Living Archive Milton Keynes

Living Archive is a creative cultural and community development organisation whose documentary arts work is inspired by people’s memories. It has developed its activities over the last 35 years and was formally established in 1984.

Living Archive has created 11 large-scale musical documentary plays; over 70 films; over 20 books based on local reminiscence; photographic exhibitions; radio and video documentaries; sculpture events; community textile projects; dance shows; web page design and creation; and digital stories.

Local people of all ages and backgrounds have been actively involved in all stages of this work – in interviewing, research, in writing, performing, creating songs and music, sewing textiles, making costumes and stage props, organising exhibitions, editing books, and creating websites.


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Milton Keynes Museum

McConnell Drive, Wolverton
Milton Keynes, MK12 5EL 

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