There are four main ways to search the records of past residents of Hanslope.

1. Person Search
By Name – all references to one person
Searches can be for partial names and specific ranges of dates.

2. Property-based Search
By Building – persons associated with a building in Hanslope
An alternative method of searching is to select a building from a maps and obtain a list of persons associated with the building.

3. Transcriptions of the following documents:

4. List of Names
All names available in the Hanslope database.

Additional Records
Buckinghamshire Family History Society has provided data on Hanslope-born people who appear in records from other parts of the county or, in some cases, further afield. The data included is for the 1851 census and for marriages recorded elsewhere in Bucks.

Information from other sources has also been added including the following:

1784 Election Freeholders who voted
1798 Posse Comitatus Survey of all men between 15 and 60
1831 Election Freeholders who voted
1844 Canada People desirous of emigrating
1847-1939 Directories Registers of tradespeople copied from Kelly’s trade directories of the 19th century.



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