Secrets at Stowe: Unveiling the East Staircase Wall Paintings

Stowe House

Friday, 19th November 2021 at 5.00 pm

Following the discovery of an important scheme of wall paintings (c1740) in the East Staircase at Stowe, a small team of conservators, led by Rhiannon Clarricoates, have carefully uncovered larger areas of it.

Rhiannon will give a talk on her findings in the Music Room at Stowe House and the talk is available on Zoom. Rhiannon will discuss the investigations carried out to date, including the study of comparative schemes and the analysis of samples taken from the paintings with those from other known schemes in an attempt to make an attribution.

Rhiannon is one of two recipients of prize money in 2019 from the Hall Bequest Trust, through the George C. Clarke Prize, awarded to people for their research into historical aspects of Stowe.

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