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Towcester in the 15th Century
DateEvent Related to Towcester
1413Tenement in 'Netherende' between 'Haryngeslane' and tenement of John Stegge.(FH calendar)
1422Reference to the 'Newland' (FH calendar)
1440Lord Clinton sold the 'Tabard' and lands to William Sponne, Rector of Towcester and Archdeacon of Norfolk, and Thomas Lane, clerk.(Baker p.334)
1445-6'Cotelford' mentioned (FH calendar)
1446-7 'Le Aungell' mentioned with 3 newly built tenements to the east (FH calendar). [One of these tenements could be the timber framed building at 181 Watling Street now occupied by Elliotts, the butchers.]
1448The 'Aungell' Inn mentioned (Baker p.322)
1448Sponne died (Baker p.334). His Will stated that at his funeral 13 poor men were to carry 13 torches and wear white gowns with a hood. Also that the poor were to be fed and 1000 Masses were to be said for his soul. (Will of Sponne)
1448Licence granted for the endowment of a chantry for William Sponne. William Hall & Nicholas Germayne were chaplains in 1451 and rent from the 'Tabard' Inn provided 40d yearly for the repair and renewal of books and ornaments.
1448-9Cottage 90 feet long along 'Myllelane' and 20 feet wide along 'Parkelane' transferred to Peter Emson. (FH calendar).
1451Thomas Lane delivered the 'Tabard' and lands to chantry priests and trustees of William Sponne who should meet yearly and give an account of rents and profits at the Parish Church within 15 days after Easter. Prayers were to be said for Sponne. If the tax called the 'fifteenth' was fixed at 10 marks the income could be used to pay the tax. When the tax was not demanded the income over £40 could be used for repairing the messuage or pavement of the town or distribution among the poor. (Baker p.334)
1462-3'Le Bell' was situated between lane leading to the Lord's oven and tenement of Richard Grendon on the south (FH calendar).
c 1470Edward IV gave 40 square feet [3.7 square metres] of stone from his quarry at Hanley in the forest of Whittelwood for building and repairing the steeple, church and churchyard at Towcester (Baker p.328)
1471-2Modyes croft next the mill of the priory of Bradenstoke. (FH calendar)
1473"Le Bell" Inn mentioned (Baker p.322)
1483Richard III confirmed grant by Edward IV for stone for church. (Baker p.328)
1497-8Reference to 'spetul end' (FH calendar p.765)
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