Research projects

From the earliest days of the Stacey Hill Society and with the formation of the Stacey Hill Collection in the early 1970s, it was always envisaged that the exhibits would be used to help tell the story of what had taken place in the North Buckinghamshire area.

This work would not only cover the more prominent employers in the area, such as the Wolverton Railway Works, McCorquodales Printers and E & H Roberts Iron Works, but include the smaller businesses as well. More importantly it would seek to tell the story of the people served by the industries, their everyday lives and the communities in which they lived. However such stories cannot be told without historical research and knowledge, and this has been one of the particular strengths of the Society over the years.

Milton Keynes Museum now has a great deal of historical information thanks partly to the work of the work of Society members. Today, Society members, under the guidance of the Museum Director, still continue to help gather information on local history.

The links below take you to some of the subjects that the Society has researched in recent years.

Stacey Hill Farm Edward Hayes Wolverton Institute