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Newport Pagnell Police Station - Then and Now
The 'Nick' - 1908

The museum is located in the former magistrates court room, which adjoins the police station itself, at 124 High Street, Newport Pagnell. The building, erected in 1872, at a cost of £1400, replaced the old premises, now converted into flats in the High Street. The town is an old coaching and market town and home to the first motorway service station built on the M.1. Above picture taken circa 1908.

The Millennium ' Nick' - 2000

Picture taken in the Millennium year. The iron grilles on the court-room windows were removed to aid the war effort in the Second World War. The absence of chimneys resulted with change to oil fired heating. The wall leading up to the entrance and the iron-grilled gate have allowed access for mechanised transport, and car parking where the Inspector originally had his garden.

In those early days the policemen worked from their home addresses, only checking in for an up-date of orders. Four policemen under one Inspector covered the area with a population of 3,500. Today 15 P.C.'s, 2 Sergeants and an Inspector cover the town of approx.15,000 and the environs.

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