4th September

“Dr Johnson’s friend and Robert Adam’s client, Topham Beauclerk”
Dr David Noy, Hon. Associate O.U. Classics, author.
Note – this is a change to the originally published programme.

18th September

“A Bronze Age Time Capsule : The Uluburun Ship”
Charles Baily, Cambridge classicist, archaeologist, OAS member.

2nd October

“Of Kings and Vikings : What Teeth and Bones can tell us of their lives.”
Professor Jane Evans, Research Scientist, Geo-Archaeology, Isotope Geochemistry, Strontium Isotope Biosphere mapping, Hon. Fellow dept. Archaeology Nottingham University.

16th October

“Tracing Ancestry using DNA”
Dr Peter Forster, Geneticist researching prehistoric origins and ancestry of mankind, Fellow McDonald Institute for Archaeological research, Cambridge.

6th November

“The Iron Age”
Part 3 of Prehistory by Professor Stephen Upex, regular speaker, Landscape archaeologist, Cambridge lecturer, author, F.S.A

20th November

“Legacies of the First World War”
Dr Paul Stamper, Visiting Fellow in English Local History at Leicester University, landscape archaeologist, author, historic environment consultant.
Note – this is a change to the originally published programme.

4th December

“A Royal Affair: Queen Hatshepsut and the Royal Architect Senenmut”
Ruth Thomas, Northampton Ancient Egypt Historical Society chairman.

18th December

“To the Manor Born”
Derek Blunt, Northamptonshire local families and their houses by a local author.

8th January

“Flushed with Success”
Kevin Varty a regular speaker, this time on the history of toilets.

22nd January

“The Silk Road”
Ray Rowlson, a frequent speaker, talks about a journey following the ancient trade route to China.

5th February

“Chastleton House (Oxfordshire)The secrets of a Jacobean Mansion”
Gary Marshall, a National Trust archaeologist and regular speaker.

19th February

“The buildings of Sir Thomas Tresham”
Malcolm Deacon. Regular speaker, retired Clergyman, publisher.

12th March

“The Minoans of Crete: the first Europeans”
Dr Stephen Kershaw, a regular speaker, Oxford classicist, History of Art lecturer, jazz musician.

26th March

“Time Team in Leicestershire: Stonton Wyville, West Langton and Groby Old Hall”
Peter Liddle, Leicester archaeologist, regular speaker. F.A.S.

2nd April

“Kings and Queens of Mercia”
Ray Aspden, a regular speaker, travels worldwide to ancient sites.

16th April

“Fossils and how to Become One”
Jill Eyers, Geologist, palaeontologist, archaeologist, a regular and popular speaker.

7th May

“Roman Medicine”
Sun Jester, a group of speakers and entertainers.

21st May

“Tut’s Tat:Egyptomania and the influence on Western Arts following the opening up of Egypt by Napoleon and by the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb”
Dr Phil Stone, retired Doctor, Chairman “Richard III Society.”

4th June

AGM and

“Unexpected finds at the Church”
Larry Haig, OAS member, researching local history.