Simpson History Group

There has been a community at Simpson since Saxon times when a man called Sigewine had a farm or tun here. Over the centuries Sigewine’s tun has gone through several transformations to become Simpson.

By the 20th century Simpson was a small village with about sixty homes in the 1930s. During World War 2 a number of workers from the Government Code and Cypher School at nearby Bletchley Park were billeted in the village.

With the advent of the new town of Milton Keynes, Simpson was one of the first areas to experience development and growth.  Simpson Parish also incorporates the new development of Ashland.

In 2003 a group of residents with an interest in the history of Simpson published a small illustrated book Simpson: people & places detailing the story of the village from Saxon times to the present day. It also contains a guided walk through the village.


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