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Early mobility
The ' Piece De Resistance' in the collection is a hand ambulance.
Hand Ambulance

This piece of equipment was purchased by public subscription and presented to the police, in memory of Dr. Melville Macpherson Hailey L.R.C.P., surgeon at Edinburgh in 1903. He lived at 86 High Street, Newport Pagnell with his wife and son.

It was found in the hay loft shown (see Early History) and served two purposes. It would have been taken to the scene of an accident and would have conveyed the injured party to either the doctor's residence or the patient's, and in the case of inebriation to the ' nick'. Here he would have been placed in one of the four cells, the one with the very low bench to avoid any chance of injury whilst in police protective custody.

Supt. with horse & chaise
Superintendent Lait with Sergeant Govier on patrol in the Windsor area - 1898. The latter served at Newport Pagnell.
One story goes, that a P.C. finding he was going to be late to be at his 'point' (his assigned rendezvous at a determined time) got on his trusty steed - his pedal cycle - made it in time, hid the pedal cycle, and announced ' All Correct-Sir.'

He was offered a lift back to his beat by the Inspector, who then told the unfortunate P.C. that he would have to walk back to the point to recover his cycle. It would appear that the Inspector had been through the ranks, and no doubt had been involved in a similar subterfuge.

Insp. Bryant with ' Bulldog ' motor car

Inspector Frederick Cornelius Bryant lived at the police station c. 1924-28. He is seated in a Morris ' Bulldog' police car. He served as Supt. at Bletchley and was shown in General Orders for 1931 with pay at £430 per annum, increased a year later to £455. Should anyone know where he and his daughter are buried, information is eagerly awaited.
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