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Testimonial Scroll to Inspector Anthony of Newport Pagnell
One of the unique exhibits in the museum is a testimonial scroll presented to Inspector Charles Floyd Anthony on his retirement from the Bucks.Constabulary in 1911 after 34 years service. (To see the head of the scroll click here.)

The head of the scroll bears the names of the magistrates who served the Petty Sessional Court at the time.The main part of the scroll bears the names of 204 names of local personages who contributed to the Inspector's retirement presents and cheque.

The names are reproduced on the table below as a matter of historical interest and source of genealogical research.

Ablett A.G. Cowley W.J. James Miss K. Osborne E.E. Stewart W.S.
Adkins J. Cummings H.C. Jefferson Mrs.M.E. Payne Miss. Spendlove R.
Allen A. Darvell Miss. Jefferson E.J. Payne J.N. Sykes C.F.
Allfrey F. Dawkes Miss. Johnson R.W. Pearce Miss. Symonds Mrs.
Allison C.J. Day J.J. Jones H. Pell G. Tarrey Mrs.
AthawesRev.J.T. Dickins J.& Sons Juffs W. Pettit R. Tarry S.
Austin J.G. Dickins F. Jupp Miss M. Pool J. Taylor F.J.
Aylesbury Brewery Co. Dodwell Mrs. J. Kelly Rev.J.Craig- Powell W.J. Taylor Mrs.T.
Bailey A.T. Duncombe J. Knott F. Pratt Mrs.N. Taylor F.W.
Barker C. Eden Mrs. König F.A. Price J. Taylor Mrs.W.
Bawden T. Eyles W.G. Lawman C. Ratcliffe S. Tayler G.
Bennett Miss. Farrer Sir.G. Layton R.J. RayW.J.C. Thomas H.J.
Boddington J.H. Feasey E.E. Lee W.W.G. Reynolds H. Thompson L.
Boustead J. Fellows G. Levin F.G. Rickards Rev.W.B. Tole & Son
Brandon E. Fisher H. Line C.R. Rickard A.H. Tompkins F.Junr.
Branford C.A. Fleet W. Line J.G. Roberts A.J. Trimmer G.F.
Bucknall Miss. Fleet G. Lineham T.J. Robinson T. Uthwatt W.F.E.A.
Bull Miss. Fowler S. Lineham J.J. Roddis H.H. Uthwatt G.
Bull Mrs.L. Franklin Miss. Linthwaite R. Rose H.A. Wagstaff W.
Bull F.W. Fraser D. Litchfield F.T.W. Salmons & sons Wainwright S.G.
Bull O.H. French R.J. Littleboy Mrs. Sampson G.H. Waite T.(Milton)
Bullard A. Freshwater F.F. Littleboy F. Samuel W.J. Walton H.
Butler J.O. Frost G. Marshall A. Saunders C.J. Ward E.P.
Carr Miss. Garratt T. Mason T.S. Sawbridge J. Warren M.
Chantler Mrs. George W. Masters P. Sewell A.M. Weeks W.
Chapman W.C. Glanley E.D. Middleton W. Shakeshaft W.B. Wells L.H.
Checkley O. Glanville C.H. Middleton H.J. Sharp Bros. West J.
Church Mrs. Gillespie Mrs. Mitchell A.V. Shelton Bros. White J.
Clare J. Grimes M. Mitchell Bros. Sheppard Dr.J.F. White Dr.D.
Clarke W.T. Gunnery Rev.F.B. Moss W. Short J. Whiting J.E.
Clarke C.B. Harris T.G. Murray Rev.W.M. Sill Rev.E.R. Whiting G.B.
Coales Mrs. Harvey S.Smith- Newport Pagnell Brewery Co. Sim H.B. Whiting H.W.
Coales W.J. Hayllar Mrs. Nicholson A.N. Simpson A. Wickham Dr.H.T.
Coales F.W. Hedges W. Nicholson S.A. Simpson A.J. Wilford B.
Coales S.L. Hillyard Mrs.J. Nicholson C.F. Smith W.H. Willford Bros.
Cook D. Hipwell& Co. Odell J. Smith H. Williams Mrs.
Cooke A.W. Holes G.W. Oldham & Co. Smith J. Worley E.T.
Cotton W. Hopper Rev.C.L. Oldham G.T. Stafford & Rogers Wylie R.

Hunter Rev. P.H.R.
Stapleton E.
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