Battling The Bolshies

20 January 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

Governments had a real fear of Bolshevik inspired revolutions, which provoked Britain to a policy of armed intervention against the Reds. This talk by Roger Penny covers the activities of the Royal Navy in the Barents, White, Baltic, Black and Caspian Seas, the newly created RAF in southern Russia as well the Army in all areas including the Far East.


14 January 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

Bandstands have been a feature of the British way of life for well over a century. The speaker is Paul Rabbitts, a writer and lecturer and Head of Parks, Open Spaces & Projects with Watford Borough Council.

Bow Street Runners

14 January 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

Watch out, watch out the Bow Street Runners are about! Steve Bacon will talk about why were they formed and what were their powers.

‘Winter Warmer’

7 January 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

The Friends of St Lawrence invite you to wrap up warmly and head down to St Lawrence, Broughton, for a ‘Winter Warmer’ – an open church event to brighten up the dull days of January.