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3rd September

“Glass, Faience and Pottery at Amarna”
Prof. Paul Nicholson, an Egyptologist from Cardiff University.

17th September

“The Dawn of Civilisation: The Prehistory of Anatolia”
Charles Baily, an OAS member, classicist, archaeologist.

1st October

“Strange Beastly Buildings: Animal Housing in Historic Parks and Gardens”
Dr Paul Stamper, a Visiting Fellow in English Local History, archaeologist, author, FSA.

15th October

“Admiral Isorocu Yamamoto- Architect of Allied Victory?”
Lt-Col Roger Laing continuing the story of the war in the Pacific, a retired Army officer, MOD.

5th November

“Medieval Wall painting in Buckinghamshire and Beyond”
Dr Miriam Gill, a lecturer at Leicester University and Cambridge ICE tutor.

19th November

“County of Spires and Squires”
Derek Blunt, Northamptonshire speaker, author and artist. Regular speaker.

3rd December

“A Brief History of the World in 80 minutes (minus the Boring Bits)”
Dr Neil Faulkner, an archaeologist, Arts Society lecturer, author.

17th December

“Medieval Christmas”
Michael Brown, feasting and music by a Historical Horticulturist.
Note – this talk will be held at the Carlton House Club, High Street, Olney, optionally followed by our Annual Lunch

7th January

“Away with the Fairies”
Kevin Varty, a tale of mystery and intrigue by a regular speaker.

21st January

“Costa Rica – its history and wildlife”
Ray Rowlson, a regular speaker.

4th February

“Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust Research and Recording Project”
Sarah Tricks, gardens throughout history and especially those in the Olney area, by a Trust member.

18th February

“Fotheringhay- Home of the House of York”
Mike Ingram, a historian and chairman of the Northamptonshire Battlefields Society.

3rd March

“The Lenborough Hoard”
Julian Hunt, a local studies historian, author, FSA.

17th March


“Blick Mead – a Mesolithic site, Stonehenge origins”
Prof. David Jacques, a Professorial Research Fellow, University of Buckingham, author, Fulbright Alumnus, FSA.

7th April


“The Origins of People and Animals found near Stonehenge”
Prof. Jane Evans – discoveries relating to the Amesbury Archer, the Bowmen and the Animals of Durrington Walls, by a research scientist at Nottingham University.

21st April


“Death and Entering the Afterlife in Anglo-Saxon England”
Prof. Stephen Upex, a regular speaker, landscape archaeologist, Cambridge ICE tutor, FSA , author.

5th May


“The Gentrification of Winslow, 1640-1770”
Dr David Noy, an Hon. Associate O.U. Classics, author.

19th May


“The History of Salcey Forest”
Brian Pollard, a Recreation Ranger.

2nd June


AGM and
“Archaeology for all: the work of The Council for British Archaeology and its regional network”
David Ingham, a Project Manager at Albion Archaeology, FSA, MCIfA.

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