After the Second World War the name of the game was modernisation. It was as if we wanted to forget everything before the war and start afresh. This could be seen in the houses and buildings we built. There were the 1950’s prefabricated houses that were easy to build during a housing shortage. Then in the 60’s we had to build upwards with the high rise flats and square box shaped buildings with flat roofs. Many of our ancient houses and buildings were demolished in the wake of the modern times. This applied very much to Newport Pagnell and in 1966 it was agreed by the Urban District Council to pull up the gravestones in our Churchyard and turn them into a path. With the exception of only people who objected because there were still family members in the town the whole area was re-landscaped. Now after 40 years the stones are fading fast and the words becoming more and more illegible. However with the kind permission from MK Local Studies Centre I have been able to type out the original list of the gravestones that were removed at the time. The compilers of the list could not read all the words on many of the stones so all we have is their findings. However it may be of use to the many genealogists around now and as an historical list of people who once lived in our town.


Don Hurst

Mar 2009





Gaps between text donate different graves

Thomas Millard
William Millard 29th Jan 1823
John Millard
Benjamin Nichols 1852
Elizabeth Whitmay 18?8
Edward Wood Simcox 1831
Joseph Agguter
William Bull 1859
George Marshall 6th Jan 1841
Jane Marshall 7th Jan 1843
Samuel Webster 13th Mar 1842
?????? Webster
Sophia Goodwin 20th May 1840
Joseph Goodwin 27th August 1833
Mary Goodwin 10th Mar 1811
Thomas Goodwin 17th Oct 1814
Elizabeth Goodwin 4th Aug 1830
Martha Goodwin 21st July 1831
Elizabeth ??????
Mary Gardyner 20th Mar 1833
Henry Cox 10th May 1777
S.G ????????
????? Andrews 1809
Thomas Wallis 21st Dec 1855
Frances Wallis 12th Aug 1869
John Tomkins 1830
Elizabeth Tomkins 1864
Joseph Conquest Feb 1832
Mary Conquest 13th Nov 1851
Thomas Hill 26th Mar 1821
Sarah Elizabeth Eve 24th May 1833
Frederick Charles Eve (son) In infancy
Mary Wibourne 11th may 1833 To be retained
John Tomkins 30th Oct 1820
Joseph Quinney 24th Sept 1829
Sarah Quinney 19th Apr 1855
Elizabeth Wildman 3rd Nov 18??
Elizabeth Wildman
Maria Truelove 22nd Aug 1825
Richard Truelove In infancy
Samuel Bradley 19th Nov 1839
Susanna Coxon (dau)
Rebecca Bradley (dau)
Samuel Bradley (son)
John Hart
Anne Tole Jan 1858
Sarah Sear 30th Apr 1822
Ann West 18th Mar 1839
Mary Newton
Hannah Ellum 30th Dec 1850
Edward Ellum 2nd Oct 1852
John Buckby 1st July 1828
Mary Buckby 24th Aug 1831
Charlotte Buckby 21st Sept 1827
Susannah Buckby dau of Samuel and Maria 18th July 1835
Samuel Buckby 5th Dec 1844
Mary Salmons To be retained
Isaac Quinney 22nd May 18??
Hannah Quinney
Joseph Southall 25th Mar 1835
Joseph Clarke 1st May 1849
Catherine Clarke (wife) 28th Oct 1829
Elizabeth King (dau) 22nd April
Jane Rose
Emma ????
William Jefferson
John Frank Loxley 20th April 1832
Thomas Bayles
William Cox 6th June 1786
???? Carr
Anne Carr 11th Dec 1899
???? Ladds
Sarah Ladds
Elizabeth Ladds
Christopher Ladds
James Russell 23rd May 1852
Irene Russell
John Russell
James Pike
Joseph Pike 19th May 1842 To be retained
Thomas Durham 11th Dec 1850
Mary Ann Durham 1829
Thomas Durham (son) 28th Sept 1833
William Taylor 5th May 1874 To be retained
Catherine Eliz Taylor 17th July 1893
Charles Alfred Taylor 17th Oct 1857
Wm Whitworth Taylor 17th Sept 1834
Henry Whit.. Taylor 17th Jan 1837
Sarah Cooch 10th Nov MDCCCXLIII
Sarah Cooch 10th Mar 1862
Rev John Gibbs 1699 To be retained
Robert Collison 3rd Apr 1860 To be retained
William Burnham Dec ????
Elizabeth Burnham 5th Mar ????
Thomas Brown 15th Sept 1853
Mary Ann Brown 22nd Dec 1857
Daniel Goodman 14th Mar 1852
Mary Goodman 10th Mar 1852
William Herbert
H.M 1847
Martha Mayne 1835
William Mayne 1813
Stephen Hoddle
Sarah Hoddle 31st Mar 1805
William Marshall 10th May 1817
Hannah Marshall 10th Dec 1817
William Harvey 28th Dec 1835
Susannah Harris 20th Nov 1830
John Harris
Jane Harris
???? Harris
Joseph Payne
Mary Glenn
Thomas Boice
Joseph Nichols
Amy Feasey
James Read
Elizabeth Read
Susanna Redden 1797
Joseph Redden 10th Feb 1826
Ann Redden 29th ??? 187?
Robert Newman 30th Nov 1776
Elizabeth Newman
William Burr
Mary Burr
Thomas Isleton Paine 17th Apr 1815
John Paine
William Clarke 31st Dec 1826
Mary Clarke 9th Jan 1829
Eliz??? ??
Robert Newman
??? Law wife of John 16th Feb 1778
???? Handson 16th ??? 1754
William Handson 9th Aug 1777
Thomas Handson May 1828
James Pike 4th Feb 18??
Hannah Pike
Elizabeth ????
Sarah Coles 16th Oct 1809
John Coles 25th May 1844
Sarah Coles 20th Feb 1841
Ann Coles 18th Sept 1847
William Price Oct 1865
Elizabeth Price
William Paine 21st Aug 1790
Mary Paine
Mary Elizabeth Mills 15th Mar 1851
Ann Eliz.Dickinson 29th June 1856
Ann Dickinson (dau) 20th Sept 1854
William Ward 27th June 1810
John Fountain
William Fountain 23rd Mar 1859
Charlotte Jackson 29th Mar 1853
Susanna Mills 20th Jan 1830
Abraham Mills 13th Oct 18??
George Mills 23rd Sept 1860
Walter ????er 19th Sept 1810
Mary wife of James Hitchin daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Rose 16th Apr1866
Catherine Rose dau of above 25th Apr 1835
Ann Rose dau of above 18th Feb 1816
William ?????
John son of William and Elizabeth Meadows
William Meadows 25th Sept 1798
Elizabeth Meadows
George Robinson
Mary and Jane daus of George
Thomas Dutton 27th Mar 1716
Elizabeth Dutton 19th Dec 1743
Mary wife of Bishop Robinson 7th Sept 17??
Mary Robinson 3rd Sept 1855
Frances Robinson 12th May 1775
Hannah Wilson 27th Aug 1848
Mary Ann Wilson 25th May 1836
William Wilson 1st June 1836
John Wilson 3rd Aug 1826
John and Ellen Wilson son and dau of John & Hannah
Hannah Atkins 3rd Dec 1842
Ann Wilson 11th Dec 1843
Ann Wilson 1813
Mary Warwick 6th Apr 1809
Eliza ??????
Nathaniel Smith 3rd Mar 1811
Mary Smith 24th Feb 18??
Charles Smith 1823
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Mascall 3rd Nov 1750
John Mascall Apr 177?
John Todd Nov 1818
Sarah dau of John Todd 1800
John son of John Todd
James Todd
Samuel Smith 20th Nov 1866
Sarah Smith 5th Apr 18??
John Blake or Drake
Edward Clarke 13th Dec 1826
John Burnham 21st Dec 1811
Elizabeth his dau 16th June 1815
George Robinson 18th Feb 1848
William Castledine
John Castledine 11th Dec 1815
W.C????? 1835
John Castledine 6th Dec 1813
Hannah his wife 16th Oct 1813
T.H & M.E
Thomas Hackesley 20th May 1827
Mary his wife 29th Sept ????
Sarah Saunders Feb 1776 Tomb to be retained
John Hollingworth 20th Dec 1807 Tomb to be retained
Mary wife of John 28th Apr 1803
Also two children of John and mary Tomb to be retained
Thomas Saunders Hollingworth 9th Apr 1813 Tomb to be retained
Ann widow of Edward Cowley 19th Jan 1863 Tomb to be retained
S. S 1816
George Low
William Terry 7th June 1830
Mary Cox 18??
Amelia Cox 6th June 1806
John Cox 18th Aug 1837
Alfred Cox 18th July 1829
Susan Cox 3rd Nov 1830
Janet Cox 8th Apr 1830
Elizabeth Cox 23rd Aug 1835
Sarah Smith 18th July 1816
Ann ?????
Ralph ????? 28th July 1748
Mary wife of Samuel Richards Oct 1823
Benjamin Lockwood 16th Apr 1813
John Haycock 1st July 1767
John Faldo
Benjamin Smith Dec 1773
??? Warr
Dau of George and Elizabeth Cook
Ann Bluck 20th Jan 1827
Hannah Fossey Apr 1812
Mary W??????
Mary Ann Tandy 27th Aug 1825
Caroline Tandy 9th Nov 1825
???? Cooper
John French 30th Jan 1833
Susan Ayres 6th Jan 1836
Joseph Davis 27th Jan 1832
Elizabeth Davis 5th Mar 1832
James Leverett 19th Jan
Son of James 19th Jan 1792
John Field
Mary Goodard Jan 18??
Benjamin Leverett 29th Dec 1825
William Leverett
Mary Ann Higgins
James Leeds 16th June 1831
Mary Leeds 11th June 1856
George Leeds
Joseph Holton 30th Mar 1857
William Bone