5th September

Dr. Jill Eyers
Boudicca : Warrior or Rebel Queen?
Geologist, palaeontologist, archaeologist and frequent speaker at OAS

19th September

Peter Liddle
The Death and Burial of Richard III
Honorary Visiting Fellow at the School of Archaeology and Ancient History, Leicester University

3rd October

Alastair Lawson
The Golden Age of British Airships
Senior officer of the Airship Heritage Trust

17th October

Dr. Frank Woodman
Luxor, Karnak and Dendera: the Architecture of Ancient Egypt
Cambridge University, Arts Society and Andante Travel lecturer

7th November

Prof. Stephen Upex
Life, Death and Ceremonial in the Neolithic
Landscape archaeologist, Cambridge lecturer, BBC Time Team advisor and regular speaker at OAS

21st November

Prof. Monica Grady
Unlocking the Past with Rocks from Space – the Beginnning of the Solar System 4,567 million years ago
A leading space scientist and Open University Professor of Planetary Science

5th December

Rev. Malcolm Deacon
The Courtier and the Queen: Christopher Hatton and Elizabeth I
A retired minister and publisher and previous speaker at OAS

19th December

Derek Blunt
Saints, Sinners, Stars and Scandals
A look at some past residents of Northamptonshire by a county author, artist and speaker

2nd January

Kevin Varty
Sweet Memories, but dont get me started on Waggon Wheels
Another humourous talk by a regular OAS speaker, based on a true story

16th January

Ray Rowlson
Peru and Bolivia
A recent visit documented by a professional photographer

6th February

Steven Cockings
The Roman villa complex at Manton Lane, Bedford
Vice Chairman of the Bedfordshire Archaeological Council and Chair of the Bedford Roman Villa Project

20th February

Dr. Susan Oosthuizen
Anglo Saxon Fenlands
A landscape and field archaeologist, Cambridge lecturer and Reader of Medieval Archaeology

6th March

Lt. Col. Roger Laing
The Pacific War: the Beginning and the End
A retired army officer and MOD official

20th March

Prof. Stephen Upex
The Bronze Age: Life, Death, Farming and Monuments
Following on from his November talk, the speaker continues the story of prehistoric Britain

3rd April

Dr. Katie Tucker
Roman Decapitation Burials
A Research Fellow at Winchester and the Institute of Archaeology in Berlin who works at sites in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

17th April

Dr. Stephen Kershaw
Galla Placidia: the Empress and the Fall of Rome
A lecturer on classics at Oxford and the History of Art at USA universities, the speaker is also an author and jazz musician

1st May

Dr Paul Stamper
Representing the Megaliths: the artists inspired by archaeological sites and monuments.
Archaeologist and garden historian
Note – this is a change to the originally published programme.

15th May

Michael Brown MA
Death in the Garden
A Garden Historian and Horticulturist.
Note – this is a change to the originally published programme.

5th June

AGM and

Keith Harry
Grafton Regis, Royal Connections
Resident of Grafton Regis and local historian.