote an article on the cinema from which these web pages are derived. The web editor was David Wilcock.

The flower arrangement for the Cinema display (right) was by Barbara Giggins. It represents the dancers in the musical "Top Hat" which starred Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

The author wishes to thank the following for their assistance
  1. Ken Draper, Projected Picture Trust, Bletchley Park, Bucks
  2. Electric Palace, Harwich
  3. Mark and Carole Tyrrell, Towcester, for access to the photographs of the late Bernard Tyrrell.
  4. Toni Booth, National Media Museum, Bradford, West Yorkshire.
  5. Paul French, Ron Grant and Martin Humphries at the Cinema Museum and Ron Grant Archive, London.
  6. Staff of the Royal Institute of British Architects Library, London, for access to the Architects Journal; the Architectural Review; and Picture House magazine.
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