The Every Brothers

14 October 2021 MKHA Webmaster 0

Acclaimed play by Ron Johnson to be performed at The Deco Theatre, Northampton about three brothers who lost their lives in WW2.
Roade Local History Society

From Tunny to Colossus

10 October 2021 MKHA Webmaster 0

Dr Ted Coles will tell the story of the cipher machine that sent telegrams between German High Command and the Generals at Army group HQs.
The National Museum of Computing

Northamptonshire suffragettes

10 October 2021 MKHA Webmaster 0

Discover the women, and men, who supported the women’s suffrage campaign in Northamptonshire, and the local places associated with them.
Towcester and District Local History Society

Winston Churchill’s Toyshop

4 October 2021 MKHA Webmaster 0

“Churchill’s Toyshop” was a British weapon research and development organisation of the Second World War based at The Firs, Whitchurch.
Milton Keynes National Trust Association

Treason, Gunpowder and Plot

2 October 2021 MKHA Webmaster 0

Looks at the story of the Northants recusants, the Jesuit priests they hid, and how they came close to blowing up a king and Parliament.
Olney Archaeological Society