VE day 50 years on


1995 VE+50 Commemorative Celebrations at Middle Weald

VE+50 Overview

Overview of the celebrations at Middle Weald Farm (photo L. Lourie)

Calverton  joined in alongside the rest of the Nation in commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of fighting in Europe with a re-run of the football match originally played in Lower Weald to celebrate the original event on 8th may 1945 –  see VE day celebrations 1945

Commemorative football game

The game of football commemorating the original game played on VE Day (photo L. Lourie)

This time the event was held at Middle Weald farm and the football match was won by Lower Weald by 3 goals to 2 against a combined Middle and Upper Weald team.

Other attractions

There was a display of photos for a village quiz in the Lourie’s bus acting as a temporary mobile showcase alongside the beer tent. Inside Middle Weald Farmhouse there was a display of memorabilia and more quizzes in the form of having to identify the adult from their earliest baby picture.

Doling out the Fish & Chips

Annie Cowley (top left) hands out the fish and chips.

In the evening there was a fish and chip supper delivered in paper directly from the local fish and chip shop in Stony Stratford, followed by a sing along of 1940’s hits led by the “Headscarf” trio of Lucinda Lourie, Julia Bowtell and Lesley Hope-Lang who led the communal singing to Peter Bowtell’s keyboard accompaniment.

The Fire Beacons

Immediately following the lighting of the first commemorative fire beacon in Hyde Park by the Queen, and as the evening light dimmed, a bonfire was lit in Upper Weald initiating the signal in our part of Buckinghamshire. As the flames became visible similar fires were lit in Middle and then on into Lower Weald, symbolically linking the three hamlets of the village whilst the two minute silence was observed in tribute to the fallen.

Upper Weald Beacon

Upper Weald Beacon just visible against trees on horizon (to left of pylon)

Smoke rises from the Lower Weald beacon

Subsequently smoke rises in response from the Lower Weald beacon.

Middle Weald beacon is set ablaze.

On seeing the signal from Upper Weald, the Middle Weald beacon is set ablaze.