History of Stantonbury

Stantone Barry


Stantonbury got its name from the manor of Stantone (recorded in the Domesday book) and the Barre family who held the custody of the lands from circa 1100 until the death of William Barry, the last male heir, circa 1380. The house of Barre terminated with a female heir in the reign of Edward III.

The Barre family was researched and copied from Lipscombe by the Reverend Allen Newman Guest in 1908 during his incumbency at St James Church.

Barre Family Tree

Barre Family Tree compiled by Rev.d Allen Newman Guest. 1908

Signature of Rev.d Allen Newman Guest.

Signature of Rev.d Allen Newman Guest.

The village consisted of the Manor House with large gardens, a few cottages and the church of St. Peters.

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter’s Church, Stanton Low

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