This website contains information from the following surveys of Hanslope.


A terrier is a list of land holdings. This list comes from the archives of the Corporation of Lincoln and list the Glebe lands which were owned by the Corporation.  The Glebe lands formerly provided the income of the rector.

1559 Terrier


A map and accompanying survey of the entire parish conducted shortly after the major 18th century enclosure of land in the village. The map is of very high quality, showing an amazing amount of detail.

The survey names the owners of all land and houses in the parish. This copy of the survey comes from the records of the Watts family, and also names all their tenants.

1779 Map 1779 Survey


Only the map of the village centre is available. The original provides a map of the entire parish, although not of such a high quality as the earlier maps. No accompanying survey document has survived.

1828 Map


Thie 1910 Inland Revenue survey was carried out to provide valuations of all properties, but also recorded the owner and the tenant. In addition, it included Ordnance Survey maps which show the location of each property.

1910 Map 1910 Village Centre Map 1910 Survey