MARCH 2022

Hello BAHS members,

Due to continual Covid restrictions we have been unable to have any lectures over the last year.

Sadly the continuing pandemic has taken its toll on both our general members and our Committee members.

While we still have a current Treasurer and Chair, our Secretary has reluctantly had to resign and several other committee members are facing increasing personal problems affecting their regular participation.

We must have a Secretary to continue so first we are asking for a volunteer for this post.

We then need to review our membership before any decisions about the future direction of the society can be decided.

It is most likely that we will be unable to afford to run the monthly lectures as before but other possibilities are being considered – your ideas will be very welcome too.

So please help by sending your answers re committee volunteers and continuing membership to this email

To –  by Sat March 12th

  1. I would like to volunteer as secretary of BAHS
  2. I wish / no longer wish to continue my membership of BAHS

Many thanks

Sue Crabbe (for BAHS Committee)