Yardley Gobion History Group

Yardley Gobion is a village of approximately 1,300 residents in the south of the English county of Northamptonshire off a by-pass of the A508 Northampton to Milton Keynes road.

Known as Gerdeslai in 1166 and Jeardelegh in 1286, derived from gyrda (yards or poles) and leah (clearing), an area of woodland where poles were cut and made. By the 16th century the place had become Yardeley Gubbyn, the appendage coming from Henry Gubyun who held land here.

The History Group have a meeting once a months with a speaker on topics of interest or displays of our collection of pictures, maps etc. or trips out.

Next Meeting

June 2022:

2nd June

Start of the Platinum Bank Holiday

External Links

Brenda Pittam has dedicated a huge amount of time researching and documenting the history of Yardley Gobion which can be found here: https://www.mkheritage.org.uk/ygh/