Church Street

Church Street dating from the late 1800s. The main buildings are the Salvation Army Citadel built in 1897 and opened by General Booth and now used as an upholsterers. Next door is a three storey house built as a barracks for the use of the Salvation Army, later used to house Belgian refugees in the First World War, then as the first Roman Catholic Church, and now used to house homeless people.

Just a bit further along is the old Fire Station built in 1889 and used to house a Merryweather Steam Pump pulled by horses. Next door is a shop that was built as a butchers and slaughterhouse around 1890 and now used as a grocery and confectionary. All the other houses date from around the 1890s to much later in filling.
Opposite this shop was a road that lead through an area of small houses called Mount Pleasant to the Watling Street in Fenny, also known as High Street or London Road. These have all been demolished and the area is now known as Durrans Court.