6th September

Dr Katie Tucker
In Search of Alfred the Great
The findings from an archaeological dig in Winchester, presented by a visiting fellow at Winchester University and the Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut in Berlin. Dr. Tucker currently works on projects in Ethiopia and Romania and frequently appears on TV programmes.

20th September

Linda Amas
Malta’s Mesolithic Graves

4th October

Andy Chapman
In Search of NorthamptonCastle
In Search of T. Rex in the Badlands of Montana
A double bill by a Northampton-based archaeologist and previous speaker at the OAS.

18th October

Ray Aspden
The Hittite Bronze Tablet
A frequent worldwide traveller, amateur historian and regular speaker at the U3A, Knuston Hall and the OAS returns to reveal more about Anatolia’s lesser known history.

1st November

Geoffrey Toms
Wroxeter: Civitas Capital of the Cornovii

15th November

Roy Friendship-Taylor
The Villa of Tiberius Claudius Severus: a Window on the Past
The speaker has been investigating a site at Piddington with colleagues from the Upper Nene Archaeological Society for some 35 years. He descibes perhaps the most significant period of its 10,000 year history while under Roman occupation.

29th November

Prof. Stephen Upex
Medieval Field Systems

13th December

Kevin Varty
Dancing Bust to Bust
A seasonal presentation for the last meeting of the year. Our very entertaining and regular speaker at the OAS illuminates the life and times of Joyce Grenfell in words and music.

3rd January

Ray Rowlson
Travels in Turkey
A professional photographer and speaker returns to the OAS to give his impressions of this vibrant and at times controversial holiday destination.

17th January

Roger Laing
The Story of the Unknown Warrior
The speaker, a former army officer, Ministry of Defence official and lecturer on military matters on cruise ships visits the OAS to cover this poignant WW1 story.

7th February

Emily Evans
The Work of Cotswold Archaeology
The speaker, who comes from Olney and works for this commercial company based in Milton Keynes, describes some of their latest commissions and excavations in the local area.

21st February

Gary Marshall
Uncovering the Past: Archaeology and the National Trust
A NT archaeologist and speaker describes the approach to the subject taken by one of the biggest land owners in the country to the numerous built and natural sites in its care.

7th March

Geoffrey Toms
Roman London
A classicist, archaeologist, speaker and former head of education at the London Museum returns to the OAS with more insights into this ever popular period.

21st March

Dr Jill Eyers
The Grave Trade: Archaeology of Burials

4th April

Dr. Susan Fern
The Emperor’s Needles: the Obelisks in Rome
A different subject is tackled by the curator at Buckingham Old Gaol and author of “The man who killed Richard III”

18th April

Dr. Steve Kershaw
The Elgin Marbles
An authoritative presentation on this famously controversial subject by an author and lecturer who teaches classics at Oxford and the history of art at two American universities.

2nd May

Charles Baily
The Event of 2300BC

16th May

Debby Horsman
Shackleton’s Forgotten Men
A Friend of the Scott Polar Institute in Cambridge and distant relative of a member of the ill-fated support team to the Antarctic expedition gives an intimate account of this little known aspect of an otherwise heroic British story.


AGM  and speaker to be announced.