The information about buildings includes history (from deeds), architectural information (listing particulars and a survey of the building), people associated with the building (census, deeds, surveys and other sources), and old photographs.  This information can be accessed in two ways:

Select a street, and browsing for a building

All the known buildings have been organised by streets, treating the  left and right sides separately.  One street can be selected, and then a building chosen from thumbnails of relevant buildings.

Select from maps of the parish

Maps of 1900 have been used, with a separate map for the village, the hamlets and some roads.  Clicking on a property on the maps brings up information about that property.


Additional information about buildings

Inland Revenue survey conducted in 1910
This survey was released in early 2010. It provides valuations of all properties, and also records the owner and the tenant.

Pub licensing information 1757 to 1828
Records of the Justices of the Peace Quarter Sessions for the period 1757 to 1828 have survived and are summarised in these pages.

Historic buildings survey
Some of the older buildings in Hanslope have been surveyed with the help of an experienced architectural historian.