Dear OAS members,

I shall be contacting as many as possible by email or phone during the next week with details of our meetings during the next 3 months. Hopefully I shall be able to make contact and should  I leave anyone off the long list of members, my apologies.

As we cannot hold meetings in person due to present restrictions it became obvious that the only way for the Society to continue to provide good speakers is by using Zoom. It provided 4 excellent mornings of lectures at our “Day Schools” last week, when Professors Stephen Upex and David Jacques joined the audience in conversations before and after the lectures, making them very sociable events and greatly appreciated by those who took part.

Professor Upex has agreed to start the next season on Tuesday 1st Sept at 10.00am with a 20 min. coffee break at approximately 10.40. The talk will then continue until about 11.40. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end. The talk is entitled “Death and Entering the Afterlife in Anglo-Saxon England”.

There will be no charge for paid-up members from last season and visitors will be asked to pay a fee of £15 to cover the 6 lectures which are planned over September, October and November.

Dr Jill Eyers will give the talk on 15 th September: Professors David Jacques and Jill Evans and Dr Steve Kershaw have agreed to give talks later on.

Please watch the Olney Archaeological Society website for updates on the forthcoming programme. It will be necessary for anyone wishing to participate to contact me with email addresses (and cheques where needed) before Thursday 27th August.

I hope you have all weathered the present pandemic and hope to see you via Zoom over the next 3 months.

Best wishes,

Ann Burrows ,   Programme secretary      OAS         


1st September

“Death and Entering the Afterlife in Anglo-Saxon England”
Prof. Stephen Upex, a regular speaker, landscape archaeologist, Cambridge ICE tutor, FSA , author.

15th September

“Vikings: Raiders or Traders?”
Dr Jill Eyers, a geologist, palaeontologist and archaeologist, regular speaker.

6th October

“City of Marble: Rome, the Pantheon and the Arch of Constantine”
Dr Steve Kershaw, a classics lecturer at Oxford, USA universities and author.

20th October

“Blick Mead – a Mesolithic site, Stonehenge origins”
Prof. David Jacques, a Professorial Research Fellow, University of Buckingham, author, Fulbright Alumnus, FSA.

3rd November

“Decoding the Mycenaeans: the story of Linear B”
Charles Baily, an OAS member, classicist, archaeologist.

17th November

“The Origins of People and Animals found near Stonehenge”
Prof. Jane Evans – discoveries relating to the Amesbury Archer, the Bowmen and the Animals of Durrington Walls, by a research scientist at Nottingham University.