Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre

Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre informs visitors about urban geography and new city planning – as well as the historical and natural heritage of Milton Keynes. Since 1992 Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre has been based at the beautiful and important medieval Scheduled Ancient Monument site of Bradwell Abbey in Milton Keynes.

MKCDC offers a range of experiential learning sessions tailored to primary and secondary curriculums in geography and history, and beyond. Key to MKCDC’s success is is highly interactive approach. It conduct s a variety of higher education and professional lectures and tours investigating urban development, with a focus on MK.

The archive at MKCDC records the fascinating story of the development of the new city of Milton Keynes, and also a wealth of pre- new town history.

Bradwell Abbey offers a fantastic choice of venues and locations for weddings, parties and business events.


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Bradwell Abbey, Alston Drive
Milton Keynes, MK13 9AP 

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