Border-Zone: Dreams, Memories & Realities

Milton Keynes Museum and Grid Arts

Thursday, 7th February to Sunday, 10th February 2019
Milton Keynes Museum, McConnell Drive, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5EL

Border-Zone is a light, sound and performance installation designed for the Museum’s new galleries.

Border-Zone is a space where sounds and music blend and collide in 360 degrees with images transforming the space around the viewer. The installation will create immersive experiences, where the viewer is surrounded and fully engaged by moving and shifting images and soundscapes.

Images, selected to evoke memories while creating new experiences, cheap viagra pills uk include playful seaside vistas that dissolve into doorways leading into spaces we can never enter, overlaid with voices. There will also be live performances set within the space. Performers include Motus Dance, keyboard artists Gabrielle Baldocci and Sally Halsey and soprano Jessica Thayer.

Light and Sound Installations are open all four days with additional events each day. It will be open to all ages and is free to attend, but tickets are required.

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